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Live Ledge #209: New Releases

Live Ledge #209: New Releases

Another month, another two hours of primarily brand new music!

Live Ledge #103: Dave Pirner

A very special episode of Live Ledge, highlighted by a phone interview with Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner!

Live Ledge #102: Songs For Slim

Live Ledge #102: Songs For Slim

Tonight’s show debuts the entire new Replacements EP, Songs For Slim, along with the original versions of the covers. Plus, tracks from future Songs For Slim contributors.

Live Ledge #95: 2013

The first show of 2013 is all new releases and new finds!


Rural Ledge-ucation #45: New Releases

Along with an update on Slim Dunlap, today’s show features primarily new and recent releases.