Paddy O’Punk #87

Drunken Balordi
Banshee Reel-Here we go again
Brutus’ Daughters-Born A Girl
Charm City Saints-Bars & Scars
Circle J-Duel Of The Fates
The Dirges-Union Man vs Rebel Girl
Drunken Balordi-Up To Me
Far From Finished-Wanna Be A Catastrophe
Filthy Thieving Bastards-Mountain Tomb
Big Bad Bollocks-Whiskey In Me Tea
Whiskey Wagon-Broken Wings
The Whisky Priests-Everybody’s Got Love Bites But Me
The Wellits-Fort McMurray
Street Dogs-Don’t preach to me
Smokey Bastard-Steve The Twat
Sir Reg-17 Coffins
Blaggard-Battle of Vinegar Hill
Drink Hunters-Drinking Song
Hate Is Just A Feeling-Brothers in Arms
Kings and Boozers-In God We Trust
Mobtown Hooligans-6 Pints Down
Pilsner Oiquell-Božkov