Paddy O’Punk #19

Beached Sailor Swingin’ Utters
Borstal Boys Business
Speak Easy The Cherry Coke$
Bitchin’ In The Kitchen Firkin
Kicked In The Head The Kissers
Bottle Of Whiskey Armed Suspects
Going Back to Dublin The Mahones
A Dozen Pints McGillicuddys
Hello Jakey! Neck
Steppin’ Out Craic
The General’s Boombox Street Dogs
Union Of Drunken Upstarts Amadan
Dispac’her The Maggie Whackers
When The Devil’s Whore Arrives The Skels
Fire from the heart Banshee Reel
Bars and Scars Charm City Saints
Alternative Ulster Stiff Little Fingers
Ugly (Born And Raised) Dirty Filthy Mugs
Smoke Like A Girl Joe Coffee