Redox #377 – Lovelines

 Originally Published 2/18/18

Zines, Magazines, Newspapers, Rags -whatever ya call them, they are all part of popular culture.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #604

April 17th, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #604 – Back after a couple weeks off with new tunes from Upploppet, The Peawees, Deathtraps, and Louis Lingg and the Bombs! Plus some classic Tommy Unit punk rock favorites along with set about “B” items. It’s good to be back! Turn it up! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Upploppet – Ibuprofen

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New stuff from the Reflectors and tons of killer punk, R&B, Rock & Roll and more.

On The Nod Ep. 234 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Dave Coop’s got all sorts of new stuff from Pirates Press, including tracks by Armada, Starving Wolves, The Complicators and 45 Adapters! Plus music by The Templars, Major Accident, CH3 and some of Dave Coops old bands! (for Dawn)

BRUJA has and all new WORLD NOISE! Bruja plays only the BEST music from around the world!! this week

JJ & the A’s/England
Rabies Babies/England
System of Slaves/England
Oi Polloi/Scotland
Left for Dead/England
Active Slaughter/England
Survet Skins/France
Bishops Green/Canada
Mister X/Belarus
Cock Sparrer/England
Lost Legion/Chicago

HEAR THE DARKNESS 150th EPISODE!!! Benny plays some of the hardest fastest shit out there! Benny blends HTD with the best of old and new bands. ALWAYS BRUTAL, ALWAYS BENNY!!!!!

1 fucking 50 brother! Cheers to another 150 episodes!!!

Hear The Darkness Episode 150 is here!!!! Benny Brujo kicks off the show with and Old-School set of his faves featuring: Infest

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Swamp Jacuzzi -Geaux to Hell #212

  • Hans Condor – Somethin’ Happenin’ Her
  • Two Cow Garage – Skinny Legged Girl
  • Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – Why I Sing
  • The Ar-Kaics – Stone Love
  • Golden Smog – Until You Came Along
  • The Rousers – Ain’t Got A Minute To Loose
  • Patterson Hood – Come Back Little Star
  • Loose Fur – The Ruling Class
  • Scott H. Biram – Dig A Hole / Big Liar
  • Reverend Beat-Man and The Unbelievers – Fuck You Jesus, Fuck You Oh Lord
  • Reverend Beat-Man and The Unbelievers – Get On Your Knees
  • The Music Machine – Talk Talk
  • The Night Times – I’m Leaving You
  • Norfolk Nightmares – Second Time Around
  • The Electric Chairs – Night Time
  • DMZ – Guilty Child
  • The On and Ons – Looking Out Of A Mirror
  • Toothless George & His One Man Band – Give Her Heroin
  • The Peawees – The Wolf
  • Left Lane Cruiser – Big Momma Shake
  • Left Lane Cruiser – Turkey Vulture
  • The Mal Thursday Quintet – South of the River
  • Holly Go Lightly & The Broke Offs – Burn Your Fun

The Ledge #615: New Releases (Pt. 2)

Like all of the new release episodes, the second part of this month’s series features a wide range of styles – a little bit Americana, some power pop, a touch of psych, and plenty of good ol’ punk rock. There are bands whose careers go back almost 50 years (Cock Sparrer), along with quite a few who are spotlighting their debuts. From Omaha to Sydney, with a couple of stops in France and Switzerland, this is a well-rounded collection of the best new music.

My hope for these new release shows, and honestly all of my broadcasts, is that you guys enjoy these tunes so much that you go out and purchase them. If you do, please let these artists and labels know where they heard them as it really helps shows like The Ledge continue to receive these great tracks!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #603

April 3rd, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #603 – Holy smokes!!! Just realized I haven’t posted this show yet! Getter now!!!! Turn it up! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Gluecifer – Reversed

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Episode 701 went an hour long. My website and RSS feed is back! Did you get all the back episodes?


700 episodes! Thanks for being along on the ride with me.


Started late but went long. Thanks to everyone who requested songs.


Some classics, some debuts from Total Massacre and more.


This show was riddled with issues so I had to Frankenstein it together.


After having to build a new PC and get everything installed, transferred over and dialed in, I honestly didn’t think I’d be doing a show tonight at all. I happened to get done with the setup in time to do … Continue reading


Lots of new stuff from the Cavemen, Total Massacre, the Chisel, the Hamiltones, Professional Againsters, Ford’s Fuzz Inferno and the Drowns!


New stuff from the Hamiltones and much more! Long show.

RNRM693: NOT Valentine’s Day

The continuing saga of NOT Valentine’s Day episodes.

On The Nod Ep.233 on Real Punk Radio!!

Dave Coop starts of the show with a brand spanking new track from Cock Sparrer! plus lots of other killer tracks, Also La Bruja has a all new WORLD NOISE! and Benny Brujo’s HEAR THE DARKNESS is all new as well!!

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram! Our last two interviews Brackett On the Nod some killer conversations with members of the Business and another one on one with The Templars! Both on our FB page and streaming on Instagram!

We have more killer interviews coming up with with Teenage Bottlerocket and Crown Court! keep your peeled!

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Redox #376 – Can I Use Your Hairspray

 Originally Posted 2/11/18

Tonight we celebrate all things movies with some Suede, Clash and Bowie, amongst others...

The Ledge #614: New Releases (Pt.1)

I was close to finishing off the tracklists for this month’s two part new release series when I received an unexpected text message from an old friend. Rich Show, the legendary leader of three classic South Dakota bands (No Direction, Flag With Hank, and Violet), along with a number of side projects and solo releases, sent me the files for his upcoming record, Age Appropriate.

I could not have been happier with this shocking news, as he’s been a great friend for the over 40 years he’s been creating music. Obviously, I immediately sampled tracks from the record and inserted them into tonight’s show.

But Rich is not the ony friend whose music is featured tonight. White Rose Motor Oil sent me the second cover of their “pre-owned songs” series. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin have contnued their series of monthly singles. Numb Surprise, who contributed to last year’s “52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks”, provided two newly-recorded tracks. There’s also fantastic tracks from our friends at Big Stir Records (The Half Cubes, The Speed Of Sound), Rum Bar Records (Beebe Gallini, Pavid Vermin, The Shang Hi Los), and many others!

My hope for these new release shows, and honestly all of my broadcasts, is that you guys enjoy these tunes so much that you go out and purchase them. If you do, please let these artists and labels know where they heard them as it really helps shows like The Ledge continue to receive these great tracks!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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the record party Episode 035

All of the rockin'est 'billy bops and as fuckin'est punk rockers. This one's a barn burner so put on your fire proof Spanx & get ready to shake your ass.
Bring a friend.

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers | Our Own Way Of Rockin' | Boppin' & Shakin'(Charly Records)1977

Marcel Bontempi | Crawfish Troubles Cats & Ghosts - Demos & Recordings 2015-2020 | Haunted House(Stag-O-Lee)2022
Carlos & The Bandidos | A Fist Full Of Carlos | Pinch Me(Noose Records)2001
Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | Scorpion(Wild Records)2010
The Delta Bombers | 15 To Life | 15 To Life(Self Release)2019
Henry & The Bleeders | Gone To Pot | Back On The Bag(Western Star Recordings)2024
Hillbilly Casino | Sucker Punched | Shoe Leather(Self Release)2007

Zombie Space Pirates | Unreleased | Striken(Self Release)2012
Pickled Punks | Wake Up Dead | Happy Pickled Punks(Self Release)2008
Demented Are Go | Kicked Out Of Hell | Surf Ride To Oblivion(I.D. Records)1989
The Minestompers | Porno Mags & Body Bags | Bone Breaking Beat(Crazy Love Records)2019
The Meteors | Madman Roll | Chainsaw Boogie(Sonovabitch Records)1991
Dillberriezz | Dillberriezz | When I Am Drunk(Crazy Love Records)2011
Memphis Morticians | Dial 'M' For Mortician | Whistle And I'll Come To You My Lad(Trash Wax)2017

The Subversives | From Here To Nowhere | Law & Order(Charged Records)2001
Eight Balls | Eight Balls | Hamburger Jungs(True Rebel Records)2005
Doug & The Slugz | Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude | Crown City Kids(Step-1 Music)2021
Perkele | Stories From The Past | I Want To Know(Blind Beggar Records)2004
Vanilla Muffins | The Greatest Sugar Oi Swindle | Tell Your Mum, That I'm Okay!(Sexmachines Records)2005
The Business | No Mercy For You | No Mercy For You(Burning Heart Records)2001

Cyanide Pills | Soundtrack To The New Cold War | It's Over(Damaged Goods)2023
Sloppy Seconds | Destroyed | Black Roses(Toxic Shock)1989
Bad Idea | Sonic Hellride | TV Brain(Minneapolis Everywhere)2022
Stiff Little Fingers | Inflammable Material | Breakout(Rough Trade)1979
Suburban Studs | Slam | Suburban Studs(Pogo Records)1978
Serious Drinking | The Revolution Starts at Closing Time | Hangover(Upright Records)2011

Crazy & The Brains | Let Me Go | Lindsay Lohan(Baldy Longhair Records)2013
The Showcase Showdown | Pemanent Stains | They Saved George The Third's Brain(Damaged Goods)1999
Toy Dolls | Bare Faced Cheek | Neville Is A Nerd(Nit Records)1987
Peter & The Test Tube Babies | Loud Blaring Punk Rock | Big Mouth(Hairy Pie Records)1985
Hard Skin | Hard Nuts & Hard Cunts | First Day Angry Song(Helen Of Oi!)1996
G.B.H. | City Baby Attacked By Rats | Maniac(Clay Records)1982

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 465

New episode out and this is not a joke (there's plenty of other people having a ball on April fools' day). On the playlist you'll find some punk, thrash, garage, alternative, hard rock, hip-hop and last but not least a song sung by a lady who'll turn 83 later this month. Happy Easter!

The Ledge #613: First Quarter Recap

During the process of putting together tonight’s look back at the first three months of 2024 I suddenly realized that just by looking through the January and February releases I already had more than enough tunes for a two hour show. That’s without even taking a look at a jampacked March! 

Obviously, that means I had to cut out quite a few fave songs for tonight’s show. My suggestion is for everyone to go back and listen to the new release episodes of the last three months to check out anything missed in tonight’s broadcast.

It has been a great year for music, although I confess that I say this each and every year. But the fact is that those who complain that rock and roll was only great in their teen years are just plain wrong. That’s a “you” problem. There’s something for everyone tonight – ferocious punk, hookladen power pop, a blast or two back to roots rock. There’s brand new bands and grizzled veterans. Take a chance and give them a shot!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Red Red Wine On A Sunday #548 – Seen Your Video


Heading over to the Tele tonight - yes all TV songs this week!
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the record party Episode 034

I don't remember parts of this one. I was very charming and funny though. All the songs were bangers. Everyone had a good time.
Tell a friend.

Liquor Beats Winter | Lost in the Sauce | Bottleneck Betty(Self Release)2018

The Goddamn Gallows | The Maker | I Am Still The King(Farmageddon Records)2014
Black Eyed Vermillion | Hymns For Heretics | Bones To Pick(1332 Records)2009
Stringybark Mcdowell | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Kyleeee(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007
Guitar Fucker | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Fuck Me I'm Poor(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007
The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo | Take Off Your Clothes | Because Of You(Voodoo Rhythm)2018
The Devils | Let The World Burn | Teddie Girl Boogie(Go Down Records)2024

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band | Hillbilly Love | A Whoamans World(Solid Audio Productions)2010
Scott H. Biram | The Bad Testament | Long Old Time(Bloodshot Records)2017
Toothless George | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | I Fuckin' Suck (In G Maj.)(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007
King Automatic | Automatic Ray | I Don't Giva Fuck(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2005
Archie & The Bunkers | Archie & The Bunkers | I'm Not Really Sure What I'm Gonna Do(Dirty Water Records)2015
Bad Mojos | Songs That Make You Wanna Die | Autobahn(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2022

Dwarves | Concept Album | We Will Dare(Greedy Media)2023
Svetlanas | Tales from the Alpha Brigade | Boss of the Lab(Altercation Records)2013
Dayglo Abortions | Armageddon Survival Guide | Velcro Shoes(Unrest Records)2016
Virgin Whores | Down Not Out | Down Not Out(One Track Mind)2013
D.O.A. | The Black Spot | Cut Time(Sudden Death Records)2007
The Freeze | Calling All Creatures | Office Of Family Design(Slope Records)2019

Cosmic Psychos | Dung Australia | Skirtlifter(Pitshark Records)2013
The Cripplers | One More For The Bad Guys | Working Man(Dionysus Records)2001
Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls | Seizure Salad | Be My Fred Cole(Dirtyflair Record Company)2017
Sore Points | Not Alright | One More Thing(Slovenly Records)2019
The Vee Bees | Roots And Blues | Long Neck(Ocker Records)2010
Bad Frog | Ti Auguro Tante Belle Cosce | Milano Spacca(Vagiaina Recorz)2015

Slapping Suspenders | Who The Fuck Is God | Love The Pain(Revel Yell Music)2003
The Tremors | Invasion Of The Saucermen | Somatose(Brain Drain Records)2006
Lost Souls | Chasin' A Dream | Death Bone Alley(Nervous Records)1990
Tabaltix | Sex, Pugs and Rock n' Roll | No Time To Dance(Crazy Love Records)2007
The Untamed | Strange Unknown | Postcard From The Grave(Heptown Records)2005
King Kurt | Ooh Wallah Wallah | Zulu Beat(Stiff Records)1983

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The Ledge #612: Once Again Some Odds And Ends

This is another of those shows inspired primarily by what I’ve been listening to around the house. But it’s not just records this time, as the inspiration is coming from all sorts of media forms. The first main set, for instance, was inspired by the “Great Plains” section of Steven H. Gardner’s excellent Another Tuneless Racket: Punk and New Wave In the Seventies, Volume 5, The American Beat West. In late 70s Kansas City, there was a shortlived but extremely influential label called Titan Records. Gardner profiles the label, the principal owners, and the artists whose records were released in their short lifespan. 

Also represented in tonight’s show is music from the legendary label, Good Vibrations. No, it’s not Beach Boys-related. Good Vibrations was a Belfast record store and label that existed in the late 70s, and is most known for discovering and releasing the first Undertones single, “Teenage Kicks”. I suggest that all music fans head right away to Freevee and watch the wonderful film, Good Vibrations. If you love the tunes of that era, you’ll enjoy this film as much as I did

The rest of the show consists of records I’ve thrown on my turntable the last couple of weeks, from 1968’s Disposable album by The Deviants to last fall’s latest record by The Dwarves, Concept Album. There’s also some late 70’s punk (The Vibrators, Suicide Commandos) and “new wave” (Boomtown Rats, Graham Parker), lots of 80s college rock (The Feelies, Del Fuegos, The Cult), and some fabulous recently-reissued garage rock from Subsonics. There’s a little something for anyone with good taste!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Episode 114: Turning Back the Cock – when Turbonegro played Hell (WTJT 2014)

The Sweat Roast of Eternity, thats exactly what took place when Turbo played Grünspan at Weltturbojugendtage 2014. Life threatening heat, naked bodies, Hamburg Steamers, inner(pit)course - Two Hawks and Hans von Meinkrocht reflect on their remembrance . Definitely not for the faint of heart. Watch your feelings.

On The Nod Ep.232 on Real Punk Radio!

This week DJ Dee Dee host an all new show. An all vinyl set!! Bruja’s has a brand new WORLD NOISE & Beney Brujo’s HEAR THE DARKNESS!!


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The Ledge #611: Those Big Ten Inch Records

Ten inch records are the forgotten treasures of my library. They’re housed in a little side section of my entertainment center, and most are rarely touched. This is why a couple of weeks ago I decided to have a marathon listening session of those very records. 

These sort of releases generally form a handful of different types of material. They can be extended singles filled with previously unreleased bonus tracks (Guided By Voices, Jesus & Mary Chain). They can be rarities collections of b-sides or outtakes (The Clash, Bad Brains). Or they can be fully-fledged brand new releses (Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis, The Coolies). 

Plus, this theme allows me to celebrate the 11th year anniversary of the reunion of The Replacements! Songs For Slim came out on March 5, 2013, and this obviously led to their hitting the road a year later. Topping off their set, I also included the cover of “Route 66” that was the highlight of their 1987 “Alex Chilton” EP.

Thanks also must go to various folks that had suggestions for tonight’s show, including the band White Rose Motor Oil, who contributed the tracks of the last set of tonight’s broadcast.

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #602

March 13th, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #602 – Tonight’s mission was to promote the upcoming record release party for MALA VISTA this Friday at TV Eye!! Plus a set about “shuttin’ up” and lots of other killer tunes! Turn it up! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Redox #375 – I’m Not Sayin’

 Originally Posted 2/4/18

Ya gotta have Heart!  That's the subject tonite.

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The Ledge #610: New Releases Pt. 2

This week’s continuation of last week’s new release episode features, once again, no drop off in quality. There’s plenty of great new music from both relatively new artists and longtime veterans. I mean, who could have guessed that we’d still have vital tunes from two of America’s first punk bands, T.S.O.L. and Nervous Eaters? Let alone the return of The Bevis Frond, the latest from super-prolific songwriter Daniel Romano, and a plethora of Australian bands?

Oh, and by the way, I’m looking for some suggestions for next week’s show. Earlier this week, I pulled out my collecton of ten-inch vinyl EP’s, and I’d like to do a broadcast based on those generally forgotten records. But I don’t have enough of these types of releases to fill a whole show, so please let me know some of your favorites of this format!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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On The Nod Ep. 231 on Real Punk Radio!

All new show this week hosted by Dawn Coop. Bruja’s WORLD NOISE & Benny’s HEAR THE DARKNESS


the record party Episode 033

Metal stuff. Punk stuff. Rockin' stuff. Brand new stuff. Moldy old stuff. Fun for the whole family to hate.
Tell a friend.

Body Count | Bloodlust | Civil War(Century Media)2017

Insanity Alert | 666-Pack | Chronic State Of Hate(Season Of Mist)2019
Municipal Waste | Electrified Brain | High Speed Steel(Nuclear Blast)2022
Skeleton Pit | Lust To Lynch | Thrashorcism(MDD)2020
Ravager | Thrashletics | Kill For Nothing(Iron Shield Records)2019
Crisix | Against The Odds | Leech Breeder(Listenable Records)2018
Hellripper | Coagulating Darkness | Black Invocation(Diabolic Might Records)2017

Agression | Don't Be Mistaken | Secret Sex(Trust Records)1983
Bad Brains | Rock For Light | Rock For Light(PVC Records)1983
The Voids | Sounds Of Failure, Sounds Of Hope | Suburban Boredom(Dr. Strange Records)2007
Avengers | Avengers | No Martyr(Superior Viaduct)2015
Cran | Nate | Automne(Une Vie Pour Rien)2023
The Spits | The Spits (2000) | Tired & Lonely(Slovenly Records)2000

The Sex Organs | We're Fucked | Where Is My Dildo(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2024
The Devils | Let The World Burn | Killer's Kiss(Go Down Records)2024
The Stooges | Raw Power | Shake Appeal(Columbia)1973
Pure Hell | Noise Addiction | I Feel Bad(Puke N Vomit Records)2021
Hood Rats | Trash Party | Party Yourself To Death(Girlsville)2018
MORON'S MORONS | Indecent Exposure | Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows(Slovenly Records)2018

The Cavemen | Ca$h 4 Scrap | Without You(Slovenly Records)2024
Nightmare Boyzzz | Bad Patterns | Problem Child(Slovenly Records)2013
Cyanide Pills | Cyanide Pills | Making Her Mind Up(Damaged Goods)2010
The Peacocks | Flamingo | Why Can't I Just Look the Other Way?(Concrete Jungle Records)2017
The Revelevens | Show Me On The Chicken Where The Music Touched You | Pervy Camp Counselor(Self Release)2006
Mad Marge And The Stonecutters | Mad Marge And The Stonecutters | Shake(Hairball 8)2006

Milwaukee Wildmen | Death's Deputy | You Spin Me(Tombstone Records)1997
The Minestompers | The Minestompers | Leprechaun Boogie(Crazy Love Records)2015
Splatter | ...From Hell To Eternity | Hot And Sweaty Already(Sector 2 Records)1994
Demented Are Go | Hellbilly Storm | Hellbilly Storm(People Like You)2005
Gutter Demons | Room 209 | Psycho-Rama(Pirates Records)2005
The Mutilators | She Put Baby In The Microwave! | Gay Love Song For Nick 13(Self Release)2009

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 476 – March 4, 2024

This week’s show, after Jack (with Jim) raves Ray Charles: brand new T.S.O.L, Arab Strap, Pernice Brothers (with Neko Case), Michael Head, Torrey, Jane Weaver, and Neil Young, plus LaVern Baker, Nico, Steve Goodman, Jean Richie, Alton Ellis, Bee Gees, and Phil Ochs

The Ledge #609: New Releases Pt. 1

Once again, the monthly new release show has to be expanded into a two-part extravaganza. 2023 is seriously shaping up to be a wonderful year for new music, as evidence not only by tonight’s show but all of our new release broadcasts so far this year.

As always, we have some tracks by “friends” of the show (Rob Moss, Dave Strong, Robbie Quine, Friends of Cesar Romero and others), some longtime faves (The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Laura Jane Grace, Keith Richards, etc.) and quite a few relative newcomers (Shadow Show, Mala Vista, Faz Waltz, and so much more).

But this episode also includes a couple of tunes by a record that could quite possibly end up being my favorite record of the year, the self-titled debut album by The Sleeveens on Dirtnap Records. This is the dirty garage/punk record I’ve been crdaving for quite some time, and I hope you folks all love it as much as I do. 

And once again I have a late entry to the “Teenage Kicks” cover series, thanks to a fellow DJ who sent me a version set to be released in April by Canadian Music Hall of Famer Lee Aaron. The Undertones tune is part of a covers album titled “Tattoo Me”, which also includes remakes of songs by Elastica, Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, and Elton John. Yeah, quite an odd assembly of songs.

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 464

Off to the ISLAND today to hang with dear friends and family for the weekend, so I'll have to pack some good cds I can spin in the car. Or I could just download my own damn show... On the playlist you'll find punk, stoner rock, hard rock, alternative, crossover, thrash and a cool tune recorded 71 years ago. Enjoy! 

Redox #374 – I Bought A Headache

 Originally Published 1/21/18

The Brain - Dopamine, the DMN, The Pleasure Center - I explore it all tonight!

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #601

February 28th, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #601 – TONIGHT, we spun new tunes! You got somethin’ new?…..I’m spinnin’ two! Two-fers up the wazoo! Turn it up! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Knife for an Eye – One Step Forward, Two Stabs in the Back

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Episode 113: Small Feces: TJ Holmestrand´s Most Valuable Patch

In a new, short format, TJ radio presents the comeback of the MVP - the most valuable patch. Truly state of the ass.

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #211 – Garage Punk de Geaux-Geaux

  • Guadalcanal Diary – Watusi Rodeo
  • The Gentlemens – A Second Coming
  • The Morlocks – You Burn Me Out
  • The Gourds – Shreveport
  • Lyres – Swing Shift
  • Rhythm & Blues Inc – Honey Don’t
  • Flamin’ Groovies – Yesterday’s Numbers
  • Mondo Ray – Brush Your Tits
  • Born Liars – Fooling Marie
  • The Maggie’s Marshmallows – Illusions
  • Lothar – Alligator River
  • The Mal Thursday Quintet – A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine
  • The Dangermen – Twenty Four Seven
  • The Saints – River Deep, Mountain High
  • Michael Acree & The Church Street Sound – Charlie’s Theme
  • The Carter Administration – These Boots Are Made For Knockin’
  • Angry Johnny & The Killbillies – Nuclear Man
  • The Crawdaddys – Down The Road A Piece
  • Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost – Ain’t Nothin’ Here To Change My Mind
  • The Sex Organs – We’re Fucked
  • The Makers – Sex Is Evil (When Love Is Dead)
  • Chuck Mead – Shake

The Ledge #608: Covers

As I’ve said before, I have a folder on one of my laptops that I keep around just to acccumulate cover tunes for episodes like this one. Once that folder is full, it’s time to broadcast! This version of that theme includes sets devoted to primarily new versions of songs by The Clash, The Undertones, The Rolling Stones, and MC5. There’s also one-offs of tracks by a wide variety of punk, pop, garage and power pop classics, including a rather surprising remake of a tune by the world’s most popular pop star! 

For more info, including setlists, head to

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On The Nod EP. 130 on Real Punk Radio!!

All past episodes will be up, due to tech problems the last 6 months maybe out of order. This week Dave Coops got tracks by The Complicators, CL1, The Gears, Razortooth, Okimonics, Savage Beat, Strike First, Squared Off, L.A. Slumlords, Battle Flask, The Ghastly Ones and Hot Load.

Bruja’s World Noise has

Alien Nose Job/Australia
The Puncturists/England
Bart and the Brats/France
Savage Beat/Netherlands
Night Fever/Denmark
Rude Pride/Spain
No Heart/Canada
Oi Polloi/Scotland
Die in Vain/Istanbul
Hunting Lions/USA


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the record party Episode 032

Saying goodnight to a king in the only sloppy, half assed way I know how.
Do it.

Mojo Nixon | !Sock Ray Blue! | Redneck Rampage(Shanachie)1999

Floyd Dixon | Single | Hey Bartender(Cat)1955
Screamin' Jay Hawkins | Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie | Person To Person(Epic)1991
Jimmy Liggins | Single | No More Alcohol(Aladdin)1954
Wynonie Harris | Good Rockin' Blues | Mama Your Daughter's Done Lied On Me(Gusto Records)1976
Ruth Brown | Rock & Roll | Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean(Atlantic)1957
Sugar Pie DeSanto | In The Basement: The Chess Recordings | Soulful Dress(Geffen)2017

Shannon & the Clams | Onion | Onion(Easy Eye Sound)2018
Holly Golightly | Singles Round-Up | No Big Thing(Damaged Goods)2001
The Milkshakes | Milkshakes In Germany | Comes Along Midnight(Wall City Records)1984
Schizophonics | People In The Sky | She's Coming Back(Pig Baby Records)2019
Oblivians | Desperation | Loving Cup(In The Red Recordings)2013
The Jackets | Queen Of The Pill | What About You(Voodoo Rhythm)2019

The Dirtbombs | Ultraglide In Black | Livin' For The City(In The Red Recordings)2001
The Redskins | Neither Washington Nor Moscow... | Keep On Keeping On(Decca)1986
The Inciters | Bring Back the Weekend | We Gave It A Good Run(Pirates Press Records)2023
Raygun Cowboys | The Cowboy Code | Don't Want You Anymore(Stomp Records)2017
The Slackers | Wasted Days | This Is The Night(Pirates Press Records)2023
The Aggrolites | Reggae Now! | Love Me Tonight(Pirates Press Records)2019

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Get Out of My Way! | Jesus At McDonalds(Restless Records)1987
Mojo Nixon | Whiskey Rebellion | Can't Find My Keys(Self Release)2009
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Root Hog Or Die | I'm A Wreck(Enigma Records)1989
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Frenzy | I Hate Banks(Restless Records)1987
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Bo-Day-Shus!!! | Elvis Is Everywhere(Enigma Records)1987
Mojo Nixon | Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg | Take Me To Your Leader(Needletime)1997

The Raymen | Sinister Funtime | Barroom Burnout(Hound Gawd! Records)2013
Tav Falco's Panther Burns | Return Of The Blue Panther | "I Got Love, If You Want It"(Triple X Records)1990
Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators | I Hate People | Race With The Devil(SuzyQ Records)2015
Andre "Mr. Rhythym" Williams | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 17 | Mean Jean(Flame)1995
Macie Skipper | Born Bad Volume 5 | Bop Pills(Born Bad)1990
The Kings Of Outer Space | Cosmic Debris | My Black Heart(Western Star Recording)2010

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The Ledge #607: Love Stinks

Anti-love songs is a rock and roll specialty. From the very beginning of the genre, writers with a poison pen have created a plethora of material that is not exactly Hallmark card material. Tonight’s show celebrates tracks of this time, highlighted by a number of more recent tracks of that sort. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for oldies, as there are garage rockers from the 60s, power pop from the 70s, and some good ol’ alternative rockers from the 80s. And, of course, it’s also an opportunity for an extended set from the greatest self-loathing rockers, The Replacements. I mean, come on, you can’t have a show of this sort without “Valentine”.

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #600

February 14th, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #600 – TONIGHT, we spun the WORLD PREMIERE of the second single from MALA VISTA’s upcoming rekkid “Fun-Time” courtesy Spaghetty Town Records! Thank you Ted! Oh, and also raised the middle finger to Valentine’s Day…fuck off Hallmark! Turn it up! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

The Ex-Gentlemen – Judy is a Slut

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #599

February 7th, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #599 – This week, Bikini Carwash stopped by studio B to promote their new EP “Scrape the Sky” out NOW on Spotify, AppleMusic and YouTube (with more outlets to come)! All five band members were present (color coded) and everyone had somethin’ to say! The songs we spun were killer, but the between song banter is golden! Check it out! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Bikini Carwash – Madam Yeti

Propagandhi – Back to the Motor Leagu
X – Some Other Time
INDK – East Coast Rising

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
These New South Wales – Rotten Sun
The Armed – Everything’s Glitter

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Swamp Jacuzzi #210 Pass A Good Time

  • The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – Saturday’s Best
  • Slobberbone – Placemat Blues
  • The Ugly Beats – Can’t Cut Through
  • The Ugly Beats – Options By The Pound
  • Clifton Chenier – Louisiana Boogie
  • The Outsiders – Do You Feel Alright
  • The Rousers – Lost & Broken Hearted
  • MC5 – I Just Don’t Know
  • The Mourning After – Lately
  • Little Freddie King – Back In New Orleans
  • Lazy Lester – Bloodstains On The Wall
  • Swamp Dogg – Total Destruction To Your Mind
  • Dead Moon – Dead Moon Night
  • Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band – Make Way For The Rebirth
  • Kermit Ruffins – Meet Me At The Second Line
  • New Birth Brass Band – Show Me Dat Dance Called The Second Line
  • The Mal Thursday Quintet – I Gotta Be Me
  • The Mal Thursday Quintet – Picture of the Future
  • The Makers – Sharp Leather Walkin’ Shoes
  • The Makers – Leopard Print Sissy
  • Holy Smokes – Your Love Is Like A Drug
  • The Dangerman – The Dark Place
  • Killer Kin – Sonic Love
  • The Candy Snatchers – Ass Casserole
  • Angela Tini – Fool Me Once

The Big Takeover Show – Number 473 – February 12, 2024

This week’s show, after a 2003 Justin Sullivan soliloquy: brand new Decemberists, New Model Army, T.S.O.L, Bolts of Melody, Lemon Twigs, The Smile, and Corb Lund, plus Bobby Parker, The Action, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Webb Pierce, Johnny Rivers, and Montage; and R.I.P. Mojo Nixon (1957-2024), Can’s Damon Suzuki (1950-2024), and Sun Records/Jerry Lee Lewis drummer Jimmy Van Eaton (1937-2024)

Redox #373 – Wild As I Wanna Be (Replacement Version)

 Originally Published 1/14/18

Favorites - yeah I got a few and so do you!  Some Punk, Mod, Singer / Songwriter and Rockabilly tonite.....

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The Ledge #606: New Releases Pt. 2

This may be the second part of this month’s new release series, but there is no letdown in quality. Once again, there’s an intriguing mix of styles, ages, and even home locations. There are brand new acclaimed artists such as Liquid Mike and Sprints. There’s the returns of veterans such as Paul Collins Beat, J. Robbins, and Sham 69. There’s also the usual trademark of quality from our friends at Slovenly Records and Rum Bar Records.

Most intriguing to me, is the story behind “Get the Experience” by The Ex-Bombers. Band members Keri Cousins and Scott Walus are “rasslin'” fans, just as I am. Many of their late night drives after gigs have found them listening to legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette’s podcast, Jim Cornette Experience. Hearing that he was looking for a new theme song, the band quickly put together “Get the Experience”, and just this week they were informed that the song is now the official theme song of the show! Thanks to the band for not only sending me a copy of the song to air, but including a little interview segment telling the story.

And once again, even thought the “52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks” series is officially over, I received yet another new submission. Numb Surprise is a two piece post-punk band from the Midlands in England that formed in 2023. Their new album, Introspect, was recently released and I’m so pleased they sent in their “Teenage Kicks” cover. Hey, I’ll keep the series going on an informal basis if I keep receiving new versions!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Hey, I’m back!

Redox #372 – What the Gym Couldn’t Do

 Originally Published 12/31/17

It's the Best of 17 show!

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The Ledge #605: New Releases Pt. 1

Once again the music gods have bestowed so much great new tracks that the monthly new release show must be expanded into two episodes. That is a great sign for 2024, and especially so because not only is there quality and quantity, but there’s a great mix of classic artists and brand new acts. There’s 18 year old Owen Adamcik’s plan for a new EP every month this year. There are Ledge “friends” such as Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin’s monthly single and a new tune by local legends Thought Patrol. There’s the return of veterans The Smoggers and Rubber City Rebels. Plus surprisingly great new tracks by the liks of J. Mascis, Green Day, and Superchunk.

And to kick things off is a late submission for last year’s “52 weeks of Teenage Kicks” series. Two weeks ago Thee Volatiles, “thee best punk rock band in all of Montclair NJ!” sent me their version, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! In fact, I will always accept new covers of the tune. So if you were considering it last year, please go ahead and do it and I’ll guarantee to open my next show with it!

For setlists and other info, head to

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 463

Winding down after a windy day, and what better way than to listen to a bunch of cool tunes? On the playlist you'll find some punk, hard rock, alternative, death metal, Americana and stoner rock. Enjoy!

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #598

January 31st, 2024. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #598 – In case you missed it LIVE! New tunes from Mala Vista, The Chuck Norris Experiment, River City Rebels, Lorne Behrman, Th’ Losin Streaks, Angel Face, The Cavemen, Upploppet, Sick Fizz, and Green Day…..yeah, I said Green Day… with it!
We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Mala Vista – In The Dark

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Red Red Wine On A Sunday #547 – Hey Man


It's the Best of 2023!.

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 471 – January 29, 2024

This week’s show, after a 1967 Who hot-shot: one last guest DJ “tribute to 1980” set by Jim Santo, (pt. 5 of 5) + brand new New Model Army, GospelbeacH, Superchunk, Real Estate, Paul Collins, Soft Science, and Penny Arcade (James Hoare), plus The Isley Brothers, Junior Byles & Rupert Reid, Neil Young, Hoyt Axton, Don Gibson, Chocolate Watchband, and Pete Townshend himself; and R.I.P. Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss (1948-2024), Melanie (1947-2024), and Bill Hayes (1925-2024)

the record party Episode 031

A very special family friendly record party for you to enjoy with the whole family. Hold your loved ones close and get loud and weird.
Do it.

MDC | War Is A Racket | I Am A Donut(Cleopatra)2023

Dead Pioneers | Dead Pioneers | Tired(Self Release)2023
Material Support | Balikbayan Box EP | Bougie Ass White Girl(Aklasan Records)2016
Scowl | How Flowers Grow | Roots(Flatspot Records)2021
War On Women | Capture The Flag | Capture The Flag(Bridge Nine Records)2018
Limp Wrist | Limp Wrist | Just Like You(La Vida Es Un Mus)2009
Pizzatramp | War Or Nothing | Bono's A Cunt(Self Release)2015

Cosmic Psychos | Self Totalled | Bad Day(Amphetamine Reptile Records)1995
The Vee Bees | Roots And Blues | Roots 'n' Blues(Ocker Records)2010
The Hymans | A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Vol. 5 | I Don't Need Anybody Like You(Tee Pee Records)2000
The Cavemen | Nuke Earth | Janey(Slovenly Records)2018
Fret Rattles | Pedal To The Metal And Damn The Consequences | Rat(Self Release)2016
Turbo A.C.'s | Radiation | High By The Beach(Stomp Records)2018

Tall Boys | One | The Man Who Walked On The Moon(Drunkabilly Records)2013
Deadbolt | Tiki Man | The Meat(Headhunter Records)1994
The Cramps | Stay Sick! | Journey To The Center Of A Girl(Enigma Records)1990
Telekrimen | Culto A Lo Imbécil | El Último Día(Slovenly Records)2019
The Bone Machine | Sotto Questo Cielo Nero | L'uomo Gorilla(Self Release)2016
The Astro Zombies | Convince Or Confused | Women I Know(Drunkabilly Records)2009

Johnny Trash | Guidance | So Pretty It Hurts(Self Release)2006
The Matadors | Say You Love Satan | Say You Love Satan(Self Release)2014
Bamboula | Guilty Pleasures | Get Out(Kaiser Records)2009
Boston Rats | This Ain't Rock 'n' Roll | Monster(Western Star Recordings)2014
The Epileptic Hillbillys | Take 2 | Boom!(Western Star Recordings)2014
The Untamed | Delicious Death... | The Devil and The Wine(Heptown Records)2009

Vial | Burnout | Ur Dad(Get Better Records)2023
Sorry Mom | Juno Goes to the Big House | I Fucked Yr Mom(Self Release)2021
Dwarves | Drug Store | Motherfucker(Sub Pop)1990
The Bouncing Souls | The Good, The Bad & The Argyle | I Like Your Mom(Chunksaah Records)1994
Dayglo Abortions | Feed Us A Fetus | I Killed Mommy(Beer City Records)1986
T.S.O.L. | Dance With Me | Code Blue(Frontier Records)1981

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The Ledge #604: Odds & Ends Again

The “odds and ends” series is an opportunity for me to mix all kinds of material. This week’s version mixes a bunch of new releases with a ton of material I’ve been playing around the house in recent weeks. There’s also a tribute to Mary Weiss, the leader of The Shangri-Las who passed away a few days ago. Otherwise, there’s classics by The Clash, X, The Birthday Party, and The Long Ryders, along with a new discovery of The Deviants, a great old band that for whatever reason I had never checked out.

As for that little sound sample at the beginning of the show, I must thank my buddy Kevin for alerting me to a show called The Listener. I just can’t help but include oddly-placed discussions on The Replacements. 

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Episode 112: Latter Day Sinners – The Co-Existence of Denim Demons and the Mormon Religion in SLC

Admittedly, religion and Turbojugend is a rarely discussed topic on TJR. However, this doesn’t stop Turbojugend Radio from picking up the slack and talk to The Irish Bastard of TJ Latter Day Sinners of Salt Lake City:

How does it feel to grow up in a community dominated by a rather conservate environment as a Punk afficionado? How is the reception of wearing Denim and a leather cap in the bright streets of Jesus? How to live forever? We got the answers – by the grace of god.



Brand new Total fucking Massacre!

Swamp Jacuzzi #209 – Geaux Apeshit

  • Lucero – One Last F.U.
  • The Outsiders – Daddy Died On Saturday
  • Violet Mindset – Evil Eye
  • Ryan Adams – Punch ’em in the Nuts
  • The Dt’s – Sugar Pie
  • The Makers – It Takes A Mighty Heart
  • Bottle Rockets – The Bar’s On Fire
  • Devil Dogs – Annalisa
  • The Herd – Things Won’t Change
  • Messerschmitt – She Give 2 Me 3
  • Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys – Let Me Know
  • John Doe & The Sadies – Stop The World & Let Em Off
  • Iris DeMent – Workin On A World
  • Justin Townes Earl – Flint City Shake It
  • Cory Branan – When In Rome, When In Memphis
  • Pokey Lafarge – The Devil Ain’t Lazy
  • Chuck Prophet – Jesus Was A Social Drinker

The Ledge #603: 1979 UK

1979 was an important year for rock and roll, but it was a bigger year for my musical journey. This was the year that the real obsession with buying records began. I had a job. I had a car. And I had put together a pretty awesome sound system in my bedroom.

This was the first year I was buying new music AS it was coming out. I was no longer saving up for a record I read about in Creem Magazine. I was at the record store each and every week. In fact, this was the year I first started working at a record store, and you know I spent more money on music than I actually made at the store.

So tonight’s celebration of the UK sounds of that year is truly a trip back in time. With a handful of exceptions, this was indeed a good portion of my playlist back then. London Calling. A Different Kind of Tension. Setting Sons. Cool For Cats. Labour of Lust. The list goes on and on of music I forced friends to endure whether they liked them or not.

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Request shows never disappoint, at least not for me. I always learn something cool. Thanks again to all the folks who requested songs, you know who you are.

the record party Episode 030

Another barn burner of punk, metal, rockabilly, and trash. Get off your butt and shake your ass
Do it.

Motörhead | Iron Fist | Speedfreak(Bronze Records)1982

Lich King | Do-Over | Hot For Teacher(Evil Eye Records)2014
Gama Bomb | Bats | Rusted Gold(Prosthetic Records)2023
Suicidal Tendencies | Freedumb | Built to Survive(XIII Bis Records)1999
Dayglo Abortions | Corporate Whores | Double D Diddlers(God Records)1996
In Defence | Don't Know How To Break Dance | No War But Star Wars(Give Praise Records)2007
D.R.I. | Crossover | Hooked(Metal Blade Records)1987

Infa Riot | Singles And Rarities | We Outnumber You(Bootboy Tapes)1989
The Varukers | Murder | Genocide(Asylum Records)1998
Drunken Rampage | Cause Punk Ain't Pretty | What's That?(Truckstop Toilet Records)2021
Poison Idea | Kings Of Punk | Death Wish Kids(TKO Records)2013
Subhumans | 29:29 Split Vision | Somebody's Mother(Bluurg Records)1986
The Orphans | Raise The Youth | Way Of Life(Fistolo Records)2004

Gorilla Angreb | Gorilla Angreb | Jeg Går Ikke I Sort(Hjernespind)2007
The Hypnophonics | Citizens Of Oblivion | You're Gonna Miss Me(Diablo Records)2020
Destination Lonely | Death Of An Angel | Dirt Preacher(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2017
The Monsters | Du Hesch Cläss, Ig Bi Träsch | Bsoffä ab Dir(Slovenly Records)2022
The Violent Shifters | Wide Open Baby!! | Iron Bird(Self Release)2014
Ottoboy The One Man Trash Band | Down With The Upbeat | Big Fuck Off(Silvox)2007

King Automatic | Lorraine Exotica | Drunk Friends(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2023
Nestter Donuts | Flamenco Trash | Bruges Jail Rumba(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2022
Reverend Beat-Man And The Un-Believers | Get On Your Knees | The Lord Is Comming Back(Voodoo Rhythm)2011
Delaney Davidson | Bad Luck Man | Windy City(Voodoo Rhythm)2011
Rochee And The Sarnos | Understanding Sarno | Sexy Sarno(Nervous Records)1985
Kathy X | Ready For Anything | Heartbreakin Days(Cosmic Records)2005

Tasteless | Rotten To The Core | Love Really Hurts Without You(Self Release)2020
Hillbilly Bops | Hillbilly The Kid (Down The Line) | You(Kitty Records)1987
The Polecats | Rockabilly Guys: The Best Of The Polecats | Get On The Right Track(Cleopatra Records)1999
Long Tall Texans | Texas Beat The Best Of The Long Tall Texans | Don't I Know It(Anagram Records)1994
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Buy, Beg Or Steal | Going To Milano(Jungle Records)2011
Jennie & The Slingers | Tales Of The Unexpected | Last Gang In Camden Town(Diablo Records)2015

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The Ledge #602: 2023 Runners Up

Two weeks ago, I counted down my 40 favorite records of 2023. This week’s broadcast is a showcase for 35 other records that just barely missed the cut. There’s no letdown of quality, though, as each and every one of these picks could have easily made my main list. But combining the two shows, you now have my official list of the 75 best albums of the year. Think of these shows as a master shopping list, as I’m sure that any fan of punk, indie, power pop, and garage rock can find a record or five worth owning from tonight’s show.

For more info, including setlists, head to

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RNRM689: the 10th Annual Manifesto Awards™

The 10th Annual Manifesto Awards™!

Redox #370 – Another Girl, Another Planet

 Originally Published 12/17/17

Time to get up and pull back the Covers!  Got some from the Smithereens (RIP Pat Dinizio), The Kinks, Mouse and the Traps, The Shods, Beach Slang and the Mats (of course.....)

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Redox #369 – The Ledge

 Originally Published 12/10/17

Having a Rockin' Breakfast with a little help from The Clash, Bowie and the Mats!

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Swamp Jacuzzi #208 – 10 Years of Freak

  • The Oblivians – Call The Police
  • The Phantoms – Ditch Digger
  • Gene Vincent – Bird Doggin’
  • Stompwater – King Of The Asskickers
  • Beaver Nelson – Landed In The Mud
  • Black Diamond Heavies – Leave It In The Road
  • The Lyres – 100cc’s (Pure Thrust)
  • Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – Electrophonic Tonic
  • Jimmy Swope – Down On The Levee (The Crack Whore Song)
  • Flaming Sideburns – Flowers
  • The Red Stick Ramblers – Je T’ame Pas Mieux
  • Greg Stackhouse Prevost – Gin Soaked Timewarp
  • Bloody Hollies – Dead Letter
  • Slobberbone – 16 Days
  • Silvertooth Loos & The Witch – That Ol’ Swamp
  • The Cynics – I Don’t Need You
  • Lydia Loveless – Steve Earl
  • The Saints – This Perfect Day
  • Bottle Rockets – Waitin’ On A Train
  • Todd Snyder – Rocket Fuel
  • John Paul Keith – Anyone Can Do It
  • Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys – Sur Le Courtableau
  • The Peawees – Diggin’ The Sound
  • Roky Erickson – Don’t Slander Me
  • The Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls
  • The Sinister Six – Pain In My Head
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sinister Purpose
  • Dynamite Platoon – I’m Rowed Out

The Ledge #601: New Releases

It may be a new year, but there’s no change to the first episode of each and every month. Once again, I present to you over two hours of brand new music. Ok, there are a handful of tracks that actually came out a few months ago, but these are new discoveries for me. So in my convoluted set of self-created rules, they’re still new releases to me. 

But as always, this show features a great mix of punk, garage, indie rock, and power pop. There’s music from all over the world, and both brand new and veteran acts. Anybody with a hunger for new music should be able to find their own highlights.

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #597

December 27th, 2023. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #597 – In case you missed it LIVE!
We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET / 7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

The Tony Slug Experience – Wreckerball

KÜKEN – Tight Muscle
KÜKEN – Roses
Åskväder – Cyclops
The Complicators – Blink of an Eye

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Goodbye to another year.

Jake’s Inferno Episode 462

Absolutely atrocious weather outside but toe-tapping music's keeping me warm (my feet anyway). The first episode of 2024 is a mix of genres as usual so a whiplash warning have hereby been issued. On the playlist you'll find some punk, hard rock, country pop, thrash, hip-hop and alternative. Thanks for listening! 

the record party Episode 029

We had so much fun playing hillbilly music last go around that I did it again. More honky tonk, rockabilly, & more to keep your ass shaking all night long.
Get on it.

Hellbound Glory | Old High And New Lows | Another Bender Might Break Me(Rusty Knuckles)2010

Trailer Trash | Live At Lee's | Swizzle Stick(Self Release)1997
The Carpetbaggers | Country Miles Apart | Always A Pallbearer(Clean)1992
BR549 | BR5-49 | Even If It's Wrong(Arista)1996
Jesse Dayton | The Revealer | I'm At Home Gettin' Hammered (While She's Out Gettin' Nailed)(Blue Elan Records)2016
J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters | Dark Bar And A Jukebox | Shoulda' Thought About It(Helltrain Records)2006
Lydia Loveless | Indestructible Machine | Do Right(Bloodshot Records)2011

Mimi Roman | Decca Hillbilly Vol 7 | Wrap It Up & Save It(Cactus)
Lefty Frizzell | Steppin' Out | Cigarettes And Coffee Blues(Bear Family Records)2008
Wayne Hancock | Best Of Wayne Hancock | Gonna Be Some Trouble Tonight(Ark 21 Records)2005
Rachel Brooke | The Loneliness In Me | The Loneliness In Me(Mal Records)2020
Loretta Lynn | Honky Tonk Girl | You're The Reason Our Kid's Are Ugly(MCA Records)1994
Southern Culture On The Skids | Dirt Track Date | Nitty Gritty(Telstar Records)1995

Shannon & the Clams | I Wanna Go Home | Troublemaker(1-2-3-4 Go! Records)2009
The King Khan & BBQ Show | Bad News Boys | Alone Again(In The Red Recordings)2015
The Almighty Defenders | The Almighty Defenders | She Came Before Me(Vice Records)2009
Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw | Honey Time EP | Honey Time(Slovenly Records)2016
Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave | Shake | Hold My Cold Hand(Squoodge Records)2007
Al Foul | The Blue Front Trio | Shitty Little World(Self Release)2105

Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio | Stand Back | La La Love Me(Rollin' Rock Records)2000
Omar Romero | Hog Wild | Stay Awhile(Wild Records)2006
Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | Don't Leave(Wild Records)2010
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers | Ugly Mobile | Hey Ramona!(Beast Records)2013
The Collins Kids | Rockin'est | Hoy Hoy(Bear Family Records)1998
Frantic Flintstones | Psycho Samba My Way | Lying Naked(Drunkabilly Records)2009

Henry & The Bleeders | Looking Backwards | Weed Farmer(Western Star Recording)2018
Pete Hutton & The Beyonders | Lone Wolf | Frankfurt Special(Rhythm Bomb Records)2008
Marcel Bontempi | Crawfish Troubles Cats & Ghosts - Demos & Recordings 2015-2020 | Bury All My Troubles(Stag-O-Lee)2022
Carlos & The Bandidos | The Usual Bandidos | Jockey Full Of Bourbon(Part Records)2003
Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners | Cry Of Midnight | Cry Of Midnight(Golly Gee Records)2006
The Baboons | Boogie Curse | Drinking Gasoline(Drunkabilly Records)2008

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Red Red Wine On A Sunday #546 – Shooting Dirty Pool


This week it's all about Scorsese.

Redox #368 – Anything Could Happen

 Originally Published 12/3/17

It's Lunch Time!  Got some Green Jelly, Mats and Dog Party in the sack

Here's the Playlist:
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The Ledge #600: Hudson’s Best of 2023

Choosing my favorite records of the year is always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great fun for a music nerd like me to revisit the hundreds of releases I’ve checked out the last twelve months. But it’s also frustrating trying to thin down those picks into a list that truly represents the past year. Many records that initially seemed a lock are suddenly eclipsed by new records that I simply can’t ignore. Other albums that I had prematurely set aside have revealed themselves to be chock full of fabulous tunes that I can’t imagine living without. 

Overall, this is another great year for music. I’ll never understand the mindset of people, especially those around my age, that complain how there’s no great bands or records these days. Sure, the pop charts are primarily filled with garbage, and one does have to spend more time than ever finding new artists. But the search has always been a great part of the fun of being a collector, and my main reason I’ve now put together 600 episodes of this show is to share my findings with others. I’m always thrilled when I hear that someone has bought a record due to my recommendation. So please let me know your thoughts on this countdown of my picks for the 40 best records of the year!

Please head to to read the countdown of these albums.

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The Ledge #600: Hudson’s Best of 2023

Choosing my favorite records of the year is always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great fun for a music nerd like me to revisit the hundreds of releases I’ve checked out the last twelve months. But it’s also frustrating trying to thin down those picks into a list that truly represents the past year. Many records that initially seemed a lock are suddenly eclipsed by new records that I simply can’t ignore. Other albums that I had prematurely set aside have revealed themselves to be chock full of fabulous tunes that I can’t imagine living without. 

Overall, this is another great year for music. I’ll never understand the mindset of people, especially those around my age, that complain how there’s no great bands or records these days. Sure, the pop charts are primarily filled with garbage, and one does have to spend more time than ever finding new artists. But the search has always been a great part of the fun of being a collector, and my main reason I’ve now put together 600 episodes of this show is to share my findings with others. I’m always thrilled when I hear that someone has bought a record due to my recommendation. So please let me know your thoughts on this countdown of my picks for the 40 best records of the year!

Please head to to read the countdown of these albums.

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Redox #367 – I Will Dare

 Originally Published 11/26/17

It's Dinner Time on the show this week with some Dirtbombs, Bottle Rockets and a bit of FEAR

Here's the Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #596

December 27th, 2023. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #596 – TONIGHT…..all killer, no filler. We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Jonesy – (I Don’t Do) Blondes (No More)

Fast Eddy – Spirit Commander
The Boatsmen – Why Wait
The Drippers – Time for Some Action

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Leftover X-Mess tunes and favorites from 2023.

The Big Takeover Show – Number 466 – December 25, 2023 – Happy X-Mas Show!

This week’s show, after some 1953 Satchmo sass: a guest DJ “tribute to 1980” set by Jim Santo + brand new Libertines (U.K.), Joel Stoker Dennis Davison, Black Swan Lane, Mountain Goats, Crime & the City Solution, and NORMANS, plus The Orioles, Monkees, Fats Domino, Sheb Wooley, Ethiopians, Benny Lee & The Ken-Tones, and Putney Dandridge

The Ledge #599: Annual Christmas Extravaganza!

Every year I spend the last few weeks of the year searching for new holiday songs for The Ledge’s annual Chirstmas special. Inevitably, every year I find more than enough songs to fill over two hours of broadcast time. This is the perfect soundtrack for this year’s festivities. A little bit of punk, a lot of power pop. Some veteran acts return with new tunes (Brinsley Scwarz, The Sensible Gray Cells, The Dollyrots), mixed in with plenty of brand new discoveries whose future releases I’ll definitely be investigating. 

Just because it’s a Christmas special doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the “52 Weeks Of Teenage Kicks” series. This week’s version is truly a Christmas present, as Dos Enchiritos is a collaboration between my friend of almost 50 years, Craig Stenseth, and a previous contributor, Brent Dowell. It’s a great version that I can honestly say is unlike any I’ve played the previous 50 weeks. 

Obviously, next week will be the conclusion of this series, but I’m still in the hunt to round out the year with yet one more new take on the tune. Please contact me if you are looking at contributing!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Redox #371 – Anytime Soon

 Originally Published 12/24/17

Joe Strummer Hand drawn Christmas Card

Greetings and Merry Christmas!  This one is NSFW and please don't be playing it for the kids - Santa's been VERY bad this year.......
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Episode 111: Scandinavian Leather – The Album in the Rearview Mirror

Ass another exhausting year comes to an end, let us take the time and reflect on some good ol´ times by reviewing Turbonegro´s 2003 massterpiece SCANDINAVIAN LEATHER. Like a decades old Aquavit, this album goes down ass smoothly ass any Se(a)man during their heyday in their early 20s. Skål!

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #595 X-MESS Craptacular LIVE!! from the Rockefeller Xmas Tree

December 20th, 2023. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #595 – TONIGHT…..We brought it LIVE from the Rockefeller Xmas Tree wityh a very special guest!! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

The Hives & Cindi LauperA Xmas Duel
Happy FangsAll I Want for Christmas is Halloween
Xmas Vacationnuthouse quote
Mojo NixonTransylvanian Xmas
Pansy DivisionHomo Christmas
Angry SnowmansEbeneezer Uber Alles 2019
MisfitsYou’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
The KinksFather Christmas
Easy-E, Dolemite, Atban Klann,
Buckwheat, Menajahtwa
Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas
Hillbilly CasinoBlue Suede Santa
PeanutsLucy – play jingle bells
Angry SnowmansGift Card
Dead MoonChristmas Rush
Satan’s PilgrimsGreensleeves
Angry SnowmansBright Lights
The Hillbilly Moon ExplosionHow Soon is Now
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X-Mess tunes and other stuff.

Redox #366 – Remember

 Originally Published on 11/19/17

It's 1986 - all over again.  The Replacements, Husker Du, Mike Tyson and Max Headroom!

Here's the Playlist:
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Jake’s Inferno Episode 461 – Best of 2023

It's here! My top ten list of the best albums released in 2023. Half of the bands are old favorites that have been on previous best of lists but some are brand new acquaintances. Thanks for listening this year, I'll be back in January.

The Ledge #598: Best Reissues, Compilations, etc. of 2023

It’s the time of year for everybody to unveil their various lists of the best records of the year, so here is the unveiling of the first part of my lists. This week’s show features a countdown of my 20 favorite reissues, box sets, live albums, compilations, and tribute albums of 2023. Look for a similar countdown of my 40 favorite new albums of the year in two weeks.

But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the “52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks” series. Once again, we’re opening and closing the show with covers of the classic. The opening version is by Superchunk leader Mac McCaughan, recorded live on May 16, 2015. The closing remake is by a Canadian band called 63 Monroe who released a couple of EP’s and singles back in the early 80’s.

Like I do every week, however, I must again plead with y’all for more versions of “Teenage Kicks”. If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!

To see the actual countdown, please head to

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Redox #365 – Waitress In The Sky (Live at Maxwell’s)

 Originally Published 10/29/17

Bondage, Leather, Whips, Furs, Latex, Masters and Slaves - all about Fetishes tonight!

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the record party Episode 028

Tearing it up again with a whole mess of hillybilly music and punk rock. Pull up your drinking pants and get it on.
Get on it.

The Termites | Kicked In The Teeth | FTW(Crazy Love Records)2008

Hillbilly Casino | Three Step Windup | Stop Drop And Roll(Self Release)2008
The Tremors | Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud | (Old Fashioned) Hillbilly Feud(Brain Drain Records)2014
Furious | Wreck The Hoose Juice | Hang Your Head(Cut Throat)2010
Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers | Rockability | Get Yourself A Band(Charly Records)1976
Henry & The Bleeders | Out Of Luck, Out Of Cash, Out On Bail | King Of The Binge Drinkers(Western Star Recordings)2009
Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Let the Devil In | Intoxalock Rock(Self Release)2017

The Quakes | New Generation | New Generation(Nervous Records)1993
The Rusty Robots | Into The Abyss With... | Mary Perkins(Razmataz Records)2020
The Test Pilots | Urban Mirage | Ten Long Years(Western Star Recording)2017
The Nevrotix | Light & Shade | Parallel World(Crazy Love Records)2023
As Diabatz | Nightmares In Red | Nightmares In Red(Drunkabilly Records)2018
Krewmen | Into The Tomb | Solid Gold Easy Action(Lost Moment Records)1987

Surf Rats | Straight Between The Eyes | Plutonium Mind Shock(Lost Moment Records)1989
The Epileptic Hillbillys | Insanity | Gonna Count The Days I'm Gone(Western Star Recordings)2012
Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Hornets Nest(Nervous Records)1986
The Kings Of Outer Space | Cosmic Debris | Nature Or Nurture(Western Star Recording)2010
Memphis Morticians | Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs | Bury You Now, Dig You Later(Kaiser Records)2006
The Legendary Shack Shakers | Swampblood | Old Spur Line(Yep Roc Records)2007

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Cookin' Up A Party | The Monkey Beat(Dirty Water Records)2013
Kings Of Nuthin' | Fight Songs | Fight Songs For Fuck-Ups(Disaster Records)2002
Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Till The End | Dead Man Walking(Crazy Love Records)2011
Screamers & Sinners | Demon Tales | Fire In My Head(Self Release)2015
Gutter Demons | Enter The Demonz | Haunted Lake(Pirate Records)2003
Voodoo Zombie | Voodoo Zombie | Manicomio(Crazy Love Records)2008

The Muslims | MAYO SUPREME | Fuck The Cistem(Don't Panic Records)2019
NOBRO | LALA Single | LALA(Self Release)2019
Mr. Dinkles | What Happens When You Smoke Dr Ug | I Thought You Were A Lesbian(Self Release)2022
Fea | Fea | You Can't Change Me(Blackheart Records)2016
The Vee Bees | Fair Dinkum Rock 'n' Roll & Get It In Ya & More | Hey Mate(Ocker Records)2007
Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Starfire 500(Rough Trade)2019

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Stuff n stuff.

Redox #364 – Hayday (Live at Maxwell’s)

 Originally Published 10/22/23

Feeling Satisfied tonight with some stuff from The Who, The Stones and The Hories!

Here's the Playlist:

Feelin' Satisfied
Don't Look Back

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Guitar Wolf
Planet Of The Wolves

The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986

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Redox #363 – Otto

 Originally Published 10/15/17

Crazy, Psychotic, Wacked - aren't we all.  That is the subject tonight - plus a little Nicholson.

Here's the Playlist:
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Redox #362 – Take Me Down To The Hospital (Live)

 Originally Published 10/8/17

Yes, an Icon has passed and eight years have passed since the start of this little show.  I celebrate both tonight.....

Here's the Playlist:

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The Ledge #597: More Replacements Tributes

Two weeks ago, I put together a show centered around seven different tribute records celebrating The Replacements. A couple of days after that episode was released I was contacted by a fan who noted that I had missed a couple of these sorts of records. After a bit of scrambing, I discovered that indeed I forgot all about some great fan-based compilatons.

Yes, that’s the beauty of tonight’s selections. These three records were unofficial collections of musicians that had come together via online fan boards. The first such set, Cover Me Impressed – Alt.Music.Replacements Tribute, is pretty self-explanatory collection of tunes compiled by a popular usenet group in 2002. The other two tributes, Bring Your Own Lampshade (2005) and Dead Man Fake: Bring Your Own Lampshade 2 (2009), came together through contributors on the wonderful Man Without Ties message board, and include both solo and band tracks written by Paul Westerberg. Highlighting both of those compilatons are tracks by our old friend Jeremy Porter. 

Besides a handful of recently acquired tunes, the rest of tonight’s show features tracks from two fabulous new Cherry Red Records box sets, Looking For The Magic: American Power Pop In The Seventies and Into Tomorrow: The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000. Cherry Red always excels at these types of compilations, and these two are no exception.

As for this week’s “52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks”, I’ve again opened and closed my show with entries. The show commences with a version by the veteran Irish band The Frank and Walters, and closes with UK pop-punkers Busted. 

Like I do every week, however, I must again plead with y’all for more versions of “Teenage Kicks”. If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!

For more info, including setlists, head to

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #594

December 6th, 2023. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #594 – TONIGHT…..Dion Lunadon stops by to promote his new rekkid and NYC release show at TV Eye! We go LIVE!! every Wednesday night at 10pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

Dion Lunadon – Diamond Sea

Motorbike – Throttle
Motorbike – Off I Sped
Motorbike – Motorbike

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Hasn’t it all been said already?