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The Ledge #455: Best Albums of 2020

The Ledge #455: Best Albums of 2020

So let’s get this out of the way. 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year. A worldwide pandemic shut everything down. A contentious Presidential election tore apart friends and families. Race and sexual identity issues became online litmus tests. Everybody …

The Ledge #434: New Releases

The Ledge #434: New Releases

This is another of those new release episodes that featured some last minute additions. Thanks to another Bandcamp day where 100% of all proceeds go to the artists, a number of artists surprised fans with new music. There was a new Cloud Nothings album…

Live Ledge #218: From the Archives

Live Ledge #218: From the Archives

Fall is the season for box sets and live albums, and tonight is a preview of many of these releases.

Live Ledge #179: Best 2014 Reissues

Live Ledge #179: Best 2014 Reissues

Hudson counts down the 20 best reissues, box sets, and other miscellaneous 2014 releases.

Live Ledge #174: Matthew Ryan

Live Ledge #174: Matthew Ryan

Singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan chats about his brand new album, Boxers.

Rural Ledge-ucation #98: Record Store Day

The 3rd annual Record Store Day show includes not only some of the great music released yesterday but commentary on some of the issues that should be addressed.

Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

A companion piece to Friday’s “lonely” episode, this morning is nothing but “bitter” tunes.

Live Ledge #92: Best of 2012

It’s an expanded episode of Live Ledge this week, as Hudson plays tracks from his “40 Best Albums of 2012″ list.

Rural Ledge-ucation #76: Election Day

Two days away from the U.S. elections, Hudson compiled some of his favorite politician-related tracks.

Rural Ledge-ucation #71: Paul & Ryan

Debut plays of new tracks by Paul Westerberg and Matthew Ryan highlight this playlist of primarily “fall” songs.

Rural Ledge-ucation #70: White Light White Heat

All new releases today, bracketed by covers of White Light/White Heat from the Lawless soundtrack.

Rural Ledge-ucation #69: Life Story (Pt. 2)

The conclusion of the year-by-year musical analysis of host Scott Hudson’s life starts with 1995 and ends with a release that coincides with his birthday!

Live Ledge #80: Life Story (Pt. 1)

With a big day coming up this week, host Scott Hudson has selected one song per year that he has been alive. Sunday’s Rural Ledge-ucation will conclude the series.

Rural Ledge-ucation #64: Bootlegs

Nothing but live recordings and studio demos for this short Sunday morning set!

Rural Ledge-ucation #62: Woody at 100

Woody Guthrie would have been 100 on July 14, so today’s show celebrates this day with some of his great tunes.

Rural Ledge-ucation #60: Marriage Stinks!

A followup to last week’s anti-wedding show, today we concentrate on songs that describe the perils of wedded “bliss”.  

Rural Ledge-ucation #59: Weddings Stink!

It’s wedding season, so here’s 90 minutes of songs that should give you silly people second thoughts about making this awful decision!

Rural Ledge-ucation #58: Birthdays & Stuff

This is a Goddess-approved episode that celebrates a bunch of birthdays and a few anniversaries!

Rural Ledge-ucation #57: 3 Anniversaries & a Mick

We celebrate the anniversaries of 3 of R&R’s greatest albums, along with a discussion of Mick Jagger’s appearance on last night’s SNL.

Rural Ledge-ucation #56: Happy Mother’s Day

Besides a bunch of tunes about mommy’s, there’s a little set to commemorate my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dawn!  

Rural Ledge-ucation #53: RIP Levon

Today’s show celebrates the musical life of the late, great Levon Helm.

Rural Ledge-ucation #47: Daylight Savings Time

The angriest Sunday show to date, as Scott not only hates daylight savings time but technology!