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The Ledge #577: Swagger

The Ledge #577: Swagger

A few weeks ago, Malibu Lou from Rum Bar Records sent me his latest free digital compilation. Accompanying the fabulous 35 tracks was this declaration: “Swag·ger-ing: Rum Bar Records extended family and friends of artists and musicians performing, writing or otherwise making art inspired by Jagger, Dolls, Heartbreakers (Thunders & Petty), Stardust, Rebel Rousers, Barroom, Struttin’ Glimmer & Glam anthems, with hints of Punk, power-pop, dashes of alt-country, out-of-the-garage riveting, soul shakin’ rock n’ roll. Tends to inhabit and play said music loudly in hole in the wall dive bars. Swaggering rock n’ roll is general enjoyed best with your fist raised air guitar, a warm beer and cold shot in a corner at a neighborhood watering hole.” Sounds like a declaration of a typical episode of The Ledge, right? That’s why Rum Bar’s Swagger comp dominates this week’s episode, with four sets of tunes representing the release. But there’s plenty of “swagger” from other sources – one set is devoted to material from the all-girl power pop cop Heroes of the Night Vol. 2. Other compilations devoted to The Mosquitos and Helen Love are highlighted. And there’s also great power pop and garage rock from current artists such as The Goods, The Far Outs, […]

Rural Ledge-ucation #63: New Releases

Having missed a few Rural Ledge timeslots, new material has piled up. Today we preview quite a few of them.