Music From The Farside episode #46

P.O.C. spotlight The Mice
The Calling Death Valley Drifters
Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy The Macc Lads
Jinx Peter & Test Tube Babies
Bring Back The One I Love The Smithereens
Get Over You The Undertones
What You Deserve Reid Paley
Greensleeves Dukes of Hamburg
Reclaim Yourself Dim’s Rebellion
What’s Wrong With Me? Faith
Todo Dia E Igual-Beber Beber Ketamina
The Young Crazed Peeling The Distillers
Lost Nation Road Pere Ubu
Not Proud of the USA The Mice
Bye Bye Kitty Cat The Mice
Long Tall Texan Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes
Ohio Toxic Reasons
Second Chance Good vs Evil
Battalion Vacation Bible School
The Best Liquor Store Hickoids
Captain Kirk Les Ramoneurs De Menhirs
On the Street Die Kreuzen