Rock N Roll Manifesto 294

Rock N Roll Manifesto 294

Brand new tracks from the Urban Voodoo Machine’s upcoming album “Hellbound Hymns,” the new Torpedohead single and tracks from the new Hard Evidence/Dog Company split on Cadre Records and so much more.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 99

Let’s see, what happened tonight? Oh yeah, a new release from Squidhat Records, a shout out to Benny and Dorit on their upcoming marriage, 2 Beer Minutes, a band submission from the Conniption Fits, Brats in Leather Jackets and of … Continue reading

Rock N Roll Manifesto 92

Rock N Roll Manifesto 92! I actually left the house last weekend to go to a real live record store and picked up some vinyl, so a lot of tracks from those finds made it onto this show, including some … Continue reading