Gone Mental Episode 162

Another hour of the best rocknroll in the world. Pure greatness from The Mutilators, Delta Bombers, Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones, Gutter Demons, Mojo Nixon and more. Plus this week we add Torment's Psyclops Carnival to The List. Git it.

The Mutilators | Psychotic Boogaloo | Dead Girls Don't Say No(Self Release)2010
The Delta Bombers | The Delta Bombers | Lock The Door(Wild Records)2014
Tommy & The Big Tones | Psychomania Magazine | Rocking the Show Tonight(Psychomania Magazine)2011
Mac Curtis | Blue Jean Heart | Goosebumps(Charly R&B)1991
Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones | Luckmaker | Whiskey Pick(Self Release)2014
Hillbilly Casino | Sucker Punched | Way Past Gone(Self Release)2007
Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys | Moonshine, Murder & Poultricide | Wrong Kind Of Guy(Self Release)2011
Manic Pistoleros | Silver Bullet | Tequila Song(Self Release)2011
The Monster Klub | Drink With The Devil | Blood Room(Raucous Records)2005
Gutter Demons | Room 209 | Dead Man Walking(Pirates Records)2005
Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Death Trail(Nervous Records)1986
Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Head Driven Sinner(Nervous Records)1986
Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Psyclops Carnival(Nervous Records)1986
Lonesome Kings | Shotgun Full of Blues | Just Call Me Master(Emerald City Sounds)2003
Grave Stompers | Funeral Suite | Hail! Hell Rock'n'roll(Crazy Love Records)1999
The Termites | Kicked In The Teeth | Planet Orbitron(Crazy Love Records)2008
Mojo Nixon | !Sock Ray Blue! | You Can't Buy Cool(Shanachie)1999

014 – GASH | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles speak with Tibbie X and Stephxecutioner of the Philadelphia, PA-based S&M punkers, GASH, via telephone from their new rehearsal space. Tibbie explains why the band switched directions with their previous drummer and how all fetishists are welcome - even their own bass player, who is a “furry”. Bobby inquires to what the women’s feet look like, and trying to feign his interest, deflects that he wants to gift Tibbie’s smelly socks to Bob for his upcoming birthday. Bobby admits to being glad the two didn’t have to talk to the guys in the band. 


Bob declares himself a pirate and has the tattoo to prove it! While Bobby delivers the latest news about Blink 182, Bob delivers his thoughts about Matt Skiba and pre-pubescent 13-year old boys. Then, displaying a true lack of class, Bob busts on Bobby’s mom.

While talking about an Israeli band in the news called Sweatshop Boys, Bobby asks if Bob has ever heard of Krav Maga, the self-defense system developed for the Israeli military. Bob reports that he could figure it out by watching YouTube videos, which is obviously where he gains most of his knowledge. 

Bobby wonders aloud why so many Swiss punk bands record/perform in English, to which Bob assures him that he could have an easy conversation with the natives. Bob is obviously ignorant to the fact that English is not one of the four national languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Talk turns to DAMN BROADS’ slick, new music video for their song “Nature of the Game”. Bobby mentions the juxtaposition of the broads’ red lipstick against the black and white images. Like a true cynic, Bob states: “People can do anything with their GoPros these days.”

Bobby takes to heart the lyrics on a track by UK punkers Wonk Unit, promising to buy more band merch and music whenever he gets the chance. Conversation turns to “political season” - the recent rioting in Baltimore and the earthquakes in Nepal, then Bobby declares that there needs to be more positivity in the White House. Bob mentions a recent poll on asking about the site’s new layout. What do you think of the new DS layout?

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #233


April 29, 2015. New stuff from Anti Flag, Teenage Bottlerocket, The DeRellas and The Queers/ANTAGONIZERS ATL split from Sexy Baby Records! We also scoped out tunes from the bands on the upcoming Fat Wreck Chords is 25 tour!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 243: Heaven and Hell

Taking on religion this time around. Heaven, hell, jesus, satan, angels, devils, etc. Get sacrilicious with me!  

DftUnderground Episode 261


DJ Grace of Spades gets down to talk about LOVE SO NICE and the dos and don't of the DJ struggle, then we try to get some perspective on the devastating earthquake in Nepal

S3 Episode 12 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

In the last espisode of the TNSrecords punk podcast Ben and Pete from ACiD DROP return from Manchester Punk Festival and share some of their highlights from the weekend. Recorded the Sunday of the weekend the pair seem remarkably chipper despite their heavy hangovers! This week they play tracks by Vanilla Pod, The Skints, The Roughneck Riot, Captain Hotknives, Boycott The Baptist, Almeida and many many more. Tune in, turn up there’s music in them there phones.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

Vanilla Pod – Deaf Lugs
The Skints – Taser Beam
The Roughneck Riot – Resistance
The Dead Class – Horrorshow
Captain Hotknives – Buckfast
Holiday – Isolation Is a Lonely Place to be
Sally – Doggers
The Afternoon Gentlemen – Swirl Night
The Afternoon Gentlemen – Grindcorpse
Boycott The Baptist – Welcome the Noose
Almeida – Tureqt Fureg
Revenge of The Psychotronic Man – Another Way
The Human Project – At What Point
Slagerij – Set It Off
Wobbly Bob – Suit Up
Tim Loud – The Other Guy
Joe Yorke – Nation Non-The-Wiser

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 239

Another sonic assault is coming at you! This time I've lined up some punk, thrash, hip-hop, speed, classic rock, alternative, a couple of covers and two tracks from Paper+Plastik's spring sampler. Oh, and a song by Goo Goo Dolls before they started to suck.

The Big Takeover Show – Number 14 – April 27, 2015

New music from Bob Pollard, Wire, Ron Sexsmith and much more!

Live Ledge #195: Record Store Day

Host Scott Hudson shares some of his Record Store Day haul, along with a discussion on the latest Replacements’ shows!

013 – The Regressives | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob and Bobby speak with Joe Piglet - frontman for New York City punk act, The Regressives. After two years in the making, the group has just released their self-titled debut record - which The Bobs give two grubby little thumbs up. Bobby and Joe discover that they used to live in the same neighborhood on Staten Island, which Bobby deems a cesspool. Not to be outdone, Bob admits to living in an “Historic District” of Tampa, surrounded by low-income housing and plush, manicured lawns. 

The Bobs discuss their very first quarterly review, which just so happens to land appropriately on lucky episode number thirteen. After a well-deserved tongue lashing by Dying Scene Chief Editor, Johnny X, the pair devise some ways of making the show more entertaining and professional, and boost job confidence. Bob, the consummate sycophant, adapts quickly to the recent revamp of the Dying Scene website, and proclaims his admiration for all the changes. 

Some of the topics reported herein, include, but are not limited to the following: Millencolin streaming “True Brew” in its entiretyMillencolin release third and final “making of” video – “The True Brew Story Part 3: The Artwork”Tim Armstrong to narrate “Under The Influence” series exploring origins of NY Hardcore, 2Tone Ska and Krautrock scenesNo Idea Records announce a bunch of new releases (Hot Water Music/Small Brown Bike reissues, new Ship Thieves and more)Weezer stream previously unreleased song “Everybody Needs Salvation” and Bob admits to allowing his twelve year old daughter to ghost program the music playlists most weeks; Social Distortion announce North American tour, performing self-titled album in fullDanzig announce tour with Pennywise and Cancer BatsFlogging Molly announce 2016 “Salty Dog Cruise” ft. Rancid, Frank Turner, Fishbone, and moreAgnostic Front release music video for “A Wise Man”.

Millencolin - Egocentric Man
The Sound Collapse - Bad Night For Bingo
Clipwing - Watch Me For The Changes
The Briggs - Seriously, How Old Are You
Red City Radio - Rest Easy
The Regressives - Interview Pt 1
The Regressives - Lt. Pigott (We Salute You)
The Nailheads - Guinea Pig
Agnostic Front - A Wise Man
Tom DeLonge - Circle-Jerk Pit
Avenues - Creeper
Legendary Divorce - Easy

This week’s sponsor is FAT ENZO.

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 013


A very strange mix this week but all to celebrate episode #13

A Pony Named Olga – 666-13
Red Fang – Number Thirteen
Soilent Green – Thirteen Days A Weak
The Accüsed – 13 Letters
Johnny Cash – Thirteen
The Legendary Tiger Man – Thirteen [Danzig] – Mafalda Nascimento
Avail – Sanctuary 13
NOFX – 13 Stitches
Adolescents – Formula 13
Black Flag – Room 13
D.O.A – 13
The Dwarves – 13 Stories High
Burning Streets – 13 Hours
Chesty Malone And The Slice’em Ups – 13 Killers
Spoiler NYC – Lucky 13
Guitar Wolf – Jet13
“Demons” – Clock strikes 13
The Hypnophonics – Outpost 13
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Thirteen Crimes

wtwb logo new

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 48

itunes pic
Link Davis- Bon Ton Roulet Ohio Noise Machine- Dangerous Freedom The Real Kids- Can't Talk To That Girl The Gants- Bad Boy The M-80's- 100 proof MC-5- Shakin' Street The Lyres- High On Yourself The Mooney Suzuki- A Little Bit Of Love Wild Flag- Boom Lost Bayou Ramblers- Croche Born Loose- Move Along Johnny Horton- Battle Of New Orleans Billy Gant- White Trash Crack Whore 911 Pilots- Already Dead Big Bobby & The Nightcaps- Alcoholic Suicide Charlie Feathers- Wild Wild Party The Swingin' Neckbreakers- She's Got It Bootscraper- Captain Gin vs. Victory Gin The Bottle Babies- Don't Give A Damn The Carter Administration- These Boots Are Made For Knockin'

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #232


April 22, 2015. Back at it this week LIVE with some killer new stuff! New stuff by Dead Man Walking, Wyldlife and some killer Record Store Day scores from D Generation, The Replacements and OFF!. A set of songs celebrating their 25th anniversary this year along with some rockabilly Clash! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 242: Girls 3

The 3rd installment of the Girls show- songs with the names of girls/women/ladies in their title. Been a while since I’ve done one.

It’s A Backlog!

This week we aired a very special “420” show and won’t be doing a Thursday airing but here is the past few weeks of casts that aired on

MoronBros Return Ep 4

MoronBros Return Ep 5

MoronBros Return Ep 6

MoronBros Return Ep7

MoronBros Return Ep 8

A 420 Special Moron Bros

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S3 Episode 11 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

In this week’s episode Moz and Mike discuss Rolf Harris, the Yorkshire Ripper, gambling theories, some things we’d rather not put in print, and some much needed views on the band The The. They also have a better microphone this time.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

 Nosebleeds – You Make Me Wanna Scream
Clean Shirts – Leech
Randy – Win or Lose
Oi Polloi – Skinhead
The Kirkz – Enemies
King Kurt – Oedipus Rex
Atom & His Package – Does Anyone Else In This Room Want To Marry His or Her Own Grandmother?
Ruts DC – Mighty Soldier
The Skints – This Town
Harijan – Curriculum Vitae
Old Radio – Them & Us
System Paralysis – Warning

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. Next week’s show will be brought to you by Ben & Pete. Please get in touch via our facebook page or email if you would like to send us some tunes to play. Stay tuned.

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 238

Well rested after a 4-day weekend and all fired up to give you an earful of punk, death metal, classic rock, garage and a lovely ditty from a certain Sinatra. My computer is slowly dying on me, but spring is in the air in this part of the world so it's not all bad. Hope you like the show!

KPunk 128

The soundtrack to a thunderstorm.
1.     Riverboat Gamblers - Blue Ghosts
2.     Dead Mechanical - Sidewalks
3.     Unwelcome Guests - Slippery Strings
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The Big Takeover Show – Number 13 – April 20, 2015

On this week's show, Jack spins British Invasion gems from the Bee Gees, The Beatles, The Who, and The Small Faces, plus new music from The Monochrome Set, Buzzcocks, and more!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #267 – 20th Century Boy

Caveman Rock this week - Lotsa T. Rex, some Frantic Flintstones and a dash of Dinosaur Jr.

The Slider
T. Rex
The Slider

Get Outta My Cave
Young Fresh Fellows
The Men Who Loved Music

20th Century Boy
The Replacements
Let It Be '84 [Expanded & Remastered 2008]

Cretin Hop
Rocket To Russia

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Gone Mental Episode 161

More of the best featuring Reverend Horton Heat, Krewmen, Polecats, Toment, The Deltas, Elvis Hitler and more. Git it. Reverend Horton Heat | Revival | Revival(Yep Roc Records)2004 The Termites | Overload | Long Time Now(Link Records)1990 The Meteors | Undead Unfriendly And Unstoppable | My Kinda Rockin'(Anagram Records)1989 Krewmen | Into The Tomb | Curse Of The Pharaohs(Lost Moment Records)1987 Coffin Nails | Wreckers Yard | Ooh Aah(Greystone Records)1997 Toxaemia | Invasion Of The Rubber Dolls | All Alone(Jungle Noise)1990 Guana Batz | Undercover | You're My Baby(Anagram Records)1995 The Polecats | The Best Of The Polecats | Make A Circuit With Me(Cleopatra Records)1999 Southern Culture On The Skids | Plastic Seat Sweat | Dance For Me(Telstar Records)1997 The Caravans | Saturday Nite's Alright | Pretty Picture(Crazy Love Records)1999 Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Leap The Frog(Nervous Records)1986 Rantanplan | Two Worlds At Once | Rantanplan(Link Records)1990 The Waltons | Goin' Rodeo-This Is The Waltons | Knock Him Dead(Korea)1987 The Rattlers | Never Say Die | She's The One(Nervous Records)1989 The Deltas | Boogie Disease | Temperature(Nervous Records)1981 The Pharaohs | Blue Egyptian | Cry(Diablo Records)2014 Splatter | ...From Hell To Eternity | I'm Dropping Out(Sector 2 Records)1994 Elvis Hitler | Disgraceland | Ten Wheels For Jesus(Restless Records)1988 Deadbolt | Shrunken Head | Hank Watson Stalks The Earth(Headhunter Records)1994

INVASION III: Recap and Update


Photo by Taylor Winkel

Holy moly, what a fun night!

Thank you to all the folks who helped put the third Zorch Invasion together! Cheers and beers to Slim’s Last Chance Saloon for hosting the event again (and for the Chile Verde!). The weather was dry and warm for Seattle, which made their patio a perfect addition.

Tin Foil Cat played an amazing set which included a cover of The Devil Makes Three’s “Old Number 7.” It wasn’t until after their set and talking with vocalist/bassist Everdoom that it was only four months ago when they were playing their first gig, here at Slim’s. Time flies, right?

Marieke and the Go Get ‘Em Boys tore it up afterwards with their Seattle brand of revved up rockabilly. The magical part of MatGGeB, is not only Johnny’s perfect guitar tone, but also the passion that each of them have for the honest rock and roll. In my book, the best bands love the music they produce, and boy do they sell it!

Shortly after Marieke and the Go Get ‘Em Boys left the stage, the sound of air raid sirens filled the venue, leading to the entrance of Seattle splatterbilly band Raw Dogs. Tall colored hair, bloody face paint, halloween decorations all over the stage and a unique stomp-box lighting fixture were all included in their ultra-heavy set. Possibly my favorite part of their performance was FRANKFURT, their werewolf hype-man.

It was also my first time deejaying and emceeing a gig of our own, and I gotta say, it felt right. It was a long night of cueing up records, but that’s nuthin compared to some of those all dayer car shows in the summer. I gotta say my favorite part of the night was when Meteors “Mutant Rock” was spinning, and Johnny Moon comes up, looks at the record says “Who is this? Is this Demented?” I wasn’t sure if he was pulling my leg or not, and show him the sleeve. Mooney says “Oh yeah! That guy invited me to record in his church a while back. I didn’t go.” HA! Best three sentence story I ever heard!

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012 – Cock Sparrer, Pears | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob Noxious interviews New Orleans punk rock darlings, Pears, and Bobby Pickles interviews Cock Sparrer (Pronounced: SPERRA in American) prior to their first NYC show in 15 years. Fresh off a one week hiatus, the two Bobs don’t miss a beat with two interesting conversations, plus Bobby makes a total ass out of himself by mispronouncing the band’s name consistently throughout their entire exchange - watch the Full Video HERE


Bob admits to being a true consumer, planning to visit at least three record stores on Saturday’s coveted Record Store Day. Bobby has an iPhone with plenty of MP3s at his grubby little fingertips. Bob collects punk records that he doesn’t listen to and Bobby has old opera records, which belonged to his grandfather. 

News of two untimely deaths in the punk rock world inspires Bob to start yet another punk rock death pool. Bobby bets on Cock Sparrer because they’re so bloody old, then Bob bets on Pears, so he can also bet on the band he interviewed this week.

Wrapped in full USA colors, Bob declares that Pears has the most awesome tour van ever! The brash complement quickly devolves to talk of farts, feet and gas milage. From their humble beginnings to their affiliation with Off With Their Heads, Pears just may be “the last great hope of punk rock” but Bob doubts that seriously. 

Bobby gets schooled by Cock Sparrer on the actual pronunciation of their name, then continues to butcher it. Bobby displays not a hint of becoming a "Proper Cockney Hooligan" anytime soon. Bobby also mispronounces the last name of lead singer Colin McFaull. All of this with a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of Florida. Bobby openly admits his love of Bud Light to two right Englishmen who enjoy drinking beers from all across God's green globe.  

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Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 47

itunes pic
The Makers- Let Him Try Red Stick Ramblers- Lay Down In The Grass The Nightcaps- Mojo Man The Rousers- Rock n Roll or Run The Cynics- Love Me Now The Fuzztones- Actions Speak Louder Than Words The Dirtbombs- Wreck My Flow DMZ- Borderline Graveyard- Evil Ways The Gories- Stormy The A-Bones- Shallow Grave Todd Snider- In Between Jobs Supersuckers- Rock Your Ass The Creeps- Just What I Need The Creeping Ivies- Ramona Wolf Lucero- Banks Of The Arkansas The Snails- Dancing With The Zombies The Flaming Sideburns- Stripped Down

The Final Break Up – White Trash Whiskey Bent 012

Saying Goodbye to someone you Love is Hard… Goodbye to Adria…. Last break Up show I will every do…

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

Face To Face – Disconnected
Fugazi – Bad Mouth
Plow United – A Beautiful Love Song
Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice
Eddy Current Supression Ring – Which Way To Go
The Hex Dispensers – Lose My Cool
The New Bomb Turks – Cryin’ In The Beer Of A Drunk Man
Supersuckers – She Is Leaving
Social Distortion – Ball And Chain
Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Circle Jerks – Don’t Care
Fear – I Don’t Care About You
Hank Williams lll – Gone But Not Forgotten
Tim Barry – This November
The .357 String Band – Down on a Bender
Agnostic Front – Never Walk Alone
Wisdom In Chains – Get To Steppin’
Blood For Blood – So Common, So Cheap
Call Me Bronco – Four Shots


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Rock N Roll Manifesto 241

Tributes to Joey Ramone and Percy Sledge and a ton of other killer tunes.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #231


April 15, 2015. It was good to be back live! I played lots of band submitted tunes, a set of classics and a set remembering Joey Ramone! R.I.P. Joey. Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Dispatches from the Underground – Episode 260

Todd “The Rod” from Propagandhi gets down to talk about how Propagandhi comes up with the songs they come up with - from writing riffs to how they come up with their lyrical content, then Todd and Joey talk about the Middle East, from Palestine to Syria. 

S3 Episode 10 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week’s show is brought to you by the guys from TNSrecords. Bev & Andy play tunes from bands playing Manchester Punk Festival on the weekend. They really didn’t talk about a lot but somehow managed to fill the whole hour. Basically, buy your Manchester Punk Festival tickets to reduce their stress levels and everyone will be happy.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

The Filaments – Once In A While
Creeper – Gloom
Apologies, I Have None – The 26
Vanilla Pod – Best Intentions
Jankem – Internal Warfare
Fair Do’s – Innurendo
The Human Project – At What Point
Casual Nausea – Benefits Benefit No One
Burning From The Inside – Only Death Can Kill Me
Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathedral‏ – Gravy Fat Hands
Faintest Idea – Mutual Aid
The Cut Ups – These Bones Were Built On Rice
No///se – The Little Things You Love To Hate
G.L.O.S.S. – G.L.O.S.S (We’re From The Future)

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 237

Back with a mixed bag after my 2nd dip into the sonic ocean of blood last week. I've lined up some garage, punk, sludge, a top notch lady crooner, deep cuts from the Seventies and some six string noodling by a Swedish guitar god. Enjoy!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #266 – Couldn’t Wait

Waiting - we all hate it - here's some music to get ya through!

The Playlist:

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 12 – April 13, 2015

A new single from Robert Pollard is just one of the many musical delights awaiting you this week!

Gone Mental Episode 160

Doing it again as we do it every week. Episode 160 bringing brand new greatness from The Sonics plus some of the best rocknroll on earth from The Arkhams, Krewmen, Luna Vegas, Southern Culture On The Skids, Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats and more. Git it. The Arkhams | Road To Arkham | Bulldog(Analog Arkives)2009 The Sonics | Here Are The Sonics | Have Love Will Travel(Etiquiette Records)1965 The Sonics | Boom | Shot Down(Etiquiette Records)1966 The Sonics | This Is The Sonics | Sugaree(Revox Records)2015 Krewmen | Singled Out | Long Legged Girl(Lost Moment Records)1994 Tazmanian Devils | Wrecktime | Creatures From Outer Space(Razmataz Records)2007 The Sharks | The Best Of The Sharks | Mudman(Cherry Red)2003 The Meteors | Teenagers From Outer Space | Blue Sunshine(Big Beat Records)1986 Luna Vegas | Strange Men Weird Women | Swamp Surf(Western Star)2008 Stressor | Trip To Mad City | Be My Servant(Crazy Love Records)2012 Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Train To Paradise | Gimme Rock N' Roll(Self Release)2013 Southern Culture On The Skids | Dirt Track Date | Whole Lotta Things(Telstar Records)1995 The Legendary Shack Shakers | Believe | County Of Graves(Yep Roc Records)2004 Asmodeus | Diggin Up The King | Secrets(Count Orlok Music)1998 The Monster Klub | Act II | Rox7(NOCO)2000 Lonesome Kings | Shotgun Full of Blues | Nothin' for Me(Emerald City Sounds)2003 Blue Demon | Shot To Ruin | I'm A Mess(Mimashima Records)2006

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 46

itunes pic
The Sonics- Living In Chaos The Sonics- I Got Your Number The Sonics- You Can't Judge A Book The Sonics- I Don't Need No Doctor The Sonics- Save The Planet Feufollet- Tired Of Your Tears 13th Floor Elevators- Postures (Leave Your Body Behind) The Stooges- Dirt Lucero- Anjalee The Swingin' Neckbreakers- Take Your Life The Saints- I'm Stranded Bohannons- Black Cross, Black Shield The Sonics- Be A Woman

Live Ledge #194: Track 4

A simple premise – everything played tonight is the fourth track of the album they appeared on!

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 011

Didn’t really mean to have a themed show but thats kinda what you are getting….

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

NOFX – I’ve Got One Jealous Again, Again
Against Me! – Even At Our Worst We’re Still Better Than Most (The Roller)
The Bronx – I Got Chills
Rancid – Collision Course
Adolescents – Nothing Left to Say
Svetlanas – Go Fuck You Self
Teenage Bottlerocket – Can’t Quit You
Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain
Fugazi – Burning Too
Baboon – Save Me
River City Tanlines – I’m A Damn Dog
The Venomous Pinks – No No No
The Sharp Lads – The Kids Don’t Want No Rock’n’Roll
54 Nude Honeys – No Way
Guitar Wolf – UFO Romantics
Broken Aris – This Is The Last One
The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

2015-04-07 21.49.22


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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #230


April 8, 2015. Tonight’s show had lots if new tunes! New tunes from The Sonics, BITERS, Glenn Robinson, Teenage Bottlerocket, Svetlanas, The Sharp Lads, John No Arms, Dirt Box Disco, Long Lasting Train and more! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 240

Ricky C Quartet, No Tomorrow Boys and Born Loose, and that’s just one set. New tracks from the Sonics and some classics as well.  

S3 Episode 9 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

It’s already the 9th episode of the TNS punk podcast and we have gone weekly! This is the first episode from our new set of presenters Ricky, Matt, Mike and Scott. You can listen to them drink some homemade wine whilst discussing stories from festivals to prepare for the up coming festival season. This also played some tunes.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

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DftUnderground Episode 259

Writer Steve Cuffari is back to talk about his stories and the creative process on the first part of the episode, and on the second part Christine Kim joins us to talk about the new TV show "Fresh Off the Boat"

Jake’s Inferno Episode 236 – If You Want Blood part II

Here's part two of songs with the word blood ín the title. Bit of hardcore, punk, death metal, thrash, alternative, glam and goth on the show. Oh, and Ozzy of course! Hope you enjoy this special.

The Big Takeover Show – Number 11 – April 6, 2015

On this week’s show, Jack spins an eclectic selection of great music old and new!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #265 – City Lights On Mars

It's an Attack From Mars!  on yer eardrums.... with some Chris Mars, Mars Needs Woman, The Cramps and The Stray Cats.

Here's the Playlist:

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Gone Mental Episode 159

More of the best rocknroll on earth with greatness from Graveyard Johnnys, The Peacocks, The Tombstones, As Diabatz, a set from Wild Records and more. Git it. Kings Of Nuthin' | Old Habits Die Hard | The List(People Like You)2010 Graveyard Johnnys | Streetblocks & City Lights | Hailing You(Let It Rock! Productions)2008 Aces & Eights | Aces & Eights | Sweet Lenard(Raucous Records)2008 The DeadCats | Bucket O' Love | Goin' Down To Memphis(Flying Saucer Records)1996 The Cremators | The New Breed | A Man With A Plan(Heptown Records)2012 The Peacocks | It's Time For The Peacocks | I Wanna Be A Cop Too(Crazy Love Records)2004 Starlite Wranglers | Devil's Wheels | Rumble(Crazy Love Records)2004 The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | Manifestation(Brain Drain Records)2004 Angry Johnny & The Killbillies | What's So Funny? | Kill Again(Tar Hut Records)1998 The Tombstones | Twang From the Grave Volume 2 | Graveyard Blues(ALTCO Recordings)2013 The Meteors | The Mutant Monkey & the Surfers from Zorch | Swamp Thing(Anagram Records)1988 As Diabatz | 1St Degree Crazy Psychos | Cannibal Girl From Outer Space(Drunkabilly Records)2012 Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Uncle Sam(Nervous Records)1986 Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | Won't You Love Me(Wild Records)2010 The Delta Bombers | Wolf | Who Are You?(Wild Records)2012 Omar Romero | Hog Wild | Rebel Girl-Half Loved(Wild Records)2006 Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys | Storming the Gates | Drinkin' Me Dead(Self Release)2007

Live Ledge #193: New Releases

Another month, another show of nothing but brand new music!

011 – Tartar Control | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, The Bobs interview South Central Los Angeles-based comedy punk rock band Tartar Control - a three-piece comprised of two Mormon missionaries and a robot. Bob and Bobby host a cordial discussion with Sean (Guitar/Angelic Singing), Robert (Screaming) and Robot (Bass/Drums) about the origin of their band and humanity alike, their insanely hilarious YouTube videos, and their new record, “We Forgive You”, which drops on April 6th.  


Bobby admits to being a “pro wrestling dork” as a child growing up in a region chock-full of household wrestling names. Bobby recalls watching the 90’s romance classic, Sleepless In Seattle, in the same movie theatre as Hulk Hogan.

Bobby teaches Bob a new word: Sycophant. Bob makes generalizations about Canadians, then references Avril Lavigne and her useless husbands.

Bobby attempts to convert Tartar Control to Scientology, arguing that robots and aliens go hand-in-hand. Bob compares Mormon uniforms to the garb painters traditionally wear, then humblebrags about recently meeting Andrew WK. Sean and Robert discuss the challenges of traveling with a robot, sharing one of their fun experiences with the TSA.

Bob disrespects the memory of both Jim Morrison and Joey Ramone. Bobby mentions his “Lizard King” tattoo. Then, Bob reveals to the world that Bobby Pickles began his rise to prominence in 2013 when he appeared on the TLC reality series “America’s Worst Tattoos”. 

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #229


April 1, 2015. Two-fers! All two-fers on tonight’s show! Two songs from the same band from the same album! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 239

Remembering Marvin Gaye and Jeffrey Lee Pierce, some new Teenage Bottlerocket and that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg.

Dispatches from the Underground – Episode 258

Scott Sturgeon of Leftover Crack, SFH, & Choking Victim gets down to talk about staying principled in an unprincipled world, and keeping your sense of humor in an unfunny world, oh, and we talk about Old Dirty Bastard too. 

Jake’s Inferno Episode 235

Honestly folks, when was the last time you heard Antiseen, Chris Isaak and Vains of Jenna on the same podcast? Mingle-mangle such as this is all too common on the Inferno and I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

S3 Episode 8 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

Ben and Pete off of ACiD DROP play out tunes that have pricked up their ears over the past month. They also discuss the morals behind cutting Scotch Eggs in half prior to eating, tracks from Manchester Punk Festival Bands and provide obituaries for bands who have decided to call it a day.

This episode features The Dead Class, Faintest Idea, Matilda’s Scoundrels an exclusive track from Nosebleed, Murderburgers, Franceens and many many more. Get your choons to if you would like to feature in the next Podcast. Make yourself a Horlicks, grab you ear buds, touch play and, in the parlance of our times…it’s fuckin choons time.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 10 – March 30, 2015

It’s show Number 10! This week Jack spins new music from Wire, The Urinals, a new retrospective of The Reducers’ last recordings, and so much more, we can’t even!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday # 264 – MPLS (Live at the Pantages Theatre 11-7-2004)

It's the Sixth Annual Wine show - yes, 2015 was a fine Vintage.  Cheers, Paul!  But I thought you liked Red Wine????

Here's the Playlist:
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2010 Tre Nova Ripasso

Uncorked a bottle from the Tre Nova Brand - a 2010 Ripasso Red.  Brought this back with me from my recent trip to Walla Walla, Washington.  Tasted through some of the reds on offer at the tasting room in downtown Walla Walla and this one struck me as wonderfully intense and the story behind the making of the wine is just as intense.

This wine is made in the traditional Venetian style of Ripasso, where the freshly fermented wine is passed back through the dried lees and skins to give it a bit more body.  The winemaker tells us that the 2010 vintage lees developed some Botrytis, which yielded a bit more glycerin in the finished wine.  This leads to a great mouth feel and I have to agree - smooth smooth smooth.  In the nose, I'm getting a bit of chocolate and the taste is a fine mix of dried and fresh red fruit.  Creamy finish - this should go great with the Tiramisu we have planned for dessert and the BBQ short ribs that will be hitting the grill soon,


Tre Nova on the Facebook machine ----->  Italian Style Wine - American Soil

Wild Walla Walla Wine Women ----- >  Three out of Three Stars 

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Gone Mental Episode 158

The Tremors, The Cramps, Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Radiacs, Deadbolt and more. Another hour of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Fred Wolff Combo | If It Ain't A Hit, I'll Eat My... Baby | Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night(Zu-Zazz Records)1996 The Tremors | Demon Boogie Fever | Black Cat Blues(Brain Drain Records)2011 The Cramps | Stay Sick! | Jailhouse Rock(Enigma Records)1990 The Meteors | Sewertime Blues/ Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit | Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit(Anagram Records)1989 The Epileptic Hillbilly's | Tales From The Underworld | Right To Death(Crazy Love Records)2011 The Chills | Something To Die For | Voodoo Party(Western Star)2010 Radiacs | Hellraiser | Radiac Drive(Link Records)1989 The Vincent Razorbacks | The Vincent Razorbacks | Surfin' DOA(Raucous Records)2008 Spike | Dressed In Black Storm | R&R Psycho Monsters(On The Hill Records)2004 The Monsters | Youth Against Nature | Go Away - Fuck Yourself(Voodoo Rhythm)2003 Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | Daddies Makin' Monsters(Crazy Love Records)1999 Zombie Space Pirates | | Where You Gonna Go(Self Release)2013 The Mutilators | Hot Rod Whore! | No Cure(Self Release)2003 Godless Wicked Creeps | Smile | Voodoo Girl(Lucky Seven Records)2002 Mad Trucker Gone Mad | Mad Trucker Gone Mad | Train(Crustacean Records)1997 Frantic Flintstones | Schlachthof Boogie Woogie | Holy Sisters(Link Records)1990 Deadbolt | Tijuana Hit Squad | The Day I Got My Spine Back(Headhunter Records)1996 Deadbolt | Voodoo Trucker | Billy's Dead(Headhunter Records)2000 Deadbolt | Tiki Man | Mambo Room(Headhunter Records)1994

Cheap Beer & BBQ Radio #17

itunes pic
The all-new "revamped" Cheap Beer & BBQ Radio, playing alternative classics from the '70s & '80s... Magazine-"Touch and Go" Tubeway Army-"Bombers" Alex Chilton-"Bangkok" The Bush Tetras-"Too Many Creeps" The Raincoats-"Fairytale In the Supermarket" Pointed Sticks-"Somebody's Mom" Fad Gadget-"Ricky's Hand" Yo-"Close the Curtain" The X-Teens-"Anyone Can" The Wolves-"Atta Boy, Otto!" The Verge-"Tradition" The Salvation Army-"She Turns To Flowers" The Cramps-"Journey To the Center Of the Girl" Tenpole Tudor-"Swords Of A Thousand Men" The Chords-"Maybe Tomorrow" Heathen Dan-"I Like" Nikki & the Corvettes-"Just What I Need" The B-52's-"Devil In My Car"

Live Ledge #192: Trio In a Row

Completing a trio of shows, tonight’s playlist features nothing but three consecutive classic tracks in a row.

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 010

This week it was short sweet and to the point!! Punk Rock n’ Roll….

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

Fucked Up – The Great Divide
Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker
The Lawrence Arms – The Redness In The West
Jawbreaker – Tour Song
Riverboat Gamblers – The Ol’ Smash And Grab
The Heart Attacks – You Oughtta’ Know By Now
The Exploding Hearts – Sniffin’ Glue
The Gits – Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human
The Short Fuses – Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens
Lunachicks – Binge + Purge
replacements – kick your door down
Joy Division – Warsaw
Wire – 12XU
The Gloryholes – Immune To You
River City Tanlines – Devil Made Me Do It
White Wires – Did You Forget My Name
The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom
High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down
The Marked Men – Blew My Head
Brutal Juice – Nationwide

2015-03-27 18.11.45

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Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 45

itunes pic
Toy Guitars- Hyenas The Cavestompers- Go Go Go On Stones Unturned- Baby Let Me Bang Your Box The Mosquitos- Darn Well The Bohannons- Eyewitness Blues Five Mile Smile- Boogaloo Blues Ned Van Go- Where Ya Gone Virginia The Parish Commissioners- Tell Me Your Mind Feufollet- Hole In My Heart Lost Bayou Ramblers- La Jolie Fille N'en Veut Plus De Moi The Red Stick Ramblers- Made In The Shade Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Sur Le Courtableau Joe Bonsall & The Orange Playboys- Chere Bassett Little Bob & The Lollypops- I Got Loaded The Cynics- Zombie Walk

010 – Joe Queer, Blag Dahlia | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob Noxious interviews Joe Queer, guitarist and lead singer of the legendary American punk rock band The Queers on their co-headlining ticket with The Dwarves at BackBooth in Orlando, FL. And Bobby Pickles slurs through his end of this week’s podcast drunk on whiskey. 

Dwarves’ frontman Blag Dahlia denies Noxious’ allegations of conspiracy to expel Bobby Pickles from The Bowery Electric on this two-part series concerning “some obscure dude from New York”.


Bobby asks Bob about how he got his start in radio. Bob explains his humble beginnings on a local Pirate Radio Station and growing up the son of a 70's A.M. Radio "Hot Jock" DJ.

Bobby declares, “pop-anything sucks”, including but not limited to pop-country and pop-hip-hop and pop-punk; he then continues on with a news story about Blink 182. Bob continues to be amazed that the aforementioned band remains seemingly relevant to the patrons of and quickly dismisses them.

Bob asks Joe Queer why punk rock legends are so much more accessible than the untouchable rock heroes of yesteryear. Joe tells Bob about meeting Joey Ramone and eventually working with him on his solo record. Legendary! (There’s that word again). Later, Blag baba-booeys the interview, asking Joe about "the blow and all that stuff".

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #228 – R.I.P. Roger Banal


March 25, 2015. Tonight was my memorial for my father-in-law Roger Banal. He passed one week ago. He was a good man, loved and missed by many. He liked Johnny Cash. Rest in Peace sir. Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 238

Brand new tracks from Born Loose and the No Tomorrow Boys on Houndgawd Records. Killer Diller!

Dispatches from the Underground – Episode 257

Pinto gets down again to talk about the power our words have, words we are not supposed to use, and the TV he hates

Jake’s Inferno Episode 234

Yet another ragbag of rock! Got some NWOBHM, punk, hardcore, sleaze, indie, thrash and sludge lined up to sucker punch your ears. Hope you're ready dear listener.

S3 Episode 7 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

In this stunning edition of the TNSrecords podcast, Moz and Mike try to play songs about the upcoming Manchester Punk Festival but instead spend their time discussing mentalists on public transport.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


Here is what they played:

1. Stand Out Riot – Black Widow
2. Interobang – Am I Invisible Yet?
3. The Bus Station Loonies – Fancid By People
4. Simmer – Douse
5. Wonk Unit – Idiotic Train Loony
6. White Lung – Wild Failure
7. Filaments – Bastard Coppers
8. Joe Viterbo – I Fucking Telt You (Ya Stupit Cunt)
9. Leech Bleeders – Boys Club
10. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man- Ready, Steady, Bastard!
11. Rancid – Just A Feeling
12. The Replacements – Colour Me Impressed
13. Speed Dinosaurs – I Wish I Worked Harder At School
14. Jakal – Clear As Day
15. TSOL – Code Blue
16. Dead Kennedys – Riot

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. We are now moving to a weekly show with Ricky, Matt and Scott joining the team. Stay tuned.

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KPunk 127

Something old, something new, lots of things black’n’blue.
1.     Hysterese - Useless
2.     Superchunk - Throwing Things
3.     For Science - Leeloo
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The Big Takeover Show – Number 9 – March 23, 2015

New music from Dot Dash, Wire, Juliana Hatfield, Idlewild, Joanna Gruesome, Popguns, Belle & Sebastian, and The Decemberists, plus '60s gems and more!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #263 – The Ballad Of The Opening Band

The "Unheard Music" - that you need to hear!

Hear's the Playlist:

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Laht Neppur Piper Canyon Scotch Ale

It's a wonderful Spring Day out here on the Left Coast - hitting about 71 with a couple of rain clouds passing through - love this time of year.  I've cracked open a Scotch Ale that I spirited back in my checked bags on my trip to Walla Walla Washington a few weeks back.  Survived the trip, but it won't survive the afternoon as I've got a beef brisket slowly cooking away to accompany it.

The Scotch Ale is from the Laht Neppur brewery of Waitsburg Washington.  I picked it up at the Alehouse run by the Brewery located just around the corner from my hotel room and just a few doors down from the Charles Smith Winery tasting room I spoke of last week.  Had a taste of the beer at the Alehouse and decided to bring home a 20 ouncer to enjoy later - meaning this afternoon.

Laht Neppur is Gaelic for Drink To Life and the beers at the brewery run the gamut of styles, from the Scotch Ale that I have opened to a wonderful Peach Hefeweizen with a Stout, IPA, Nut Brown and Cram Ale in between.  They have a selection on tap at the Alehouse and have a selection bottled as well.  I don't believe the bottles have been distributed down in California or in other states, but will keep an eye open for them, as I did enjoy the tasters that I had at the Alehouse.

The color is of a dark burnt brown sugar with a nutty rock candy nose.  The flavor pops right on to the tongue with nuts, brown bread and that rock candy flavor.  Warning - this one goes down smooth!


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Gone Mental Episode 157

Another hour of the good stuff. Grab episode 157 of Gone Mental featuring some of the best rocknroll on earth from The Downbeats, The Delta Bombers, Dusty Chance & The Allnighters, Henry & The Bleeders, AJ Gaither OMB, Demented Are Go and more. Plus this week we add Dypsomaniaxe's "One Too Many" to The List. The Downbeats | That'll Flat Git It | Come On Over (Baby)(Bear Family)1999 Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | Tell Me Pretty Baby(Golly Gee Records)2005 The Delta Bombers | The Delta Bombers | You Got To Lose(Wild Records)2014 Dusty Chance & The Allnighters | Savage | Drive Me Wild(Wild Records)2013 Guitar Slingers | Seven Deadly Sins | High Heel Sneakers(Diablo Records)2014 Alley Dukes | Go Back To College | She's So Flat(Flying Saucer Records)2007 Henry & The Bleeders | Out Of Luck, Out Of Cash, Out On Bail | Treat 'em Mean(Western Star)2009 Batmobile | Batmobile | Frenzy(Kix 4 U Records)1985 The Magnetix | Boo-Bop-A-Boo | Tastes Like A Martian(Crazy Love Records)2011 The KDV Deviators | Lost Contact | Screams Of The Insane(Drunkabilly Records)2012 Dypsomaniaxe | One Too Many | Bad Habit(Tombstone Records)1992 Dypsomaniaxe | One Too Many | Gambling Debts(Tombstone Records)1992 Dypsomaniaxe | One Too Many | Demon Quiff(Tombstone Records)1992 AJ Gaither OMB | Half-Lit & Whole-Hearted | Ain't Enough Whiskey(Little Class Records)2012 Kryptonix | L'appel Du Sang | Werewolf Country(Crazy Love Records)1997 Frantic Flintstones | Speed Kills | Torso(Crazy Love Records)1998 Demented Are Go | Hellbilly Storm | Someone's Out To Get Me(People Like You)2006

Live Ledge #191: More Three In a Row

The second part of three episodes where host Hudson highlights albums that featured three classic tunes in a row.

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 009

so what if I want to GAY MARRY Duane Peters… Don’t HATE on what you don’t understand!!

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

Its all about LOUD and FAST PUNK ROCK n’ ROLL!! and Also MOTTEY is COMING BACK!!! Fuck Yeah ROCK n ROLL Mother Fuckers!!!…. UGH… I need MORE WHISKEY!!!

I am DRUNK.. LOVE YOU all!!

I am DRUNK.. LOVE YOU all!!

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009 – Blag Dahlia, Mid Rats | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bobby Pickles interviews Dwarves’ frontman Blag Dahlia prior to the band’s seminal east coast show at The Bowery Electric in New York City. With “Press Pass” in hand, Pickles covers the concert in true punk rock fashion - culminating in a swarm of security guards ejecting him from the venue. Bobby is convinced that Blag gave the orders to have him forcibly removed from the concert in order to validate the band’s reputation. The FULL Video interview can be found HERE on the DSR YouTube channel: Bobby asks about the band’s nom de plumes, Blag’s books, zines and brilliant writing ability, and the day-to-day operations of a DIY punk icon, while Blag mentions his band being somehow linked to Islamic Fundamentalism, which is the perfect time to boast about being very tall and having a large penis.

The Bobs reach out to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania punk act, Mid Rats, for a St. Paddy's Day interview special...and Bobby has been drinking. The band, which just recently released their 4 song EP, Vandalize You, are this week’s featured Dying Scene artist. Bobby takes a trip down memory lane when he reveals that he used to date a girl whose uncle owned a very prominent vintage clothing business in downtown Lancaster: Zap & Co. As the conversation progresses, drunk-Bobby calls the band out for not playing Philadelphia sooner, but then saves face and displaying his literary prowess by citing Mark Twain as a reference when the band is asked about the origin of their name.

Some of the topics reported herein, include, but are not limited to the following: Green Day to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame by Fall Out BoyPunk producer Thom Wilson (The Offspring, Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, The Vandals, etc.) dies: Bob reveals his tasteless side when he ponders starting a "Punk Rock Death Pool", to which Bobby selects “any of the surviving Ramones members” or the high-odds pick of Green Jellÿ, who possess 600+ bandmates; Bob ponders the list, but remains silent out of respect for the recently departed. Punk Aid announces details/call for submissions for fourth fundraiser album, “Autism Speaking”; New music videos: The Bunny Gang (ft. Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly) release music video for “Sirens Through The City”The Offspring release music video for “Coming For You”Kill Lincoln release music video for “Good Riddance to Good Advice”; Notable documentaries: Video: Part One of “The Making of Fat Mike’s Musical”The Damned documentary trailer releasedUnderoath reveal new trailer for upcoming documentary “Tired Violence”. And, of course, the Bobs cover this week’s concert tour, booze cruise and festival announcements. 

Save Your Breath - Promises
Maladroit - I Missed The First Band
Popes of Chillitown - Hey You
The Bunny Gang - Sirens In The City
Mid Rats - Vandalize You
Local Resident Failure - Newcastle Nights
Stabbed In Back - More Songs About Drinking And Blood
Dwarves - Trisexual
Dwarves - Hate Rock

This week’s sponsor is FAT ENZO.
Twitter @BobNoxious
IG @BobNoxious

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 237

A typical Manifesto. Nuff said.

Jake’s Inferno Episode 233

Mid-week action = ear hole satisfaction! At least if you like a jumble of music genres like punk, 60's soul, stoner rock, sludge rock, thrash, crossover and latino pimp twang. It's all here folks.

Dispatches from the Underground – Episode 256

Mike Strange of the Punk Band SLOW CHILDREN from Southern California gets down to talk about the band, touring, & SOCAL Punk 

The Big Takeover Show – Number 8 – March 16, 2015

Welcome to The Big Takeover Show #8! Jack celebrates his birthday with brand-new music from Swervedriver and more!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #262 – Kick Your Door Down

The Martial Arts - Karate, Kung Fu, Roundhouse Kicks, Foot Sweeps - I cover it all on the show tonight with some greatness from Danko Jones, The Exploding Hearts, Knapsack and the Mats!

Here's the Playlist:

Jackie Chan
Eat My Heart Out

Kick Between The Knees
Best Kissers In The World

Been There

Kick Your Door Down
The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash!

Kung Fu Ramones Passion
Guitar Wolf
Planet Of The Wolves

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2014 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Greetings on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I've got a bottle of white wine open tonight - yes, you heard me right - no red on this Sunday.  The reason - well I happened to stumble upon a wonderful Riesling while I was up in Walla Walla, Washington last weekend.  The downtown is full of tasting rooms and the Charles Smith Winery Tasting room was just around the corner from the hotel that I was staying at.

Brought a couple of bottles from that Winery home with me and I thought I would start with the white.  This Riesling is sourced from the Evergreen Vineyard along the cliffs of the Columbia River in Washington where it is grown in the fragmented basalt and gravel silt soil (more on the rocks later).

The nose is full of apricot and honey.  Clear and bright, this wine tastes of tart apple and has a wonderful fresh peach layer as well.  This wine is off dry, not sweet and has some nice acidity that is balanced well by the Rock.  Yes, this wine has the Rock, as in the minerality that balances out the acidity so well.  More on the Minerality in the link below.  A wonderful wine that should go well with the Chinese food I've ordered up tonight.  I'm a little under the weather (but recovering nicely) so I won't be cooking tonight.   This wine will pair perfectly with the Spicy Shrimp Chow Fun that I've ordered.  The second glass should pair well with the cold meds and send me off to some much needed slumber.


The Charles Smith website -----> Cool and delicious

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Gone Mental Episode 156

The week we handed over the reins to Ike from Pine Box Preachers/Rotten Hotdish. Come on and check it out, Ike picked a good mix from blues to garage to punk and damn near everything in between. Git it.

Cheap Beer & BBQ Radio #16

itunes pic
The Villains-"All I Know" Harmonica Lewinski-"Boy On Fire" Dr. Feelgood-"She Does It Right" New Model Army-"No Rest" Leyton Buzzards-"Through With You" The Fall-"Wrong Place, Right Time (No. 2)" The Celibate Rifles-"Back In the Red" Nick Lowe-"Heart Of the City" Cock Sparrer-"I Got Your Number" Last Resort-"King Of the Jungle" The Partisans-"Blind Ambition" The Saints-"This Perfect Day" Cabaret Voltaire-"Nag Nag Nag" Dennis Most & the Instigators-"I Love My Car" The Flesheaters-"Pony Dress" The Dead Milkmen-"Filet Of Sole" Beat Happening-"Our Secret" Essential Logic-"Aerosol Burns" The Normal-"TVOD"

Live Ledge #190: Three In a Row

Nothing but classic albums with three classic songs in a row.

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 008

This week I am all over the place… even a set of HARDCORE tear jerkers…. and new Stuff from SUNDALE, Nate Hall/Poison Snake, and Ruby the Hatchet

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

Leftöver Crack – The Christ
Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure
Death Trip – Soul Trials
Angry Gods – Wound Up
Agnostic Front – Blitzkrieg Bob
Biohazard – Where Eagles Dare
Wisdom In Chains – I Believe In Miracles
Phantom of the Black Hills – Dead Man
Call Me Bronco – Four Shots FREE DOWNLOAD
Joe Buck Yourself – I Will Survive
Sundale – Sulphur Springs FREE DOWNLOAD
Off With Their Heads – I Am You
Dear Landlord – Lake Ontario
Ruby the Hatchet – Heavy Blanket
Nate Hall – Heat and Sway
The Goddamn Gallows – Helping Hand
Black Eyed Vermillion – Pass Me The Bottle
The Goddamn Gallows/Black Eyed Vermillion/James Hunnicutt – In League With Satan
Wisdom In Chains – My Friend
Agnostic Front – For My Family
Blood For Blood – 09 – Love Song
Minor Threat – Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)
Circle Jerks – Leave Me Alone
Sloppy Seconds – Come Back Traci
Dillinger Four – Gainesville
OFF! – Meet Your God
Adolescents – Democracy
Pinhead Gunpowder – Reach For The Bottle

Also don’t forget to support local music that supports you!! in other words come see my band!!


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008 – ¡La Vasa! | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bobby Pickles confirms his pirate status, while talk immediately turns to tech news, and Bob Noxious admits he has worn a smart-watch since the age of three, giving a new meaning to the term “early adoption”. But the Apple Watch isn’t very i-Punk; therefore, all the other little boys and girls always wondered why Bob was so overwhelmed with the concept of time.

While discussing this week’s music news, Bob’s darkside shows it’s grubby little hand again, as he ponders Bobby’s Internet browser history, and what people would think about his search habits.

Bobby erroneously corrects Bob for mentioning a band called Darlington, who was recently on a split 7″ with The Prozacs. Referring to the band in the plural form, Darlingtons, Bobby goes on to claim that Bob cannot remember what he says from week to week and inquires if he has ever taken Prozac. Both Bobs do not know the ailments for which Prozac is even treated. Bob adds “Prozac” to the list of items he prefers to keep out of his search history, then he decides to start a crowd funding campaign to have his co-host, Bobby, killed.

Bobby’s impeccable journalism once again shines through, as he brings up the new Flatliners video and 7″ single, which they released last week. Then his pirate-blood really becomes evident when Bobby fires shots across the bow, claiming Bob does not want to include the song in this week’s playlist. Bob argues that he is exempt, presenting his evidence of having played the new Flatliners song “Fangs” on last week’s show. Bobby lets him off the hook.

Bobby mentions a new video recently released by pop-punk band, New Found Glory, who Bob presumes to have found a “new harder edge” as Bob continues by fantasizing about Andrew WK killing them all with a chainsaw in the video.

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 232

It's a hodge-podge as usual! Playing some Australian powerpop, Dutch death metal, Canadian hardcore, US country and much more on this episode. It's been a sunny but chilly week here and I can't wait to crack a beer tomorrow when the weekend arrives, cheers! 

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #227


March 11, 2015. Tonight we played some band submitted tunes, some new tunes, some Tommy Unit LIVE!! favorites and a set of Celtic punk rock to get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day!! Don’t forget the classics! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 236

A few sets inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, a pirate set, some requests and some garage punk.

66 2nd Review: VA – “California Psychobilly”

Quick review of the 2011 compilation on Rockin’ Psycho Records entitled “California Psychobilly.”

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Dispatches from the Underground – Episode 255


Author Steve Cuffari gets down to talk about the exodus of talented people from the U.S. to other parts of the world, and then we talk zombies from Walking Dead to the new iZombie trash

TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 6

The latest episode of the TNSrecords podcast is brought to by Bev and Andy from TNS. As you can probably imagine they talk a lot of nonsense. They also have all the info Manchester Punk Festival, a new TNS release and loads more. There are also some great new tunes.

You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://


Here is what they played…

Brutal Youth – Contrarian
Ziplock – Not Cost Effective
The Repossessed – Try
Vanilla Pod – She’s Dead Now
Landverraad – The Mirror Is Broken
School Damage – Empty Calories and Male Curiosities
Rail-27 – Suit Of Llama
Chewed Up – Reaction
Holiday – Isolation Is A Lonely Place To Be
Matilda’s Scoundrels – Folk Shit Up
Greenland Is Melting – Always
Ducking Punches – Cursed Luck
Billy Liar – Change
Hysterics – Now I See What I Have Lost
Endless Grinning Skulls – Jackal
Volunteers – Straight Edge Kids Make Me Wanna Binge Drink
Dis-Tank – Forced Out
Cravats – Terminus
Cardiacs – Jibber and Twitch Rehearsal

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. We have a new episode coming to you every 2 weeks with a show from Moz and Mike next. Stay tuned.

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66 2nd Review: Matadors – “The Devil’s Music”

Quick review of the 2004 release on Stumble Records entitled “The Devil’s Music” by The Matadors.

Listen to the album here:

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 7 – March 9, 2015

Welcome to show number seven! This show is all over the place, hopefully in a good way. From Leonard Nimoy and Leslie Gore to Greg Sage and The Dishrags!

66 2nd Review: Cosmic Voodoo – “Vertigo”

Quick review of the 2005 release from Cosmic Voodoo entitled “Vertigo,” released on Kaiser Records.

Maybe buy the record here?

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Gone Mental Episode 155

Doing what we do, episode 155 keeps it up with an hour of the best rocknroll on the planet. Pure greatness from The Monsters, Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats, Skitzo, The Deltas, Crankshaft and The Grear Grinders, Three Bad Jacks and more. Git it. The Monsters | Birds Eat Martians | Pony Tail And A Black Cadillac(Voodoo Rhythm)1998 Mad Sin | God Save The Sin | Brainwash Factory(Count Orlok Music)1996 Phantom Rockers | On The Loose | It's Chaos(Split 7 Media)2005 Asmodeus | Diabolique Royale | Heel On The Shovel(Tombstone Records)2004 Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Life Is Hard...Death Is Neat! | Smack Smack(Self Release)2012 Griswalds | Who Framed The Griswalds? | Crazy Little Kid(Nervous Records)1989 Skitzo | Love 'n' Hate | A Time To Kill(Diablo Records)2013 The Deltas | Boogie Disease | Nine Below Zero(Nervous Records)1981 Whyos | Neo Rockabilly Story Part 1 | No. 2(Rockhouse Records)1987 The Waltons | Here Comes The Real Western Rockabilly This Is The Waltons | Waltons Go!(KOREA)1985 Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders | What You Gonna Do? | Fill It Up(Slabtown Music)2013 Three Bad Jacks | Pictures And Memories From Home | I've Been Around(Boston Krown)2011 Hillbilly Casino | Sucker Punched | Sooner Than Today(Self Release)2007 Smiley Smith | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll | Voodoo Woman(Flame)1987 Bobby Nelson | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll | There Ain't Nothin' True About You(Flame)1987 Vince Maloy | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll | Soda Pop(Flame)1987 The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | The Hot Pearl Snatch(Big Beat Records)1986

Jake’s Inferno Episode 231

Getting ready to cook some dinner, but since this was recorded yesterday it's high time for me to release it into podcastland. Playing three bands that made waves in the early 90's in Britain, some hip hop, Swedish stoners and much more on this episode.

Live Ledge #189: New Releases

Host Scott Hudson presents some of the latest new indie, surf, punk, and blues releases.

Old Guy Party WTWB 007

Its a OLD GUY PARTY… All bands have members at least my age and older…

Click here to Download | Open Player in New Window

Dead Kennedys – Moon Over Marin
Dwarves – Everybodies Girl
The Meatmen – The Dwarves Are The 2Nd Greatest Band In The World
D.O.A. – Cocktail Time In Hell
Fang – The Money Will Roll Right In
GG Allin & The Jabbers – Gimme Some Head
The Blatz – Homemade Speed
G.B.H. – Sick Boy
Rancid – Dope Sick Girl
Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster
Bouncing Souls – Kate Is Great
NOFX – Bob
Propagandhi – Showdown (G.E. P.)
Bad Religion – Bad Religion
7 Seconds – Walk Together, Rock Together
Bad Brains – Pay to Cum
Cock Sparrer – Suicide Girls
The Macc Lads – Beer & Sex & Chips ‘n’ Gravy
Jello Biafra With D.O.A. – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 44

itunes pic
The Creeps- Just What I Need Lolitas- Mummy Little Richard- I Don't Want To Discuss It The Rousers- Magazine Girl *THE LOONS- INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND* Siren City Moon and Tide Inside Out Your Mind Out Of The Frame Cruel Grey Fog Silence My Desolation I Don't Live There Anymore Head In The Clouds Transparent Eyes As The Raven Flies

007 – Bill Manspeaker, Justin Thirsk | Dying Scene Radio

itunes pic

This week on Dying Scene Radio, the Bobs forgo the traditional format (no BAND SPOTLIGHT) in lieu of conducting two key interviews with Justin Thirsk of Chaos Delivery Machine and Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ, respectively. Per usual, the two compare notes about the weather (Bob thrives in a sub-tropical paradise while Bobby survives yet another week of frozen, mucky hell), Bobby's girlfriend breaks up with him because of, among other things, the podcast, then Bob insists that his co-host settle for a “nice, vegan chick” instead of a “punk rock girl”, and Bob voices his displeasure with Bobby’s constant weekly updates about Blink 182. 

Regarding the Bobs’ interview with Justin Thirsk, Bob begins with an apology for giving bad information the week prior about Justin’s brother, Jason, who was the original bass player of Pennywise and the author of their iconic anthem, Bro Hymn. Justin takes the Bobs on a trip down memory lane about his former band 98 Mute and explains the origins of his new recording project, Chaos Delivery Machine. 

Bob compares Korean food to a Japanese band celebrating 20 years together, then mentions Burger King when another veteran punk rock band becomes the topic of conversation (Bob obviously needs to eat better before the show). Bob goes on to explain "Crossover" to Bobby, then finishes his thought by comparing punk and metal music to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 

Bob invites Bobby to visit Florida for his birthday, then tries to convince him to move back to the Sunshine State, insisting that all New Yorkers are "mean and nasty" - recalling his time frequenting the state as a youth and being punched in the face for an off-color remark. Bobby refuses to give up the other reasons why his girlfriend dumped him. 

The Bobs both agree that they have "Type A" personalities, then the two “A-holes” connect with Green Jellÿ founder and frontman, Bill Manspeaker, in an online video chat. In true form, Bill shares the link with his fans who proceed to flood the chat room like circus freaks aiming to impress their ringleader - the almighty Cowgod himself. The Bobs attempt to reign in some of Bill’s adoring fans but bedlam ensues (the FULL INTERVIEW can be found HERE on the DSR YouTube page). 

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We Rhyme & We Riff, We Riff & We Rhyme

CJ and Keegan play this set list by ear inspired by inspiration listen to some killer tunes


Download Link: Moron Bros Ep 3 

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