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The Ledge #524: Birthday Covers

The Ledge #524: Birthday Covers

When I read that the 35th anniversary date of the release of the fifth Replacements full-length album, Pleased to Meet Me, fell on a “Ledge” night, it obviously became the focal point for a theme. I decided to celebrate the birthday by recreating the album’s track listing with covers of each and every song. This became a bit of an issue, however, as some songs were missing from my initial search through my archives. And while I inevitably found some of the missing pieces, I still was short two songs just days before tonight’s show. Luckily, I was alerted to a message board compilation of Replacements covers that included a track donated by our friend Jeremy Porter. Since this comp also included a version of “Red Red Wine”, I quickly contacted him to see if he had the whole release! Well, not only did he have the needed track, he actually played on it! The Regulars were his high school band, and on this cover he played guitar and provided backing vocals! Yes, I was set! Unfortunately, a few minutes in my show I was informed that June 17, 1987 was not the actual release date for the album. “Trouble […]

Live Ledge #70: Pleased to Meet Me

The 25th anniversary of the release of The Replacements’ Pleased to Meet Me is celebrated!