Podcast Saturday! 3/16/13

Real Punk Radio
Podcast Saturday is back on REAL PUNK RADIO! This Saturday we have another nine and a half hours of killer podcasts! Line-up includes (all times Eastern Time U.S.):

2:00pm – Zorch Radio Episode 136: Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Occupy Cannes
5:00pm – Jake’s Inferno Episode 131
6:00pm – TNS Records Podcast S2 Episode 21
7:00pm – MAXIMUMROCKNROLL Radio #1339
8:00pm – Radio Like You Want – Napalm Death and Mykel Board
9:00pm – The Rock and Roll Geek Show #496 Flaming Youth
10:30pm – Red Red Wine On A Sunday #174 – Busted Up

Tune in and hear why REAL PUNK RADIO is Radio Done Right!