KPunk 120

KPunk 120

Something to warm your bones as the nights start getting cold. Whiskey helps too.1.    Fur Coats – I Read Tons of Ayn Rand, Dude2.    Descendents – I Don’t Want to Grow Up3.    50 Foot Wave – St Christopher …

KPunk 119

KPunk 119

More than forty-five minutes of awesome. Shits yeah. 1.    Pixies – I’ve Been Tired2.    Riverboat Gamblers – True Crime3.    Bass Drum Of Death – Bad Reputation4.    Libyans – Blood and Rust5…

KPunk! #118

KPunk! #118

On the road with crappy recording equipment, but at least the musical selections are excellent. Enjoy.1.    Sinkhole – Tumble Mat2.    Menzingers – I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore3.    Bass Drum Of Death…

KPunk #117

KPunk #117

Your better than average podcast, damnit!1.    Bob Mould – Hey Mr. Grey2.    Jets To Brazil – Air Traffic Control3.    Benny The Jet Rodriguez – Summer Hatin’4.    Direct Hit – Getting What He…

KPunk #116

KPunk #116

1.    Teenage Exorcists – Bomb2.    Riverboat Gamblers – Bizs Sluts3.    Muhammadali – Leave Daddy Alone4.    White Murder – Baby Boy5.    Sinkhole – Anything And Everything6.&n…

KPunk #115: Covers, covers, covers!

KPunk #115: Covers, covers, covers!

Covers, covers, covers!!!1.    Clash – Brand New Cadillac2.    Stereotyperider – Styrofoam3.    Face To Face – Planet Of Sound4.    Cheap Girls – Wandering Days Are Over5.    Ti…

KPunk 114

KPunk 114

Over-easy, scrambled, or poached. It’s punk rock goodness however you like it.1.    House Boat – Who Let the Dogs Out?2.    Neighborhood Brats – Total Dementia3.    Chumped – Dear Emily Dickinson4.&nbs…

KPunk #113

KPunk #113

At the least, an adequate podcast with acceptable songs. 1.    None More Black – Opinions & Assholes2.    Riverboat Gamblers – Don’t Bury Me, I’m Still Not Dead3.    Fear Of Lipstick – …

KPunk 112

KPunk 112

A little old, a little new, all kick ass. Enjoy.1.    Poster Children – Black Dog2.    Propagandhi – Ska Sucks3.    Bedford Falls – Prick4.    Blitz – Time Bomb5.    Naked Raygu…

KPunk #111

KPunk #111

This is some high-octane medicine, right here. It’ll fix whatever is ailin’ you.1.    Shirks – DC Is Doomed2.    Off With Their Heads – Shirts3.    None More Black – Who Crosses State Lines Witho…

KPunk 110

KPunk 110

Twenty great songs in less than 45 minutes. You want fries with that shake?1.    Direct Hit – We’re Fucked2.    Plow United – Act Like It3.    Mixtapes – Something Better4.    Heavy Times – I’…

KPunk #109

KPunk #109

I know I’m biased, but this is a damn good collection of kick-ass songs. Enjoy!
1.    Plow United – Little Bit of Hatred
2.    Off With Their Heads – Start Walking
3.    Big Eyes – I Don’t Care About Friday Night
4.    Flashlights – Choking
5.    Epic Problem – Choke
6.    Swingin’ Utters – The Librarians Are Hiding Something
7.    Gordon Gano’s Army – 1st & 7th
8.    Pixies – Broken Face
9.    Crying Nut – 벗어
10.    Image Makers – Mediocridad
11.    Benny The Jet Rodriguez – Don’t Call a Girl Tony Robbins
12.    Funeral Oration – Do You Feel It
13.    Overnight Lows – City of Rotten Eyes
14.    Ramones – We’re A Happy Family
15.    Crusades – Parable I
16.    Mixtapes – Even on the Worst Nights
17.    Direct Hit – Heaven Is a Black Hole
18.    Superchunk – FOH

KPunk 108

KPunk 108

This is a scorcher of a podcast. A veritable wolf in wolf’s clothing. Crank this shit up.1.    Bad Brains – Rock For Light2.    Funeral Oration – Fuck You3.    Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – Ashevill…

KPunk 107

KPunk 107

*There was a glitch in the original posting. This should be corrected*
Damn, this is a pretty eclectic mix. All of it excellent. Have you spotted the running gag yet? Very clever.1.    Cactus’s – Where Is My Skeleton2.    …

KPunk 106

KPunk 106

Starts off with Eddie Cochran, ends with Stevie Tombstone, and stuffed with delicious punk rock in between. It’d be a hella of a sandwich.1.    Eddie Cochran – C’mon Everybody2.    Maxies – Happy Birthday, You’re a D…

KPunk 105: Coverlicious!

KPunk 105: Coverlicious!

Coverlicious! Fifteen (?) strapping covers to set your toes a’tappin’. Plus, at no extra charge, a crack at Boris the Sprinkler that just slipped out. 1.    Tranzmitors – Who’s Gonna Tell Mary2.    Stereotyperi…

KPunk 104

KPunk 104

It’s got an Eddie Cochran song in it, so you know it has to be a damn good podcast!1.    Bad Brains – Coptic Times2.    White Lung – Take the Mirror3.    Eskean Kristo – Arratiektik Rock and Rolla4.&nb…

KPunk 103

KPunk 103

In case you can’t tell, I recorded this whole episode while drinking gin and laying on the floor. Because I can. You can listen to it however you want to.1.    Lollies – Don’t Shoot the Mailman2.    Kitty Little – St…

KPunk! 102

KPunk! 102

“Much much huger” Yeah, I intended to sound that stupid. You’ll see what I mean. Enjoy!1.    Fur Coats – Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!2.    Boris the Sprinkler – The Radio is Telling Me to Kill (The Guys O…

KPunk 101

KPunk 101

It’s an all-Indonesian punk podcast! This shit is tastier than a pile of tempe goreng – and I’d cut you right now for a taste of that. So enjoy!1.    Kuya Ngora -Turtle Jr2.    Istanbul to Athens – Someth…

KPunk! 100

KPunk! 100

Well, I consider it a milestone. One hundred episodes, over 75 hours (4500 minutes) of music, and over 1500 songs – without one repeat. So here are 50 more minutes of great music, concluding with an amazing unreleased gem by Jeff Pezzati. Motherf…

KPunk #99

KPunk #99

Here is some balm for your wounds.1.    Lawrence Arms – Spit Shining Shit2.    Dillinger Four – All Rise For The Rational Anthem3.    Naked Raygun – Out of Your Mind4.    Worriers – Past Lives…

KPunk! #98: In Memory of Ray McKelvey aka Stevie Ray Stiletto

KPunk! #98: In Memory of Ray McKelvey aka Stevie Ray Stiletto

A few days ago, my friend Ray McKelvey (aka Stevie Ray Stiletto) passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Fuck you cancer. In this podcast I play some of my favorite Stevie Stiletto songs from across his 30+ year career. I hope you enjoy it.1.&n…

KPunk #97

KPunk #97

Seventeen songs of punk rawk bliss. What the hell more could you possibly want? Oh, well yeah. I’d want that too. 1.    Scared of Chaka – Glass Socket/Broken Jaw2.    Dan Padilla – Right Now3.    theHE…

KPunk #96

KPunk #96

Oscillating wildly between hi-fidelity precision and shambolic low-fi glory, we got 18 nuggets of just plain goodness. What’s not to love?

1.    Jabber – Maybe Next Year
2.    Grabass Charlestons – The Quiet Life
3.    Summer Vacation – Vice City
4.    Treasure Fleet – Vice
5.    Blood Buddies – Birth Control
6.    Scrap Monsters – Добро пожаловать / Welcome
7.    Propagandhi – Failed States
8.    Chinese Telephones – thosehotmilwuakeenights
9.    Big Dick – Schoolyard Violence
10.    Scared of Chaka – Garbage Can
11.    Poster Children – Music Of America
12.    Forgetters – O Deadly Death
13.    Sakes Alive!! – Staff Meeting
14.    Big Eyes – Back From The Moon
15.    Sloane Peterson – Sunshine
16.    Low Culture – Waste the Day Away
17.    Crusades – Sacraments
18.    Sass Dragons – Workhorse

KPunk #95: covers, covers, covers

KPunk #95: covers, covers, covers

Another all covers podcast, and this one is pretty damn delicious, I gotta say. So get yourself a fork and dig in.1.    Alkaline Trio – I Held Her In My Arms2.    NoFX – Radio3.    Rancid – Bob4.  …

KPunk #94

This one is for my friend Peter, who was killed this weekend. I don’t know if he’d like any of these songs – actually, I am pretty sure he would. For a 77 year old eccentric, he was pretty amazing.1.    Replacements – O…

KPunk #93

Eighteen songs of blistering goodness. Forty-five minutes will never go by so quickly and pleasantly. OK, maybe I exaggerate just a bit. But there ain’t a dud in this mix.1.    Dillinger Four     – Fuzzy Pink Ha…

KPunk #92

At some point (probably when the Jameson kicked in) I started making links between each song/band. So let’s call this the ‘six degrees of separation’ episode and have another jar…1.    theHELL – Gasoline2. &…

KPunk 91

This damn canary about drove me crazy. But I still bring the punk. 1.    Beastie Boys – Brand New2.    Agenda – I Want The Panic3.    Arrivals – New Gold Standard4.    Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s…

KPunk #90

As I say, it’s a podcast of missed opportunities. That and 18 kick ass songs.1.    Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School2.    Blood Buddies – Pageant Perfect3.    White Wires – All Night Long4. &nbs…

KPunk 89

Yeah, I called Romney/Ryan douche-bags. For that, I apologize to all the douche-bags out there for defamation. Also, I play a song from one of my old bands. I don’t think it sucks too bad.1.    Damned – New Rose2.   …

KPunk #88

It opens with Ace of Spades by Motorhead. What else do you need to know?
1.    Motorhead – Ace Of Spades2.    Saints – No Time3.    Low Culture – Georgia4.    Big Kids – Pier 14 Locals5. …

KPunk #87

Here’s a drinking game: take a shot every time I say ‘classic.’ For serious drinkers, take a shot every time you hear a cymbal crash. If so, it’ll be the best podcast ever.1.    Shonen Knife – Pop Tune2. &nbs…

KPunk #86

It’s hot. And since you asked, you make a simple syrup (one part sugar to two parts water) with chopped basil in it. Let it steep for 15-20 minutes and then strain. Pour some over ice, add a splash of lime juice and a hefty shot of gin (or vodka)…

KPunk #85

Another all-covers episode! Featuring songs originally recorded by They Might Be Giants, Archers of Loaf, Guided by Voices, Jesus and Mary Chain, Neil Young, David Bowie, and more. Why? Because I care about your mental well-being.1)    S…

KPunk #84

It’s raining outside. There is probably roadkill out on the highway. Time to listen to some punk rock.
1.    Jawbreaker – Shield Your Eyes
2.    Mischief Brew – A Lawless World
3.    Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice
4.    Archers of Loaf – Hate Paste
5.    Wreck Of The Zephyr – The Rolling Over Process
6.    God Equals Genocide – Give Me a Break
7.    Marked Men – Fix My Brain
8.    Wild Flag – Romance
9.    Dwarves – Go!
10.    Toys That Kill – O2
11.    Neighborhood Brats – Throw Away Girl
12.    Cryng Nut – 더러운 도시
13.    Shang-a-Lang    – Perspective
14.    Bodies – Weekend Nights
15.    Moutpiece – 24 Stella
16.    Mind Spiders    – You Are Dead

KPunk 83

Great stuff, old and new and yet-to-be-released (yes, a track from the amazing Dott!). Includes free hologram of Tupac! [hologram not included]1.    Copyrights — Crutches2.    X — Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re No…

KPunk #82

Yeah, I was drunk when I did this one. So sue me. What else are you going to do in San Diego?1.    Tiltwheel – Get Your Gentrification Out Of My Aburguesamiento    2.    Tenement – Stupid Werld3.  …

KPunk 81

Yep, it’s a new podcast. Yep, I say ‘yep’ after every single song. And there isn’t any profanity. It’s like Mister Rogers’ Punk Rock Neighborhood. 1.    Copyrights – Hell Will Be Party Time2. &nbs…

KPunk 80: The Five Year Anniversary/International Episode

Hell Yes! I have been doing this for FIVE years and in honor of that milestone, here is a podcast of 18 songs from the top 18 countries from my listening audience. You couldn’t ask for a more international podcast, or a more kickass podcast. This one is for you!

1.    Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
2.    ICH – Girl In The Dole Office
3.    Sunny Branch – She Is Cute
4.    Dÿse – Zebramann
5.    Frenzal Rhomb – Had Enough    
6.    Young Canadians – I Hate Music
7.    Henry Fiat’s Open Sore – Death to False Mongos
8.    Noname – Out Of Control
9.    Tara Perdida – Realidade (Não Sou De Ninguém)
10.    Skiantos – Diventa Demente
11.    Crying Nut – 강변에 서다
12.    Hatepinks – Should I Kill Myself Or Go Jogging?
13.    Soziedad Alkoholika – Escapada    
14.    Ex – Human Car
15.    Kleenex – Hedi’s head
16.    Inocentes – Sandina    
17.    A Sistem Rijek! – Shake Your Faith    
18.    Blasterbra – My Sweetheart The Punk

KPunk 79

Did you just see something out of the corner of your eye? Something dark and sinister? No? Good. Best not to worry about it. Listen to this instead.1.    Citizen Useless – It’s Hard to be a Punk in Aceh2.    Henry Fiat’s O…

KPunk 78

Happy New Year, punks.1.    Simpletones – I Have A Date2.    High Tension Wires – Backbone3.    Cramps – Rock On The Moon4.    Team Dresch – Screwing Yer Courage5.    Damn…

KPunk 77: All Ireland

An All Ireland podcast, featuring a variety of selections from across the emerald isle and across the pop-punk/hardcore spectrum. It’s KPunk #77, not 76, as I repeatedly claim. Slainte!1.    Christpunchers – Eight-Nine-Five2. …

KPunk 76

A new ass-kicking podcast. In fact, it’s got more ass-kicking than a walk-in closet full of grumpy ninjas.1.    Motörhead – Ramones2.    Toy Love – Pull Down the Shades3.    Arrivals – Simple Plea…

KPunk 75: Re-Covered

Another all-covers podcast! Some great stuff, and one questionable Cindi Lauper cover.1.    Shinobu – California Sun 2.    Davila 666 – Hanging On The Telephone3.    Chokehold – We’re Not Gonna Take It4.&nbs…

KPunk! 74

A mish-mash of stuff. I blame the Guinness. In fact, you should probably have a pint while you listen to this. Slainte.1.    McLusky – Whoyouknow2.    Retarded Cop – Squirrels3.    Epoxies – You Kill M…

KPunk 73

Yep, here’s another dose of goodness. Straight from me to your eardrums by way of the interwebs. Slainte.1.    Bloody Hollies – Right Between the Eyes2.    Chisel – On Warmer Music3.    Dwarves – Worki…

KPunk 72

I drank three glasses of wine during the making of this podcast, which helps explain why I do things like say “great” 98 times. 1.    Brokedowns – Skvll Skewl2.    Reaganomics – Don’t Worry, We’ll Play First3.&…

KPunk! #71

KPunk #71: It’s in the middle of a heat wave and I’m drinking Mexican beers. They taste better in the heat. Is that racist?1.    Kid Dynamite – Pause2.    None More Black – The Ratio of People to Ca…

KPunk! #70

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. This pack is full of high nicotine gems that are highly addictive.

Modern Action  – Pressure  
Slow Death  – Punchlines (Suck My Ass, It Smells, Pt. 2)
Pillowfights – Knock Knock 

KPunk #69

Nineteen finger-licking ditties for your aural enjoyment. No fat excess. All lean cuts. Screw the napkin and dig in.1.    Regulations – Stop2.    Zapoteks – Daily Mail3.    Max Levine Ensemble &n…

KPunk! #68

Something old, something new. A demo, a couple of covers, at least one song about beer. I’m sure there is something here for everyone. Except for that guy over there. There is nothing for him here. Damn, I hate that guy.
1.    Toys That Kill – Little Bit Stranger
2.    Something Fierce – On Your Own          
3.    50 Foot Wave – Radiant Addict
4.    Thermals – A Pillar of Salt
5.    Be My Doppelganger – Backpack Beers          
6.    So Cow – One Hundred Helens
7.    Dick Snare – Smith-Corona          
8.    Yum Yums – She’ll Come Around          
9.    Hickoids – Neat Neat Neat          
10.    Super Zeroes – Peanut Butter And Jelly          
11.    This Is My Fist – All That is Wrong          
12.    Neutral Boy – Tired Of Seeing Blood On The Floor          
13.    OFF – I Don’t Belong          
14.    White Wires – Did You Forget My Name
15.    Pink Razors – Disapproval Rating          
16.    Fear of Lipstick – Correction Facility          
17.    Stolen Parts – Anonymous          
18.    Cryng Nut – 강변에 서다          

KPunk #67

I went to Montreal and picked up some records by local bands. So there is a mini-Montreal set in the middle of the podcast. And those Quebecois know how to rock. Plus, the podcast opens with South Korea’s own Crying Nut, so you know it is gonna b…

KPunk! 66

So much good stuff, I ran past my usual 45-minute self-imposed limit. So you get a full hour of kick ass music – including the debut of the Rubber Cushions’ single “Crazy” – all for the same low price of $10. What? What do…

KPunk! 65: The Night of the Living Covers

Yes, it’s another all-covers episode, featuring some fairly faithful covers as well as a number slabs of blasphemy. But all are damn good (more or less). So roll up your sleeves and get yourself dirty.1.    Smokejumper – I Ap…

KPunk #64

KPunk #64: Featuring eighteen nuggets of deep-fried punk goodness. 1.    Red Dons – Land of Reason2.    Guilty Faces – Another Distraction3.    Be My Doppleganger – Throw a Party4. &nb…

KPunk #63

A semi-San Antonio-themed podcast. Some bands from San Antonio, some not, all delicious. So dig in.1.    Pinata Protest – Cantina2.    Regulations – Red Line 133.    Brickfight – Pensacola …

KPunk! #62

A trainwreck on my end (what with all the technical problems and my own screw ups), but you get 18 kick ass songs to listen to. Too bad I talk between each one. Still, it’s my best opening of a podcast ever. Here is the damn song list:1. &nb…

KPunk #61

Eighteen songs packed in tight, including the special release of ‘Fuck You, Cancer’ by my own band. Lots to like in this bunch.1. Sharp Objects – Zero Ambition2. Weirdos – Neutron Bomb3. Marked Men – I Must Be Dead4. Night…

KPunk #60

I got some kind of sninus infection, but that isn’t gonna get in my way. Sixteen punk rock candles burning bright. Plus I’m drinking straight gin cos I‘m punk like that. Damn skippy.1.    Go Betty Go – Saturday2.&…

KPunk! #59

One burnt-out hard drive later and we’re good to go with another delicious episode. Grab your spoon and dig in.1.    Bloodbath and Beyond – Fruitasia is not a city in China2.    Small Town Riot – Leave it…

KPunk! #58

A kick ass podcast, if I may say so myself. How can you go wrong with Norway’s own Refused? I kid, I kid. All you Swedes back the hell down. Everybody knows you bring the punk harder than any other Scandinavian country. Much respect. What? Oh yea…

KPunk! #57

Here ya go: seventeen songs, two bands with umlauts in their names, two songs with numbers in their titles. That sounds about right. Grab your forks and dig in.1.    Amish Electric Chair- Social Revolution2.    Strait A&rs…

KPunk! #56

A slightly schizophrenic podcast, but it’s all good. Eighteen nuggets of punk goodness to fill your ears. Saddle up.1.    Koro – Blap!2.    DRI – Argument then war3.    GBH – City bab…

KPunk! #55: Duck and Cover

Yep, it’s time for another special covers-only podcast. Let me apologize at the outset for the Mambo Kurt. But I more than make up for it with the other 14 beauties. Enjoy.1.    Johnny Cakes and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypso &nd…

KPunk! #54

Seventeen smoking songs, with a heavy dose of the pop-punk thing. You’re not too old, you’re not too young. We’re not dead yet. So turn it up!1.    Pennywise – Fuck Authority2.    NoFX – We Ca…

KPunk! #53

Every week I make a pie with my kids. This week it was a Key Lime Pie and it was freakin’ awesome. Just the right blend of sweetness, tartness, and spongy meringue topping. Every three weeks (or so) I make a podcast for you. This week is #53 and …

KPunk! #52

KPunk! #52: Fifteen songs about random stuff. A couple of them still strike me as side-splitting goofy. How can you not still love ‘Institutionalized’ after all these years? And then there is ‘Meatball,’ a song that deserves to …

KPunk! #51

I mix of sweet and spicy, old and new, chunky and smooth. Kinda like a punk gumbo.1.    Loved Ones – Dear Laura2.    Creeps – On and On3.    Sin Dios – Iraq4.    Gits –…

KPunk! #50

Fun stuff from Norway, Sweden, Canada, UK, US and other cold places full of angry white people. Enjoy.1.     American Steel – Emergency House Party2.     Copyrights – Immovable Objects3.  &n…

KPunk! #49

KPunk #49. Have I really done 49 of these things? Buddha’s saggy boobs, that is a lot. Hope you like this one.
1. Dear Landlord – I Live in Hell
2. Lawrence Arms – Demons
3. Teenage Bottlerocket – Not OK
4. Something Fierce – Better Off Without You
5. Stolen Hearts – Heart Collector
6. Giant Haystacks – The War at Home
7. Methadones – Bottom Out
8. Riverboat Gamblers – Pilgrims in an Unholy Land
9. Pennywise – My God
10. Monorchid – X Marks the Spot
11. Chixdiggit! – My Dad vs. PM
12. None More Black – Banned from Teen Arts
13. Busy Signals – Ring Ring Ring
14. Albert Square – Lion’s Roar
(I used a different encoding setting on this one, so let me know if there are any problems downloading it or with the audio quality. Thanks)

KPunk! #48: Suzanne’s podcast

A special podcast going out to Suzanne and her battle against cancer. Music to help you kick that shit to the curb.
1. Loved Ones – The Bridge
2. Thermals – We Were Sick
3. American Steel – Safe and Sound
4. Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One
5. Bomb – Spaceman
6. Dopamines – Car Trouble
7. Pillowfights – Talk Shit, Get Hit
8. Anchor Arms – Modern Medicine
9. Oi Polloi – A Whole New Ballgame
10. Epidemics – City of Desire
11. Sloan – I am the Cancer
12. Subhumans – Fuck You
13. Dear Landlord – Three to the Beach
14. Besties – What Would Tim Armstrong Do?

KPunk! #47

After a major computer failure and the loss of loads of music, KPunk! is back with a rip-roaring collection of 17 songs. Just in time for the holidays. So give thanks!
1. Riverboat Gambler – Dissdissdisskisskisskiss
2. CoCoComa – I Swear
3. Pillowfights – Buzz Buzz
4. NoFX – Creeping Out Sara
5. Dillinger Four – D4=Putting the ‘F’ back in art
6. Dopamines – Jon Has Anxiety
7. Something Fierce – Come For the Bastards
8. Bugs – David Navarro’s Goatee Fucking Sucks
9. Anchor Arms – Good Dead Me
10. Idle Hands – Loaded
11. Monikers – Two Stories
12. Joey Cape – The Ramones are Dead
13. Dr Ed/ICH – Jesus Loves Me
14. Cars Can Be Blue – Hope You’re Hurting
15. Propagandhi – The Banger’s Embrace
16. Hex Dispensers – I’ve Got my Doppleganger On
17. Steve Unbeknownst – Modern Plumbing

KPunk! #46

Starting out with one of the catchiest songs ever, this podcast is the usual eclectic mix of crunchy and smooth, sweet and bitter, pretty and ugly. All compiled for your appreciative ears.
1. Cars Can Be Blue – Sun blows up
2. Impulse International – Saturday Suzie
3. Davila 666 – El Lobo
4. Stevie Stiletto – Let’s Blow This Taco Stand
5. Grabbag – Hipster
6. Hold Steady – Constructive Summer
7. Statues – Still, There are the Ones
8. Monikers – Information
9. Real McKenzies – My Mangy Hound
10. Gallows – Staring at the Rude Boys
11. Skarpretter – Naziscum
12. Off with their heads – I am You
13. 50 Foot Wave – Vena Cava
14. Undertones – Smarter than U
As for the documentary “My Life is Great: The Stevie Stiletto Story,” here is the link to the trailer:

KPunk! #45: Covers, Again

It is time for another covers show and I got a smokin’ one here. You know, I never use the term “smokin’”. Ever. That’s weird that I just used it. Anyway, this covers podcast is a kick arse mix of classic rock, classic punk, and a few oddballs thrown in for good measure.
1. Some Chinese punk band – Pretty Vacant
2. Alkaline Trio – Rooftops
3. He Who Corrupts – Welcome to the Jungle
4. Get Up Kids – Suffragette City
5. Crowd – Your Generation
6. Stiff Little Fingers – No Sleep Til Belfast
7. Diabolical Exploits – Science of Myth
8. Lockjaw – The Young Ones
9. Dishes – Action Woman
10. Local H – I Just Want Something to Do
11. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Country Roads
12. Love Spit Love – How Soon is Now
13. Camper van Beethoven – Kingston Advice

KPunk! #44

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. It’s like a punk rock bouillabaisse. Good for you and oh so yummy!
1. Lillingtons – Black Hole in My Mind
2. Arrivals – Juvenile Delinquent
3. Fall – Rollin’ Danny
4. Dopamines – Navigation Point
5. Telenovela – You Own the Neighborhood
6. Minutemen – Two Beads at the End
7. Guided By Voices – Motor Away
8. Moral Crux – Bomb for the Mainstream
9. Rancid – Harry Bridges
10. Vitamin X – Yes Sir, No Sir
11. Within Range – When Peace is War
12. Quicksand – Omission
13. Full of Fancy – Girls Don’t Cry
14. Mill A H-Uile Rud – Crath D’Thon
15. ICH – Smells Like Community Spirit
16. Dillinger Four – File Under “Adult Urban Contemporary”
17. Minor Threat – Minor Threat

KPunk! #43

This is seriously a kick-ass podcast. Seriously. I even went slightly over my usual 45 minute time limit. Check it out:
1. Ergs! – Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Young Lady Part 2
2. Roxy Epoxy – New Way
3. Tristess – Stockholm City
4. Star Fucking Hipsters – Two Cups of tea
5. La Grecia – Hey Medic
6. Thermals – When I die
7. Touchers – Galveston Giant
8. Nobunny – Not that good
9. Lillingtons – Don’t Trust the Humanoids
10. Tranzmitors – Bigger Houses, Broken Homes
11. Monikers – Mirror Images
12. Iron Chic – In One Ear
13. Ninja Gun – Eight Miles Out
14. 50 Foot Wave – Animal
15. Youth Brigade – It’s Not Like That Anymore.
That’s some good rockin’ right there.

KPunk! #42

Hoo boy, 14 songs to get your blood flowing and feet moving. Including one song about Michael Jackson, one song about patriarchy in the hardcore scene, and one song about eating shit and enjoying it. And one song in Spanish that could be about how stinky my feet are, for all I know.
1. Grabass Charlestons – Un-American
2. NoName – Smash Everything
3. Saints – This Perfect Day
4. New York Dolls – Jet Boy
5. Down and Away – Black & White
6. Coathangers – Shake shake
7. Beauty Pill – You, Yes You
8. Calimoxte – Pensamos Diferente
9. ICH – Another Song About Eating Shit and Enjoying It
10. Stressface – Wash the Blade
11. Latterman – The Biggest Sausage party Ever
12. Thee Headcoatees – Punk Girl
13. Stevie Stiletto – Greyhound Station
14. Rakes – Retreat.
Crank it.

KPunk! #41

Slightly delayed, it is podcast #41. Featuring a number of bands from around the world, including Japan, China, N. Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and South Africa. Check out the line-up:
1. Dopamines – Satisfaction of physical retraction from a chemical reaction
2. Skarpretter – fuck you, system
3. Strikeforce Diablo – Sharp tongue, no teeth
4. Rudi – I spy
5. ? chinese punk band – ???
6. Ex-Girl – Pretty You Ugly
7. Fokofpolisiekar – Priotiseer
8. Kansalaistottelemattomuus – Anti-Fash
9. Suicide Machines – Did You Ever Get the Feeling of Dread?
10. Mezingers – Lesson in the abuse of information technology
11. I.C.H. – Ooooooh Gorgeous
12. Juliana Hatfield – Why do I care
13. Jaguar Love – Humans Evolve into Skyscrapers
14. Defiance, Ohio – the List
Dig in!

KPunk! #40

A special podcast, based entirely from my friend Ian’s CD collection. Heavy on the rockabilly, with lots of classic songs:
1. Gene Vincent – Who Slapped John?
2. Meteors – Mutant Rock
3. Fractured – Girl on the Corner
4. Eddie Cochran – Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie
5. Warren Smith – Ubangi Stomp
6. Torment – Funeral Party
7. Randy Alvey and the Green Fuzz – Green Fuzz
8. Cramps – New Kind of Kick
9. Skids – Into the Valley
10. Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
11. Robert Gordon – Flyin’ Saucers Rock’n’Roll
12. Conflict – This is not enough
13. Havana 3 a.m. – Joy Ride
14. Lonnie Donegan – Frankie and Johnny

KPunk! #39

KPunk! #39, featuring a bloc of recent UK DIY punk songs that I’ve picked up while in Scotland. Plus some great old stuff as well. A yummy mix of goodness.

1. Dishes – Use Your Arms
2. Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
3. ICH – My First Political Song
4. Global Parasite – Prejudice
5. Just Panic – Crime
6. Oi Polloi – Americans Out
7. Mill A H-Huile Rud – Oran Sabaid Sabhal Mor Ostaig
8. Gin Goblins – I Just Has a Thought
9. Johnny Thunders – Chinese Rocks
10. Fall – Mr Pharmacist
11. X-Ray Specs – Oh Bondage Up Yours!
12. Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
13. Methadones – Getting Older/Losing Touch

KPunk! #38

KPunk! #38: An early podcast because I’ve been obsessed with Death lately.
1. Damned – Neat neat neat
2. Death – Freakin Out
3. Full of Fancy – 30 Days
4. Thumbs – Presidential Street Station
5. Turtlehead – Medication Time
6. Alternative TV – Love Lies Limp
7. Spits – Tuff News
8. Bananas – Gentrification for Dummies
9. Mugwumps – Pass Out
10. Sonics – Strychnine
11. Measure (SA) – Just Go
12. Stevie Stiletto – Walk/Pest
13. Dear Landlord – Lake Ontario
14. Venus Cures All – Heaven and Earth
15. Estranged – Static Thoughts
16. Death – Politicians in my Eyes

KPunk! #37

KPunk! #37. Some chunky, chewy goodness to get you through your day. Ingredients:
1. Lillingtons – I need some brain damage
2. Tilt – Viewers like you
3. Tilt Wheel – 2:07 am
4. Veterans – I think it’s so cool
5. Ramones – Commando
6. Narcoleptic Youth – Barbi in bondage
7. Big Drill Car – Friend of mine
8. Statues – Electric Fences
9. Epoxies – Synthesized
10. Rakes – 22 grand job
11. Touchers – History of strange fruit
12. Mclusky – Alan is a cowboy killer
13. Meteors – Wreckin’s crew
14. Monikers – Holiday
15. Nation of Ulysses – Comment on ritual.
Great for your high-protein, low-carb diet.

KPunk! #36

I’m in Scotland, surviving on tea and biscuits. Life could be much worse. But I haven’t forsaken my duties, so here is one ass-kicking podcast for your listening pleasure.
1. Marked Men – Hate Me Anyway
2. Cramps – Goo Goo Muck
3. Unrest – Light Command
4. Ergs! – If You Don’t
5. Tim Version – Shin Splints
6. Public Image Ltd. – Public Image
7. Gaslight Anthem – Casanova, Baby!
8. Ninja Gun – Darwin was a Baptist
9. Pinhead Gunpowder – West Side Highway
10. Defiance, Ohio – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
11. Jammy Dodgers – No Gods, No Masters
12. Ringers – For Arguments Sakes
13. Vena Cava – Cotton Candy
14. Muffs – I’m a Dick
15. Kevin Seconds – Backaches and Bad Dreams
16. Dillinger Four – Noble Stabbings

KPunk! #35: The Covers Strike Back

Another covers episode chock full of quality stuff. Elton John, The Sweet, Split Endz, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones all get their due. Check it out:
1. Get Up Kids – Alec Eiffel
2. UK Subs – She’s Not There
3. Hot Water Music – Radio
4. Alkaline Trio – Heaven
5. Leatherface – Candle in the Wind
6. Material Issue – Little Willy
7. Ted Leo – Six Months in a Leaky Boat
8. Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover
9. Camper Van Beethoven – Pictures of Matchstick Men
10. Replacements – Black Diamond
11. Guitar Gangsters – Mother’s Little Helper
12. Veterans – Be True to Your School
13. Pavement – The Killing Moon.
Ready, set, go!

KPunk! #34

Oh shit, this is a good podcast! Starting 2009 off right with a kick ass collection of songs. Check out the set list:
1. Davila 666 – Quizas
2. Banner Pilot – Overwinter
3. Dillinger Four – A Jingle for the Product
4. Archers of Loaf – Fat
5. Dopamines – Mark Ruffalo is Sooo Dreamy & I’m a Nightmare
6. Copyrights – The Company
7. Full of Fancy – L.A., Louisiana
8. None More Black – Under My Feet
9. Nation of Ulysses – Perpetual Motion Machine
10. Fear – I Don’t Care About You
11. Adolescents – Amoeba
12. Cutman – Tough Love International
13. Tilt Wheel – All I Care About is Me, My Rum and You
14. 50 Foot Wave – Hot Pink, Distorted
15. Big Youth – Downtown Kingston Pollution
Turn it up. Loud.

!KPunk! #33

KPunk! #33: Some funny songs, some serious songs, lots of songs with profanity, and one special Christmas song because ‘tis the season. I hope you enjoy this fine podcast, because I think it is damn good. And good for you.
1. Hometeam – Work
2. Lagwagon – Memoirs and landmines
3. Measure [Sa] – Drunk by noon
4. Telenovela – Ice Bears
5. Dopamines – Molly
6. Bitchy – Get that motherfucker out of here
7. Bomb the Music Industry! – Fuck the fans
8. Lost Locker Combination – Scoliosis
9. Kung Fu Monkeys – I miss the Ramones
10. Dead to Me – Little Brother
11. Subhmans [Canada] – Death to the sickoids
12. Tiltwheel – Fuck you, this place is dead anyway
13. Riverboat Gamblers – Jenna
14. Fucked Up – Magic word
15. fIREHOSE – Chemical wire
16. Land of Talk – Summer Special
17. Stevie Stiletto – White Christmas

!KPunk! #32

Kpunk! #32, the sinus infection show, is finally here, complete with a special visitor. And here is the song list:
1. Bridge and Tunnel – Wartime Souvenirs
2. Bananas – New Animals
3. Young Canadians – Hawaii
4. Tilt – Crying Jag
5. Bad Brains – House of Suffering
6. McLusky – The World Loves Us and is our Bitch
7. Minor Threat – Salad Days
8. Catatonic Youth – Freedom Vanilla
9. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Memory Lane
10. Dillinger Four – America’s Premiere Faith Based Initiative
11. Dead to Me – Don’t Lie
12. Dials – Dead Beat
13. Steinways – Nobody Wants to Make Out with me…
14. Girls – Where Wolves Drink
15. Parts & Labor – Nowheres Nigh
16. Steve Unbeknownst – Steve Buscemi.

!KPunk! #31

KPunk! #31, your soundtrack to the last few weeks of the US presidential campaign. What fun!
1. Copyrights – Shit’s Fucked
2. Bad Reaction – I hate my job
3. Jaguar Love – Highways of Gold
4. Pixies – Down to the Well
5. Cramps – Garbageman
6. None More Black – I’ll buy you the fucking single
7. Agent Orange – Blood stains
8. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
9. Local H – Hands on the Bible
10. Spits – Nuclear Bomb
11. NoFX – Perfect Government
12. Erase Errata – Tax Dollar
13. Fucked Up – Police
14. Naked Raygun – Rat Patrol
15. Kevin Seconds – Life Gets Sadder
16. Hold Steady – Stay Positive

!KPunk! #30

Good god damn, this show rocks! A record setting 18 songs squeezed in for your listening enjoyment:
1. Sass Dragon – Explode Alamode
2. Ringers – Horseshoes and handgrenades
3. Sleater-Kinney – Off with your head
4. Kid Dynamite – Cheap shot youth anthem
5. Witches with Dicks – How to Cook 40 humans
6. Eater – No Brains
7. Spider Cunts – Chemnitz
8. Rancid – Salvation
9. Down and Away – WGACA
10. Bratmobile – Cheap Trick Record
11. Young Knives – Walking on the autobahn
12. Teenage Bottle Rocket – In the basement
13. Loved Ones – 100K
14. Erase Errata – another genius idea from out government
15. Anti-Nowhere League – I hate people
16. Youth of Today – Wake Up and Live
17. AFI – Two of a kind
18. Melvins – Billy Fish
I’ll say it again: Good. God. Damn.

Stevie Stiletto DVD

Hey Kids! As mentioned in podcast #29, there is a DVD of Stevie Stiletto’s final concert available now. If you are interested in ordering a copy (only $12 ppd), go here.

!KPunk! #29

!KPunk! #29 — side B to #28’s side A — is finally here. A mix of punk, proto-punk, indie/college rock, and other yummy stuff covering almost fifty years. Eat it up!
1. Kinks – Everybody’s gonna be happy
2. Replacements – Customer
3. Kevin Seconds – 1981
4. Cake Like – Suck
5. Buffalo Tom – Sunflower Suit
6. School of Fish – Complicator
7. Neutralboy – All eyes on the crooked guy
8. Broadways – Fuck you Larry Koesche, I hope you starve and die someday
9. New York Dolls – Vietnamese Baby
10. Stevie Stiletto – Going to the beach
11. Sum 41 – Moron
12. Mclusky – Lightsabre cocksucking blues
13. Mannequin Men – Private school
14. Generation X – Your generation

!KPunk! #28

Consider this new podcast side A of a mix tape just for you:
1. Damned – Love Song
2. Alkaline Trio – Stupid Kid
3. Architects – Pills
4. 50 Foot Wave – Bug
5. Lost Locker Combination – Geography
6. Ted Leo – The World is in the Terlet
7. Pipe – Spring Training
8. Motorhead – Motorhead
9. Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
10. Evaporators – You Got Me into This, Now You Get Me Out
11. God Damn Doo Wap Band – Posso
12. Leatherface – I Want the Moon
13. Copyrights – Out of Ideas
14. Blotto – Too Much Fun
15. Muffs – Goodnight Now.
Nutritious and high in fiber.

!KPunk! #27

I was on a roll with this one. I squeezed 16 kickass songs into the podcast, with room to spare. And there isn’t a dud among them. Quality from beginning to end. Don’t believe me? Well check it out:
1. Ergs! – Books about Miles Davis
2. Statues – Lining in Lines
3. Copyrights – Switchblades
4. Bellrays – Psychotic Hate Man
5. Crowd – Life’s a Pill
6. Gitogito Hustler – Muscle Body Ecstasy
7. Broadways – Everything I know about Genocide…
8. New Bruises – Hell is a Highway (connecting Tampa and Orlando)
9. Kid Dynamite – Give ‘em the Ripped One
10. None More Black – Nothing to do when You’re Locked in a Vacancy
11. Bad Brains – We will not
12. Soft Boys – Wading through a ventilator
13. Epoxies – This Day
14. Squirtgun – Mary Ann
15. Mugwumps – Monkey Face
16. Marvelous Darlings – Careerist
Hey, I aim to please! xo k-

!KPunk! #26

!KPunk! #26: Damn, this is a good show. Here is the songlist – Teenage Bottlerocket – Blood bath at Burger King; Evaporators – Gassy Jack; Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party; Ramrod – Junk Rock; Copyrights – Planet Earth 1994; Shorebird…

!KPunk! #25: The Revenge of the Covers

!KPunk! #25 is here and it is the return of the covers show. We’ve got Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Alice Donut, DOA, SNFU,Big D & the Kids Table, J Church, Donnas, Lifetime, Assorted Jelly Beans, Dwarves, Riff Randells, J. Page, Get Up Kids, Ciccone Youth, and the Last Hard Men covering songs originally done by the Beatles, AC/DC, Vandals, Replacements, Black Sabbath, Billy Bragg, the Cure, Devo, CCR, Madonna, and many more. Boy howdy!

Song list for #25

1. Me First & the Gimme gimmes – My Favorite Things
2. Alice Donut – War Pigs
3. DOA – Fortunate Son
4. SNFU – Uncontrollable Urge
5. Big D & the Kids Table – Sound System
6. J Church – Last of the Famous International Playboys
7. Donnas – Drive My Car
8. Lifetime – New England
9. Assorted Jelly Beans – Legend of Pat Brown
10. Dwarves – That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
11. Riff Randells – Bandana
12. J. Page – Left of the Dial
13. Get Up Kids – Close to Me
14. Ciccone Youth – Into the Groovey
15. Last Hard Men – TNT

!KPunk! #24

For !KPunk! #24 we’ve got music by the Youth Brigade, Refused, the Copyrights, the Methadones, No Age, Whoremoan Riot, Chinese Telephones, Ted Leo, Poster Children, the Clean, New Model Army, For Science, Anti-Flag and much more. All right!

Song list for #24

1. Youth Brigade – Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in tonight
2. Refused – New noise
3. Copyrights – Thinking with the lights on
4. Methadones – Take me to Japan
5. Chinese Telephones – All Right
6. New Model Army – Wired
7. Clean – Tally Ho
8. No Age – Boy Void
9. For Science – Soledad
10. Whoremoan Riot – Self-destruct
11. Anti-Flag – Turncoat
12. Poster Children – Speed of Light
13. Ted Leo – Great Communicator
14. Epoxies – Bathroom stall