Music From The Farside #125

Music From The Farside #125

Plasmatics-Monkey Suit Richie Blitz-Alcohol New York Dolls-Jet Boy Dog Party-Why Don’t You Tell Me Intoxica-Brandivino Party The Dyaks-Gutter Kids Nashville Pussy-Wrong Side of the Gun The Primitives-Lead Me Astray The Nervebreakers-My Girlfriend is A Rock Mott The Hoople-Born Late 58 The New Bomb Turks-Bullish On Bullshit Numbskull-Heavy Metal Gods Numbskull-Final Days Of Torture Salem Witch […]

Music From The Farside #124

Music From The Farside #124

AC/DC-The Jack Betty Blowtorch-Fish Taco The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Gang Bang The Damned-Stab Your Back Babes In Toyland-The Girl Can’t Help It Authority Zero-A Day To Remember Nick Wolff-Union Local 00 Human Switchboard-Shake It Boys Human Switchboard-In This Town Bluto’s Revenge-Little Megaton Stepsister-Wild Ride Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die New Bomb Turks-Up […]

Music From The Farside #123

Music From The Farside #123

Rusty Trombone-Leeches The Ills-Freaks are Jumping The Macc Lads-Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy Intoxica-Brandivino Party The Rods-She’s Trouble The Bomb Pops-Outta Here Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Coney Island Whitefish Plague-Local Jerks The Lords of the New Church-World Without End The Lords of the New Church-Kiss Of Death The Pagans-Eyes of Satan Pere Ubu-Oh […]

Music From The Farside #122

Authority Zero-Brick In The Wave Supersuckers-I Was Born Without a Spine Concrete Blonde-Endless Sleep Nobodys Hero-All Kings Fall HorrorPops-Bring It On! Belfast Muslims-Ring Of Fire Honkeyfinger-Margarine Man HotChaCha-Pleasure Cruise The Hot Rails-Black Horse The Hot Rails-Death From Above Obnox-Daughter The Cramps-Garbageman Hickoids-ToothPick Man The Immortal Lee County Killers-Big Damn Roach Whale-Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe The […]

Music From The Farside #121

Jason And The Punknecks-Easy Good Time Ism-John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster done to You?) Cosmic Psychos-Quarter To Three The Fratellis-Chelsea Dagger F-Units-Alone In Babylon Gibson Bros and Workdogs-Gonorrhea The Gun Club-Jack on Fire Dick Dastardly-Music Today Idiot Humans-Dressed In Green Idiot Humans-Toppling Stairs Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer Lords of the Highway-Devil’s 1/2 Moon Cobra […]

Music From The Farside #120

Music From The Farside #120

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Music From The Farside #119

Music From The Farside #119

This It’s a block party Cleveland Style.

Musis From The Farside #118

Musis From The Farside #118

Suicidal Tendencies-Trip At The Brain Teenage Bottlerocket-Punk House of Horror Television-Venus Terry Malts-Nauseous Wazmo Nariz-TeleTeleTelephone Tesco Vee’s Hate Police-Losing My Religion The Meatmen-Abba God and Me The MeThinks-Texas Gigalo Hickoids-Brontosaurus ZK-Schwarze Stiefel HotChaCha-Notes Of Urgency Jane Aire & The Belvederes-Yankee Wheels Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young Human Switchboard-In This Town The Pagans-Dead […]

Music From The Farside #117

Music From The Farside #117

The Revelevens-Punk Rock Show La Polla Records-6 Y Ahora Que The Stooges-My Idea Of Fun Nick Lowe-I Love My Label Nashville Pussy-Pussy Time The Turkletons-You Had Me At Fuck Off Needledick U.S. Bombs-Shot Down Devo-Human Rocket The Vacancies-Hellbelow The Vacancies-Burn Rocket from the Tombs-Love Train Express Stiv Bators-Swingin’ A Go-Go The Styrenes-Eyes Of Satan Babes […]

Music From The Farside #116

Music From The Farside #116

Pandora & The Males-Kiddie A Go Go Nobunny-Motorhead With Me Iggy Pop & David Bowie-No Fun G.B.H.-Big Women Lock Out! Tag Out!-Records Nashville Pussy-Milk cow blues Plasmatics-You’re A Zombie Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young The Waitresses -Slide Rubber City Rebels-Brain Job The Black Keys-10 A.M. Automatic The Cramps-Miniskirt Blues Devo-Joko Homo The […]

Music From The Farside #115

Music From The Farside #115

The Distillers-I’m a Revenant Apa State Mental-Cramps The Cramps-Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? Devo-I’m A Potato Easter Monkeys-Underpants Easter Monkeys-Monkey See Monkey Do The Pagans-Little Black Egg Nobunny-(Do The) Fuck Yourself Gay For Johnny Depp-Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny And Artistic Integrity Bunny Grunt-Favorite Food The Damned-White Rabbit Cosmic PsychosThank You Mum For The […]

Music From The Farside #114

Music From The Farside #114

The Dickies-Paranoid Gin Blossoms-Christine Sixteen Suburban Studs-My Generation Porter Hall Tennessee-People Who Died Hüsker Dü-Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme) The Lurkers-Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me Hickoids-Brontosaurus The New Lou Reeds-Every Setback In The World Craic-Steppin’ Out Craic-Ishkabaha The Electric Eels-Jaguar Ride Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die The Standing 69s-Gasoline […]

Music From The Farside #113

Music From The Farside #113

Beki Bondage-Son Of A Preacher Man Hollywood Brats-Then He Kissed Me Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Androgynous The Replacements-Hitchin’ A Ride  Sparks-Eaten By The Monster Of Love Speedball Baby-Blitzkrieg Bop The Lurkers-Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me The Pretenders-1969 Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-The Lion Sleeps Tonight Pere Ubu-Drinking Wine Spodyody Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer Whiskey Daredevils-The Shah […]

Music From The Farside #112

HorrorPops-Ghouls The Bomb Pops-Take Me Away Supersuckers-The 19th Most Powerful Woman in Rock The Goddamn Gallows-GutterbillyBlues Cracker-I’m A Liitle Rocket Ship Rocket From The Crypt-Out of Control Death Of Samantha-Blood And Shaving Cream The Waitresses- Square Pegs The Waitresses -Pussy Strut Pere Ubu-Breath The Mice-Rescue You Too Teenage Bottlerocket-Henchmen Tattooed Mother Fuckers-In Your Mad World […]

Music From The Farside #111

All Dinosaurs-Generic Power Shit Cobra Skulls-Give You Nothing Anal Cunt-Yay! It’s Pink! The Dandy Warhol-sGreen Animal Train-Melt Down Anti You-StockHolm Pet Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die 2 Bobs-Ethnic Tune Plague-Goon Squad Plague-Local Jerks Cobra VerdeMedia Whore Dan McCoy-American Jesus Criminal Authority-What’s The Use Crux-Streets At Night The Damned-Jet Boy, Jet Girl Defiance, […]

Music From The Farside #110

Instant Asshole-Motormouth G.B.H.-Big Women The Damned-Sick Of This And That Dead Kennedys-Dear Abby The Flaming Stars-More Than Enough Seawolf-Dirty Wine Ak47-Monster Movie Dead Boys-I Won’t Look Back Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love Rubber City- RebelsDead Boy Devo-Auto Modown California Speedbag-Shitlist Flatfoot 56-Knuckles up The New Bomb Turks-Tattooed Apathetic Boys Caterwaul of Sound-Part of the Problem Joan […]

Music From The Farside #109

Music from The Farside #108

All Dinosaurs-Castle of Uncle Robert X-Poor Girl Animal Train-Drunk Punk & Pissed Off Jim Carrol-People Who Died Cowboy Killers-Ku Klux Klan Wives On Holiday Iggy & the Stooges-The StoogesShake Appeal Jane Aire & the Belvederes-When I Was Young Tin Huey-Living With Strangers Tin Huey-Missing Persons Clocks-Family Feud The Wild Giraffes-Good Times Lords Of The Highway-Beer […]

Music From The Farside #107

Nashville Pussy-Milk Cow Blues Anti You-Johnny Baghdad Apa State Mental-Mockers Mantra John Wilkes Booth-Hey Girl The Lazy Cowgirls-Time & Money The Byron Gill Trio-One Dollar One Vote Dream Warriors-Wash Your Face in My Sink The Pretenders-The Wait Devo-Space Girl Blues Devo-The Rope Song Whiskey Daredevils-200 Miles To Wheeling The New Salem Witch Hunters-Goodbuy/It’s Time /To […]

Music From The Farside #106

Oblivians-Pill Popper The Macc Lads-Blackpool CroMags-Survival Of The Streets The Cute Lepers-She Liked Helter Skelter Janitor-American Justice Biters-Born To Cry Konsumo Respeto-N Puedo Mas The Krewmen-Guy Fawkes The Rolling Stones-Stupid Girl The Dickies-It’s huge The Mapes-Feed us The Gories-Ghost Rider Pathos-Election Day Beguiled-SheDevil Rock Death of Samantha-New Soldier New Sailor Flotsam & Jetsam-Monster Lamps-Niels Bohr […]

Music From The Farside #105

RancidThe -Wars End Faith No More-Be Aggressive The Doughboys-Nobody’s Girl The Motors-Freeze The Saints-Know Your Product GBH-City Baby Attacked By Rats Rachel Sweet-Truckstop Queen Dead Boys-All This and More Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love Devo-Dogs Of Democracy Pale Creation-Wake Of Temptation The Dickies-My Pop The Cop Apa State Mental-Easy Rider Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard […]

Music From The Farside #104

Joan Armatrading-Rosie Toxic Reasons-never give in Hüsker Dü-Flip Your Wig Scarlet Canary-Farewells River City Rebels-Her New Man Eggstone-Can’t Come Close Enough Bauhaus-St. Vitus Dance Famous Monsters-Destroy Puny Earthlings! The Dickies-Paranoid Motörhead-Whorehouse Blues Batusis-What You Lack In Brains Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-Ring Of Fire Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-My Mother The New Bomb Turks-Lyin’ On […]

Music From The Farside #103

Walter Daniels with Chili Cold Blood-Solid Trash Psycho Charger-Life of Sin The Buzzcocks-Walking Distance The Donnas-All Messed Up Adrenalin O.D.-Suburbia Bauhaus-Ziggy Stardust The Pocket FishRMen-Hang On To Yourself Big Drag-Heroes David Bowie-Growin’ Up The Pretenders-Stop Your Sobbing The Styrenes-Jaguar Ride The Styrenes-Cheap and Vulgar Dick Dastardly-Music Today Los Fiascos-Friday Night Friends The Barracudas-I Can’t Pretend […]

Music From The Farside #102

U.S. Bombs-Go Back Home Social Distortion-99 to Life Public Enemy-Union Jack Naked Raygun-Out of Your Mind Lonesome Kings-Brand New Gun The Dead Milkmen-Right Wing Pigeons Supersuckers-On the Couch Suicidal Tendencies-Pledge Your Allegiance Off With Their Heads-The Eyes of Death Cypher-Never Pet A Burning Dog Human Switchboard-No! Human Switchboard-Fly in Whiskey Daredevils-The Shah Sleeps In Lee […]

Music From The Farside #101

Bodysnatchers-Mystery Upright-We Are 138 The Revillos-Motorbike Beat Women In Prison-The Birth Of Rots Ukulele Clan Band-Everybody The Damned-I Feel Alright The Distillers-The Young Crazed Peeling Death of Samantha-New Soldier New Sailor Devo-Mongoloid Devo-Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man) The Pretenders-The Wait Lords Of The Highway-Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Bitch Nick Wolff-Union Local 00 Propagandhi-Without Love […]

Music From The Farside #100

The Kinks-Around The Dial The Waitresses -Slide Devo-Joko Homo Reason Seven-This Song Sucks Switchblade Justice-Your Wife The Meatmen-Abba God and Me Plague-Goon Squad Hüsker Dü-Flexible Flyer The New Bomb Turks-I Got Your Bitter End Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-Crazy Slut Suzi Quatro-Glycerine Queen Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Star, Star Pride Of Ohio-Local 00 Dead Boys-Flame […]

Music From The Farside #99

The Gories-I Got Eyes For You
Snowbyrd-Halcyon Days
T. Tex Edwards-L.S.D.
Mydols-Roller Derby Queen
The Sons Of Hercules-A Different Kind Of Ugly
Glambilly-So Much Better Than Hans

Music From The Farside #98

Vanilla Muffins-Blue Red Forever Supersuckers-Killer Weed Thee Pirates-Bank Robber Blackout Shoppers-Well Earned Riot The Bruisers-Still Standing Up Full of Hell-Rat King Only Crime-Everything For You Against The Grain-The Same In The End Johnny & The SelfAbusers-Saints & Sinners Rocket from the Tombs-Sister Love Train The Pagans-Eyes of Satan The Pagans-Give Til It Hurts The New […]

Music From The Farside #97

Cage the Elephant-Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked Rancid-The 11th Hour The Bears-None Of The Above HorrorPops-It’s Been So Long Bull Lee-Fairfax Ave Laughing hyenas-Under My Thumb Choking Susan-I Wanna Be Your Fake Girlfriend Minutemen-My Heart And The Real World Dogmatics-Drinking By The Pool The Wildebeests-Mongoloid Starvation Army-Lost This Planet Women In Prison-Dyke Out! Women […]

Music From The Farside #96

The Runabouts When I Get The Blues (The Strangeness In Me) Dinosaur Repulsion The Tartan Hearts Petty Crimes and Five Buck Wine Eggstone Sun King The Krewmen Night Shift Blues Bouncin B.C. Afraid Of Clowns Camper Van Beethoven (I Was Born In A) Laundromat The Cult Fire Woman The Dandy Warhols Not If You Were […]

Music From The Farside #95

P.O.C. spotlight: Greater Cleveland Women of Rock

Music From The Farside #94

Jennifer Trynin Better Than Nothing Odonis Odonis White Flag Riot The Detroit Cobras Laughing At You Rancid Bloodclot The Bloodclots Reveille Death By Stereo Looking Out For Number One Nick Wolff Union Local 00 The Cramps What’s Inside A Girl? The Cramps Goo Goo Muck The Cramps Bikini Girls With Machine Guns Parachute Journalists Plant […]

Music From The Farside #93

Mad I Hate Music Mad Dog Cole Hell is What I’m Used To Japanther Surfin Coffin Whiskey Sunday Uncle Dave ‘N’ Me Jason And The Punknecks Better Part of Me The Prats Disco Pope Concrete Blonde City Screaming Pere Ubu Breath The Coffin Bangers Head Hunter The Coffin Bangers I’m the Wolfman The Pretenders 1969 […]

Music From The Farside #92

This Week's P.O.C. spotlight

Music From The Farside #91

Apa State Mental Apa Valley Lou Reed Vicious The Modern Lovers Pablo Picasso Minutemen History Lesson – Part II The Traditionals Violence in the City Missbrukama Du Ar Inte Nog Minor Threat In My Eyes Stiv Bators Ready Anytime Basement Boys It’s Endless Basement Boys A Change Is Gonna Come Criminal Authority So Terminal (7in […]

Music From The Farside #90

Animal Train Drunk Punk & Pissed Off Radio Dead Ones Into The Sun Violent Femmes Old Mother Reagan Minutemen If Reagan Played Disco Gogol Bordello Break The Spell Biters Oh Yeah (The Bitch Wants More The A Gang Here’s to you Agent Orange Bloodstains Monster Waiting For Something To Happen Black Flag Loose Nut The […]

Music From The Farside #89

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight.

Music From The Farside #88

Automatic NE1 Cold War Jets Angry Samoans Letter from Uncle Sam Nashville Pussy Headin’ For The Texas Border Dim’s Rebellion Reclaim Yourself Naked Raygun Out Of Your Mind Crucial Dudes Boom Roasted The Smithereens Bring Back The One I Love Off With Their Heads Old Man OFF! I Don’t Belong Alex Chilton Kanga Roo Bob […]

Music From The Farside #87

Battle Zone One Day MC5 Back In The U.S.A. Caroline And The Treats Gimme Gimme Gimme Elvis Costello & The Attractions Complicated Shadows The Slackers The TV Dinner Song Primus Moron TV Vanilla Muffins Tell Your Mother Betty Blowtorch I Wish You’d Die Dirt Box Disco Tragic Roundabout Fleshies My Buddy The New Lou Reeds […]

Music From The Farside #86

It's the bad television episode

Music From The Farside #85

Zeke Evil Woman Sun God Trails Chemistry Set Underground Thee Oh Sees Opposition Desmond Dekker Israelites Propagandhi Ska Sucks The Briggs Common And Unknown Not Of This Earth (Note) Reckoning The Hot Rails Trigger Finger The Hot Rails Death From Above Rocket from the Tombs Sister Love Train The Unknown Cyclone Switch Trout Cyclone Betty […]

Music From The Farside #84

Terry Malts Tumble Down David Bowie It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City The Replacements Skyway Daave Edmunds Chutes And Ladders The Patato Pirates Ghost Ship Butt Trumpet Pink Gun JiM Carrol People Who Died Deaf Council Johnny Gun The Wild Giraffes Love Me The Wild Giraffes In and Out Rubber City Rebels […]

Music From The Farside #83

Rad Company Risky Business Los Santos Take A Chance Deadbolt Swamp Witch Jackie Lee Cochran Georgia Lee Brown The One Thought Moment Deaf In The Dead Zone Famous Monsters Vampire Cosmonaut Gun Club Come Back Jim Gibson Brothers Dirt Preacher Armed Suspects Bottle Of Whiskey Wolfboy Slim Llong Tall Greaseball Lords of Absynthe Busted Lords […]

Music From The Farside #82

  Circle Jerks Wonderful Paul Westerburg Silver Naked Ladies The Gods Of Macho Pool Hall The Dickies Welcome To The Diamond Mine Nashville Pussy Go To Hell Neighbor Wretched Of The Earth The Cult In The Clouds Barbie-Q Barbies Twisted Little Sister She Rides Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride Rubber City Rebels Pinhead Obnox […]

Music From The Farside #81

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight: Herzog

Music From The Farside #80

Music From The Farside #79

Hoodoo Gurus Only In America Downliners Sect One Ugly Child Nobodys Hero Ruination Under God Against The Grain Coffee and Cigarettes The Detroit Cobras The Real Thing The Dictators New York New York Dinosaur Repulsion Dirty Looks Let Go Terraplane A Beer And A Cigarette Sockeye Freaky Friday Tits Easter Monkeys My Baby Digs Graves […]

Music From The Farside #78

Groovy Rednecks Punch Yer Neighbor’s Lights Out Losin’ It Check Your Head Animal Train Welcome To The Commonwealth Sham 69 If The Kids Are United The South Bay Surfers Get A Job The Dickies Whack the Dalai Lama R.E.M. Driver 8 Betty Blowtorch I Wanna Be Your Sucker The New Lou Reeds Born To Rock […]

Music From The Farside #77

Ralph & Patrick Carney

Music From The Farside #76

P.O.C. spotlight  This Moment in Black History 

Music From The Farside #75

This Weeks P.O.C. spotlight is on Rocket From the Tombs Big Audio Dynamite II The Globe Radio Moscow Lucky Dutch Drive-By Truckers Never Gonna Change Brian Briggs Rocket On Out Iron & Wine Woman King Brine and Bastards Battle Stations Brigad 45 B Veckorevyn Scorpion vs Tarantula That Bottle in Front of Me Cheetah Chrome […]

Music From The Farside #74

P.O.C. spotlight: Allergic To Whores Serious Drinking Baby, I’m Dying A Death The Fayette County Hookers Satan’s Highway Against Me! Because You’re Young The Potato Pirates Mindslaughter Blondie Ring Of Fire The Primitives Buzz Buzz Buzz Gogol Bordello Rebellious Love The Adverts Quickstep All Problematic Rocket From The Crypt I Cant Feel My Head The […]

Music From The Farside #73

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight The New Lou Reeds Cadillac Senator Pretty Boy Floyd and the Gems Sharon Ejectors Hydrohead Brain Police I Let Jenny Ride The Stranglers (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) Teengenerate Right Now Doug Sahm & Sons You’re Gonna Miss Me Rubber City Rebels She Takes Good Care of Me The New Lou […]

Moron Bros./Farside “Polka Special”

Music From The Farside #72

This weeks P.O.C. spotlight:The Waitresses Rock N Roll Plasmatics Welcome To The Commonwealth Animal Train The Best Liquor Store Hickoids Don’t Tread On Me Cro-Mags Young Girl The Distillers Counting Cracks Die Kreuzen (I Live for) Cars & Girls The Dictators Watching The Clothes The Pretenders Bread And Butter The Waitresses A Girl’s Gotta Do […]

Music From The Farside #71

Music From The Farside #70

P.O.C. spotlight The Walk-Ins Bloody Mess BUGS Out of Reach The Primitives Iron Tears Flotsam & Jetsam C’mon Everybody Iggy Pop Mystery Train Jeff Beck & Chrissie Hynde Answering Machine The Replacements Noise, Noise, Noise The Damned Drunk and Disorderly Toxic Reasons All White Die Kreuzen Union Jock boys Union Jock My Baby Digs Graves […]

Music From The Farside #69

This week P.O.C. spotlight: Defnics

Music From The Farside #68

P.O.C. Spotlight :Whatever Whack the Dalai Lama The Dickies Don’t Interrupt Me, I’m Stepping On Reptiles 27 Devils Joking Bad Luck Refuse Resist I’m In Trouble The Replacements If I Had a Gun The Dead Milkmen Video to Radio Enemy You One night The Beatdown Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus Wig-Wam Bam Barbe-Q-Barbies Banned In D.C. Bad […]

Music From The Farside #67

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight is on  Scoliosis Jones What Are We Gonna Do Rancid Brigade Loco Vanilla Muffins (I Call My Baby) D.D.T. The Phantom Surfers School Days Joan Jett & The Blackhearts St. Petersburg Vacation Bible School Revolver JJ Nobody And The Regulars No Friend No Life SMZB Fat lip Rocket From The Crypt […]

Music From The Farside #66

There She Goes Again The Pagans Patriot Asshole Millions of Dead Cops Prince With A Thousand Enemies …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Pussy Stank Andre Williams Have A Drink Ya Bastard The Skels Anything for mone Toxic Reasons Bachelor Pad Apa State Mental Shut Up And fuck Betty Blowtorch Tattooed […]

Music From The Farside #65

Telegram Sam Beki Bondage Cowboy Song The Villains Foggy Night The Cryin’ Out Louds Isla De Encanta Pixies Rhiannon [Fleetwood Mac] Zeke Elvis Ripoff Theme Elvis Hitler Someone To Believe Bad Religion Corona Minutemen The Drug Is Football Vanilla Muffins A Million Miles Away Stiv Bators Skunk Weed Whiskey Daredevils Last Guest List Whiskey Daredevils […]

Music From The Farside #64

White Elephant Volcano Suns Misdirected The Cute Lepers High Lonesome Wailing For You Natchez Shakers I’m Not Your Man The Doughboys Big Fat Sexy Mama The Compulsions Just For Me Shock Treatment Punk Rebel Sexy Bollocks Criminals In My Car Joneses Spook City U.S.A. Vampyre State Building My Friend Dropgun Misplaced Trust Is A Tapeworm […]

Music From The Farside episode #63

This weeks P.O.C. spotlight is on Wolfboy Slim Dolphins Are Shark With a Good Publicist Lighten Up Shoulda Been Aborted Refuse Resist Please Baby Please Devo If I Had a Gun The Dead Milkmen Cow Punk Rebel Rock 800lb Gorilla Vomit Heart Babes In Toyland Can’t Hardly Wait Leadfinger Gudbuy T’ Jane Hickoids Zombie Dance […]

Music From The Farside episode #62

P.O.C. spotlight Sam Sinister and the Plastic Sinister Band Underdog U.S. Bombs Doublethink Stand Out Riot Devil’s Triangle G.G.Allin Genetic Engineering X-Ray Spex 77 The Cute Lepers Dog Whatever I Left My Gun In San Francisco Butt Trumpet Prison Girl2 The Vice Squad Union Jock Boys Union Jock Got to Get You Outside My Head […]

Music From The Farside episode #61

P.O.C. spotlight Nick Wolff Band Clown Riot Yeastie Boys Green Goo Baby Afterdarks Filthy Dog Drunken Balordi Two-sided Politics Suicidal Tendencies Bloodstains Agent Orange Because You’re Young Against Me! Pennsylvania Mexican Hickoids Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe Whale Saturday Vanilla Muffins The Comb The Waitresses All My Friends Bands Suck Nick Wolff Union Local 00 Nick […]

Music From The Farside episode #60

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Criminal Authority The Raid Graham Parker & the Rumour Golf Six & Violence Beat My Guest Adam Ant Quickstep The Adverts Cheerleader Massacre 101 Afterdarks Black Iron Lung The Gods Of Macho Empty Vein Against The Grain Monday Morning Flu Good vs Evil Beat Your Heart Out Angry Samoans Sick Of […]

Music From The Farside episode #59

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Sophie Mol She’s A Hole The Oblivians Let Them Know Youth Brigade I Don’t Care About You Fear Till Victory Patti Smith Group Killer 45 The Immortal Lee County Killers When the Pipers Play Pipes And Pints Drunk Punk & Pissed Off Animal Train Veronica Wreckless Eric 1000 Horses Hushmoney Iron […]

Music From The Farside episode #58

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Everything Fails Changes Erase Today Sustainable Yield Intro5pect The Girl Can’t Help It Babes In Toyland Midget Vktms Ishkabaha Craic The Only Minority Minutemen Avis City X Rich Bitch Midnite Cruiser Gimme Your Heart Subs Captain Kirk Les Ramoneurs De Menhirs Hide and S eek Die Kreuzen Erin

Music From The Farside episode #57

P.O.C. Spotlight HotChaCha Another The Letter Wire MTV Get Off The Air Dead Kennedys Suffragette City Wounded Turkey Pushed Around Losin’ It No One Johnny Moped Private Plane H

Music From The Farside episode #56

P.O.C.spotlight Cheetah Chrome and/with others. My pop the cop The Dickies Girls Got Rhythm Beki Bondage Misty Mountain Hop 4 Non Blondes Church Jerk Gnarly Rueage Telephone Flipper Little Mr. Walkaround Apa State Mental I Wanna Be Your Sucker Betty Blowtorch Postcards Ampersands Bad Moon Rising The Meteors Kill The Crow Wool Head-Case The Vacancies […]

Music From The Farside episode #55

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight David Thomas Bucket of Piss Rocket From The Crypt Teen Idol Eyes Swingin’ Utters New Fang Them Crooked Vultures Don’t Care Klark Kent Our Lives Would Make A Sad, Boring Movie The Hotel Year Trouble No more Against The Grain The Light Of The World Gun Club Stagnation The Revelevens Freaks […]

Music From The Farside episode #54

P.O.C. spotlight Stiv Bators Swingin’ the hamm Toxic Reasons Machine Apa State Mental One Day Battle Zone Quero Ser Ketamina God Speed You! Radio Dead Ones Punk Polka The Toons Dulce et Decorum Est Skids I Was A Kamikaze Pilot Hoodoo Gurus Bad time for bonzo The damned Dead Man Walking Runaway Brother Ready Any […]

Music From The Farside episode #53

This weeks P.O.C. spotlight Signals Midwest Horror Bonus Man Facing Southeast Roller Coaster The Ides of March Kiss Of Steel Samhain Nixon Now More Than Ever Ism The KKK Took My Baby Away The Ramones Rock n Roll Psychosis The Jim Jones Revue Evi l Motherfucker From Joe Buck So Easy Grey Goes Down I’ll […]

Music From The Farside episode #52

This week’s P.O.C. Spotlight Summertime Animal Train Three Girl Rhumba Wire Never Mind The Replacements Hold On Tim Armstrong Pink Gun Butt Trumpet On My Nerves Social Distortion I Don’t Mind The Buzzcocks Straight Jacket Minutemen Bad Moon Rising Dead City Dealers Cedar Point 76 Dirtbombs I Don’t Really Care The Nimrods Cyclone The Unknown […]

Music From The Farside episode #51

HotChaCha the third opening band at last week’s New Bomb Turks Show in Cleveland. Ice Cream Man Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Afternoons Minutemen Don’t Tread On Me Cro-Mags Faking Hubble Bubble Delete U! The Ills A New England Billy Bragg Vkoto Sveta Buldogi Eep Opp Ork (Uh, Uh) The Dickies Still Wanna Die […]

Music From The Farside episode #50

One year anniversary all Pride of Cleveland show 3rd Generation Nation Dead Boys Ancient Mystery The Mice Shake It Boys Human Switchboard Dyke Out! Women In Prison 1969 The Pretenders A Girl’s Gotta Do The Waitresses Sonic Reducer Rocket From The Tombs Nonalignment Pact Pere Ubu Government Acid The New Salem Witch Hunters Mongoloid Devo […]

Music From The Farside #49

Music From The Farside episode #48

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Easter Monkeys Hell On Wheels Betty Blowtorch When You Touch Me Reigning Sound Your Wife Switchblade Justice Lookin For A Kick Blue Ribbon Boys Fourty Miles The Bruisers Freaks are Jumping The Ills Lost In Space F-Units Real Flesh & Blood Sham Rock Shakes A Very Special Predator The Greengoes Master […]

Music From The Farside episode #47

P.O.C. spotlight Idiot Humans M.16 The Screaming Believers Night Out The Fools In The Streets Of London Business Sobriety The Dickies Another Life Battle Zone Coffee and Cigarettes Against The Grain Bible Belt Baby The Gizmos Banana Bribes Apa State Mental Red headed girl The Movements What A Way To Die The Pleasure Seekers Runnin’ […]

Music From The Farside episode #46

P.O.C. spotlight The Mice The Calling Death Valley Drifters Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy The Macc Lads Jinx Peter & Test Tube Babies Bring Back The One I Love The Smithereens Get Over You The Undertones What You Deserve Reid Paley Greensleeves Dukes of Hamburg Reclaim Yourself Dim’s Rebellion What’s Wrong With Me? […]

Music From The Far Side episode #45

P.O.C. spotlight Floyd Band Big Fat Sexy Mama The Compulsions Cat Man The Sting-Rays Bubblegum and beer (live) Supersuckers Crack City Rockers Leftover Crack Unbridled Samhain kill the cow Crash Systems Overload The Hard Liquor Men City of Angels The Distillers Driving Song Spinnerette Banned From The Pubs Peter & Test Tube Babies Get Love […]

Music From The Farside episode #44

P.O.C. spotlight The Fourteenth Floor Nothing New Anti You Stormy Weather Pixies Protex Blue The Clash Cold Love The Motors In Heaven There Is No Beer New Society Of Anarchists Dukes Of Hazzard HammerCocks She Has The Hottest Limp Gay For Johnny Depp Rock N Roll Loser Biters Viet Nam Jimmy Cliff Ethnic Tune 2 […]

Music From The Farside episode #43

This week P.O.C. spotlight Breathing Blankets Una Noche Mas Konsumo Respeto Sell Out Sewer Rats Angel Hair Babes In Toyland Amanda Gibson Bros and Workdogs Punk In Your Brain SMZB Losin’ It Losin’ It Jet Boy, Jet Girl Elton Motello Tell It Like It Is Animal Train Smokin’ Billy Thee Michelle Gun Elephant As Tears […]

Music From The Farside episode #42

P.O.C. spotlight Sidecar

Rock The 40 Oz.

Music From The Farside episode #41

P.O.C. spotlight The Unknown Bullshitter Lionheart Problematic Society Eviscerate AD Train Of Flesh Turbonegro Wife Asphalt Be Good, Child! Flipper Clear Channel (Fuck Off!) Citizen Fish The Hot Pearl Snatch The Cramps Waiting For The Heart Attack The One Thought Moment Die! The Mummies Homicide Toxic Reasons Demons Are a Girls Best Friend Nekromantix Cloud […]

Music From The Farside episode #40

P.O.C. spotlight Sosumi Struck By A Wracking Ball Nekromantix Don’t Panic Gas Huffer Skunk Weed Whiskey Daredevils Hot Love The Onion Dolls You Crack me Up The Mentors God Save The Punk SMZB Kidnapped Rubber City Rebels Make Some Cash Sosumi Goodbye California Sosumi Rock Icons The Meatmen Cadaver Class The Meatmen Southside F-Units I […]

Music From The Farside episode #39

P.O.C. spotlight Reason Seven I.U.D. Plastic Idols Ghost Of A Texas Ladies’ Man Concrete Blonde Cheap Girl Skunks Madonna Death Cult Janitor Broken Strings Porter Hall Tennessee Maxwell Murder Rancid You Beat the Hell Outta Me The Motors Hell On Wheels Betty Blowtorch Answer To You Battle Zone The Real Thing The Detroit Cobras Not […]

Music From The Far Side episode #38

The Premiere of the Paddy O’Punk Show Come To The Bower Belfast Muslims On The Road Beantown Boozehounds Liquor The Gobshites Star of the County Down Auld Corn Brigade Going Strong Business Itchy Fingers / The Wreck of the Old ’97 The Pubcrawlers Sigue So

Music From The Farside episode #37

P.O.C. Spotlight The Dead Boys We Will Play On Battle Zone I Won My Wife In A Pissin Contest Frank Mackey and the Keltic Cowboys Goodmornin’ Dad The Tossers 12XU / Bobby Moore Was Innocent Serious Drinking Bus stop The Krewmen All Over You Barbe-Q-Barbies Donut man The Dickies Fake Fake Eyes …And You Will […]

Music From The Farside episode #36

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight is on Eric Davidson of New Bomb Turks Eat Steak Reverend Horton Heat Happy Birthday To Me Cracker Local 00 Pride Of Ohio White Riot The Clash Flexible Flyer H

Music From The Far Side episode #35

P.O.C. spotlight stretched over the state line for Dead City Dealers  Get Sick The Ills Burning In Water Leftover Crack Wait and See Fuzzbox It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll) Dropkick Murphys Easy Living Fastway Full Kontroll Feber Tallahassee Lassie The Flamin’ Groovies Scandal In Bohemia2 United States […]

Music From The Farside episode #34

This weeks P.O.C. spotlight Shifty Whiskey Daredevils On The Farm COSMIC PSYCHOS Human Garbage Disposal Gizmos Where Eagles Dare OUTRAGE Everyday Things The Plimsouls Citizen C.I.A. Dropkick Murphys Problem Child The Slugs Psych-Out 129 Angry Samoans Revolver The Donnas My Heart And The Real World Minutemen This Song Sucks Reason Seven No! Human Switchboard Who’s […]

Music From The Far Side episode#33

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Devo Redondo Beach Patti Smith Party in der Gaskammer Middle Class Fantasies California Sun The Dictators When I’m in Love The Jerrys Donnerwetter Artless If Reagan Played Disco Minutemen I Think You Lie Lightning Beat-Man Pearl Babes In Toyland Stavordale Rd,N5 The Nipple Erectors Dead End America The Pagans Uncontrollable Urge […]

Music From The Far Side episode #32

This week’s P.O.C. Spotlight Out Of Control Lime Spiders I Think I’ve Had It The Gories Why Don’t You Smile Now Downliners Sect Live Real Flipper Motorcycle Mama Sugarcubes Rock n Roll Psychosis The Jim Jones Revue The Witch The Cult West Texas Sound Reigning Sound I Will Deny Dwarves On a Monday The Detroit […]

Music From The Farside #31

This Week’s P.O.C. spotlight is on The Styrenes

Music From The Farside #30

This week P.O.C. spotlight Offbeats 1981-87

Music From The Farside #29

This weeks pride of Cleveland spotlight is California Speedbag Someday Concrete Blonde St.Vitus Dance Bauhaus Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow The Rivingtons I Call You Mine Compulsive Gamblers Beer Is A Necessity Dead City dealers Lepers,Thieves and Whores Swingin’ Utters My Friend Dropgun Marilyn Monroe California Speedbag Shitlist California Speedbag Too Late Toxic Reasons The Felton Wells Anthology This […]

Music From The Farside #28

Music From The Farside #27