Paddy O’Punk #16

Kilkenny Man The Rugburns
Ar-Men Armens
Stupid Lullabies Swingin’ Utters
Norland The Dunn Boys
Empty Pockets, Empty Fridge Fiddler’s Green
Curse of The Red-Haired Woman Mr. Irish Bastard
Amsterdam The Dreadnoughts
Black Cross Of Crumlin Blood Or Whiskey
Regular guy Dropkick Murphys
My Wicked Ways The Bloody Irish Boys
Sunday Bloody Sunday Glen Of Guinness
Not too bad Circle J
Stoney Lane The Dirges
John Hardy Saint Bushmill’s Choir
Molly Jackdaw
Pills & Smoke Jonny Two Bags
The Eviction Song BLAGGARD
Ugly Drunken Woman Paddy and the Rats