Podcast Saturday – May 25th!

Real Punk Radio
TODAY…Mike and Blag talk to The Queers, Zorch Radio talks about those holes in the restroom walls, Michael Butler does one of his famous track-by-track reviews of Tom Keifer (Official)’s album – The Way Life Goes, along with some killer insights on the wide-world of punk rock from Punknews.org and Maximum Rocknroll! Tune in and turn it up! Hear why Podcast Saturday on REAL PUNK RADIO is Radio Done Right! Line-up is (all times Eastern Time U.S.):

2:00pm – Zorch Radio Episode #146 – Glorious Holes In the Wall
5:15pm – Jake’s Inferno Episode #141
6:00pm – Punknews.org Podcast #146
7:00pm – Maximum Rocknroll Radio #1349
8:00pm – Radio Like You Want (Hosted by Mike & Blag) – The Queers
9:00pm – The Rock and Roll Geek Show #503 – Tom Keifer – The Way Life Goes Track By Track Review