Jake's Inferno Episode 326

Jake’s Inferno Episode 326

Yet another weekend is coming to an end. Spent a swell evening of drinking with a former girlfriend last night and today I went for a long walk in the cold but sunny weather in Copenhagen. Came home and knocked another episode of the Inferno out of the…

Jake's Inferno Episode 325

Jake’s Inferno Episode 325

I’m off to Copenhagen soon for a day filled with good beer, brisk walks and roast pork sandwiches. On this episode of the Inferno you’ll find some punk, hard rock, post-hardcore, alternative, sleaze, thrash and garage for your listening pleasure. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 324

Jake’s Inferno Episode 324

Payday! Just spent part of my check on a trip to the North of Sweden in late April, but before that I’ll probably make about 12 more episodes of the Inferno. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, blues, garage, hip-hop, alternative and desert rock. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 323

Jake’s Inferno Episode 323

Bored stiff at work, but thankfully making a new show kept me busy at home. Punk, thrash, alternative, garage, Celtic punk, sleaze and hard rock is played on this episode (as on many others) so dig in and turn it up! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 322

Jake’s Inferno Episode 322

A snowstorm blew through town a couple of hours ago but all is back to “normal” and a new Inferno has seen the light of day. Punk, sleaze, thrash, alternative, garage, hardcore, hard rock and a dum dum ditty from the sixties – it’s all here dear listener.

Jake's Inferno Episode 321

Jake’s Inferno Episode 321

New year. new adventures, same type of show as always! Got some punk, sleaze, alternative, country, hard rock, hardcore and stoner rock lined up to put a dent in your hearing ability. Turn it up! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 320 - Best of 2016

Jake’s Inferno Episode 320 – Best of 2016

Here it is folks, my annual top ten countdown of the best albums released. Who made your list? Genres like Americana, thrash, alternative and stoner rock can be found on mine and maybe a band or two you’ve never even heard of. Happy New Year! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 319

Jake’s Inferno Episode 319

Last proper show of the year, the next one will be a best of 2016 when I spin a track from the ten greatest records released this year. But enough about the future, on this episode there’s some punk, thrash, stoner rock, post-punk, hard rock, classic r…

Jake's Inferno Episode 318

Jake’s Inferno Episode 318

Mid-week action that will guarantee ear goodness satisfaction! Got some punk, hard rock, country, metal, garage, grindcore and alternative for you. In other words mixed bizness (as Beck once named a song).

Jake's Inferno Episode 317

Jake’s Inferno Episode 317

Christmas is right around the corner but I promise you I won’t be playing any cheery Santa tunes on this podcast. Punk, hard rock, grunge, blues, thrash and a little surprise to keep you on your toes is what I have to offer this time around. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 316

Jake’s Inferno Episode 316

Lovely sunny Sunday here in town and after a killer lunch and a couple of pints I decided to record this episode. The playlist consists of punk, stoner rock, hardcore, classic rock, metal, 21st century blues, alternative and a tune with one of Elvis’ leading ladies. Enjoy!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 315

Jake’s Inferno Episode 315

Rainy Tuesday in November, could it get anymore bleak? Thank heavens for music and this time there’s punk, celtic punk, rock, glam, sleaze, thrash, garage and a hit from ’61 on the playlist. Come on down and munch on this!

Jake's Inferno Episode 314

Jake’s Inferno Episode 314

Partly inspired by Mark Osegueda’s appearance on Amoeba’s “What’s in My Bag” this episode is jam packed with punk, alternative, thrash, death metal, country, garage and classic metal. Raise the horns!

Jake's Inferno Episode 313

Jake’s Inferno Episode 313

After all the bands I’ve played on this show I’m glad to have found seven more never heard on the Inferno before. Punk, stoner rock, thrash, country, ska, alternative, it’s all here dear listener.

Jake's Inferno Episode 312

Jake’s Inferno Episode 312

After listening to 80’s metal pretty much nonstop for eight hours yesterday you’d think I would be SICK of music today. Well, you’re wrong, which is why I just recorded this smokin’ episode of the Inferno filled with punk, stoner rock, alt-country, dea…

Jake's Inferno Episode 311

Jake’s Inferno Episode 311

Monday, damn! Whether it’s new week, new opportunities or same old, same old music should be your companion through it all. I’ve stocked the shelves with punk, sleaze, death metal, Americana, garage, classic rock, hard rock and alternative. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 310

Jake’s Inferno Episode 310

11 tracks spanning 60 years! Dip your toes and feel the sonic currents of punk, thrash, hardcore, sleaze, hard rock and garage caress your feet. And as a real toe curler I’ve thrown a Broadway tune into the mix. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 309

Jake’s Inferno Episode 309

Better late than never, and packed with a mean punch. Punk, metal, classic rock, hardcore and alternative can be found on the playlist and the last couple of songs I’ve ripped from freshly bought 7″‘s in the best record store in Stockholm, Push My Butt…

Jake's Inferno Episode 308

Jake’s Inferno Episode 308

Off to Stockholm tomorrow but this little slice of heaven will see the light before that. Got some punk, sleaze, hardcore, stoner rock, funk and alternative on the playlist and every damn song kicks butt in my opinion. Have a lovely weekend folks! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 307

Jake’s Inferno Episode 307

A fairly uneventful weekend ended with me recording show no. 307. Hope you dig this mix of punk, garage, alternative, metal, sleaze and a Dane trying his best to sing in English, but nonetheless sounding awful/hilarious.

Jake's Inferno Episode 306

Jake’s Inferno Episode 306

Just got back from quiz night at the local pub and realized I hadn’t uploaded the latest Inferno. So here it is in all its glory – punk, hard rock, garage, hardcore, alternative and stoner rock in one nice batch!

Jake's Inferno Episode 305

Jake’s Inferno Episode 305

Still trying to recover from a very metal evening when my friend came over with a bunch of vinyl. This episode has its fair share of riffs too, playing some punk, alternative, garage, hard rock, stoner rock and Mexican rap.

Jake's Inferno Episode 304

Jake’s Inferno Episode 304

Got a weeks vacation coming up, seeing some free shows at the local city festival and playing with Apa State Mental on the 19th here in town. Woke up early today and decided to shake a podcast out of my sleeve, got some punk, country, thrash, hard rock…

Jake's Inferno Episode 303

Jake’s Inferno Episode 303

Tough week at work, but hey it’s Friday real soon! Finally got a bed in my apartment too, after sleeping on the couch for a month so there’s definitely reason to celebrate. Some punk, thrash, country, alternative, metal and stoner rock will do it for me, how about you?


Jake's Inferno Episode 302

Jake’s Inferno Episode 302

Sweating like a pig but a new show MUST be uploaded before I can clench my thirst with a cold brew. On the playlist this time around punk, hardcore, ska, alternative, 50’s rock, thrash, southern rock and Celtic punk can be found. Do enjoy!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 301

Jake’s Inferno Episode 301

Back home after a long lovely weekend spent with my darlin’ daughter on Öland. This episode is high on energy (except the last track) and attitude and there should be something for everyone – punk, alternative, grunge, rap and hard rock. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 300

Jake’s Inferno Episode 300

Jake's Inferno Episode 299

Jake’s Inferno Episode 299

Focusing a little on Copenhell I’m playing a couple of the bands I saw at that fine festival on June 25th. Forgot to thank my good friend Magnus who joined me that day so I’m doing it here. Punk, oi, metal, thrash, alternative and garage are genres that can be heard on this episode so press play! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 298

Jake’s Inferno Episode 298

All settled (more or less) in a new apartment and my life a as part-time dad has officially started. Life changes but the music never stops, this time around there’s some punk, garage, swamp rock, thrash, surf and alternative on the playlist. Please di…

Jake's Inferno Episode 297

Jake’s Inferno Episode 297

I’m putting my life in boxes, moving out on Thursday so this will be the last show recorded on Kungsgatan. Some punk, doom, hardcore, hard rock, alternative, sleaze and crossover should keep you wide awake and on your toes. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 296

Jake’s Inferno Episode 296

First gig of the year this Saturday! We get 20 minutes which means we’ll probably race through 10 songs or so. But enough about that, I guess I should promote this episode of the Inferno packed to the rafters with punk, alternative, garage, hip-hop, d-beat and other sweet stuff.   

Jake's Inferno Episode 295

Jake’s Inferno Episode 295

Not straying too far from rock n’ punk on this episode. Sure, there’s a stoner track and some alt-country, but if I kept it too neat it wouldn’t be the Inferno right? Hope you dig it dear listener. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 294

Jake’s Inferno Episode 294

Just pre-ordered the new Death Angel album which will no doubt land in my top ten of 2016. I play another contender on this episode with both feet planted solid in rock, but I’m also spinning punk, garage, thrash, hard rock, swamp rock and post-punk.   

Jake's Inferno Episode 293

Jake’s Inferno Episode 293

Off to see Stormtroopers of Beer with Danny Lilker handling the bass duties tomorrow night in Copenhagen, should be a blast! If you’ve got a show to go to this thing can wait, otherwise there’s some punk, hard rock, garage, country, thrash, stoner rock…

Jake's Inferno Episode 292

Jake’s Inferno Episode 292

Seeing Iggy Pop live for the 10th time on Thursday! No tunes
with him on this episode but plenty of other cool stuff. Punk,
power metal, garage, grunge, cowpunk, alternative and hard rock.

Jake's Inferno Episode 291

Jake’s Inferno Episode 291

My hearing is still messed up, but that won’t keep me from
unleashing another episode of the Inferno filled to the brim with
punk, stoner rock, hard rock, garage rock and rockabilly. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 290

Jake’s Inferno Episode 290

Suffering from earwax blockage but hopefully this episode still sounds alright. Mixed bag as usual with some punk, soul, alternative, grindcore and hard rock on the playlist. Till next time, I’m off to irrigate my ear…

Jake's Inferno Episode 289

Jake’s Inferno Episode 289

Having a Birthday party for a 5-year old and 15 of her friends is no picnic! After the dust settled I did manage to grab a beer, find some tunes and put this episode together. Punk, metal, thrash, country, stoner rock, Americana and sleaze, it’s all here. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 288

Jake’s Inferno Episode 288

Rough weekend with a feverish daughter battling a throat infection but I did manage to pull this thing out of my sleeve on Sunday night. Fan of punk, sleaze, swamp rock, garage, alternative, thrash and/or hard rock? In that case there should be plenty …

Jake's Inferno Episode 287

Jake’s Inferno Episode 287

Long weekend thanks to Easter. Spending this first day off with a trip to Copenhagen where I’ll sink my teeth into a wienerschnitzel at lunchtime. You can sink your teeth into this episode full of punk, NWOBHM, country funk, stoner rock and alternative. Slides down easy with some hot sauce! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 286

Jake’s Inferno Episode 286

Managed to put this episode together in between watching the second season of “Bosch”. Built a playlist consisting of punk, country, garage, hard rock and grunge. A nice little mix if you ask me.

Jake's Inferno Episode 285

Jake’s Inferno Episode 285

More than half the bands on today’s episode I’ve never played on the Inferno before! Add to that some favorites ripped from vinyl, Kate’s pick and a rockin’ tune from the 70’s and you’ve got yourself a show. Hope it’s to your liking.

Jake's Inferno Episode 284

Jake’s Inferno Episode 284

Grey Saturday morning and I’m off to IKEA soon. I think a need a shot of cool tunes to get me through that experience and it just so happens that the latest episode of Jake’s Inferno is full of them! Punk, pub rock, garage, sleaze and death metal, a li…

Jake's Inferno Episode 283

Jake’s Inferno Episode 283

Catching a train to Copenhagen soon for a day of record shopping and beer drinking. If you dig one of the following genres you’ll definitely like at least one song on today’s episode – punk, metal, ska, blues, thrash, stoner rock and doom. Stay sick!

Jake's Inferno Episode 282

Jake’s Inferno Episode 282

Between my morning tea and coffee I might as well chuck this 40-minute blast of goodness into the world. Spinning some punk, thrash, psychobilly, singer-songwriter, sleaze, metal and garage. Thanks for listening, hope you like it!

Jake's Inferno Episode 281

Jake’s Inferno Episode 281

Listening to music the same day Henry Rollins turns 55, that seems fitting right? You won’t hear him strain his vocals chords on this show but the late great Lemmy can be heard, along with cool stuff from The Avengers, The Meanies, The Haunted and many…

Jake's Inferno Episode 280

Jake’s Inferno Episode 280

Saturday morning and hopefully the cup of coffee next to me will do its magic. Another way to get perked up is to listen to this fiendish mix of punk, death n’ roll, classic rock, sleaze, garage and groove metal. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 279

Jake’s Inferno Episode 279

I’m off to do some heavy drinkin’ this afternoon so I might as well post this show (recorded last night) in case I don’t make it back. Punk, garage, alternative, sleaze, metal, thrash and even a bluegrass tune is what I’ve cooked up this time around.

Jake's Inferno Episode 278

Jake’s Inferno Episode 278

After a great meal and a sip of red wine I sat down and made this for you. A hellish mix of punk, psychobilly, krautrock, hip-hop, garage and hard rock. You have been warned.

Jake's Inferno Episode 277

Jake’s Inferno Episode 277

A couple of cool covers kicks off this episode, after that it’s a rocky and rockin’ ride with some punk, garage and thrash (not trash!) thrown in along the way. Buckle up folks and join the fun! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 276

Jake’s Inferno Episode 276

Tired after staying up and watching Lemmy’s memorial service. No Motörhead on this episode but some cool Swedish music, classic US punk, alternative stuff, a cover, bit of doom, ska and rockin’ rock.   

Jake's Inferno Episode 275

Jake’s Inferno Episode 275

The first show of 2016 is a sonic goodie bag jam packed with punk, hardcore, sleaze, alternative and rock. Add a ditty by a gal named Sugar Pie and stuff that cacophony cake right down your throat!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 274 - Best of 2015

Jake’s Inferno Episode 274 – Best of 2015

It’s time to reveal the ten best albums released in 2015. How many of my picks made your top ten? Don’t get too upset if you think my list stinks though, it’s only rock n roll in one shape or form. Happy New Year dear listener!

Jake's Inferno Episode 273

Jake’s Inferno Episode 273

Christmas is coming but I’m not playing a single song dedicated to the holiday season. You will get a fair share of punk, grunge, thrash, classic rock and alternative on this episode though. Next week I look back at 2015 and pick the 10 best records.

Jake's Inferno Episode 272

Jake’s Inferno Episode 272

Trying to boost a slightly boring (for me at least) Sunday, here’s a new episode filled to the brim with punk, hard rock, psychobilly, thrash, alternative, hardcore and a couple of singer/songwriters. Only two more shows before we write 2016 in the boo…

Jake's Inferno Episode 271

Jake’s Inferno Episode 271

A little worse for wear today after celebrating my aunt’s birthday last night, but I managed to pull a show out of the hat anyway. Got some hardcore, metal, psychobilly, americana, garage and alternative on the playlist. Hope it’s to your liking.

Jake's Inferno Episode 270 - Atomic Number of Beryllium

Jake’s Inferno Episode 270 – Atomic Number of Beryllium

10 bands and artists I’ve seen no more and no less than 4 times, that’s what I’m playing on this episode. I’ll be running my mouth about where and when I saw these 40 gigs and if anything out of the ordinary happened at the shows. Join me on this trip …

Jake's Inferno Episode 269

Jake’s Inferno Episode 269

After a weekend mainly filled with vomit (my darling daughter’s been sick but only missed the bucket once) and tasty beers, why not wind things down on Sunday afternoon and make a podcast I thought. Well, that’s what I did and here it is filled with pu…

Jake's Inferno Episode 268

Jake’s Inferno Episode 268

In times of trouble music has always pulled me through. My thoughts go out to all the awesome people who went to see Eagles of Death Metal in Paris Friday night but sadly didn’t make it out of there alive. RIP

Jake's Inferno Episode 267

Jake’s Inferno Episode 267

New week, new adventures! How about kick-starting the damn thing with an earful of punk, thrash, grunge, sleaze, alternative, singer/songwriter and metal? It’s merely a suggestion but you just might dig it.

Jake's Inferno Episode 266

Jake’s Inferno Episode 266

I’ve lined up some mid-week mayhem for you. Punk, hardcore, metal, alternative, thrash and the indescribable sound of Sleaford Mods. I’m off to Gothenburg on Sunday to see the Deathcrusher tour, so there’s my excuse if you never hear from me again… 

Jake's Inferno Episode 265

Jake’s Inferno Episode 265

Winter’s just around the corner but the music on my playlist ought to keep you warm and freckle-faced. If you fancy some country punk, metal, oi, new wave, garage, soul and hard rock look no further. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 264

Jake’s Inferno Episode 264

Spent a sweet 3-day weekend in Edinburgh (well worth a visit if you get the chance) so I’m all fired up to give you a nice chunk of music from the 70’s and onward. Punk, pub rock, classic rock, sleaze, hardcore and metal. It’s all here friends. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 263

Jake’s Inferno Episode 263

Sunday bloody Sunday. No, I won’t be playing that song, in fact I can pretty much promise you U2 will NEVER be heard on the Inferno. On today’s playlist there’s some new stuff from Against the Grain and Clutch, some old gems with Nazareth and Alice Coo…

Jake's Inferno Episode 262

Jake’s Inferno Episode 262

Show no. 262 and what do I have in store for you? Well, no more silly rhymes for a start and a packed playlist of punk, alternative, garage, thrash and metal. Off to Edinburgh in a few weeks, but I’ll probably manage to shake out a podcast or two before that. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 261

Jake’s Inferno Episode 261

“Sunday funday”! Sure, if you’re not nursing a hangover or washing the car. I’ve lined up some punk, alternative, thrash, soul, hard rock and gritty blues. So pick yourself up and dance to the music, or at least tap your toes.

Jake's Inferno Episode 260

Jake’s Inferno Episode 260

New week, new episode! Ripped some vinyl, bought an album via iTunes and some songs via eMusic and then I put that in my musical blender and came up with a playlist consisting ONLY of kick ass tunes. If you disagree, slap me verbally via jakesinferno@g…

Jake's Inferno Episode 259

Jake’s Inferno Episode 259

Back with bang or a whimper, you’ll be the judge. Got some hardcore, hard rock, punk, alternative and stoner rock lined up for you. The band I’m in opened for The Hex Dispensers last week, what a blast that was. I’ll be playing tunes from their latest …

Jake's Inferno Episode 258

Jake’s Inferno Episode 258

It’s a sunny Tuesday in my neck of the woods, so why not celebrate that with eleven choice cuts of punk, grunge, sleaze, hip-hop, thrash, hard rock and rockabilly? Thanks to scionav.com for the free downloads and no thanks to emusic.com who took their …

Jake's Inferno Episode 257

Jake’s Inferno Episode 257

Just hours into September and I’m all set to pummel your earholes with punk, crossover, hard rock, death metal, alternative, covers and a gem from the ’60s.   

Jake's Inferno Episode 256

Jake’s Inferno Episode 256

I’m hitting you from all sides today! I’ve lined up some art punk, oi, thrash, alternative, industrial rock, pub rock, hard rock and retro soul. It’s a sonic rollercoaster and I’m happy to have you on board.

Jake's Inferno Episode 255 - Shut Up, We Got This! part II

Jake’s Inferno Episode 255 – Shut Up, We Got This! part II

Back with another special and this time I’ve sidelined the singers again. Eleven tracks and not a peep from the frontman, they’re all instrumentals baby! So John Tardy, Mike Patton, Zinny J. Zan and the rest of them are taking a breather backstage.


Jake's Inferno Episode 254

Jake’s Inferno Episode 254

Recorded this one last night but was too tired to write anything clever in this space, so I watched “Line of Duty” and drank beer instead of uploading the episode. But here it is in all its glory, jam-packed with punk, alternative, americana, metal and…

Jake's Inferno Episode 253

Jake’s Inferno Episode 253

Off to see Sick of It All tonight, good times! Got some punk, old school thrash, garage, stoner rock, a cover of a NWOBHM classic and plenty more on the playlist. Next episode will probably be a special, so keep a look out for that one in a week or so.  

Jake's Inferno Episode 252

Jake’s Inferno Episode 252

Crummy weather outside so I thought I’d send a couple of tunes your way! Punk, garage, country, alternative, thrash, hard rock and hip-hop can be heard this time around and if none of those genres gets your pulse racing, you might wanna seek some profe…

Jake's Inferno Episode 251

Jake’s Inferno Episode 251

Week one of four off from work, but I’ve been a busy bee. Played a gig with Apa State Mental, seen AC/DC live and managed to put together episode 251 of this podcast! Brand new stuff from Mötochrist and Acid Reign on this show, throw in some Napalm Death and Dean Martin and you’ve got yourself a party, am I right? 

Jake's Inferno Episode 250 - A Black Hour part II

Jake’s Inferno Episode 250 – A Black Hour part II

It’s another special folks! Part II of A Black Hour which means I only spin tracks starting with the word “black”. So if I mention crickets, water, coffee and Betty, can you guess the song and/or artist? Give it a shot or just sit back and enjoy some good music. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 249

Jake’s Inferno Episode 249

The sun is shining but cranking out a new show filled with cool tunes is way more important to me. It’s not often I toot my own horn but since the band I sing in has finally lined up a couple of shows I am spinning a track with Apa State Mental. Did I mention you’ll get an earful of punk, sleaze, metal and grunge too? 

Jake's Inferno Episode 248

Jake’s Inferno Episode 248

In this shitty weather I might as well sit indoors and shake another episode of the Inferno out of my sleeve. Picked some classic metal, new wave, punk, alternative, hip hop and thrash for this show and since it’s music to my ears I hope it is to yours…

Jake's Inferno Episode 247

Jake’s Inferno Episode 247

Back after a long weekend of beers and barbecues with my cousins. There’s some metal, hardcore, sleaze, punk and alternative on this episode. Also a couple of tracks from the label Rusty Knuckles. Midsummer is just around the corner in this part of the world, but they promise rain so I guess I won’t be dancing around the pole this year either. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 246

Jake’s Inferno Episode 246

Swung this baby out of the park today since I’m off to the beautiful Swedish island Öland tomorrow. If you’re also travelling somewhere just sit back and enjoy some garage, rockabilly, punk, classic rock and metal. If you’re stuck at work, crank it up and stick your middle finger high in the air. Cheers!

Jake's Inferno Episode 245

Jake’s Inferno Episode 245

Took a little break from binge-watching “Aquarius” in order to give you an earful of punk, garage, hip-hop, death metal, alternative and sleaze. Yep, all the ingredients to make a musical cocktail of epic (sort of) proportions. Enjoy! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 244

Jake’s Inferno Episode 244

Saturday Shorty! It only took me 34 minutes to spin 12 tracks of greatness. Got some thrash, punk, hardcore, standards, alternative and hard rock on the playlist, so turn the volume up to make your ears go pop.

Jake's Inferno Episode 243

Jake’s Inferno Episode 243

Boom or bust? You’ll be the judge. Today’s playlist consists of eleven tracks smoothly skipping between punk, alternative, thrash, hard rock and powerpop. OK, I’m off to make pancakes for my daughter. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 242

Jake’s Inferno Episode 242

Lots of bands on this episode that I’ve never played before. Got some punk, blues, alternative, metal, sleaze and ska for ya. Summer is just around the corner in this part of the world and I’m really looking forward to it, shows with AC/DC, Death Angel and Sick of It All coming up!  

Jake's Inferno Episode 241

Jake’s Inferno Episode 241

Dip your toes in the sonic ocean. There’s some grunge, punk, hip-hop, hardcore and sleaze floating around and a simple click on a button will bring all that good stuff into your head. I’m not making any sense am I? Oh, well…

Jake's Inferno Episode 240

Jake’s Inferno Episode 240

This show gets snuggly with no less than four Swedish bands, which seems fitting since I live in Sweden. There’s a bit of hardcore, sludge, punk, death and sleaze too. Also, the man who played Ben Cartwright on Bonanza steps up to the mic! 

Jake's Inferno Episode 239

Jake’s Inferno Episode 239

Another sonic assault is coming at you! This time I’ve lined up some punk, thrash, hip-hop, speed, classic rock, alternative, a couple of covers and two tracks from Paper+Plastik’s spring sampler. Oh, and a song by Goo Goo Dolls before they started to …

Jake's Inferno Episode 238

Jake’s Inferno Episode 238

Well rested after a 4-day weekend and all fired up to give you an earful of punk, death metal, classic rock, garage and a lovely ditty from a certain Sinatra. My computer is slowly dying on me, but spring is in the air in this part of the world so it’s…

Jake's Inferno Episode 237

Jake’s Inferno Episode 237

Back with a mixed bag after my 2nd dip into the sonic ocean of blood last week. I’ve lined up some garage, punk, sludge, a top notch lady crooner, deep cuts from the Seventies and some six string noodling by a Swedish guitar god. Enjoy!

Jake's Inferno Episode 236 - If You Want Blood part II

Jake’s Inferno Episode 236 – If You Want Blood part II

Here’s part two of songs with the word blood ín the title. Bit of hardcore, punk, death metal, thrash, alternative, glam and goth on the show. Oh, and Ozzy of course! Hope you enjoy this special.

Jake's Inferno Episode 235

Jake’s Inferno Episode 235

Honestly folks, when was the last time you heard Antiseen, Chris Isaak and Vains of Jenna on the same podcast? Mingle-mangle such as this is all too common on the Inferno and I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it to…

Jake's Inferno Episode 234

Jake’s Inferno Episode 234

Yet another ragbag of rock! Got some NWOBHM, punk, hardcore, sleaze, indie, thrash and sludge lined up to sucker punch your ears. Hope you’re ready dear listener.

Jake's Inferno Episode 233

Jake’s Inferno Episode 233

Mid-week action = ear hole satisfaction! At least if you like a jumble of music genres like punk, 60’s soul, stoner rock, sludge rock, thrash, crossover and latino pimp twang. It’s all here folks.

Jake's Inferno Episode 232

Jake’s Inferno Episode 232

It’s a hodge-podge as usual! Playing some Australian powerpop, Dutch death metal, Canadian hardcore, US country and much more on this episode. It’s been a sunny but chilly week here and I can’t wait to crack a beer tomorrow when the weekend arrives, ch…

Jake's Inferno Episode 231

Jake’s Inferno Episode 231

Getting ready to cook some dinner, but since this was recorded yesterday it’s high time for me to release it into podcastland. Playing three bands that made waves in the early 90’s in Britain, some hip hop, Swedish stoners and much more on this episode.

Jake's Inferno Episode 230

Jake’s Inferno Episode 230

Managed to shake another episode out of my sleeve this month. I’m spinning three tracks from the excellent free comp. Let It Beard, also some classic rock, 70’s and 80’s punk and a bit of old school thrash. Be my guest, it’s yours for the taking.

Jake's Inferno Episode 229

Jake’s Inferno Episode 229

Old school punks, girls with an attitude, wacky Brits covering The Band, good ol’ fashioned sleaze, its’s all here dear listener. Fire up this rock n roll rocket and you’ll be flying for a while.

Jake's Inferno Episode 228

Jake’s Inferno Episode 228

Back with another mixed bag of goodies. I’m pulling out some Danish hardcore, Canadian punk, British new wave, US alternative and so much more. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 227

Jake’s Inferno Episode 227

Punk, metal, thrash, alternative and a couple of singer song writers. As usual a fairly mixed here on the Inferno! On the next episode I’ll play an excellent band I saw opening for Mark Lanegan earlier this week.