Paddy O’Punk #64

The Vandon Arms-The Company of a Military Man
Tara’s Fire-Bigfoot Hooker
Ballydowse-The Banshee Song
The Wages Of Sin-Baptized By Fire
Levellers-Far From Home
Keltic Cowboys-Tipperary Inn
Banshee Reel-40 miles of pain
Barleyjuice-Whiskey Maid
The Maggoty Brats-Anchorman
Barstool Hooligans-Seven Drunken Nights
The Bastard Suns-Who The Fuck
Mr. Irish Bastard-Curse of The Red-Haired Woman
The Real Mckenzies-Bitch Off The Money
Belfast Muslims-Franklin D. Roosevelt
Nnogoodnix-Lilly The Pink