The Ledge #586: Replacements’ Tim Box Set

How to talk about the new box set dedicated to one of my favorite records ever? I really can’t, to be honest, as there are tons and tons of articles floating around right now that I could never attempt to better. But let’s just say that Tim by The Replacements is certinly a record that I’ve never gone long without listening to since it’s release in 1985.Yet I must be honest when I say that my all time favorite Replacements record is actually the previous album, Let It Be, but I’ll concede that Tim is a better collection of songs. How is that possible? Let It Be had a powerful sound. Tim has always suffered from a thin, muddy mix that was certainly fine enough that it didn’t afffect my overall love of the record. I just preferred the beefier Let It Be.That opinion may now change thanks to the release of this new box set. Tim (Let It Bleed Edition) rights the wrongs of the record I’ve loved for close to 40 years. Ed Stasium, who was supposed to mix the original record, was hired to finally work his magic. And it’s wonderful. The drums are front and center. Tommy Stinson’s bass can actually be heard, and there’s little elements in […]