Music From The Far Side episode #45

P.O.C. spotlight Floyd Band
Big Fat Sexy Mama The Compulsions
Cat Man The Sting-Rays
Bubblegum and beer (live) Supersuckers
Crack City Rockers Leftover Crack
Unbridled Samhain
kill the cow Crash
Systems Overload The Hard Liquor Men
City of Angels The Distillers
Driving Song Spinnerette
Banned From The Pubs Peter & Test Tube Babies
Get Love The Vacancies
He Said She Said Floyd Band
Small Talk Floyd Band
Bury You Alive Batusis
Delta 88 (Demo) X
123 Hate You The Ills
Princess & the Frog Jim Jones Revue
My Old Kentucky Home Mighty Fairly
Finger Banger Apache
I Left My Gun In San Francisco Butt Trumpet
The Ledge (Fleetwood Mac Cover) Camper Van Beethoven