Mojo Workout 91: It Lives!

After something like 41 days, the crew of the Mojo Workout finally set sail again. It felt just like the first time. We almost forgot how to sail the ship. Sail it we did, though, and here’s the proof. Mag … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 82: Pizza Whore

Here we are with episode 82 of Mojo Workout! Michael Kaiser is on paternity leave, so us lowly crew members had to man the ship without him. Scary! Gentleman Matt stepped up to the plate to command the ship and … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 74: Made Of Beggin Strips

When one puppy says to the other, “hey, that whole thing is made of Beggin’ Strips!”, you have to put a stop to sleeping on the pig. Solve that mystery and visit the real Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 69: Bugger My Buttocks

Happy New Year, Red Shirts! Skiffle me this: what better place to celebrate than aboard the Starship Mojo Workout? Beats floating bodily through space, at any rate. We dish out Pork and Sour Kraut for good luck, go over the … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 57: Aggressively Passive

The laziest show on Internet Radio! Just when you thought the Mojo Workout couldn’t get any more slack and lazy, it just did. In this milestone episode we’ve reached a new low. Hosts: Michael Kaiser, Greg Lonesome, Brian Hyde Listen … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 56: Electric Cigarette Review

The show notes for the 56th (though, it really isn’t) voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout consist entirely of non-descriptive text followed by links and reminders. Listen to Mojo Workout LIVE each Friday night at 8pm, Eastern Time on the … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 54: Stinky Big Heads

This voyage is filled with Stinky Heads in a Gun Club populated by Jack the Ripper. Vote Loony; you know it makes sense! Extremely silly. Listen to Mojo Workout LIVE each Friday night at 8pm, Eastern Time on the official … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 52: Cat Heads Again

Mr. Stevie Tombstone joins the crew again to set the recipe for Cat Head Biscuits straight once and for all. Two dollops of mayonnaise!! Plus he shares a heap of tracks from his forthcoming Farmageddon Records e.p., Slow Drunken Watlz. … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 51: Lost A Surfer

Jorge Sectmaniac likens being on the road with the South Bay Surfers to herding cats – while recounting his recent trip with our heroes. Mag gives a history lesson on Guy Fawkes and another Magnificent Moment. Greg left the house; … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 50: Hacky Sack

Reunited and it feels sooooo good on the 50th voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout! Listen as Michael Kaiser, Greg Lonesome, Thee Gentleman Jazz Hands-Spirit Fingers-Love Holster-Man Cave-BM-Keister-Monkey Knuckle-Team Member-Vitamin D-Snazzy Boy-Kiddie Pool-Super User Diplo-Matt, Jorge Sectmaniac, and Brian “Dratsum” … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 49: Decidedly British

Voyage number 49 of the S.S. Mojo Workout. This whole show is one big Magnificent Moment, as our resident Brit, Mag joins us for the whole shebang. This show is about 3 weeks old, too. Listen to Mojo Workout LIVE … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 48: Tank Pock

The 1 year anniversary voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout! Includes special guest John Gibbs of the Kaisers, the Wildebeests, the Masonics, and much more. Plus all the craziness you expect: Celebrity BowlerSkating, Mojobituaries, Gregorian Rants, Food, the best music … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 47: Finger Puppets

Here is your show notes: Mojo Workout 47 is filled with the same silliness as the preceding shows, but better! Includes a new and improved Magnificent Moments segment, and two (2) Gregorian Rants. Plus Finger Puppets. Listen to Mojo Workout … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 46: The Possibilities Are Pantless

Show notes are dumb. This is Mojo Workout episode 46, Red Shirts! Chock full of the unusual silliness you’ve come to expect: Celebrity BowlerSkating, Gregorian Rants, Magnificent Moments, Mojobituaries, and more. We’s giving out Knuckle Sandwiches; doing Mad Libs; celebrating … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 45: We Are Unitard

The entire crew is together again for the first time on this 45th voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout! Includes a memorial for Stiv Bators, a Mojobituary for Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian, a magnificent Magnificent Moment, a Gregorian Rant (by … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 44: Cat Crap Coffee

Second verse, same as the first! The 44th voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout includes super-special guest, Scott Hudson of The Ledge, to add some class to a classless society of Internet Radio goofballs. Mucho lightning dodging hi-jinx, including Celebrity … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 43: Booger In The Pocket

The 1st 12 minutes of Mojo Workout 43 were raptured! If you weren’t listening live you’ll never know what secrets those

Mojo Workout 42: Mummified By A Space Heater

For the Forty-Tooth voyage of the S.S. Mojo we finally shed the thin veneer of seriousness and get silly! Three Mojobituaries – for Ed Wood’s favorite girl, Dolores Fuller; Skatalites drummer, Lloyd Knibb; and 50 Foot Woman, Yvette Vickers. Our … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 41: Somewhere I

The 41st voyage of the S.S. Mojo feature a feat of daring never before attempted: Brian “Dratsum” Hyde broadcasts live whilst traversing 4 states in two modes of transportation! Plus the usual form of silliness, including a Gregorian Rant, another … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 40: Volume Tablets

The 40th voyage! Red Shirts assemble for the celebration jam-packed with Celebrity BowlerSkating, Mojobituaries for Huey Meaux and Poly Styrene, another Magnificent Moment, a group Gregorian Rant about so-called “Royal” weddings, and pounding sounds that will knock your melon right … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 39: Performance Art For The Visually Impaired

Mojo Workout 39 is chock fulla more Rock ‘n’ Roll, Celebrity BowlerSkating, Gregorian Rants, Cactus Apples, and Art than you can shake a tail-feather at! Listen to Mojo Workout LIVE each Friday night at 8pm, Eastern Time on the official … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 38: You Can

The weekly Punk Rock Knitting Circle gathers again! This time we’ve got no less than three (3) Gregorian Rants about birds, record stores and the US Postmaster General & his (or her) horde of happy, helpful t-shirt snatchers. Celebrity BowlerSkating … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 37: Am I R2-D2n?

Just in time for this week’s live show is last week’s show! Plenty of the usual dopiness, but with a new segment. Listen to the very 1st Magnificent Moments mixed in with Celebrity BowlerSkating, Mojobituaries, y mucho mas. Points: Pie … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 36: Unibrow Art With Russell And Mike

Seeing as how April Fools is a High Holy Day on the S.S. Mojo Workout we’ve got tomfoolery in spades for all you Red Shirts in Mojo land courtesy of Russell Quan and Michael “Daddy Love” Lucas! Extra special treat … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 35: Stronger Than Kirk

Thee Gentleman Diplo-Matt is back! And that is such exciting news that we don’t even need to mention that we discussed Joan Jett Day, William Shatner’s Birthday, a Mojobituary, or anything else. Further, we don’t have to tell you that … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 34: Filmed In Supermarionation

Yes, its time once again for the Grand Ole Mojo Workout Hayride! Join Michael Kaiser, Greg Lonesome, Jorge Sectmaniac, and Brian “Dratsum” Hyde for another action-packed three-hour tour as we allow the Sectmaniac to take over this week’s Gregorian Rant, … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 33: Bela Lugosi

Set engines to full – Warp drive style, even on this week’s three hour tour. Chock full of Celebrity BowlerSkating, Gregorian Rants, Mojobituaries, the best music you’ll hear anywhere, and the usual silliness you’ve come to expect from the radio … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 32: Baby Mouse Wine

On this voyage o’ the Mojo Workout the glasses of Baby Mouse Wine is flowing like… well, wine. It tastes like gasoline and has a slight crunch to it. Full of rants n’ raves – that you’ll need to hear … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 31: Paul Lynde For The Win

For this three hour voyage of the S.S. Mojo Workout we’re joined by Brian Dratsum o’ The Hydes. Mucho high-brow discussions about the current state of affairs along with solutions to many of societies ills, including in depth analysis of … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 30: Bunny Hop The Shark

The audio equivalent of a Geo Metro because the S.S. Mojo Workout is powered by a three-cylinder engine this voyage. Join Michael Kaiser, Greg Lonesome and Jorge Sectmaniac as we attempt to jump the shark. Celebrity BowlerSkating matches include Phillis … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 29: Flipped Off By A Beatles Fan

The boys is back in town whilst Jorge Sectmaniac gives us a Mojo-eye view of glorious L.A. traffic – fearing the wrath of Beatles and Doors fanatics filled with the road-rage! Let it be, hippy. Let it be. Melting Wolf … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 27: Faux Midget Fangirl

Back for a second helping is Nashville’s greatest independent filmmaker, Mike Ashcraft, of Thumbin’ Sleazoid Cinema, to talk about his brand new video production for Arizona’s, The Green Lady Killers, on Rusty Knuckles Records. Greg Lonesome sings the praises of … Continue reading

Mojo Workout 26: Catsicles

The adventure continues with those lovable characters that comprise the Punk Rock Knitting Circle! Join us as we discuss frozen cats, whether Jack White looks like Johnny Depp or Michael Jackson, public regurgitation, and this week’s 80′s Snoozy Movie, Cujo. … Continue reading