Rock N Roll Manifesto 110: Black

Tonight’s songs all revolved around the color of my soul: black! Yes, all the titles had something to do with my favorite color, black. Anything that fit the theme was fair game, so there was a bit of this and … Continue reading

Rock N Roll Manifesto 98

It’s been a crazy week or two here at RnRManifesto HQ, and that called for not one, but two Beer Minutes tonight. Both beers were from the great, local Millbock Brewing Company. In between all that beer talk I played … Continue reading

Rock N Roll Manifesto 94: Wood Shampoo

I hadn’t been this excited about a show in a long time. There was a lot going on: A shitload of stuff from the great Wood Shampoo Records, some rare Urban Voodoo Machine tracks, brand new Hex Dispensers, brand new … Continue reading