Paddy O’Punk #90

will tun
Thee Pirates-Swinging From The Gallows
Across The Border-Faraway
The Black Tartan ClanS-trong, Loud & Proud
Bastards On Parade-Skol
Black Bones-The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee
Blood Or Whiskey-Deathwatch
La Drave-Corps Mort
The Clovers-Captain Chucky
The Bloody Irish Boys-Finnegan’s Wake
The Fisticuffs-Johnny O Reilly
American Thread-Drink For The Damned
Salt Lake Whalefishers-Excommunicate Me
Pirate Copy-Sail For Advenutre
The Toilet Cats-ShamRoCk Brigade
Will Tun and The Wasters-Four Leaf Chambers
Auld Corn Brigade-Star of the County Down
The Black Tartan ClanK-ilt Song
Craic-Dirty Old Town
Craic-Hold The Penny
The Real McKenzies-Scottish And Proud
The Pokes-Shitty Day
Pint Of Stout-The Fish Of My Dream