Jake’s Inferno Episode 464

Off to the ISLAND today to hang with dear friends and family for the weekend, so I’ll have to pack some good cds I can spin in the car. Or I could just download my own damn show… On the playlist you’ll find punk, stoner rock, hard rock, alternative, …

Jake’s Inferno Episode 463

Winding down after a windy day, and what better way than to listen to a bunch of cool tunes? On the playlist you’ll find some punk, hard rock, alternative, death metal, Americana and stoner rock. Enjoy!

Jake’s Inferno Episode 462

Absolutely atrocious weather outside but toe-tapping music’s keeping me warm (my feet anyway). The first episode of 2024 is a mix of genres as usual so a whiplash warning have hereby been issued. On the playlist you’ll find some punk, hard rock, countr…

Jake’s Inferno Episode 461 – Best of 2023

It’s here! My top ten list of the best albums released in 2023. Half of the bands are old favorites that have been on previous best of lists but some are brand new acquaintances. Thanks for listening this year, I’ll be back in January.

Jake’s Inferno Episode 460 – Shut Up, We Got This! part III

Throwing you a little Christmas curve ball with a show chock full of instrumental tracks instead of my usual best of the year episode. Don’t worry, the latter will come out later this month. Until then, enjoy the jolly season!

Jake's Inferno Episode 459

Jake’s Inferno Episode 459

Dismal weather but a glass of red wine and vinyl spinning on the stereo lights up this mid-week blues. On the playlist this time you’ll find some punk, alternative, thrash, soul, hard rock and hardcore. Stay sick! 

Jake’s Inferno Episode 458

Fall is here and that is NOT my favorite time of year as it gets darker day by day. Good thing there’s music to put me (and hopefully you dear listener) in a better mood and this time around I play a decent amount of new stuff. On the playlist you’ll f…

Jake's Inferno Episode 457

Jake’s Inferno Episode 457

New month, new episode of the Inferno. Spinning 11 tracks and and I’ve actually seen 7 of these bands live, can you guess which ones? On the playlist you’ll find some punk, blues, alternative, rap, thrash, hard rock and electronic. Turn it up!

Jake’s Inferno Episode 456

Vacation and it couldn’t have started better with a wedding on the beautiful island Öland last weekend. I was even on the dance floor for a couple of minutes. But you’re here for the music right? On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, …

Jake’s Inferno Episode 455

Looks like a day filled with rain in this part of the world, so why not fire up a new episode of the Inferno to keep you company? On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, hip-hop, hard rock, blues and thrash. Saw Chris Isaak with my dad …

Jake's Inferno Episode 454

Jake’s Inferno Episode 454

Sun, sun, sun! June is here and in my part of the world that means summer. Have tickets for three concerts this month so I’m keeping busy doing what I love the most, going to shows. On the playlist you’ll find some punk, hard rock, alternative, hip hop…

Jake's Inferno Episode 453

Jake’s Inferno Episode 453

First weekend in a while with nothing planned, I needed that. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, glam, thrash, alternative and 60s pop. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 452

Jake’s Inferno Episode 452

Show season is heating up! Got tickets to W.A.S.P., 999 and Chuck Prophet and that’s just in April. None of these artists are on this month’s playlist but you’ll find some punk, hard rock, grunge, hip hop, alternative, thrash and soul.

Jake's Inferno Episode 451

Jake’s Inferno Episode 451

Saw Henry Rollins here in town last night do more than 2 hours of spoken word gold. Don’t miss out if he’s coming to a city near you! In other news my daughter has started to buy records and that is putting a SERIOUS dent in my wallet… On this month’…

Jake's Inferno Episode 450

Jake’s Inferno Episode 450

Rain, rain, rain (at this moment, in this part of the world). But music is a ray of light so stick this episode in your ears and you’ll perk right up! On the playlist there’s some punk, hard rock, rap, alternative, glam and the always entertaining Pegg…

Jake's Inferno Episode 449

Jake’s Inferno Episode 449

First show of 2023! Need I once more lay down the ground rules? To be fair, there is only one: I play whatever the hell I want! On this month’s playlist you’ll find some punk, alternative, hard rock, death metal, a ditty from 1951 and garage. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 448 - Best of 2022

Jake’s Inferno Episode 448 – Best of 2022

It’s time for the annual top ten list! Join me as I count down the best records released this past year. Punk, Americana, hard rock and thrash are just a few of many genres in which bands made an impact on me. Thanks for listening and please keep comin…

Jake's Inferno Episode 447

Jake’s Inferno Episode 447

Highly recommend Kraków! Went there for a short trip last weekend and that city truly delivered. But you’re here for music right? On the playlist this time around there’s some punk, soul, garage, alternative, hard rock, hip-hop and metal. It’s fall peo…

Jake's Inferno Episode 446

Jake’s Inferno Episode 446

Pouring rain and Sly on the stereo, just another Saturday afternoon in the city. But wait, it’s October 1st so why not send another Inferno into the world and wreak a little havoc on your ears? On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, th…

Jake's Inferno Episode 445

Jake’s Inferno Episode 445

New stuff, old stuff and everything inbetween. Bummed that Anthrax just canceled their European tour (I bought that ticket a year ago!) but I think I’ll use the refund wisely and go see something else. Watain perhaps? On this month’s playlist I’m spinn…

Jake's Inferno Episode 444

Jake’s Inferno Episode 444

I’m back at work, but there’s a gig coming up in a few weeks and I’ve reconnected with an old friend so life could be a lot worse. On this month’s playlist you’ll find some punk, thrash, garage, hard rock, alternative, death metal, sludge metal and sou…

Jake's Inferno Episode 443

Jake’s Inferno Episode 443

Vacation time and the weather’s been good, could one ask for more? Well, if you need some killer tunes penetrating your skull, look no further. On the playlist you’ll find some punk, hard rock, ska, alternative, D-Beat and Americana. Enjoy! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 442

Jake’s Inferno Episode 442

Still in awe of Gary Numan’s gig here in town yesterday, what a legend. On this month’s playlist there’s a healthy of dose of more or less everything – punk, hard rock, thrash, stoner rock, hip hop, black metal and a quartet of Muswell Hillbillies.

Jake's Inferno Episode 441

Jake’s Inferno Episode 441

After a day of decadence (and reading Sami Yaffa’s great autobiography “The Road Bends”) I give you yet another episode in the continuing saga of the Inferno! On the playlist you’ll find some punk, thrash, garage, hard rock and alternative.  Hope you d…

Jake's Inferno Episode 440

Jake’s Inferno Episode 440

Back with a mix of old and new music (mainly old truth be told) and as always there’s a wide span in terms of genres. On this month’s playlist you’ll find some punk, garage, death metal, hard rock, alternative and a fine little number from the 50’s.

Jake's Inferno Episode 439 - R.I.P. Mark

Jake’s Inferno Episode 439 – R.I.P. Mark

Saddened by the news of Mark Lanegan’s death. He had a truly unique voice and I’ve spent many hours blasting it from speakers since 1995, when “Whiskey For the Holy Ghost” made its way into my collection. His music is featured on this episode as well a…

Jake's Inferno Episode 438

Jake’s Inferno Episode 438

Sippin’ on a Thundermother beer (good stuff!) while the wind is howling and the outside temperature is dropping. On the playlist this time around you can expect some punk, hard rock, alternative, soul, grindcore and garage. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 437

Jake’s Inferno Episode 437

New year, same procedure. I’ll poke around in my record collection, pick a dozen (or so) tracks and spin them. Sometimes there’s a theme, more often there isn’t. I just love a good tune whatever the genre may be. On the first playlist in 2022 you’ll fi…

Jake's Inferno Episode 436 - Best of 2021

Jake’s Inferno Episode 436 – Best of 2021

Ah yes, time for my top ten countdown of the best albums released this year! Fairly wild mix of genres, but then again, that’s how pretty much every damn episode of the Inferno is assembled… Hopefully some of YOUR favorite records made the list. I’ll…

Jake's Inferno Episode 435

Jake’s Inferno Episode 435

Off to London in a couple of weeks, not planning to see any gigs this time around though. But I do hope to visit some record stores and bring home more stuff to spin on future episodes of the Inferno. Speaking of spinning, on the playlist this month yo…

Jake's Inferno Episode 434

Jake’s Inferno Episode 434

The weekend is here! What better way to celebrate than to hear a brand new Inferno (truth be told, quite a few I’d imagine). New music, old music and a nice chunk from the 90’s is what I have to offer this time around. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 433

Jake’s Inferno Episode 433

Back at work and autumn’s just around the corner, but I finally got to see a gig in 2021! Lows and highs in other words. On the playlist this month you’ll find some punk, death metal, country, hardcore and hard rock. You do know that I post all of them…

Jake's Inferno Episode 432

Jake’s Inferno Episode 432

Back from a killer week on the beautiful island Öland. Put some grubby clothes in the washing machine and started making this episode. On the playlist you’ll find some garage, thrash, country, hard rock, alternative and glam. Thanks for your continued …

Jake's Inferno Episode 431

Jake’s Inferno Episode 431

First week off has been a so-so affair in terms of weather, but sleeping in is a nice thing, the pandemic is making less headlines and the European championship in football has had tons of great moments. Less talk, more action – on this show you’ll hea…

Jake's Inferno Episode 430

Jake’s Inferno Episode 430

Summer’s just around the corner in this part of the world, and what better way to celebrate that than sticking all your vinyl into protected sleeves! Plenty of less nerdy things to do I guess, but I must admit that it’s been very satisfying. No ripped …

Jake's Inferno Episode 429

Jake’s Inferno Episode 429

New month, new show, new music! Well, three of the bands have new stuff out at least. Treat your ears to some punk, blues, alternative, hard rock, stoner rock, power pop and metal. And if you live in an area where live music is making a comeback, get y…

Jake's Inferno Episode 428

Jake’s Inferno Episode 428

April is here and I’ve lined up a fine show with some punk, death metal, southern rock, Americana, Brit pop and hard rock on the playlist. Been buying tickets to see bands in the summer and fall, but who the hell knows whether they’ll be able to do the…

Jake's Inferno Episode 427

Jake’s Inferno Episode 427

Oh boy, for some reason I’m particular pleased with this episode. Can’t put my finger on why and I’ll let you be the judge dear listener. On the playlist there’s punk, soul, thrash, stoner rock, hard rock, country, alternative and death metal. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 426

Jake’s Inferno Episode 426

A little late, but winter has finally arrived to this part of the world and what better way to spend an evening than indoors with a fresh bottle of Tamnavulin recording a podcast? Possibly indoors listening to that same show with a drink of your choice…

Jake's Inferno Episode 425

Jake’s Inferno Episode 425

New year, same old setup. Each month I’ll flip through my weird and wonderful music collection, pick out a dozen tracks or so and wham! bam! we’re in business. On this episode there’s some punk, sleaze, swing, garage, thrash, alternative and stoner roc…

Jake's Inferno Episode 424 - Best of 2020

Jake’s Inferno Episode 424 – Best of 2020

It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas, but my top ten countdown of the best albums released in 2020. In terms of genres represented it might be the most diverse yet, but trust me, it’s not a gimmick. I’ve thought long and hard about what reco…

Jake's Inferno Episode 423

Jake’s Inferno Episode 423

A mixed affair as usual on the Inferno! Australian punk, American sleaze, Danish thrash and British metal walk hand in hand through paradise lost. With this episode out there for all to enjoy I’ll retreat into the shadows and watch season 3 of “Marcell…

Jake's Inferno Episode 422

Jake’s Inferno Episode 422

Dismal weather, but nothing a snifter of Tamnavulin can’t cure. Speaking of cures, just stay home and listen to music why don’t you? On this month’s show I’ve lined up some punk, grindcore, hard rock, stoner rock, alternative, easy listening and even a…

Jake's Inferno Episode 421

Jake’s Inferno Episode 421

47 minutes of pure Inferno, that’s what you get this month. I’ve packed my pipe with a healthy blend of punk, rap, garage, hard rock, ska, funk and thrash. Downloads went up a LOT last month so thanks for that dear listener!

Jake's Inferno Episode 420

Jake’s Inferno Episode 420

Summer’s rolling on with masks here and there but no cool shows anywhere (at least in my part of the world). So thank god for podcasts, right? Get a special blend of punk, thrash, garage, rap, alternative, hard rock and sludge here on the Inferno.

Jake's Inferno Episode 419

Jake’s Inferno Episode 419

Mid vacation and the weather has turned to crap. Oh well, I can always sit indoors and enjoy music. As should you! Here’s a killer mix of punk, alternative, thrash, hard rock, death metal and hip hop. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 418

Jake’s Inferno Episode 418

Summer’s just around the corner in this part of the world and so is my vacation. Due to a certain pandemic I’m not doing much, but as Bon Scott sang “Doing nothing means a lot to me”. No AC/DC on this month’s show, it’s still pretty action packed thoug…

Jake's Inferno Episode 417

Jake’s Inferno Episode 417

Fair amount of new music on this month’s show. Longing for live music, but sadly it looks like it might take a while before that can be a part of everyday life again. Maybe I should pick up a hobby in the meantime…

Jake's Inferno Episode 416 - Antonyms part II

Jake’s Inferno Episode 416 – Antonyms part II

As promised on last month’s show, more antonyms! In these trying times (actually ALL the time), music is the gateway drug to better living so keep me company and rock out!

Jake's Inferno Episode 415 - Antonyms

Jake’s Inferno Episode 415 – Antonyms

High – low, wet – dry, boy – girl. Yes folks, I’ve lined up antonyms on this month’s playlist and had a fun time picking songs for the episode. So much so, that there will be a part 2 real soon. Hope you like it!

Jake's Inferno Episode 414

Jake’s Inferno Episode 414

Second show of 2020 and it’s with a heavy heart I play a C.O.C. set in honor of the late, great Reed Mullin. As usual there’s a (not so) healthy mix of genres – punk, hip-hop, stoner rock, southern rock, hard rock, goth and garage.

Jake's Inferno Episode 413

Jake’s Inferno Episode 413

New year, same old mix of genres on the Inferno. Got some punk, sleaze, death metal, thrash, garage and Americana lined up for your listening pleasure. Dig in and welcome to my world!

Jake's Inferno Episode 412 - Best of 2019

Jake’s Inferno Episode 412 – Best of 2019

It’s that time of year dear listener, a top ten countdown of the best albums released in 2019. One or two surprises on my list perhaps, but you’ve heard quite a few of these bands on the Inferno these past twelve months. What are your favorites? Send me an email and tell me all about it! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 411

Jake’s Inferno Episode 411

Dark and rainy more or less every damn day in this part of the world it seems, but this 50-minute piece of sonic goodness will perk you right up! On the playlist there’s punk, thrash, soul, hard rock, rap, metal and southern rock. Be sure to check back…

Jake's Inferno Episode 410

Jake’s Inferno Episode 410

This one has it all folks! Covers, instrumentals, stuff from the sixties, seventies, eighties and onward, brand new music, a wide variety of genres. You’ll hear punk, country, thrash, garage, alternative, hard rock and post-punk. Enjoy! 

Jakes Inferno Episode 409 - Death... Is Just the Beginning

Jakes Inferno Episode 409 – Death… Is Just the Beginning

I’m heading six feet under for today’s topic. All the tracks I’ve picked have the word death, dead or dying in their title. On the playlist you’ll find some death metal (no surprise there), punk, garage, hard rock, mariachi and hardcore.

Jake's Inferno Episode 408

Jake’s Inferno Episode 408

Summer’s back in a big bad way in this part of the world so I try my best to keep my cool. No theme this time due to a faulty record player, but you can feast on some punk, death metal, alternative, hard rock, sleaze and psychobilly. Oh, and there’s a …

Jake's Inferno Episode 407

Jake’s Inferno Episode 407

No theme this time, plenty of great music though. Bay Area thrash is in the spotlight on three tracks, but I’m also spinning some punk, garage, hard rock, country and oi. My vacation started yesterday, yeah! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 406 - Magical Colors

Jake’s Inferno Episode 406 – Magical Colors

After a couple of black themed shows (episodes 167 and 250) I’ve added more colors to the palette this time. Here’s a bunch of bands that stuck some grey, white, blue, brown, purple, orange, green and red in their song titles.

Jake's Inferno Episode 405 - Anadiplosis

Jake’s Inferno Episode 405 – Anadiplosis

16 tracks in one smooth stream and there’s a thread through the whole thing. I had a fun time piecing this one together and I hope you dig it too. The outro was cut short by a couple of seconds but I think you can live with that.

Jake's Inferno Episode 404

Jake’s Inferno Episode 404

No theme this time, but you can bet your ass that I’ve got some scorchin’ tunes on my playlist. Punk, grindcore, garage, stoner rock, sleaze and country. It’s all here folks!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 403 - Body Parts

Jake’s Inferno Episode 403 – Body Parts

Arms, legs, hands and feet. You get the picture and I’ve picked 14 songs with body parts in their title. The playlist includes a bit of punk, hard rock, alternative and garage topped off with a tipsy crooner. Hope you like it! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 402 - Day and Night

Jake’s Inferno Episode 402 – Day and Night

Back with another special! This time I’ve lined up one bunch of tracks with the word “day” in their title and another bunch of songs including the word “night”. So whether you’re a daydreamer or haunted by nightmares there should be a tune or two right up your alley.  

Jake's Inferno Episode 401 - It Ain't Funny Makin' Fun of Money

Jake’s Inferno Episode 401 – It Ain’t Funny Makin’ Fun of Money

Back after a break with a show all about money. Smart, dirty, you name it. Punk, rap, hard rock, hardcore and alternative is on the playlist and the episode’s a little longer than usual, hope you like it!

Jake's Inferno Episode 400 - Best of 2018

Jake’s Inferno Episode 400 – Best of 2018

Countdown of the ten best albums released in 2018, what could go wrong? Plenty, if you don’t have the same taste in music I guess… Have a listen and curse what I failed to include.

Jake's Inferno Episode 399

Jake’s Inferno Episode 399

Second to last show of 2018 and next year I’ll change things up a bit. In the meantime just sit back and enjoy a regular Inferno on which I play some punk, garage, hard rock, metal, jazz and rockabilly.

Jake's Inferno Episode 398

Jake’s Inferno Episode 398

Blistering set by Zeke in Frankfurt Friday night! Now I’m back home and offering you 40 minutes of this’n’that. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, psychobilly, alternative, stoner rock, rap, death metal, hard rock and lounge.

Jake's Inferno Episode 397

Jake’s Inferno Episode 397

Dark and foggy outside so why not let a little sonic sunshine in? On the show this week you’ll be able to hear some punk, hard rock, alternative, oi, stoner rock, garage, r&b and yes dammit a Xmas ditty! Ho mothertruckin’ ho

Jake's Inferno Episode 396

Jake’s Inferno Episode 396

Who’s up for some mid-week action? Tired as a dog and in bad need of a shave, but I sat my ass down and put this batch of tunes together and had a fun time doing so! Hope you too will enjoy some punk, stoner rock, death metal, alternative, hard rock an…

Jake's Inferno Episode 395

Jake’s Inferno Episode 395

Tired after last night’s gig and then assembling a big ass piece of furniture from IKEA today. I did somehow manage to make this too so please enjoy some punk, glam, Celtic, garage, country and goth. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 394

Jake’s Inferno Episode 394

Saw Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart in Copenhagen last night, what an evening! This lazy Sunday is a perfect time to throw another episode of the Inferno in your face and on this week’s playlist there’s some punk, garage, rockabilly, alternative, thrash…

Jake's Inferno Episode 393

Jake’s Inferno Episode 393

Woke up early and sit here with a cup of tea eager to spend the day in my favorite city Copenhagen. But the show must go on so here’s a freshly brewed episode of the Inferno with some punk, garage, death metal, alternative, hardcore, schlager and hard …

Jake's Inferno Episode 392

Jake’s Inferno Episode 392

Get ready for some mid-week action! Lots of bands and artists you’ve never heard on the Inferno before. The playlist includes some punk, garage, hard rock, yé-yé, Northern soul and oi.

Jake's Inferno Episode 391

Jake’s Inferno Episode 391

Summer’s making a slight comeback and I’m not complaining. Had a good time seeing Glen Matlock last week too. On the playlist this week you’ll find some punk, garage, NWOBHM, hard rock, death metal, r&b and oi. Enjoy!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 390

Jake’s Inferno Episode 390

Beautiful sunny September day topped off with shitty election results and a brand new episode of the Inferno. On this week’s playlist you’ll find some punk, hip hop, garage, hard rock, death metal, alt country and stoner rock.

Jake's Inferno Episode 389

Jake’s Inferno Episode 389

Getting into the groove of making this thing on a weekly basis again, feels kinda nice. Summer came to an abrupt end here, but with a bunch of toe tappers like on this episode everyone can keep warm. There’s some punk, hard rock, r & b, alternative, rap, surf and death n roll on the playlist.

Jake's Inferno Episode 388

Jake’s Inferno Episode 388

If you’re only gonna read one book this year make sure it’s “Lonely Boy” by ex Pistol Steve Jones, what a great read! On the playlist this week you’ll find the band that made Jonesy famous as well as some other punk, alternative, r & b, garage and hard rock.

Jake's Inferno Episode 387

Jake’s Inferno Episode 387

Long break again and as usual no excuses that would hold up in court. Just know that I think about this podcast every damn day figuring out what tracks go where and so forth. On this week’s playlist there’s some punk, sleaze, death metal, rockabilly, o…

Jake's Inferno Episode 386

Jake’s Inferno Episode 386

Oh boy, you had to wait for this one huh? Been busy watching Cobra Kai, drinking gin n tonic and swimming in the ocean. Hottest summer since ’92 if you ask me, so sitting indoors making a podcast hasn’t been my top priority I’m afraid. Playlist consist…

Jake's Inferno Episode 385

Jake’s Inferno Episode 385

Vacation time means a little longer between shows since I’m too busy sleeping, sweating and drinking cold stuff. But the first July episode is finally here and on the playlist you’ll find punk, country, hard rock, alternative, industrial, garage and st…

Jake's Inferno Episode 384

Jake’s Inferno Episode 384

Vacation! Celebrating that fact with a big ole gin n tonic while putting the finishing touches to this episode. On the playlist you’ll find a healthy mix of punk, alternative, grindcore, hard rock and new wave topped with a ditty by a dude named Abe.

Jake's Inferno Episode 383

Jake’s Inferno Episode 383

Prioritizing is important, which is why a brand new episode of the Inferno is in the can and my dishes are still dirty. Oh well, this week there’s some punk, metal, r&b, hardcore, garage, death ‘n’ roll and funk on the playlist. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 382

Jake’s Inferno Episode 382

First show in 19 months with Apa State Mental last night and it went really well. Today is another scorcher so I’m off to the fair city of Copenhagen to wet my whistle. On this week’s show you’ll find some punk, stoner rock, hard rock, grindcore and al…

Jake's Inferno Episode 381

Jake’s Inferno Episode 381

Sippin’ on some red wine and listening to Stone Roses for some reason. But enough about me, grab the new episode of the Inferno and get a healthy dose of punk, glam, classic rock, stoner rock, country, thrash and alternative.

Jake's Inferno Episode 380

Jake’s Inferno Episode 380

It’s hotter than hell here in the city and if you too are just a sweaty mess, then why not dig into this episode and listen to some cool tunes? There’s punk, alternative, hardcore, sleaze, country, soul and hard rock on the playlist.

Jake's Inferno Episode 379

Jake’s Inferno Episode 379

Waiting for IKEA to deliver a new couch to my apartment, so I might as well upload this smokin’ show to kill some time. On the playlist you’ll find punk, hard rock, stoner rock, thrash, doo wop and hardcore. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 378

Jake’s Inferno Episode 378

Spring has finally reached these shores and I can wear my jeans jacket again sporting some mighty fine pins. Off to Dublin next Friday to see Gomez but I’ve got meaner music than that on this week’s playlist consisting of punk, thrash, sleaze, rockabil…

Jake's Inferno Episode 377

Jake’s Inferno Episode 377

After a weekend filled with relatives, red wine and puppies I think a bit of music will suit me just fine. Please join me as I spin some punk, death metal, hard rock, alternative and garage.

Jake's Inferno Episode 376

Jake’s Inferno Episode 376

The sun is shining, my daughter turned seven yesterday and Zeke has a new album out – life is good. So is this week’s playlist in my humble opinion. Got some punk, hard rock, thrash, alternative, garage and one Norma Deloris Egstrom (better known as Pe…

Jake's Inferno Episode 375

Jake’s Inferno Episode 375

Ears are ringing after a metal night when me and my buddy listened to music for eight hours or so. If you want YOUR ears to ring listen to this sucker packed with punk, sleaze, thrash, indie, power pop and psychobilly.

Jake's Inferno Episode 374

Jake’s Inferno Episode 374

Flying to the the big city with my dear daughter tomorrow. But since it’s been a while, I thought it best to serve up a brand new episode of the Inferno before take off. It’s packed to the rafters with punk, hard rock, r&b, thrash, country and alternative. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 373

Jake’s Inferno Episode 373

Yeah, I skipped a week but now I’m back with an episode filled to the brim with punk, hard rock, crossover, r&b and alternative. If you like me dislike the fact that winter came two months late this’ll warm you up for sure. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 372

Jake’s Inferno Episode 372

Off to the movies with my daughter soon, but what sort of person would I be if I didn’t first upload a brand new episode filled with cool tunes? Punk, hard rock, garage, hip-hop, soul and alternative can be found on the playlist.

Jake's Inferno Episode 371

Jake’s Inferno Episode 371

Concert season is heating up and I’ll be hitting the stage myself for the first time in a while, belting a couple of AC/DC covers, in honor of the late great Malcolm Young later this month. No AC/DC on this episode but plenty of punk, hard rock, alt country, thrash, stoner rock and other stuff to keep your ears satisfied. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 370

Jake’s Inferno Episode 370

Floored by a man cold, but I’ve dragged myself back to the world of the living and made this for you dear listener! On the playlist you’ll find punk, grunge, alternative, hardcore and surf topped off with just the right amount of Ann-Margret.  

Jake's Inferno Episode 369

Jake’s Inferno Episode 369

Sunday morning, but I’m not coming down (like that famous tune). Instead I just got up, made myself a cup of tea and put the finishing touches on this fine episode filled with punk, hard rock, thrash, alternative, rap metal and a boozy crooner.

Jake's Inferno Episode 368

Jake’s Inferno Episode 368

Finally a bit of snow has fallen in this part of the world. But I drove sensibly this morning so that I could record another Inferno for you dear listener. The playlist consists of punk, sleaze, hard rock, death metal, garage, bluegrass, alternative an…

Jake's Inferno Episode 367

Jake’s Inferno Episode 367

Second show of the year and the six string attacks are loud and obnoxious! You’ll find some punk, alternative, grindcore, hard rock and hardcore on this week’s episode. Hope you like it.

Jake's Inferno Episode 366

Jake’s Inferno Episode 366

2018! Looking forward to a lot of great gigs, a bit of travelling and giving you dear listener a weekly dose of cool music. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, hard rock, r & b, sludge metal, hardcore and heavy metal. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 365 - Best of 2017

Jake’s Inferno Episode 365 – Best of 2017

It’s that time again! My annual top ten countdown of the best albums. Did your favorite record make the list? There’s only one way too find out… Thanks for listening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!