Rock N Roll Manifesto 91

This was a weird show. Maybe you won’t even notice, or you wouldn’t have if I wouldn’t have said anything. I started off with a theme of really fast punk and/or rock songs, but never got a whole show together. … Continue reading

Rock N Roll Manifesto 63

Got a little bit of everything this time around. Punk rock, psychobilly, trash, hard rock, 70′s rock & roll, girl groups, dirty blues, rockabilly, soul, alternative, hardcore, skate punk and more!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 53

#53 brings you back to the “normal” format for the Rock N Roll Manifesto, songs from many genres being played together. This time there’s some glam, punk rock, hardcore, R&B, soul, country, garage, rockabilly, psychobilly, Americana, cow punk, trash, etc.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 38

Greg Lonesome brings you a shitload of psychobilly this time around, along with a track from the brand new Jim Jones Revue single, some punk rock, mod, cow punk, country, garage, soul and more!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 35

Another mixed bag of goodies. Punk rock, hard rock, country, soul, R&B, rockabilly, psychobilly and some Irish tunes for the St Patty’s Day crowd.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 31: Black History Month

In this special episode of the Rock N Roll Manifesto, Greg Lonesome plays some of the best rock n roll, rhythm & blues, soul and blues ever made in honor of Black History Month.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 25

The first Rock N Roll Manifesto of 2011 brings you some punk rock, Irish punk, soul, R&B, rockabilly, country, psychobilly and more.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 22: Girls

GIRLS! Every song in this episode has a girls name in the title. Some punk rock, soul, alt-country, doo wop, rockabilly, country, R&B and more.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 17: The Doo Wop Manifesto

The Doo Wop Manifesto!! This time around Greg Lonesome plays nothing but doo wop, from classic hits to more obscure numbers. An hour of some of the greatest music ever made!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 16

Halloween is over and Greg Lonesome is back to playing music from all over the map. Tune in for some hardcore, garage, soul, old country, psychobilly, punk, beat and more!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 13

The 13th Rock N Roll Manifesto is from October 13th, 2010!! Happy coincidence! Join Greg Lonesome as he spins some alt-country, hardcore punk, doo wop, cowpunk, soul, psychobilly and more!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 6

A special all covers episode of the Rock N Roll Manifesto!

Rock N Roll Manifesto 5

Rock N Roll Manifesto 5: some glam, country & western, 50′s rockabilly, punk rock, soul and more. Check it out!