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The Ledge #502: Best Records of 2021 NYE Countdown

So your favorite online radio DJ decided to spend a bitterly cold New Year’s Eve playing over six hours of the best music of 2021. But what else would I have done? New Year’s Eve is amateur night, and I haven’t ventured out of my house for the big night in years. With the big night lining up with a Ledge weekly broadcast, the decision to do a “Casey Kasem” was easy. So this show is a true marathon. First off, there’s a countdown of the 20 best reissues, box sets, compilations, and tribute albums of the year. Then there’s a countdown of the 40 best albums of 2021, and we hit the stroke of midnight in the eastern and central time zones with tracks from some of the great singles and EP’s of the year, along with tunes from a number of great albums that barely missed the cut of making the big countdown. Honestly, while the world is melting down we are somehow seeing a cultural renaissance. How else could I put together a six hour playlist of nothing but music from the past year? It’s simply incredible how much wonderful music is coming out on a weekly […]

The Ledge #479: Second Quarter Report

The Ledge #479: Second Quarter Report

There’s not a lot to say about this show, as the title pretty much describes the contents of this broadcast. It’s the final show of June, which means the second quarter of the year has now concluded. Hence, tonight’s show features the…