Music From The Farside episode #56

P.O.C.spotlight Cheetah Chrome and/with others.
My pop the cop The Dickies
Girls Got Rhythm Beki Bondage
Misty Mountain Hop 4 Non Blondes
Church Jerk Gnarly Rueage
Telephone Flipper
Little Mr. Walkaround Apa State Mental
I Wanna Be Your Sucker Betty Blowtorch
Postcards Ampersands
Bad Moon Rising The Meteors
Kill The Crow Wool
Head-Case The Vacancies
I’ll Tell Me Ma The Butcher Boys & Cheetah Chrome
Still Wanna Die Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs
I Turned Out A Punk Big Audio Dynamite
Snake Eyes The Satans
Mad Men The Briggs
Pinball Party The′s
Bourgoisie You Make Me Puke Thee Pirates
The Shipwrecked Sailer 400 Blows