Music From The Farside #66

P.O.C. spotlight: Matty B And The Dirty Pickles
There She Goes Again The Pagans
Patriot Asshole Millions of Dead Cops
Prince With A Thousand Enemies …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
Pussy Stank Andre Williams
Have A Drink Ya Bastard The Skels
Anything for mone Toxic Reasons
Bachelor Pad Apa State Mental
Shut Up And fuck Betty Blowtorch
Tattooed Apathetic Boys The New Bomb Turks
Go! Go! Go! Matty B And The Dirty Pickles
Get Outta Town Matty B And The Dirty Pickles
Never Saw Johnny Cash Whiskey Daredevils
I’ll Hate You Better Suicidal Tendencies
50 States of Confusion Drunkdude69
Bang on the Drum The Positive Downside
Here Comes a Regular Paul Westerberg
Looking for action The Damned
Valley Of Armageddon Hellmouth