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The Ledge #528: New Replacements & Other Treats

The Ledge #528: New Replacements & Other Treats

A few weeks ago, fans of The Replacements noticed that a new live record was starting to appear on vinyl distribution lists. Most at first assumed this was a bootleg, but it turns out tht the Live At Riot Fest Toronto was in fact a legitimate live album. Or sort of, as many rumors starting floating around. Tommy Stinson had reportedly made a deal with a distributor to release it, but some have said that Paul Westerberg had actually vetoed the deal. In a series of DM’s with the distributor, it was verified that Stinson had set up the deal to put it out but there was no word on the Westerberg rumor. It’s also the first in a series of three live releases, as the other two Riot Fest shows in Chicago and Denver are currently being pressed. The record itself is quite great. The source is a soundboard recording, although it’s not a remixed multi-track. Tonight’s show features a few songs from this record, along with a number of other albums that have been played in the Hudson household these last few weeks. I’ve also included a handful of songs that Frank Turner performed at Total Drag on July 12 […]

The Ledge #517: Directors Gorman Bechard and Fred Uhter Discuss ‘Where Are You, Jay Bennett?’

The Ledge #517: Directors Gorman Bechard and Fred Uhter Discuss ‘Where Are You, Jay Bennett?’

For a large percentage of Wilco fans, the glory days of that band were in the late 90’s and early 00’s, with classic albums such as Being There, Summerteeth, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. It’s no coincidence that those records, along with collaborations with Billy Bragg on previously-unrecorded Woody Guthrie tunes, featured multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett. And when I say multi-instrumentalist, I don’t mean he can set down his guitar to play piano on a few tracks. Bennett was a savant. He was a man who could pretty much turn any object into a tuneful tool.Bennett was fired from Wilco in 2001 during the latter stages of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s creation, and his dismissal was controversially included in 2002’s “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” documentary. After a series of critically acclaimed solo albums, Bennett tragically passed away in 2009.Bennett’s story is finally being told with this week’s release of “Where Are You, Jay Bennett?”, and co-directors Gorman Bechard and Fred Uhter are interviewed in this week’s episode about a film that Bechard says he made to “right the wrongs” of that previous documentary. Besides his controversial dismissal from Wilco, Jeff’s entire life is showcased, from his mom proudly showing his […]

Live Ledge #299: Skiffle

Live Ledge #299: Skiffle

Inspired by Billy Bragg’s new book, tonight’s Live Ledge is two hours of skiffle music!

Live Ledge #211: By The Numbers, Part 2

Live Ledge #211: By The Numbers, Part 2

We continue the journey of a song from every year host Scott Hudson’s been alive, including two from 2015.

Live Ledge #134: New Finds

Live Ledge #134: New Finds

Another show featuring nothing but new releases and online discoveries!

Live Ledge #126: 1988

Live Ledge #126: 1988

Nothing but music from 1988 tonight, along with some commentary from Scott on his recent interview with Big Brother cast member Amanda Zuckerman.

Live Ledge #125: The Clash

Live Ledge #125: The Clash

To celebrate the release of the Sound System box set, tonight’s show is all Clash-related!

Live Ledge #114: 1983

A celebration of a year that was very important for host Scott Hudson – 1983!

Live Ledge #112: Love Is The Law

Live Ledge #112: Love Is The Law

Tonight we celebrate the passage of the Marriage Equality Law in Minnesota.

Rural Ledge-ucation #96: More New Finds

Another continuation of Friday’s new release show, along with a big announcement on the future of the Sunday morning show.

Rural Ledge-ucation #95: More Then And Now

Continuing on from Friday’s show with more old and new tracks!

Live Ledge #97: Tributes

Inspired by a Lydia Loveless song called “Steve Earle”, tonight’s show is nothing but songs about other artists.

Live Ledge #89: Black Friday Sucks!

Two hours of songs against the travesty of Black Friday, and the cretins who make it out to shop when they should still be sleeping.

Rural Ledge-ucation #76: Election Day

Two days away from the U.S. elections, Hudson compiled some of his favorite politician-related tracks.

Rural Ledge-ucation #72: 1st World Problems

Scott has plenty of things to whine about today, but also some great recent releases.

Rural Ledge-ucation #66: Happy Birthday Joe Strummer!

This Tuesday would have been Joe Strummer’s 60th birthday. Today’s show features his post-Clash career in celebration.

Live Ledge #75: Peel Sessions (Pt. 1)

Nothing but tunes from the late, great John Peel archive!


Rural Ledge-ucation #62: Woody at 100

Woody Guthrie would have been 100 on July 14, so today’s show celebrates this day with some of his great tunes.

Rural Ledge-ucation #59: Weddings Stink!

It’s wedding season, so here’s 90 minutes of songs that should give you silly people second thoughts about making this awful decision!

The Ledge #90: Jed’s Dead

Jed’s Dead leader Edward Romero joins the show to talk about not only his band but his work in the film industry.

Rural Ledge-ucation #55: Oh Susannah

Another show of new and upcoming releases, highlighted by a preview of the reunion of Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Rural Ledge-ucation #52: Tax Deductible

Nothing but songs about taxes and the government on this awful day where only accountants are happy.

Rural Ledge-ucation #46: Down With Wilco

This morning’s show features collaborations, side projects, and guest appearances involving members of Wilco!

Rural Ledge-ucation #44: Punkish Songwriters

What started out as a collection of punk-era singer/songwriters turned into something completely different.