Paddy O’Punk #85

The Bog Hoppers The Bog Hoppers[/caption]
Harry Gump-Take To The Street
In Search Of A Rose-Pirates Of Folk
Jack Flash-Jack Flash Army
Jolly Rogers-Calico Jack
Kilmaine Saints-Farewell, Self Esteem
Larkin Brigade-Mission Thrill
The Maggie Whackers-Pim Song MaCallan
Craic-Rattlin’ Bog
The McGillicuddys-Glory-O
The Bog Hoppers-Top Shelf
The Bog Hoppers-Irish Punk Rock Hippie
The Mighty Regis-21 Patty Finn
Mt. Paiot’s-Dirty Town
Mobtown Hooligans-Jack The Lad
Mr. Irish Bastard-Paddys Last Tango
Mutiny-Brisbane Bandits
NeverNoodz-Weekend at Brianeen’s
Pint Of Stout-The Giant Squid
Pipes And Pints-Braveheart
The Ramshackle Army-Rue the Day
The Ruffians-Jug O Punch
Flatfoot 56-Hoity Toity
Belfast Muslims-Ring Of Fire
Dropkick Murphys-Boys On The Docks