Paddy O’Punk #98

Paddy O’Punk #98

American Thread-12 Ounce American Dreams Circle J-On These Hills Tossers-Buckets Of Beer Screw City Saints-She’s A Professional The Black Tartan Clan-In The Flesh Flogging Molly-Swagger The Kidney Stones-Fall of Lindisfarne The Kidney Stones-Drunk n’ Hungry Between The Wars-The Ballad of the First Fleet The Bloody Irish Boys-Catch Me if I Fall Charm City Saints-Bars and […]

Paddy O’Punk #97

Paddy O’Punk #97

Pipes And Pints-City By The Sea The Punkabilly-sComin Home The Blue Casket-The Irish Witchsbroom The Ramshackle Army-No Rest for the Wicked The Nipple Erectors-So Pissed Off Shillaly Brothers-Too Drunk To Fight The Tossers-The Crutch Barstool Hooligans-Hey! Beer! The Bastard Suns-R.I.P. Burn Witch Burn-Citadel Cutthroat Shamrock-Down on My Luck Dropkick Murphys-In The Streets Of Boston Rum […]

Paddy O’Punk #96

Bastards on Parade-Time to go out An Cat Dubh-As I Roved Out Eileen Q-Shores Of Bantry Far From Finished-Plague Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster Denny’s Drive In-Danny’s Song The Muck Savages-Muck Savages Craic-Hold The Penny Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive Greenland Whalefishers-Punk Shanty Levellers-Dog Train The Vandon Arms-One Hell of a Night The […]

Paddy O’Punk #95

Banshee Ree-lFlat fish Shallow water Belfast Muslims-Farewell To Carlingford The Wages Of Sin-Drinkin’ Days Street Dogs-Boston Breakout SmzbGod -Save The Punk Rusty Nail-Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day The Roughneck Riot-Early Morning, Broken Glass The Ramshackle Army-The Fire Is Burning Rabble Rousers-I Say Union Mudmen-Old Black Rum The Mahones-Drunken Lazy Bastard Lexington Field-The Chemical Worker’s Song QR […]

Paddy O’Punk #94

Paddy O’Punk #94

Bastards On Parade-300 Miles To Cider The Real McKenzies-King O’ Glasgow The Popes-Jukebox Harry Gump-By My Side Saints & Sinners-Pubcrawlers The Tossers-Terry Obradaigh The Fatty Farmers-21 blackjack Sydney City Trash-Wash Away Shenaniganz-Waxies dargle Screw City Saints-We’re All Gonna Die The Bastard Suns-Walk Of Life Beantown Boozehounds-We’ll Be Drinking Bleeding Hearts-Bombs of Deception Craic Haus-Bottle Me […]

Paddy O’Punk #93

Paddy O’Punk #93

The Bleeding Irish-1916 Uprising Across the Border-The Day The Nazi Died Bastards on Parade-Old Man’s Booze Banshee Reel-Fire from the heart Belfast Food-I Was A Boy The Pubcrawlers-Itchy Fingers/The Wreck of The Old ’97 The Vandon Arms-Grab a Shovel The Vandon Arms-One Hell of a Night Will Tun and the Wasters-Skank For Me Belfast Muslims-Franklin […]

Paddy O’Punk #92

Paddy O’Punk #92

Belfast Muslims-Come To The Bower Fiddler’s Green-The Night that Paddy Murphy Died Harry Gump-Take To The Street The American Wake-The Bottle (live) Barstool Hooligans-Boiler Maker The Black Tartan Clan-No Matter Where You Are The Cherry Coke$Old Buddies Charm City SaintsBars & Scars The Dreadnoughts-Elizabeth Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass Face To Face-Fight or Flight The Fatty […]

Paddy O’Punk #91

Paddy O’Punk #91

Shane McGowan W/ Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinsky-Leaving Liverpool The Vandon Arms-Streams of Whiskey Dan Zanes W/ Broken Social Scene-Jack Tar On Shore Banshee Reel-Never can tell Between The Wars-Superhero Song BOOTed COCKS-This Hand The Canny Brothers Band-One Drop of Whiskey Lexington Field-Cursing The Man Lexington Field-Rest Of Our Days Charm City Saints-Never Go Home […]

Paddy O’Punk #90

Paddy O’Punk #90

Thee Pirates-Swinging From The Gallows Across The Border-Faraway The Black Tartan ClanS-trong, Loud & Proud Bastards On Parade-Skol Black Bones-The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee Blood Or Whiskey-Deathwatch La Drave-Corps Mort The Clovers-Captain Chucky The Bloody Irish Boys-Finnegan’s Wake The Fisticuffs-Johnny O Reilly American Thread-Drink For The Damned Salt Lake Whalefishers-Excommunicate Me Pirate Copy-Sail […]

Paddy O’Punk #89

Paddy O’Punk #89

Tara’s Fire-Get Off My Whiskey Shane MacGowan & The Popes-That Woman’s Got Me Drinking Rum Currency-As I Roved Outa Shit Town Saints & Sinners-Choosing Another Way Tri Bleiz Die-Dazont Ebet The Pubcrawlers-The Boys In The Red And The Black Dropkick Murphys-In The Streets Of Boston Dropkick Murphys-The State Of Massachusetts Dropkick Murphys-For Boston Beantown Boozehounds-Old […]

Paddy O’Punk #88

Paddy O’Punk #88

Paddy O’Punk #87

Banshee Reel-Here we go again Brutus’ Daughters-Born A Girl Charm City Saints-Bars & Scars Circle J-Duel Of The Fates The Dirges-Union Man vs Rebel Girl Drunken Balordi-Up To Me Far From Finished-Wanna Be A Catastrophe Filthy Thieving Bastards-Mountain Tomb Big Bad Bollocks-Whiskey In Me Tea Whiskey Wagon-Broken Wings The Whisky Priests-Everybody’s Got Love Bites But […]

Paddy O’Punk #86

Amadan-Never 9 To 5 The American Wake-The Drinking Jolly Roger Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass Auld Corn Brigade-Boys of the Old Brigade The Bastard Suns-Irish Drinking Song The Black Tartan Clan-Scotland The Brave Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster Yesterday’s Ring-Punx Not Dead.. Its Just Sleeping The Tossers-Goodmornin’ Dad Bastards On Parade-Time To Go Out Flogging Molly-Swagger Barstool […]

Paddy O’Punk #85

The Bog Hoppers[/caption] Harry Gump-Take To The Street In Search Of A Rose-Pirates Of Folk Jack Flash-Jack Flash Army Jolly Rogers-Calico Jack Kilmaine Saints-Farewell, Self Esteem Larkin Brigade-Mission Thrill The Maggie Whackers-Pim Song MaCallan Craic-Rattlin’ Bog The McGillicuddys-Glory-O The Bog Hoppers-Top Shelf The Bog Hoppers-Irish Punk Rock Hippie The Mighty Regis-21 Patty Finn Mt. Paiot’s-Dirty […]

Paddy O’Punk #84

Paddy O’Punk #84

The Black Tartan Clan-Beer And Woman Firkin-Beer Almighty Ceann-Whiskey Hurts My Tummy Fisticuffs-In Heaven There Is No Beer The Gobshites-Beer Song Joey Briggs-Bottom of a Beer Bastards On Parade-Whiskey You’re The Devil Dropkick Murphys-Blood and Whiskey Big Bad Bollocks-Whiskey In Me Tea The Bloody Irish Boys-Beer is Good, Beer is Great The Fucking Buckaroos-Drinking About […]

Paddy O’Punk #83

Paddy O’Punk #83

Swingin’ Utters-A Step To Go The 241ers-River’s Edge The Young Dubliners-Nothing’s Gonna Change Whisky Chaser-Heroes From Our Past The Wages of Sin-Skull Creek Logger The Tossers-The Ballad Of The Thoughtful Rover Tofu Love Frogs-Ain’t Got No Home The Tans-The Black ‘n’ Tans The Swaggerin’ Growlers-This Is The Life We Chose Beantown Boozehounds-Beantown Boozehounds Blackpint-Brucia Corrigan […]

Paddy O’Punk #82

Crève Nuit-La valse du pouvoir Swingin’ Utters-Annual Pimple My Three Kilts-Cooter Brown Dani Butterlid-Modern Money Mechanics Barstool Hooligans-Hey! Beer! The Black Tartan Clan-Beer And Woman Brine & Bastards-Beer And Loathing The Cherry Coke$-Brave Sailor Firkin-Within A Mile Of Home The Briggs-One Step Behind BlunderBuster-Old MacQuarie The Celtic City Sons-Diesel St Craic-Rattlin’ Bog The Dirges-The Ballad […]

Paddy O

Bleeding Hearts-Bombs of Deception My Life In Black And White-Ballad of Bridge City BLAGGARD-Warm Stout The American Wake-The Drinking Jolly Roger Street Dogs-Don’t preach to me Billy Bragg-My Flying Saucer Flatfoot 56-Thick And Thin The Go Set-The Power Of Youth Lexington Field-Cripple Creek Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters-Expletive Deleted Banshee Reel-40 miles of pain […]

Paddy O

Murther the Stout-Six O’Clock Swill The Pokes-Gone Is Gone Ballydowse-Masefield Drowned The Bog Hoppers-Irish Punk Rock Hippie BlunderBuster-I Play In A Kick Ass Celtic Punk Rock Band Blood Or Whiskey-Goodbye My Girl Black Bones-The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee Flatfoot 56-Bright City Craic-For The Man Bastards On Parade-Outlaw Rebel Songs Bastards on Parade-Shallow Waters […]

Paddy O

Blood or Whiskey-Never be me La MODA-No Easy Road The Men They Couldn’t Hang-Greenback Dollar Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass Across The Border-This Guardian Angel Banshee Reel-Star of the county down Paddy and the Rats-Ugly Drunken Woman Bastards On Parade-Captain’s Dargle Roaring Jack-Shell Shocked Crowd Craic-Ishkabaha The Saints Are Coming-Ghost Ship The Dreadnoughts-Katie Bar The Door […]

Paddy O

The Wages Of Sin-The Angel’s Share Nyah Fearties-Baith Sides O’ The Bed Denny’s Drive In-The Fiddler The Sorry Lot-Sex and Beer The Fatty Farmers-Baja California The Real McKenzies-13 Drunken Fairy Tales-Ghetto Fisticuffs-Five White Crosses The Staggerers-Knife To the Eye! Tenpole Tudor-Love and Food Firkin-Beer Almighty Craic Haus-Bottle Me Up No Fuego-Pots & Pans Big Bad […]

Paddy O

Dirty Filthy Mugs-Times Like These Lionheart-Don’t come near me Dropkick Murphys-Worker’s Song Swingin’ Utters-Windspitting Punk The Pubcrawlers-The Traveller’s Song Mr. Irish Bastard-Walk with Me Connemara Stone Company-Give us a Stout Fiddler’s Green-Too Drunk Blood Or Whiskey-Take Me Along The Fisticuffs-Scab Greenland Whalefishers-Punk Shanty Youth Brigade-It’s Not Like That Anymore The Killigans-The Holy Ground Roaring Jack-Lights […]

Paddy O

Fisticuffs-We Are the Workers Brutus’ Daughters-Born A Girl Jackdaw-Corner Bar Ketamina-Johnny Boy Filthy Thieving Bastards-Dusty Roads Mudmen-If You Don’t Like Scotch The Skels-To The Whiskey I’m A Slave The Saints Are Coming-Little Beggar Man The Saints Are Coming-Ghost Ship Flogging Molly-Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon Ukulele Clan -Bandit’s all rigth man but i’m the […]

Paddy O

Blaggard-Any Port In A Storm Cutthroat Shamrock-The Storm Dropkick Murphys-Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight The Skels-The Rain Came Pissin’ Down The Pogues-Rain Street Warblefly-When The Rain Came Swingin’ Utters-Black Mountain Rain Scrum-No Rain In The Pub Flogging Molly-The Lightning Storm The Mighty Regis-Celtic Storm The Levellers-Rain And Snow Far From Finished-Disaster The Taxpayers-Some Kind Of […]

Paddy O

The Wages Of Sin-Django Cheers!-Molly’s Eyes Irish Stew of Sindidun-Blessed and Damned Dust Rhinos-Sam Hall kilnAboy-Skint The Langer’s Ball-Whiskey from The Still Jolly Rogers-Calico Jack The Mighty Stef-100 Midnights The Real McKenzies-Bugger Off Pilsner Oiquell-Devka Fisticuffs-Fat Cats The Staggerers-Hills of Connemara Flogging Molly-Whistles in the Wind Drink Hunters-She was 56 The Young Dubliners-Mcalpine’s Fusiliers The […]

Paddy O

Barleyjuice-Nancy Whiskey Seven Nations-Our Day Will Come Cutthroat Shamrock-Train In Scotland Tenholes-Kenny Joy The Langer’s Ball-Whiskey Chaser The Black Tartan Clan-White Crosses The Fisticuffs-Bruised but Not Beaten Burn Witch Burn-Flowers Of Sulfur Flogging Molly-Kilburn High Road Firkin-Beer Almighty Flatfoot 56-Knuckles up Midnite Cruiser-Rich Bitch The Gobshytes-Bloodshot Great Drunkards-Across the Irish Sea Mr. Irish Bastard-Galway Bay […]

Paddy O’Punk #72

Greenland Whalefishers-A Song About Porter Mansic-Big Brother Keltic Cowboys-Kiss My Irish Ass Pint Of Stout-Bearded Jacky The Elders-Big Box Dinny Benjaming Band-Historie Mudmen-Here To Win The Mighty Regis-Molly Malone’s The Porters-A Ship Lost It

Paddy O’Punk #71

Ruxe Ruxe-Non Sexas Lercha Neck-Topless Mary Poppins Saint Bushmill’s Choir-Whiskey in the Jar PartTime Pirates-Sunshine On My Shoes Nnogoodnix-Angelina Screw City Saints-Not Long for This World Shane MacGowan And The Popes-If I Should Fall From Grace With God The Shillelaghs-These Days The Mahones-Down The Boozer (The Bricklayers Song) Sir Reg-Feck The Celtic Tiger The Skels-To […]

Paddy O’Punk #70

The Cropdusters-Knoxville Girl The Dirges-Union Man vs Rebel Girl The Fucking Buckaroos-Time and Time Again The Bruisers-Independence Day The Bloody Irish Boys-Auld St. Patrick Dropkick Murphys-Boys on the Docks Sydney City Trash-The Convict My Life In Black And White-Bombs on Blair Mountain The Ramshackle Army-Uprising Young Citizen The Real McKenzies-King O’ Glasgow Roaring JackBuy Us […]

Paddy O’Punk #69

The Young Dubliners-Waxies Dargle The Tossers-Dancin’ shoes Finnegan’s Lads-Paddy’s Shaggin’ Sheep The Swaggerin’ Growlers-Bastards Of Dorchester Ave. The American Wake-Wagon Wheel Emerald-Molly Maguires The Stanfields-Don’t Make Me Walk Away The Bastard Suns-Away, Away, Away SMZB-Girl’s Dream Fisticuffs-Fired Up The Skels-The Holy Ground The Dreadnoughts-Mary The One Eyed Prostitute…. The Shanes-Godfather Of Polka Shane MacGowan & […]

Paddy O’Punk #68

The Tartan Hearts-Sailors Grave Blaggard-The Drunken Vegan Ceann-Blame The Viking Kings and Boozers-In God We Trust Flatfoot 56-Breakin’ the law Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster The Kreellers-Burnt Toast Sydney City Trash-Just The Country Coming Out In Me Beantown Boozehounds-Goin’ Down The Bar Irish Moutarde-The Bear And The Maiden Fair Vinagre De Sidra-Salvador Murther the Stout-Six O’Clock […]

Paddy O’Punk #67

Auld Corn Brigade-Boys of the Old Brigade Ballydowse-Bud Morris Swingin’ Utters-Angels Pissing on Your Head Banshee Reel-Flat Fish, Shallow Water Barleyjuice-Moonshiner Bastards On Parade-Time To Go Out The Langer’s Ball-Mackey’s Daughter The Langer’s Ball-Johnny, You’re a Rovin’ Blade Beantown Boozehounds-The 19th Hour Between The Wars-Irish Rebel Song Big Bad Bollocks-Pubs of Liverpool Black Tartan Clan-My […]

Paddy O’Punk #66

The Mahones-Queen And Tequila Saint Bushmill’s Choir-Greenland Whale Fisheries Larkin-My Day Of Reckoning The Langer’s Ball-The Real Old Mountain Dew Lionheart-Cradle to the grave Los Stompers-Idiot Boy Belfast Muslims-Roddy McCorley The Maggie Whackers-Pim Song Macallan Mickey Finn-Football Fever Mudmen-Fields Of Athenry Craic-Irish Rover Lexington Field-Tracy Boys Fight The World The Men They Couldn’t Hang-Refugee The […]

Paddy O’Punk #65

Ceann-Schukylkill Rusty Nail-Open Ground The Mahones-Drunken Night In Dublin Saint Bushmill’s Choir-John Hardy The 241ers-Supreme Trading (New York Is The New York) Will Tun and the Wasters-Wandering Ways Tofu Love Frogs-Star Of Hackney Downs Ahead To The Sea-Boondock Shank Across The Border-Far Away Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass Dust Rhinos-Drinking Like A Fiddler Lexington Field-Weathered Heart […]

Paddy O’Punk #64

The Vandon Arms-The Company of a Military Man Tara’s Fire-Bigfoot Hooker Ballydowse-The Banshee Song The Wages Of Sin-Baptized By Fire Levellers-Far From Home Keltic Cowboys-Tipperary Inn Banshee Reel-40 miles of pain Barleyjuice-Whiskey Maid The Maggoty Brats-Anchorman Barstool Hooligans-Seven Drunken Nights The Bastard Suns-Who The Fuck Mr. Irish Bastard-Curse of The Red-Haired Woman The Real Mckenzies-Bitch […]

Paddy O’Punk #63

Cromdale-I Know I Have To Die The Tossers-Political Scum Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive Rum & RebellionToWoodyGuthrie, Ingrid Bergman And Mandy The Pauki-Old School The Wages Of Sin-Salty Dog Blues Saints & Sinners-Demons go out The Roughneck Riot-Ignorance is Easy Paddy and the Rats-Bang! Lick The Tins-Can’t Help Falling In Love Craic […]

Paddy O’Punk #62

The Tartan Hearts-Land Ho Lords Of The Pint-Titanic 1912 Tenholes-Kenny Joy Hoist The Colors-Sail On Sweet Soul Finnegan’s Lads-Hills of Connemara The Narrowbacks-Dirty Old Town The Pogues-Got A Lot O’Livin’ To Do Cornshed-Green Horn Billy Bragg-Walt Whitman’s Niece The Pokes-Shitty Day Pipes And Pints-When the Pipers Play Screw City Saints-Let’s Start All Over (again) The […]

Paddy O’Punk #61

Bouncin B.C.- Afraid of Clowns Harry Gump- Born In 1988 The Slaughterhouse Chorus- Built for BBQ Blood Or Whiskey- Galway Town Across The Border- The Dance Around The Fire Agnostic Front- 9 Seconds Remaining Jake Burns- Half Past Dead Ahead to the Sea- The Hag Of Freeborough The Dunn Boys- Nova Scotia Face To Face- […]

Paddy O’Punk #60

The Ramshackle Army Time Immemorial The Elders Kathleen The Tartan Hearts Sailors Grave The 241ers Stories Of Old The Zydepunks Blood Song Yesterday’s Ring Who I Wanted To Be (Pretty Baby) Whisky Chaser Heroes From Our Past Between The Wars The Ballad of the First Fleet Craic For The Man Dropkick Murphys Bastards On Parade […]

Paddy O’Punk #59

The Fisticuffs Scab Neck McAlpine’s Fusiliers The Bleeding Irish The Uprising Pipes And Pints City By The Sea Ahead to the Sea Minds in Fear Pint Of Stout The Whore Behind The Bar Craic Haus Bottle Me Up The Sorry Lot Sex and Beer Blood Or Whiskey Glory O The Roughneck Riot Ignorance is Easy […]

Paddy O’Punk #58

The Go Set 1788 The Men They Couldn’t Hang Moving On Revilers Frustration Swingin’ Utters Politician Roaring Jack Polythene Flowers The Fisticuffs Quittin’ Time The Booze Just For The Fun Hit The Bottle Boys Queen and Tequila Craic Brothers McLoughlin’s Gun The Real Mckenzies Raise Yer Glass The Vandon Arms The Righteous Fight Lexington Field […]

Paddy O’Punk #57

The Potato Pirates We’re Faggots Black 47 I Got Laid on James Joyce’s Grave Dust Rhinos Wrong Brogues Mick Me Guire The Porters The Button Pusher Amadan Anchor Tattoo Levellers Barstool Hooligans Hey! Beer! Beantown Boozehounds Goin’ Down The Bar Black Tartan Clan Banks Of The Roses Catgut Mary Shag On A Rock Tara’s […]

Paddy O’Punk #56

Surfin’ Turnips Cider Cider Cider Cider Irish Hearbeat 500 Pints Jolly Rogers Calico Jack Brush Shiels Maggie Pilsner Oiquell Oi punk Fisticuffs The Potter’s Field The Staggerers I Give No Fucks The Lagan Sunny Day in Southie Drink Hunters In Your Paradise The Pogues White City Lady Godiva Sally Gardens Big Bad Bollocks Swine Flesh […]

Paddy O’Punk #55

Rovers Ahead

Paddy O’Punk #54

Paddy O’Punk #53

The Bastard Suns Oh, Celina Rum Runner The Green Sod Hit The Bottle Boys South Australia The Bloody Irish Boys The Pirate Song The Skels When The Devil’s Whore Arrives The Gobshytes Bloodshot Flatfoot 56 Hoity Toity Birmingham Six Fisherman’s Blues The Briggs Dungeon Walls The Vandon Arms Waxies Dargle / Watch Out What Ya […]

Paddy O’Punk #52

Will Tun and the Wasters Wandering Ways Roaring Jack Buy Us A Drink Rum Runner Balls Beantown Boozehounds Old Mr. Boston Shock Treatment Big Check Shirts The Mighty Regis Black Shamrock Trashmind When Do You Run Riot? Belfast Muslims Come To The Bower My Life in Black and White Hookers and Handguns Stiff Little Fingers […]

Paddy O’Punk #51

The Gentlemen Fat Tim’s Life Bastards On Parade Pipes And Drunx The Porters Will You Still Love Me (If I Wet The Bed)? Drunken Fairy Tales Bride Blaggard The Eviction Song Blood Or Whiskey Galway Town Handsome Young Strangers Ryebuck Shearer Handsome Young Strangers Thunderbolt Tricks Upon Travellers Blame The Real McKenzies White Knuckle Ride […]

Paddy O’Punk #50

Scrum Drunk Again Street Dogs Patrick Mutiny Never Get Caught Jackdaw Corner Bar Armed Suspects O’Farrells The Shenanigans Orange Blossom Special The Tossers Nantucket Girls Song The Briggs The Ship Is Now Sinking Brutus’ Daughters Empire Of Crime Business Hang Up Your Boots Charm City Saints My Last Goodbyes The Clovers Misery The Clovers Gates […]

Paddy O’Punk #49

Craic For The Man Craic Steppin’ Out Cutthroat Shamrock Hell’s Shovel The Tossers The Crutch The Mighty Regis The Junkyard Dog And The Parlor Cat Lexington Field Galway Bay The Ramshackle Army No Rest for the Wicked The American Wake Wagon Wheel Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies Will Tun & The Wasters Spanish Wedding Will Tun […]

Paddy O’Punk #48

The Scally Cap Brats Drunken Sailor Dobermann Welcome Greenland Whalefishers Molly’s Lullaby/Down And Out Drink Hunters Warriors Souls Fiddler’s Green Salonika Billy Bragg A13, Trunk Road To The Sea Yesterday’s Ring Small Town Girl Rory Gallagher Continental Op The Maggoty Brats The Ballad of St. John’s Gates The Narrowbacks Doubt It La Moda Underground Blues […]

Paddy O’Punk #47

Los Helldandys Liver Full of Pain Craic Haus Bottom Of A Guinness Rum Runner Whiskey and Wisdom The Fucking Buckaroos Runs Deep Ketamina Johnny Boy Mr. Irish Bastard The Pirate Song Mr. Irish Bastard Galway Bay Craic Ishkabaha Cutthroat Shamrock Dry Bones Barleyjuice Jo’rneyman’s Song The Killigans The Holy Ground Paddy’s Irish Clan Sunny Days […]

Paddy O’Punk #46

Handsome Young Strangers Thunderbolt Fiddler’s Green Rose In The Heather Larkin Back To Rahalaine Benjaming Band Milky Fakk The Cherry Coke$ Before It All Tales Return To Bollox Welcome To Bastards Bay Swaggerin’ Growlers Drunk Before Noon Burn Witch Burn Night Of 100 Popes Craic Steppin’ Out Youth Brigade Alright Then Belfast Muslims Farewell To […]

Paddy O’Punk #45

Rabble Rousers Union Song Shane Macgowan And The Popes Truck Drivin’ Man Flatfoot 56 Waves of War Hit The Bottle Boys What’s Left of the Flag Hammered Grunts Self-destruct Farler’s Fury Real men wear kilts The Electrics A Man’s A Man For A That Ducky Boys Cross To Bear Street Dogs Fading American Dream The […]

Paddy O’Punk #44

Hammered Grunts Pocket Billiards Molly Hammered Grunts No ambition Dirty Filthy Mugs Another Round The Gobshites It’s Friday! The Muck Savages Muck Savages Swagger Piper Down Whisky Chaser The Skye Boat Song Rum Rebellion Anthem For The Punx The Bible Code Sundays Bang Bang You’re Dead The Bloody Irish Boys Drink ‘er Up Boys The […]

Paddy O’Punk #43

The Tossers Claddagh Farler’s Fury The Queen And The Sea Jackdaw Corner Bar Boggin Leprechaun Brothers In Arms The Porters The Molly McGuires Brick Top Blaggers Government Issue Swingin’ Utters Sketch Squandered Teen The Swaggerin’ Growlers Six Strings and Gasoline The Potato Pirates Go Green Mr. Irish Bastard Pretty Vacant Ketamina Drunk Drunk Shillaly Brothers […]

Paddy O’Punk #42

Mudmen On A Country Road The McGillicuddys Glory-O Joey Briggs So Let Down Fiddler’s Green Captain Song Street Dogs Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem The Sawyer Family New England The Ramshackle Army Rue the Day Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers The Moonbi General Store The Levellers Battle Of The Beanf Craic Haus Bottom Of A […]

Paddy O’Punk #41

Radiots Million Mirrors Warblefly Tapachula scramble Steve Earle Molly-O Gambling Days Another Drinking Song The Roughneck Riot Gambling Days The Potato Pirates Fuck The Radio Ketamina Vamos beber outra vez Between The Wars Lone Pine The Skels American Men The Blue Casket The Irish Witchsbroom The Wellits Fort McMurray The Stanfields Federal Hall The Cherry […]

Paddy O’Punk #40

The Best of 2011 Marys Lane Live In Ohio City Between The Wars The Rats Fisticuffs You’ll Not Take Us Alive The Pokes Hello, My Dear Sir Reg A Sign Of The Times Cutthroat Shamrock Dark Luck Fiddler’s Green Wall Of Folk The Dreadnoughts Uncle Touchy Goes To College The Ramshackle Army Life Lessons and […]

Paddy O’Punk #39

Paddy O’Christmas Mr. Irish Bastard Christmas in Hell The Ruffians Christmas in Killarney The Tossers Goodmornin’ Dad The Ruffians Together at Christmas The Chieftains St. Stephen’s Day Murders Levellers The Last Days of Winter The American Wake Winters Fury The Swaggerin’ Growlers Long Winter Dropkick Murphys The Dirty Glass Captain Tractor Snowman Flogging Molly Drunken […]

Paddy O’Punk #38

Auld Corn Brigade Boys of the Old Brigade Big Bad Bollocks Blarney Stoned The Mighty Regis Get Drunk And Go Home Dropkick Murphys The State Of Massachusetts The Wages Of Sin Jolly Roger The Currency Port Song Circle J The Old Man Black Tartan Clan Country Roads Prydein Centerfold The Rumjacks Paddy Goes To Babylon […]

Paddy O’Punk #37

Pipes And Pints Heaven And Hell Paddy and the Rats Irish Washerwoman Filthy Thieving Bastards Drug Lords Of The Avenues NeverNoodz Duncore Spiritual Seasons Jug Of Punch The Swaggerin’ Growlers Holes The Kissers Kicked In The Head Flogging Molly Factory Girls The Wages Of Sin Baptized By Fire Banshee Reel Flat fish – Shallow water […]

Paddy O’Punk #36

Kind Of Liars Bastards On Parade Johnny Boy Ketamina The Three Little Thieves Paddy and the Rats Row The Dirty Mugs Big Strong Man Blaggards Sopra Di Noi Blackpint Old Black Rum Mudmen Mary of the Northolt Road The Bible Code Sundays Finnegan’s Wake The Pubcrawlers Irish Rover Craic Crying In My Beer The Porters […]

Paddy O’Punk #35

Namoi River Farmer Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers Un Dia De Furia (The Rising Of The Moon) Motor Perkins Fat Tim’s Life The Gentlemen Filthy Dog Drunken Balordi Prison Years Sydney City Trash Knickers The Young Dubliners Old Maui The Dreadnoughts Say Hello To The Provos Shebeen Iron Chin The Bruisers Lesbian Fight The Potato […]

Paddy O’Punk #34

Dublin City Girls Brush Shiels Drinking Gin Whiskey Wagon Other Side The Swaggerin’ Growlers Living On The Moon Sir Reg If You Don’t Like Scotch Mudmen Everybody’s Got Love Bites But Me The Whisky Priests Paddy Jackdaw Balls Rum Runner Road of the Righteous Face To Face Heroes From Our Past Whisky Chaser 10 Years […]

Paddy O’Punk #33

RIGHT AND EVIL TrashMind Kilkenny Man The Rugburns Paddy’s Shaggin’ Sheep Finnegan’s Lads Beached Sailor Russ Rankin Rattlin’ Bog Craic Six Strings and Gasoline The Swaggerin’ Growlers Fuck The Radio The Potato Pirates Boys from the county Armagh Brush Shiels Angry Youth Oi River Summit The Journey The Vandon Arms Shitty Day The Pokes Here’s […]

Paddy O’Punk #32

Paddy O’Punk #31

This we feature two songs off their new release  Live In Ohio City Dixieland The Bible Code Sundays Fat Tim’s Life The Gentlemen The Miner’s Son The Go Set Y Sigo En Pie Skontra Lock Me In The Nick Meisce Torn Ten Dollar Bill Rum Runner The Galway Girl Marys Lane Whiskey in the Jar […]

Paddy O’Punk #30

Rigs O’ Barley Hugh Morrison King O’ Glasgow The Real McKenzies Golden Daze Surfin’ Turnips The Lass Behind The Beer Taps Roaring Jack More Pricks Than Kicks Shane Macgowan And The Popes Saturday Saints The Wages Of Sin A Mesma Vaina Motor Perkins A Song About Porter Greenland Whalefishers Waiting For The Train The Scotch […]

Paddy O’Punk #29

This week we have guest DJ/cohost and the 12 string greatness of Craic Irish Timmy. Razor In My Pocket The Wages Of Sin Never Coming Home My Life In Black And White Take Down The Union Jack Billy Bragg Calling On The Holy Ghost Natchez Shakers Stupid Bastards Mr. Irish Bastard When the Pipers Play […]

Paddy O’Punk #28

Good Enough For Me The Vandon Arms One Bullet One Bottle Whiskey Avengers On Her Majesty’s Service Liberty Cage In God We Trust Kings and Boozers Get Out Of Here Franks Bootboys Lone Wolf The Scotch Greens Seashore Legion The Black Tartan Clan Sorry I Was Drunk Barstool Hooligans Buckets Of Beer Tossers Dont Ask […]

Paddy O’Punk #27

Que Feliz Soy Skontra The Road The Levellers A.S.A.P. Farler’s Fury Whiskey In the Jar The Vandon Arms Old Black Rum Mudmen Everything must Die Mr. Irish Bastard Anthem For The Punx Rum Rebellion Jesse James The Peelers Yard Rat Shanty Catgut Mary Scab The Fisticuffs For The Man Craic The 19th Hour Beantown Boozehounds […]

Paddy O’Punk #26

Bullet For Vapid Beer The Cherry Coke$ Welcome to Bastards Bay Bollox Butt Tattoo Ceann Drinkin’ Song The Clovers Silver Dagger The Men They Couldn’t Hang Scotland The Brave Skudpuppetz Tony And Vinny Dirty Filthy Mugs Numbers Mansic Kiss My Ass Swaggerin’ Growlers Any Port In A Storm Blaggard Honky Tonks In Heaven Roaring Jack […]

Paddy O’Punk #25

Boat Train Street Dogs Fighter Street Dogs Is This Bar Open Til Tomorrow The Mahones On The Rocks McGillicuddys Chi-Town PD Blues Beantown Boozehounds Sally Brown The Dreadnought Ballad Of The Little Count The Whisky Priests Forgotten Hero The Shillelaghs Another Drinking Song Rum Rebellion The Butcher’s Bill The Skels Guinness ‘n’ Chips The Lagan […]

Paddy O’Punk #24

Moneychangers The Stanfields One Whisky Lady Godiva Black Velvet Band Mobtown Hooligans William Jones Mutiny Ghost Of Long Gone Days Larkin Dont Try Pipes And Pints The Fields of Athenry Lexington Field Curse Of The Red Haired Woman Mr. Irish Bastard Safarrancho Lucky 7 Judy Riot SMZB Waxies Dargle McBee’s Brewery Knife To the Eye! […]

Paddy O’Punk #23

Down With The Ship The Rumjacks Here We Are Nowhere Stiff Little Fingers Loaded Gun Flatfoot 56 Good Enough For Me The Vandon Arms Mob Mentality McBusiness Galway Bay Fiffin Market Rockabilly Girl Ketamina Tessie Dropkick Murphys Maria’s Last Word Captain Tractor Muck Savages The Muck Savages Dead Man The Briggs Toothless Smile Pocket Billiards […]

Paddy O’Punk #22

Mary of the Northolt Road The Bible Code Sundays Half Past 10 Charm City Saints Whisky On The Wind Junkman’s Choir When We Were Kids Filthy Thieving Bastards Bridge Of Gold Devil’s Brigade Hunger Strike The Bleeding Irish Big Strong Man Blaggards For The Man Craic Just Can’t Drink Anymore Dust Rhinos We’re Finding Out […]

Paddy O’Punk #21

Moja Raka The Shamrock The dirty glass Dropkick Murphys Wasted life Face To Face Farewell, Self Esteem Kilmaine Saints The Ryebuck Shearer Catgut Mary Folk’n’Glory Bleeding Hearts Drinkup Yabastards Big Bad Bollocks Seashore Legion The Black Tartan Clan Delta Dawn Lancaster County Prison Any Port In A Storm Blaggard 1916 Uprising The Bleeding Irish Dungeon […]

Paddy O’Punk #20

Soccer Tribe Keltic Cowboys On A Country Road Mudmen Scots Wha’ Ha’e The Real McKenzies The Church Of The Holy Spook Shane MacGowan & The Popes So Pissed Off The Nipple Erectors John Hardy Saint Bushmill’s Choir Just Common Irish Drinking Song Drunken Fairy Tales ‘ll Tell Me Ma! The Rumjacks McCauley’s Sister Screw City […]

Paddy O’Punk #19

Beached Sailor Swingin’ Utters Borstal Boys Business Speak Easy The Cherry Coke$ Bitchin’ In The Kitchen Firkin Kicked In The Head The Kissers Bottle Of Whiskey Armed Suspects Going Back to Dublin The Mahones A Dozen Pints McGillicuddys Hello Jakey! Neck Steppin’ Out Craic The General’s Boombox Street Dogs Union Of Drunken Upstarts Amadan Dispac’her […]

Paddy O’Punk #18

With  great pleasure I introduce to you  a band from  my home town, Cleveland, Ohio Folk’s Not Dead Fiddler’s Green Skinheads BOOTed COCKS All Laced Up 2Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters C’mon Colleen Craic Haus Farewell To Nova Scotia The Real McKenzies Green & Red of Harrow BibleCode Sundays Pot To Piss In […]

Paddy O’Punk #17

Paddy’s Shaggin’ Sheep Finnegan’s Lads Tink Neck McGee’s Daughter Irish Stew Of Sindidun Diesel St The Celtic City Sons Golden Days SIR REG Wishing Well The Men They Couldn’t Hang My Days Are Done Greenland Whalefishers The Moonbi General Store Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers Old Black Rum Mudmen Orange Blossom Special The Shenanigans Realita […]

Paddy O’Punk #16

Kilkenny Man The Rugburns Ar-Men Armens Stupid Lullabies Swingin’ Utters Norland The Dunn Boys Empty Pockets, Empty Fridge Fiddler’s Green Curse of The Red-Haired Woman Mr. Irish Bastard Amsterdam The Dreadnoughts Black Cross Of Crumlin Blood Or Whiskey Regular guy Dropkick Murphys GIRL’S DREAM SMZB My Wicked Ways The Bloody Irish Boys Sunday Bloody Sunday […]

Paddy O’Punk #15

Kevin J. O’Toole Street Dogs Roddy McCorley Greenland Whalefishers 5am The Go Set Solsbury Hill Dust Rhinos Beer And Woman The Black Tartan Clan Bourbon & Black Porter Catgut Mary St Patrick’s Day Bastards On Parade The Black ‘n’ Tans The Tans Oh Salinas Rum & Rebellion Cross the Ocean The Real Mckenzies The Ferry […]

Paddy O’Punk #14

Old Mr. Boston Beantown Boozehounds The Girls I Left Behind Scrum Deaf Girlfriend The Scotch Greens Orleans Farler’s Fury Whiskey, Vomit, n Piss The Kidney Stones Knife To the Eye! The Staggerers King O’ Glasgow The Real McKenzies Babylon Down Radiots Pinchgut The Rumjacks Hey Billy Corrigan Fest Jim Jones The Currency Irish Punk Punx […]

Paddy O’Punk #13

My Brother Sylvester The Pubcrawlers Pipes And Drunx Bastards On Parade Beer Song The Gobshites Bang! Paddy And The Rats Bury Me Cutthroat Shamrock Take My Hand Paddy’s Irish Clan 1952 Vincent Black Lightening The McGillicuddys Who I Wanted To Be (Pretty Baby) Yesterday’s Ring The Old Black Rum Fiffin Market Little Town Of Bethlehem […]

Paddy O’Punk #12

Brown Dog The Young Dubliners Still Standing Up The Bruisers The Saints Are Up! Kilmaine Saints Brave Sailor The Cherry Coke$ The Same Old Farler’s Fury Un Dia De Furia (The Rising Of The Moon Motor Perkins Brand New Lungs Swingin’ Utters Bottom of a Beer Joey Briggs Trail of Blood LQR FolkRock Revolution Flogging […]

Paddy O’Punk #11

Ugly (Born And Raised)-Dirty Filthy Mugs Another Day-Mudmen Antipolitik-Core y Gang Cuban Five-The Bleeding Irish 500 Pints-Irish Hearbeat Irish Citizen Army-The Wakes Guinness Sea-Whiskey Wagon Bodgy Tatts-Mutiny I’ll Weeds Grow Apace-The Cherry Coke$ Drunken Lullabies-Flogging Molly Dungeon Walls-The Briggs I’ll tell Me Ma-Skillalah Ruf Mich Nicht An-Dödelsäcke The Leaving Of Liverpool-Kilmaine Saints Black Velvet Band-Screw […]

Paddy O’Punk #10

Rising Of The Moon Lancaster County Prison Not Yours, Not Mine The Pokes Brotherhood Flatfoot 56 Kiss My Irish Ass Keltic Cowboys Pilgrims Across The Border Never Met a Girl Like You Before (Live) Flogging Molly Gotohell Captain Tractor From The Observatory Swingin’ Utters Scab The Fisticuffs O’Farrells Armed Suspects Across The Raging Seas The […]

Paddy O’Punk #9

Expletive Deleted Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters In God We Trust Kings and Boozers Boys of the Old Brigade The Kreellers A Dozen Pints McGillicuddys Kiss My Irish Ass Mobtown Hooligans Vito O Leary Barstool Hooligans D.U.I. Beantown Boozehounds Braveheart Pipes And Pints Empire Of Crime Brutus’ Daughters Jacky Butler Catgut Mary Shitload The […]

Paddy O’Punk #8

Ship To Shore The Stanfields Ska Trek Pocket Billiards Sail the Boats The Mighty Stef Rusty Side of Dublin Paddy’s All Stars Moja Raka Shamrock Across the Irish Sea Great Drunkards Windspitting Punk Roll The Tanks Nowhere Fast Swingin’ Utters small town girl Yesterday’s Ring Greetings (From The Unemployment Line) Swaggerin’ Growlers In The Streets […]

Paddy O’Punk #7

In Heaven There Is No Beer La Eringo! Me And The Boys Bastards On Parade Hillibilly (Live) The Popes Blitzkrieg Bop The Killdares Needle Song Across The Border Gates Of Hell The 241ers Too Blind Off Kilter Turn It Upside Down The Whisky Priests Road Crew Warblefly White Riot The Wages Of Sin The Irish […]

Paddy O’Punk #6

The Old Dark Brown The Go Set Paddy’s Lantern Catgut Mary This Is We The Killigans Nancy Whiskey McGillicuddys Orange and the Green The Kreellers Tink Neck Gambling Days The Roughneck Riot The Old Man Circle J Fuck Ups Scrum The Leaving Of Liverpool Brine & Bastards Feck The Celtic Tiger Sir Reg Pipes And […]

Paddy O’Punk #5

Dirty Aul War Blood or Whiskey Love Ourselves BOOTed COCKS God Bless Ya Rosie The Fisticuffs The Boxer Across The Border Roll The Woodpile Down The Dreadnoughts Union Man vs Rebel Girl The Dirges Stand Alone Mudmen Dublin Lullaby Captain Tractor Give A Future Ahead To The Sea Diesel St The Celtic City Sons Night […]

Paddy O’Punk #4

One Mad Night At The Pub Rovers Ahead Galway Girl Hit The Bottle Boys Lets Go Pipes And Pints Raise Yer Glasses Rum Rebellion Irish Americans Denny’s Drive In Catfish Fry The Kidney Stones Skank For Me Will Tun and the Wasters Any Given Day Mudmen Back In the County Hell Larkin & Moran Brothers […]

Paddy O’Punk #3

Greenland Whalefishers Big Brother Mansic Dirty Filthy Mugs Are We Dirty Filthy Mugs Acid In N.Y. Greenland Whalefishers Drinking And Driving The Gobshites Corner Bar Jackdaw Torn Ten Dollar Bill Rum Runner Buried Alive Dropkick Murphys Shake Some Action Jamie Clarke Rebel Song Street Dogs Galway Town Blood Of Whiskey Scream For Life SMZB Martyrs […]

Paddy O’Punk #2

Too Many Pints of Guness The Porters Tessie Dropkick Murphys Between My Grave And Yours Skilton Jack Flash Army Jack Flash Green & Red of Harrow Bible Code Sundays Liquor Store The Killigans Scots Wha’ Ha The Go Set Wandering Ways Will Tun and the Wasters Por Libertad Lucky 7 Honky Tonk Woman The Pogues […]

Paddy O’Punk #1

The Premiere of the Paddy O’Punk Show