Paddy O’Punk #20

Soccer Tribe Keltic Cowboys
On A Country Road Mudmen
Scots Wha’ Ha’e The Real McKenzies
The Church Of The Holy Spook Shane MacGowan & The Popes
So Pissed Off The Nipple Erectors
John Hardy Saint Bushmill’s Choir
Just Common Irish Drinking Song Drunken Fairy Tales
‘ll Tell Me Ma! The Rumjacks
McCauley’s Sister Screw City Saints
Slippy’s In The Bar Siobhan
GOD Save The Stray Shit Trashmind
Whiskey Johnny Brine & Bastards
Convict Rum Song Mutiny
Raymond O Byrne The Go Set
Self-destruct Hammered Grunts
Orange and the Green The Kreellers
Big Brother Mansic
Angelfuck Mobtown Hooligans
Galway Bay Mr. Irish Bastard
Fidel Castro Pilsner Oiquell
Tomboy Girl The Wellits
Saturday Saints The Wages Of Sin
Good Enough For Me The Vandon Arms
For Friends And Beer SMZB