Live Ledge #214: 1980

Live Ledge #214: 1980

Live Ledge goes back to 1980 for two hours of punk, post-punk, and every other form of alt-rock from that year!

Live Ledge #139: Bye Bye Phil

Live Ledge #139: Bye Bye Phil

A little tribute to Phil Everly, plus some more new releases and blog finds!

Live Ledge #86: Chuck Berry’s Belated Birthday

Health issues prevented me from celebrating Chuck Berry’s 86th birthday on October 18, so we celebrated it tonight with rarities and great cover versions.

Rural Ledge-ucation #59: Weddings Stink!

It’s wedding season, so here’s 90 minutes of songs that should give you silly people second thoughts about making this awful decision!

Rural Ledge-ucation #49: Happy Birthday Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe’s birthday is celebrated with some of his best tunes, covers, and production work.

Live Ledge #58: Kickstarter

Besides a setlist of primarily new finds, there’s also a discussion of the Kickstarter fund for a documentary on Grant Hart.

Rural Ledge-ucation #44: Punkish Songwriters

What started out as a collection of punk-era singer/songwriters turned into something completely different.