Music From The Farside #124

human switchboard
AC/DC-The Jack
Betty Blowtorch-Fish Taco
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Gang Bang
The Damned-Stab Your Back
Babes In Toyland-The Girl Can’t Help It
Authority Zero-A Day To Remember
Nick Wolff-Union Local 00
Human Switchboard-Shake It Boys
Human Switchboard-In This Town
Bluto’s Revenge-Little Megaton
Stepsister-Wild Ride
Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die
New Bomb Turks-Up For a Downside
The Replacements-Mr. Whirly
Wendy O. Williams-It’s My Life
Nobunny-Motorhead With Me
OFF!-Upside Down
The Dickies-Paranoid