Live Ledge #211: By The Numbers, Part 2

Live Ledge #211: By The Numbers, Part 2

We continue the journey of a song from every year host Scott Hudson’s been alive, including two from 2015.

Live Ledge #133: Blame Canada

Live Ledge #133: Blame Canada

Inspired by Toronto’s controversial Mayor, Rob Ford, tonight is nothing but Canadian rock ‘n’ roll!

Live Ledge #92: Best of 2012

It’s an expanded episode of Live Ledge this week, as Hudson plays tracks from his “40 Best Albums of 2012″ list.

Live Ledge #69: I Need That Record

After two themed shows, the new releases and blog finds piled up. Tonight we unload tons of brand new music!

Live Ledge #65: Whine-Free

The goal was simple – to make it through an entire show without whining. Did I succeed?

Live Ledge #61: Silly Rock News

This was one strange week in rock news, and host Scott Hudson covered them all!