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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #160

October 16, 2013. Tonight’s show was dedicated to our fallen brother, Drazzle. I spun submitted tunes from Sexy Baby Records by Blackout Shoppers, Two Man Advantage, Killtime and The Ridgelands! Also some kick ass tracks from Wolverine Records by Barb Wire Dolls, 56# Alley Chaps and The Devil ‘N’ Us! Toss in some band submitted […]

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #145

June 26, 2013. Tonight’s show featured some killer tunes from our friends at Sexy Baby Records! Tracks from MxPx, The Queers, The Lady and the Monsters, TuTu and the Pirates and Killtime! Throw in a set of some kick ass Russian punk rock along with some of my personal favorites and you’ve got a show! […]

Live Ledge #115: New Finds

Live Ledge #115: New Finds

Another new month, another selection of new releases and blog finds.