Music From The Farside #68

P.O.C. Spotlight :Whatever
Whack the Dalai Lama The Dickies
Don’t Interrupt Me, I’m Stepping On Reptiles 27 Devils Joking
Bad Luck Refuse Resist
I’m In Trouble The Replacements
If I Had a Gun The Dead Milkmen
Video to Radio Enemy You
One night The Beatdown
Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus
Wig-Wam Bam Barbe-Q-Barbies
Banned In D.C. Bad Brains
Zombie Dance The Cramps
Two Headed Sex Change The Cramps
Dog Whatever
Narrow Whatever
Never Gonna Kill Myself Again Rocket from the Tombs
Bon Voyage U.S.Bombs
My Baby’s Gone Gone Gone Angry Samoans
Welcome To The Commonwealth Animal Train
Doctor TV Eat
Sixteen Iggy Pop
Train She Rides The Immortal Lee County Killers
Brandivino Party Intoxica
Sick Of You Ironface
Do How You Wanna James Leg