Music From The Farside #103

Walter Daniels with Chili Cold Blood-Solid Trash
Psycho Charger-Life of Sin
The Buzzcocks-Walking Distance
The Donnas-All Messed Up
Adrenalin O.D.-Suburbia
Bauhaus-Ziggy Stardust
The Pocket FishRMen-Hang On To Yourself
Big Drag-Heroes
David Bowie-Growin’ Up
The Pretenders-Stop Your Sobbing
The Styrenes-Jaguar Ride
The Styrenes-Cheap and Vulgar
Dick Dastardly-Music Today
Los Fiascos-Friday Night Friends
The Barracudas-I Can’t Pretend
The Mighty Stef-A Pretend Sailors Goodbye
The Chesterfield Kings-99th Floor
The Motors-Freeze
Motörhead-No Class
The Replacements-Left Of The Dial
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-(I’m Gonna) Run Away