Lots of new stuff in the works at Sexy Baby Records!

SBRLots of new stuff in the works at Sexy Baby Records! First off, brand new MxPx “Left Coast Punk EP” 7″ is out now. You can pick up the first pressing on color marble vinyl at www.sexybabyrecords.com

Next up is a split and an EP from a band from the grave but we can’t announce yet so until we do… we would like to announce THE LADY AND THE MONSTERS to the sexy babies family. We will be releasing a digipak CD on July 23rd. The debut album “Sorry We’re Late” recorded with Mass Giorgini (Squritgun, Screeching Weasel, and Common Rider) at Sonic Iguana Studios. Pop Punk Dot Com (“PPDC”) calls THE LADY AND THE MONSTERS “punk like the guy/girl dueling vocals of Teen Idols, but the male sounds like Buglite and the female sounds like The Gateway District”…

Stream a track now here

In the studio is Johnny Murder and the 25 to Life and The Ridgelands so be stoked for that! tons of more updates to come for 2013!

Sexy babies owwwwww!!!!!!!!