On The Nod Ep.238 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Dave Coop plays classics by The Dead Kennedys, RKL, and Agression. Plus Tracks by Starving Wolves, River City Rejects (brand new), new Cock Sparrer, Kevin McGovern (the Trouble Seekers) solo release, Brand New stuff from Bad Idea, and Dee Cracks. WORLD NOISE World Noise Episode 226 Red Bricks/Germany Ofisboyz/Turkey Lions Law/France Kaleko Udrangek/Spain […]

The Ike Turner Music Hour on Real Punk Radio!

Trashwomen- Perversion

 Sugar Pie De Santo- Soulful Dress

Kid COngo Powere – Peanouts

?  and the Mysterians – smokes 

The Dirt Bombs -Your Love Belongs Under a Rock

Those Darlins -WIld one 

Remember- Jimi Hendrix

The Ike Turner Music Hour on Real Punk Radio!!


Ike Turner Music Hour Ep.1 on Real Punk Radio!

Ike Turner Music Hour Episode 1 05/17/2024

On The Nod Ep.137 on Real Punk Radio!

OTN EP 237 May 8,2024 World Noise Episode 225.mp3 Moscow Death Brigade/Russia Cuir/France Rouge/Germany Amyl & the Sniffers/Australia Rumkicks/South Korea Electika/Mexico Materratas/Chile Forced Humility/Finland Indikator B/Croatia Abyecta/Chile Klavo/Germany Golpe de Gracia/Spain Ultra Sect The Generators Doug & the Slugz Hear The Darkness #154 closes with a tribute to the late, great Gary Floyd and features […]

On The Nod Ep. 236 on Real Punk Radio!

This week all new show, hosted by DJ Dee Dee with an all vinyl set! deedee dj set  Bonecrusher Claimed Choice UK Subs NY Hounds Controllers Infa Riot MESS 32nd Turn Off BRUX The Limit Beton Arme The Rebels An Slua Beltones Ultra Sect Bullshit Detector BLITZ Cock Sparrer  World Noise Episode 223.mp3 Mess/Mexico Cock […]

On The Nod Ep.235 on Real Punk Radio!

Hosted By Dawn Coop! Bomber  CHOOSE YOUR FATE bad chopper real bad time Swift Knuckle Solution Take the Ride The Sleevens  FUll Dollar Testors- greedy fuckers The starvations hanging around  the long gones- met a girl The traditional fools – Please Bishops Green  Vengence- toy love- the crunch The mortards make you pay Thee mad […]

On The Nod Ep. 234 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Dave Coop’s got all sorts of new stuff from Pirates Press, including tracks by Armada, Starving Wolves, The Complicators and 45 Adapters! Plus music by The Templars, Major Accident, CH3 and some of Dave Coops old bands! (for Dawn) BRUJA has and all new WORLD NOISE! Bruja plays only the BEST music from […]