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The Ledge #509: RIP Mark Lanegan and Don Craine

The Ledge #509: RIP Mark Lanegan and Don Craine

This week’s show was originally going to be another in the series of “odds and ends” episodes where I air tracks from some record I’ve either recently acquired or pulled out of the archives to give a listen. Unfortunately, the deaths of two great rockers changed those plans. Mark Lanegan is in my opinion the most artistic of all of the grunge-era lead vocalists. While the vast majority of his brethren rarely travelled out of their safe zone, Lanegan was a musical shape shifter throughout his entire career. There was simply not a genre he wouldn’t attempt, nor did it seem like he ever said no to a collaborator. The first half of the show consists of long sets devoted to his solo career and also a taste of those collaborations. Then just a couple of hours before showtime came the news that Downliners Scet leader Don Craine had also passed away. Never heard of the Sect? You’re loss. Please go do some research after listening to tonight’s show. The set dedicated to him not only includes some of the great tracks of their mid-60s glory years but also a couple of great collaborations with Billy Childish. Filling up the […]

Live Ledge #146: Blog Finds

Live Ledge #146: Blog Finds

Two hours of rare music found on various blogs.

Rural Ledge-ucation #82: Christmas Eve Eve

Friday was the punk rock Christmas show; today is dedicated to blues, Americana, and other more laid-back genres.

Live Ledge #93: Christmas

Besides talking about the St. Paul Graham Parker concert Scott saw earlier this week, tonight is all about punk rock Christmas songs. For the 3rd straight year, Hudson ignores the sentimental garbage and piles on the edgier side of the holidays.

Live Ledge #92: Best of 2012

It’s an expanded episode of Live Ledge this week, as Hudson plays tracks from his “40 Best Albums of 2012″ list.

Rural Ledge-ucation #70: White Light White Heat

All new releases today, bracketed by covers of White Light/White Heat from the Lawless soundtrack.