Paddy O’Punk #97

Pipes And Pints-City By The Sea
The Punkabilly-sComin Home
The Blue Casket-The Irish Witchsbroom
The Ramshackle Army-No Rest for the Wicked
The Nipple Erectors-So Pissed Off
Shillaly Brothers-Too Drunk To Fight
The Tossers-The Crutch
Barstool Hooligans-Hey! Beer!
The Bastard Suns-R.I.P.
Burn Witch Burn-Citadel
Cutthroat Shamrock-Down on My Luck
Dropkick Murphys-In The Streets Of Boston
Rum Rebellion-Drink with the Devil
The Dreadnoughts-Mary The One-Eyed Prostitute ……
The Vandon Arms-The Legend of Johnny Grey
Hit The Bottle Boys-As I Roved Out
Fiddler’s Green-The Night Pat Murphy Died
The Wages Of Sin-Baptized By Fire
Craic Haus-It Only Hurts When I Pogo
Street Dogs-Rebel Song
The Black Tartan Clan-White Crosses
Charm City Saints-Tying My Own Noose
Rudi-Time To Be Proud