Paddy O’Punk #71

Ruxe Ruxe-Non Sexas Lercha
Neck-Topless Mary Poppins
Saint Bushmill’s Choir-Whiskey in the Jar
PartTime Pirates-Sunshine On My Shoes
Screw City Saints-Not Long for This World
Shane MacGowan And The Popes-If I Should Fall From Grace With God
The Shillelaghs-These Days
The Mahones-Down The Boozer (The Bricklayers Song)
Sir Reg-Feck The Celtic Tiger
The Skels-To The Whiskey I’m A Slave
The Maggoty Brats-Good Lad
Street Dogs-Elizabeth
The Go Set-Bombs Are Falling
Greenland Whalefishers-2 Weeks Off
Hit The Bottle Boys-What’s Left of the Flag
The Scotch Greens-Drinkin’ By The River
Marys Lane-The Galway Girl
Cutthroat Shamrock-Bury Me
Pipes And Pints-All I Know
Black Tartan Clan-Kilt Song
The Staggerers-I Give No Fucks
Mobtown Hooligans-Kiss My Irish Ass
Sambre-Asturian U.S.
Lexington Field-Selfish Bastard
The Muck Savages-Golden Molly
Craic Haus-Bottle Me Up
Roaring Jack-The Bonny Wee Well
Irish Moutarde-The Bear And The Maiden Fair
Jackdaw-Raise A Glass
The Cherry Coke$-Brave Sailor
Beantown Boozehounds-ChiTown PD Blues
Levellers-4 A.M.
Lionheart-It’s so easy
Ducky Boys-Cross To Bear