Paddy O’Punk #45

Rabble Rousers Union Song
Shane Macgowan And The Popes Truck Drivin’ Man
Flatfoot 56 Waves of War
Hit The Bottle Boys What’s Left of the Flag
Hammered Grunts Self-destruct
Farler’s Fury Real men wear kilts
The Electrics A Man’s A Man For A That
Ducky Boys Cross To Bear
Street Dogs Fading American Dream
The 241ers America Loves The Children (And So Does God)
Far From Finished Seasonal Patriot
Barstool Hooligans Boiler Maker
The Bastard Suns Pirates Of The Whiskey Sea
Beantown Boozehounds Goin’ Down The Bar
Neck Hello Jakey!
Birmingham Six Fisherman’s Blues
Charm City Saints Tying My Own Noose
Denny’s Drive In Sailors in the Bay
Dirty Filthy Mugs Tony And Vinny
Dropkick Murphys Blood and Whiskey