Paddy O’Punk #9

Expletive Deleted Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters
In God We Trust Kings and Boozers
Boys of the Old Brigade The Kreellers
A Dozen Pints McGillicuddys
Kiss My Irish Ass Mobtown Hooligans
Vito O Leary Barstool Hooligans
D.U.I. Beantown Boozehounds
Braveheart Pipes And Pints
Empire Of Crime Brutus’ Daughters
Jacky Butler Catgut Mary
Shitload The Ceili Family
Goddamn Shame Saint Bushmill’s Choir
Ivanhoe The Dreadnoughts
Don’t Mind The Gentlemen
I Smell The Blood Mr. Irish Bastard
The Day After the Night Before Dust Rhinos
The Night Pat Murphy Died Fiddler’s Green