The Moron Bros Upgrade From A Duo To Trio For This Weeks Moronic Tuesdays

We’ve got a chestnuts filled morning show and a jammed packed Nofx Jam out along with our top picks for Wisconsin in this week’s Do America.

Moronic Tuesdays 9.17.19

Swamp Jacuzzi Live #121

Johnny Thunders- Who Do Voodoo
Harley Poe- Everybody Knows My Name
Harley Poe- Ima Killer
Peawees- Don’t Give A Fuck
The Growlers- Row
Hounds Of Baskerville- Evil Witch
The Jackets- Deeper Way
Red Stick Ramblers- The Smeckled Suite
The Abigails- Twenty Nine
Jefferson Airplane- Law Man
Nick Curran- The Lowlife
Ohio Noise Machine- Dead Man Suit
Greg Stackhouse Prevost- Codine
Greg Stackhouse Prevost- I Ain’t Signifying
The Reigning Sound- I’m Trying (To Be Be The Man You Need)
Them- I’m Gonna Dress In Black
Flaming Groovies- Slow Death
Green On Red- 16 Ways
The Gotham Rockers- Bad With Girls
Left Lane Cruiser- Booga Chaka
Legendary Shack Shakers- Where’s The Devil
Lost Bayou Ramblers- Johnny
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Zarico des pas Sale
Pine Leaf Boys- Pine Grove Blues
The Saints- Know Your Product
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- City Slang

The Morn Brothers Releasing Episodes With The Consistency Of Suck

Late for another backlog release but is here.

Moronic Tuesdays 9.10.19

The Big Takeover Show – Number 243 – September 16, 2019

This week, after a 1967 Paul Revere & the Raiders remembrance: brand new Bob Mould, Pernice Brothers, Shambolics, Belle & Sebastian, and New Model Army, plus The Kinks, Perk Badger, Graham Nash, Techniques, Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #434 – Ain’t No Connoisseur Cat

It's the Big Cats - Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and Cheetahs!

Here's the Playlist:
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Gone Mental Episode 339

Two more hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth.

Git it.

Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Living Death(STAG-O-LEE)2015
The Untamed | Eerie Stories | Surabaya(Heptown Records)2003
The Astro Zombies | Frogs Legs | Go Out!(Crazy Love Records)2015
Jack O'Bones | Wreck Ya To Death | Boney Jack(Diablo Records)2014
Scum Rats | Let Me Be Bad | Let Me Be Bad(Rumble Records)2002
Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Hills On Fire(Crazy Love Records)2005
Boozehounds | Bottle Up And Go | Turn So Pretty(Red Five Records)2006
6 Feet Down | One Night In Hell | One Night In Hell(Crazy Love Records)2010
The Big Red Rocket | The Big Red Rocket | Bad Girl(Diablo Records)2017
Nekromantix | Curse Of The Coffin | New Born Son Of Satan(Nervous Records)1991
The Psyclocks | Dont Think, Feeeel!!!! | Zombie Walk | Killjoy Records | 2015
Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 | Dirty And Dumb | High Heeled Heartbreaker(Charlie Horse Records)2011
Murder City Devils | Murder City Devils | Boom Swagger Boom(Die Young Stay Pretty Records)1997
Big Black | Songs About Fucking | Colombian Necktie(Touch And Go)1987
The Devil Dogs | Saturday Night Fever | Alright!(Crypt Records)1993
Dwarves | How To Win Friends & Influence People | Anybody Out There(Reptilian Records)2002
The Sting-Rays | From The Kitchen Sink | Standing In Line(Big Beat Records)2002
Tex & The Horseheads | Tex & The Horseheads | Border Town(Enigma Records)1984
Demented Are Go | Kicked Out Of Hell | Vietnam(I.D. Records)1989
The Goddamn Gallows | Ghost Of The Rails | Shattered(Farmageddon Recrods)2010
The Legendary Shack Shakers | Believe | County Of Graves(Yep Roc Records)2004
Steven R Trent | Flat Broke One Man Band | 65 bucks(Self Release)2011
Toothless George | LONE WOLF | Because You're Young(Schuylkill Records)2005
Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Gotta Get to Heaven(Bloodshot Records)2014
Al Foul | The One, The Only | Gonna Be A Fight(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2005
Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Rhythm & Soul(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007
Stringybark Mcdowell | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Kyleeee(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007
Kings Of Nuthin' | Old Habits Die Hard | The List(People Like You)2010
Graveyard Johnnys | Streetblocks & City Lights | Streetblocks & City Lights(Let It Rock! Productions)2008
Zombie Space Pirates | Unreleased | Where You Gonna Go(Self Release)2012
Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | Daddies Makin' Monsters(Crazy Love Records)1999
Poison Bar | Mutated Liquidators | Special Can(Karliki Records)2012
Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Till The End | Los Cuatro Condenados(Crazy Love Records)2011
Guitar Slingers | Carnevil Of Souls | The Fly With The Xray Eyes(Diablo Records)2015
The Moonshine Stalkers | Look Who's Stalking Ep | Stomp 'em Dead(Self Release)2011
Mad Dog Cole | Son of Satan | High Heels(Crazy Love Records)2012
Phantom Rockers | Av' Some Of This! | Jailbreak(Tombstone Records)1997
Dexter Shaw & The Wolftones | Dexin' | Hurts Me Too(Rhythm Bomb Records)2017

DftUnderground Episode 389

Libby Lux from Portland based Bridge City Sinners gets down to talk about their recent tour with the The Goddamn Gallows and their recent appearance at Muddy Roots Fest. We talk a ton of shit and Libby regales us with a bunch of crazy ass stories from this tour, including right wing nuts getting the shit literally kicked out of them, and a flaming biker coming to their show in Virginia. We also talk about the challenges of being a female musician, and how we all can do better to respect the space and talent of the incredible women in our scene.

PLUS we listen to tunes from The Bridge City Sinners, Rum Rebellion, Ground Score, Escape from the Zoo and Cop/Out.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 462

New stuff from Indonesian Junk, Sore Points, the Chats and a preview of the Head tribute “Do You Remember Me?” on Mom’s Basement Records.

On The Nod on Real Punk Radio!

This week The Best of The Bruja, Smash The Discos “Webcam girls make the world go round”, A birthday wish to the Bruja plus music by Fireburn, Fang, The Stains, The Aweful Lot, Major Accident and much more!

The Big Takeover Show – Number 242 – September 9, 2019

This week, after a 1994 Ride flavor: brand new Pernice Brothers, New Model Army, Chrissie Hynde, Ride, and Neil Young, plus Lovin’ Spoonful, John Barry Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Jim Reeves, Etta James, and Antonio Carlos Jobim

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #433 – Alternative Monkey

It's all about the Monkey tonight

Here's the playlist:
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Moron Bros Live Up To The Hype!

About two weeks late on posting this episode plus no show for the first week of September. We will be recording tonight so don’t forget to go to this Tuesday at 7 PM EST. For now, check out this episode where we jam out to the new Big Brother EP Hate Week in its entirety. Moronic Tuesdays 8.27.19

Gone Mental Episode 338

Tearing it up again like we always do. Brand new music from The Delta Bombers, plus more of the good stuff from The Monsters, Dwarves, Stiff Little Fingers, The Minestompers, Kings Of Nuthin' The Delmonas, and more

Git it.

The Delta Bombers | Give Em' All | Lovin' Hell(Self Release)2019
The Caravans | Less Smoke More Powder | Highway to Hell(Self Release)2004
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | With Monsters and Gods | Heartbreak Boogie(Freedonia Entertainment)2016
Imelda May | No Turning Back | Cry For Me Baby(Foot Tapping Records)2005
The Monsters | Masks | Addams Family(Voodoo Rhythm)1989
Reverend Beat-Man And The Un-Believers | Get On Your Knees | Oh Lord!(Voodoo Rhythm)2011
Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Starfire 500(Rough Trade)2019
Dwarves | The Dwarves Are Younger and Even Better Looking | Everybodies Girl(Recess Records)2014
Germs | Mia - Anthology | Media Blitz(Slash)1993
Agent Orange | Living In Darkness | Too Young To Die(Posh Boy)1980
Adolescents | Adolescents | Falling Out(Frontier Records)1990
Sloppy Seconds | Endless Bummer | High School Girlz(Kid Tested Records)2008
Stiff Little Fingers | Inflammable Material | Barbed Wire Love(Rough Trade)1979
The Peacocks | After All | After All(People Like You)2010
The Quakes | Live By the Sword | On the Rocks(Orrexx Records)2014
Reckless Ones | Reckless Ones | It's Time(Self Release)2013
The Mutilators | Hot Rod Whore! | Mule Skinner Blues(Self Release)2003
Nekromantix | Curse Of The Coffin | Mama Don't Allow(Nervous Records)1991
Damage Done By Worms | Tonight | Psycho Visions(Streetmusic Berlin)1999
The Minestompers | The Minestompers | Mama's Clit(Crazy Love Records)2015
Demented Are Go | In Sickness & In Health | Be-Bop-A-Lula(ID Records)1986
The Grave Diggers | Monsters At Play | Neon Lights(Bobbette Records)1985
Elektraws | Shock Rock | Mad Man(Nervous Records)1996
Kings Of Nuthin' | Fight Songs | Where Do We Go!(Disaster Records)2002
Gutter Demons | Room 209 | Hell Bent-On Rockin'(Pirates Records)2005
Calamitiez | Urban Legends | Haunted Mountain(Crazy Love Records)2008
Coffin Nails | A Fistful Of Burgers | If Only Mother Could See You Now(Link Records)1988
Guana Batz | Back To The Jungle | You're So Fine(I Sold My Soul Media)2018
The Cheaterslicks | Rock N Roll Graveyard | Gasolina(Western Star Recording)2013
The Baboons | Back Scratch | All Set For The Weekend(Drunkabilly Records)2011
The Cramps | Stay Sick! | Bikini Girls With Machine Guns(Enigma Records)1990
Daddy Long Legs | Lowdown Ways | Bad Neighborhood(Yep Roc Records)2019
Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat | 12 Roots N' Boogie Blues Hits | Boogie Man(Voodoo Rhythm)2008
Three Bad Jacks | Pictures And Memories From Home | I've Been Around(Boston Krown Label)2011
Reverend Horton Heat | Revival | Indigo Friends(Yep Roc Records)2004
The Delmonas | The Delmonas | I Feel Alright(Damaged Goods)1989

Live Ledge #394: New Releases

I’m here tonight to officially designate September of 2019 “Dead Man’s Pop” month. Even though the box set containing four discs of previously unreleased Replacements material won’t be out until the end of the month it’s certainly going to be the focus of my life.

Unfortunately, not much has leaked out so far to air on the new release episode, but just today the live version of “Alex Chilton” showed up on various music sites. Yep, I’m ready for the whole package. But that’s only the first five minutes of this month’s collection of new tunes. There are tracks from longtime faves such as Matthew Ryan, The Hold Steady, Jesse Malin, Redd Kross and so much more. There’s the return of 80’s faves Dogmatics. There’s new bands such as Les Grys-Grys, The Gotham Rockets, and so many others. There’s something here for every fan of garage rock, power pop, or punk-influenced rock and roll!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy!

TJR Episode 57: Happy Tom talks 30 years of Turbo

itunes pic
In this episode, Happy Tom grabs his phone and talks to Turbojugend Radio about Turbonegro´s 30 year anniversary extravaganza, which takes place during the juicy, annual Oslo Bloodbath in Oslo, Norway. He also shares insights of 30 years with his band and even tells the listeners how his mum broke the internet in the 90ies.

Rock N Roll Manifesto 461

New SA90 EP pre-order info!  

On The Nod Ep. 51 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Bruja has a brand new World Noise, Behind the Noise with Duffy’s Cut, Smash The Discos “Daily Buzz” plus music by Suburban Threat, The Defenders, Broken Patron Saints, No Accion, and much more!!


Redox #190 – Round and Round

Originally posted 7/28/13

All covers tonight - got some Stones, Berry and Ramones covered by the likes of American Heartbreak, The Kinks and Tim Timbomb

Here's the Playlist:

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Dying Scene Radio – Episode 17 – feat. Special Co-Host Jenna Enemy from The Von Tramps

Heeeeeeey! We were just starting to wonder about the guys over at Dying Scene Radio and here they come, sauntering along...and with a friend, no less! On Episode 17 of the official podcast of Dying Scene, the lads somehow managed to get the endlessly talented Jenna Enemy (The Von Tramps / #femaletomdelong) to join them for some rootin', tootin' shit shootin'! But just because the boys have a guest doesn't mean they're gonna forget about the totally tubular tunes from new and emerging artists that you were probably too lazy to discover and the noteworthy scene news that you were probably too lazy too read! They’re just going to have a third person giving their shitty opinions on stuff!! You can never have too many shitty opinions, right!??!? Check it all out in the newest installment of Dying Scene Radio!


You can also stream from your browser over on our podcast homepage or find us on iTunesStitcherSpotify and Google Play. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more news, updates, show & fest pics and articles!

*In a band? Want to be featured on the podcast? Send your shit to and if it’s good enough, we’ll probably play it! If you send us some swag, it’ll increase your chances…just sayin’!

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 241 – September 2, 2019

This week, after a 1990 Bad Religion snippet: brand new New Model Army, Muffs, New Pornographers, Wedding Present, GospelbeacH, and Guided by Voices, plus The Kinks, Carl Perkins, The Dovers, Peter, Paul & Mary, Barbara Lynn, and Marty Robbins

Redox #189 – Liquor Candy

Originally posted 7/21/13

Ok - Who want's some Candy? Got some sugared up goodness from The Candy Harlots, The Candy Snatchers and The Sugar Stems for ya this week.

The Playlist:
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Gone Mental Episode 337

Brand new greatness from Guitar Slingers and Tasteless! Plus more of the good stuff from Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Los Peyotes, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Coffin Nails, Elektraws, Red Elvises, The Wheelz, Bad Mojos, The Mummies, Thee Minks, and more

Git it.

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers | Rockability | Get Yourself A Band(Charly Records)1976
Mad Dog Cole | Ultra Violence | I'm In Pittsburgh(Crazy Love Records)2007
Los Peyotes | Garaje O Muerte | Garaje O Muerte(Dirty Water Records)2010
Telekrimen | Culto A Lo Imbécil | Culto A Lo Imbécil(Slovenly Records)2019
The Sting-Rays | On Self Destruct | You're Gonna Miss Me(Big Beat Records)1983
The Toxenes | Highway X | Redux(Self Release)2019
Guitar Slingers | Psycho Cop EP | Psycho Cop(Diablo Records)2019
Tasteless | The Bad Taste EP | If She's Square(Self Release)2019
Carlos & The Bandidos | For A Few Dollars Less | Thinkin' About You(Noose Records)1999
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | With Monsters and Gods | Love You Better(Freedonia Entertainment)2016
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Fourteen Blazin' Bangers | Do The Climb(Dirty Water Records)2010
Coffin Nails | Who's He? | Carling Black Label(Nervous Records)1990
Batmobile | 1984 Demo EP | Slapping Suspenders(Migraine Records)2015
Elektraws | Shock Rock | Lost In A Time Vortex(Nervous Records)1996
Screaming Kids | Hasta Luego Mi Amor | Le Bruit Des Anges(Crazy Love Records)2017
Mama Rosin | Brule Lentement | Le Two-Step De L'haricot(Voodoo Rhythm)2009
Demented Are Go | Hellbilly Storm | The Noose (That Snapped)(People Like You)2005
The Goddamn Gallows | The Maker | Save Yourself(Farmageddon Records)2014
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys | Storming The Gates | Someone's Been Telling You Lies(Self Release)2007
The Matadors | Sweet Revenge | That Kinda Love(Stumble Records)2013
Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio | Savage American Rock | I'm Gonna Drink(Rollin' Rock Records)1999
Ray Condo & The Ricochets | High & Wild | Baby I Don't Care(Joaquin Records)2000
Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Bull Frog(STAG-O-LEE)2015
Southern Culture On The Skids | White Trash | I'm Branded(Demolition Derby)1994
The Space Cadets | Astrobilly Rockin' | Space Hopper(Vinyl Japan)1996
Red Elvises | Grooving To The Moscow Beat | Boogie On The Beach(Shooba-Doobah Records)1996
Graveyard Johnnys | Dead Transmission | Dead Transmission(Bomber Music)2015
Oxymoron | Fuck The Nineties.....Here's Our Noize | Dirty Punk(Helen Of Oi!)1995
The Casualties | Written In Blood | Ashes Of My Enemies(Cleopatra Records)2018
The Wheelz | Top 10 Super Hits | I'm So Tired of Living in the USA(Wanda Records)2018
Peter & The Test Tube Babies | That Shallot | Crap Californian Punk Band(Punk Empire)2017
Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | I Don't Need No Doctor(Crazy Love Records)2005
Bad Mojos | I Hope You OD | Commit a Crime(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2018
The Mummies | Never Been Caught | The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody(Telstar Records)2002
The Devils | Iron Butt | Pray You Parrots(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2017
Thee Minks | Unreleased | What A Way To Die(Self Release)2018

Live Ledge #393: PW & Friends

This week’s show came about partly thanks to a Juliana Hatfield tweet of an old article about The I Don’t Cares, her 2016 collaboration with Paul Westerberg. Remembering how much I was charmed by that record, I spent the afternoon reacquaintancing myself to that release.

Then it suddenly hit me. If I went through all the various names that Paul and the rest of the Replacements had used for their various projects I should be able to fill a full Live Ledge episode. It was actually much easier than I expected. In fact, we even went a few minutes over our usual two hour timeslot.

I also tried to shy away from the obvious tracks. For the Replacements and even the solo Westerberg material I picked mainly some somewhat rare live tracks. Tommy Stinson’s set includes a little known Clash cover he did for Uncut Magazine. This show is meant to just be fun and not a representation of the musician’s greatest moments, together or solo.

Redox #188 – Lucky Man (Live in Pittsburgh)

Originally posted 7/14/19

Pittsburgh - the City Of Bridges, Steeltown, the Pothole City - whatever you call it, I celebrate it tonight.

Listen to the show and download it on Soundcloud ------> #188

Here's the Playlist:

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #414


August 28th, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #414…Tonight Kris from Los Pepes stopped by Studio B to promote their record and spin some tunes! We kicked it off with a new one from NYC’s Baby Shakes! Guest provided tunes by The Speeways, More Kicks, Buzzcocks, The Exploding Hearts, Los Pepes, Rudi, The Rubinoos, The Knack, The Star Spangles, and Ramones!! I peppered in tracks from Giuda, The Clash, The Jackets, Eye Roller, Bitch Queens, and Only Ones! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Baby Shakes – Love Song In Reverse
The Speedways – Seen Better Days (single mix)
Giuda – Rave On
More Kicks – What A Mess You Make
The Buzzcocks – Love You More
The Clash – London Calling
The Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks
Los Pepes – Positive Negative
Rudi – Big Time
The Rubinoos – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
The Knack – Let Me Out
The Jackets – Deeper Way
The Star Spangles – Tear It to Pieces Girl
The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Single Version)
Eye Roller – Feel It Roar
Bitch Queens – Girls Girls Boys Boys
Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet

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KPunk 188

  1. Fleshies - Bombs
  2. Hope is Noise - Das Ich
  3. Second Narrows - Feelings
  4. Martha - Into This
  5. Bob Mould - I Fought
  6. Hüsker Dü - The Biggest Lie
  7. La Tuya - Nothing Times Two
  8. Kira Jari - Another Episode
  9. Suspect Parts - You Know I Can't Say No
  10. Superchunk - Without Blinking (Acoustic)
  11. Dots - Throwing Pennies
  12. Ramones - Garden of Serenity
  13. Woke Up Dead - Kate
  14. Remnants - Passing The Time
  15. Cosmic Psychos - 100 Cans of Beer

Rock N Roll Manifesto 460

New stuff from Nowherebound!

On The Nod Ep. 50 on Real Punk Radio!!

Bruja has part 2 with “The Skipper” from Pirates Press, Smash The Discos “Videos Done Right” plus music by Step 13, Turbo AC’s, South Class Veterans, Snide, Black Flag and much more!!


The Big Takeover Show – Number 240 – August 26, 2019

This week, after a 1983 Social Distortion refrain: brand new Ride, Joy Formidable, Versus, Death Cab For Cutie, Amanda Palmer, and DIIV, plus Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Moody Blues, Everly Brothers, Fourmyula, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and Hank Williams Sr.

A Day Late A Dollar Short

Here is the radio show from August 20th

The Moron Bros Show 8.20.19

Jake’s Inferno Episode 408

Summer's back in a big bad way in this part of the world so I try my best to keep my cool. No theme this time due to a faulty record player, but you can feast on some punk, death metal, alternative, hard rock, sleaze and psychobilly. Oh, and there's a dude whispering sweet nothin's in Brenda Lee's ear.

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #432 – Time Is Killing Us

The Theme is Time Machines - grab a seat and hang on!!!!

Into the Future....
The Vibrators
Pure Mania
Suggested by both Steve and Jeff

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Live Ledge #392: Covers

Not long after the last time I did a show of nothing but cover tunes, I started a folder just to collect these kinds of tracks as I discovered them. The plan was that as soon as I acquired enough it was time for a show of these types of tracks.

Well, this is the week that the folder came close to overflowing, thanks to a couple of emails from two of my favorite labels, Slovenly Recordsings and Spaghetty Town Records. So tonight I present to you two hours of revved up tunes originally recorded by the likes of Tom Petty, The Clash, The Replacements, Material Issue, Pretenders, Rockpile, and so much more!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! It’s that simple.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #413


August 7th, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #413…Tonight we played some submissions by Bankrupt, Real Sickies, Tiger Bomb, Nervous Eaters, The Brassieres; and from Slovenly Recordings, Sore Points, The Control Freaks, and Gino and the Goons! New stuff from Spaghetty Town Records by Jordan Jones, Los Pepes, and Killer Hearts! Stuff from Rum Bar Records by Indonesian Junk and Mono in Stereo! Plus killer tracks from Daddy Long Legs, Poison Boys, Hickoids and more! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Bankrupt – Come Back Joe Strummer
Real Sickies – Forgot To Let Go
Tiger Bomb – Baby Come On
Nervous Eaters – Where’s Johnny
The Brassieres – Hoy toca luchar
DADDY LONG LEGS – Pink Lemonade
Poison Boys – Tear Me Apart
Hickoids – China Grove (Live)
Indonesian Junk – City Lights
Mono In Stereo – The Conversation
The Lillingtons – Black Hole In My Mind
Jordan Jones – No Makeup
Los Pepes – Frustration
Killer Hearts – Killed by Volume
Sore Points – Not Coming Back
The Control Freaks – Telephone City
Gino and the Goons – Black Leather Blue Denim (It´s Right in Front of Them)
Sore Points – Not Alright
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Bad Reputation

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 459

Brand new tracks from the Manikins!!

On The Nod Ep. 49 on Real Punk Radio!

This week part 1 of Bruja’s interview with “the Skipper” from Pirates Press, “shes gone country” on Smash the Discos, Sienna interviews LCF on Behind The Noise, plus music by DDC, Noogy, Iconoclast, The Hanging Judge and much more!!


Red Red Wine On A Sunday #431 – Favorite Thing (Live at Maxwell’s 1986)

Playing Favorites tonight - Punk, Glam, Soul and Reggae 

The Big Takeover Show – Number 239 – August 19, 2019

This week, after a snatch of 1979 The Last: brand new Ride, GospelbeacH, Vivian Girls, Deniz Tek & the Godoys, Donovan’s Brain, and Allah Las, plus Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson, Buffalo Springfield, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Beatles, Sonny Boy Williamson (II), and Country Joe McDonald

Gone Mental Episode 336

Here we go again with more of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Pure greatness from Gutter Demons, Guitar Slingers, Graveyard Johnnys, The Adverts, Krewmen, Motorhead, Teenage Exorcist, Henry & The Bleeders, and more.

Git it.

Guitar Slingers | One Man Freakshow | Danny Boy(Crazy Love Records)2010
Gutter Demons | Misery, Madness & Murder Lullabies | House By The Cemetery(Self Release)2008
Damage Done By Worms | Suicide City | Typical Rock'n'Roll Brain Defect(Downer Records)1999
Howlin Bones | Juice The Goose | Free The Cat(Trash Wax)2018
The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | Pill Popper(Brain Drain Records)2004
The Violent Shifters | Twin Cities Rockabilly Presents... | Dead Lover(Twin Cities Rockabilly)2010
Deadbolt | Tijuana Hit Squad | Goin' To Witchata(Headhunter Records)1996
Kings Of Hong Kong | Primitive | Voodoo Queen(Self Release)2018
Memphis Morticians | Bereave It Or Not ... Another Album From The Memphis Morticians | Creeping Madness(Space Hearse Records)2013
The Matadors | Horrorbilly 9000 | Black Widow(Stereo Dynamite Recordings)2006
Graveyard Johnnys | Songs From Better Days | Dancefloor Of Death(Wolverine Records)2011
The Ricochets | Chaindog | In Hell(Diablo Records)2015
Surf Rats | Welcome To Killafornya | Cruel Aint The Word I Woulda Use(Hi Spec)2009
Spellbound | Eleven Deadly Sins | Just In Time(Stompin Ground Records)2007
Skitzo | Vertigo | Killer Love(Nervous Records)2003
The Avengers | We Are The One | We Are The One(Superior Viaduct)1977
Menace | The Young Ones | Live For Today(Fresh Records)1980
The Adverts | Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts | Great British Mistake(The Devils Own Jukebox)2002
The Sting-Rays | From The Kitchen Sink | Don't Break Down(Big Beat Records)2002
The Jackets | Queen Of The Pill | Be Myself(Voodoo Rhythm)2019

Telekrimen | Culto A Lo Imbécil | Magia Negra(Slovenly Records)2019
The Astro Zombies | Convince Or Confused | Psycho Bitch Party(Drunkabilly Records)2009
Squidbillys | Suburban Breakout | Asphyxia(Self Release)2015
Scum Rats | Demon Of The Dark | Devil In Disguise(Rumble Records)1993
Krewmen | Sweet Dreams | El Toreador(Lost Moment Records)1987
Boogie Punkers | The Brooklyn Sessions | I'm Not You(El Beasto Recordings)2006
The Goddamn Gallows | Gutterbilly Blues | Saint O' Killers(GBC Records)2007
Gutter Demons | Unfinished Business | Gutter Kings(Falsetto Records)2015
Motorhead | Iron Fist | Speedfreak(Bronze Records)1982
Hillbilly Casino | Three Step Windup | Iron Fist(Self Release)2008
The Peacocks | Anger And Demand | Anger And Demand(Downer Records)2001
Teenage Exorcist | Year of the Witch | Down With The Ship(Self Release)2019
Long Tall Texans | The Devil Made Us Do It | Girlfriend(Sunny Bastards Music)2014
The Quakes | Negative Charge | Raining All My Life(Orrexx Records)2009
Henry & The Bleeders | Looking Backwards | H.A.T.B.(Western Star Recording)2018

Live Ledge #391: Songs About The Ramones

Earlier this week I noticed that over the last few weeks I’ve acquired a handful of brand new releases with songs about The Ramones. Knowing that I had quite a few more on my master library, this became the quest for the week. Then I discovered a site that in 2014 had compiled 400 different songs about this fabulous band. Ok, that filled a few holes in the playlist!

This is obviously a fun show that takes a few surprising twists and turns. Who would have guessed that singer/songwriters such as Leeroy Stagger and Jesse Malin had songs about “da boys”? Or that a band like Latte+ has had such tributes on more than one record?

The Moron Bros Bangers Only Episode 8.13.19

This week we only played the finest in the radio show and talked about rambled and ranted our way through the morning show. Check it out!

Moronic Tuesdays 8.13.19

Unity Fest 2 Sept 21 & 22nd Los Angeles CA. Get your tickets now!

Unity Fest_2

Rock N Roll Manifesto 458

A wild ride of dangerous rock n roll!

On The Nod on Ep. 48 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week on Bruja’s World Noise all bands from Mexico, Smash The Discos spotlights Hate Up Records plus music by Victory, Love Canal, Bastard Face, Kicker, Dogs In The Fight and much more!!


Swamp Jacuzzi Live #120 (Back To School Special)

Honky Finger- Burning Skull Blues
The Supersuckers- Rock Your Ass
Billie Holiday- Them There Eyes
Todd Snider- Late Last Night
Fear- Livin’ In The City
Fear- I Don’t Care About You
Evan Foster- I Want Some Sex
The Flaming Groovies- Shake Some Action
Real Kids- Just Like Darts
The Rolling Stones- Star Fucker
The Rousers- Magazine Girl
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers- Fuck Up
Slobberbone- Billy Prichard
Sean K Preston- Barn Burner
The Starroom Boys- Why Do Lonely Men & Women Want To Break Each Others Hearts
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- Electrophonic Tonic
Greg Stackhouse Prevost- Gin Soaked Timewarp
GBH- Kids Get Down
Dead Moon- It’s OK

The Big Takeover Show – Number 238 – August 12, 2019

This week, after a mini 1951 Sonny Boy Williamson remembrance: brand new New Pornographers, Peter Holsapple, Quivers, Fontaines D.C., Tony Molina, and Overly Polite Tornados, plus Little Richard, Love, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Spade Cooley & His Orchestra, and The Byrds; and R.I.P. Nicky Wonder of The Wondermints and Brian Wilson Band (1960-2019) and Silver Jews’ David Berman (1967-2019)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #430 – 20th Century Boy

All Covers tonight!

Alec Eiffel
The Get Up Kids

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Gone Mental Episode 335

Another action packed two hours of rocknroll greatness. More of the good stuff from Al Foul, Ray Condo, Telekrimen, Mojo Nixon, Slopy Seconds, The Saints, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Kings Of Nuthin' As Diabatz, Moonshine Stalkers, and more.

Git it.

Al Foul | The One, The Only | Dropping Quarters For Jane(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2005
JD McPherson | Let the Good Times Roll | Mother of Lies(Rounder Records)2015
Ray Condo & The Ricochets | High & Wild | Fort Worth Stomp(Joaquin Records)2000
G.Davy Crockett | Ultra Rare Rockabilly's Vol. 03 | Look Out Mable(Chief)1992
Guana Batz | Held Down.... At Last! | Please Give Me Something(Radiation Reissues)1985
Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Slow Down(Nervous Records)1986
Tabaltix | Sex, Pugs and Rock n' Roll | Jerkin Back And 4th(Crazy Love Records)2007
Telekrimen | Culto A Lo Imbecil | El Ultimo Dia(Slovenly Records)2019
The Treblemakers | Flippin' The Bird With Treblemakers | Dark Eyes(Gee-Dee Music)1998
Thunderball 3 | Thunderball 3 | Li'l Demon(Self Release)2012
Mojo Nixon | Gadzooks!!! The Homemade Bootleg | Richard Petty(Needletime)1997
Scum Rats | Demon Of The Dark | Guilty Till I'm 21(Rumble Records)1993
Gorilla | Genetic Joke | Escape From Hell(Crazy Love Records)2000
The Peacocks | It's Time For The Peacocks | This Time(Crazy Love Records)2004
Sloppy Seconds | More Trouble Than They're Worth | Killing Myself(Nitro Records)1998
Lonesome Kings | Killing The Record Industry II | Brand New Gun(Real Punk Radio)2011
The Saints | Eternally Yours | Private Affair(Harvest)1978
The Briefs | Platinum Rats | Dumb City(Damaged Goods)2019
King Kurt | Ooh Wallah Wallah | Destination Zululand(Stiff Records)1983
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Back To Wurstville | Camel Hop(Dirty Water Records)2017
The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?(Big Beat Records)1986
Sugar Pie DeSanto | In The Basement: The Chess Recordings | Going Back To Where I Belong(Geffen)2017
The Del Moroccos | Blue Black Hair | Baby Doll(Hi-Style Records)2008
LaVern Baker | Real Gone Gal | Bumble Bee(Charly R&B)1984
Lee Mitchell | Nasty Rockabilly | Rootie Tootie Baby(B-Sharp)2011
Kings Of Nuthin' | Get Wrecked With... Demo Tape '99 | Had Enough(Crazy Love Records)2018
The KDV Deviators | Lost Contact | Under Attack(Drunkabilly Records)2012
The Spastiks | Sewer Surfing | Hatchet(Crazy Love Records)2016
As Diabatz | Nightmares In Red | Cabin In The Woods(Drunkabilly Records)2018
Es-Feiv | Cows In Motion | Be My Baby Tonight(Kix 4 U Records)1989
Batmobile | Bambooland | Night Without Sleep(Count Orlok Music)1987
Memphis Morticians | Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs | Primitive Trashman(Kaiser Records)2006
Lonesome Kings | Sweet Little Succubus | Let's Take A Ride(Rockin' Raven Records)2005
Los Gatos Locos | Even Sociopaths Get The Blues | Stark Raving Normal(Zodiac Killer)2011
Gutter Demons | Room 209 | Run Away Loco(Pirates Records)2005
The Moonshine Stalkers | Buzzed Out Split | 100 Maniacs(Self Release)2018
Al Foul | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | I Know I'm Gonna Die Tonight (But I Don't Care)(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007

Live Ledge #390: RIP David Berman

The bad news came just a few minutes before I was going to once again put the needle on the record. David Berman, former leader of Silver Jews who had just reemerged after ten years with the excellent Purple Mountains, had died. One of rock and roll’s most unique songwriters, it was an obvious decision to make the first half of tonight’s show a tribute to him. Thanks to Dan Nissen of Total Drag for a few song selections to help tell the story of this gifted artist.

After that there’s an hour of some great recent used record finds, including old favorites by The Undertones, X, Old 97’s, and many others.

TJR Episode 56: The Infamous Weltturbojugendtage Review

itunes pic
TJR´s own B. Engel and Tschebesta lay (not sit) down and open their day-to-day audio diary from this year´s superclassy Weltturbojugendtage in Hamburg. What a terrific blast is was, as 17 bands plowed their way through our souls.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #412


August 7th, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #412…This week we drop into Spaghetty Town Records and thumb through their record collection with TONS of killer bands! Some new, some old (not too old), and everything in between. Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Killer Hearts – Midnight Lucifer
He Who Cannot be Named – Bad Means Good
Los Pepes – Let Me Tell You Something
The Sweet Things – Fix To Kick
Criminal Kids – Life
Jorden Jones – Rumors Girls
Mick’s Jaguar – Pay To Play
Opulence – Cursed
Spiders – Control
Hank Von Hell – Dirty Money
The Uppers – Bulldozer
Dinos Boys – Ready When You Are
Dirty Fences – M.O.N.E.Y.
Sick Bags – If You Can’t Join ‘Em (Beat ‘Em Up)
Motosierra – Todo va a salir mal
Dr. Boogie – She’s So Tuff
Pale Lips – You’re a Doll
Faz Waltz – Millionaire
Turbonegro – I Got Erection

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 457

New stuff from Jesse Dayton, Nervous Eaters, Real Sickies, La Rabbia, C.O.F.F.I.N. and more.

DftUnderground Episode 388

Lauren from the Dispatches from the Underground Collective gets down to talk about the recent mass shootings in the US. On the first part of the show we talk about how more gun control laws are no panacea for this problem. On the second half we talk about the ideologies behind these shootings, especially the racism and misogyny that are emboldened by the insurgent right wing and we talk about how capitalism brings people to be susceptible to these ugly ideologies. And lastly we talk about the role we have in underground / DIY scene in combating these wretched ideologies as they pop up in our scenes and scenes in the same realm as ours.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Cliterati, Fat Heaven, and Cop/Out.

On The Nod Ep. 47 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Smash The Discos meets BVI Records, Bruja destroys your eardrums with a brand fuckin’ new World Noise, plus music by Bad Co. Project, Charger, The Pagans, American Shit Storm and much more!


The Moron Bros Get More Stupider? 8.6.19

No Morning show so we tried our best to be as ridiculous as possible this weeks radio playlist. The Moron Bros Show 8.6.19

The Big Takeover Show – Number 237 – August 5, 2019

This week, after a lil’ 1968 Bee Gees trill: brand new New Model Army, Longwave, DIIV, Wedding Present, Death Cab For Cutie, and Allah Las, plus Rod Argent & Chris White, Bert Jansch, Beatles, Cheech & Chong, Eddy Arnold, and Arthur Alexander; and R.I.P. The Celibate Rifles singer Damian Lovelock, 1954-2019 and Art Neville, 1937-2019

Redox #187 – Favorite Thing (rehearsal 7/3/13)

Originally Published 7/7/13

2013 - Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

Here's the Playlist:

Loud Dumb and Mean
The Night Marchers
Allez Allez

Hey Judas
Black Star Riders
All Hell Breaks Loose
Suggested by Kate

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Gone Mental Episode 334

Bringing you the best rocknroll of the face of the planet once again. Two more hours of the good stuff from Mojo Nixon, The Baboons, Hexxers, Liquor Beats Winter, The Tremors, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, The Quakes, Avengers, The Dickies, Thee Headcoatees, and more.

Git it.

The Baboons | Back Scratch | Naked Girls(Drunkabilly Records)2011
The Charmin Bastards | Play With Fire | Play With Fire(G-Point Records)2006
The Legendary Shack Shakers | Cockadoodledon't | Shake Your Hips(Bloodshot Records)2003
Johnny Trash | Guidance | Where Abundance Lies(Self Release)2006
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Bo-Day-Shus!!! | I'm Gonna Dig Up Howlin' Wolf(Enigma Records)1987
Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys | Moonshine, Murder & Poultricide | Wrong Kind Of Guy(Self Release)2011
The Grave Diggers | Move It! | Come See Me(Crypt Records)1989
The Matadors | Sweet Revenge | Up All Night(Stumble Records)2013
Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | Tell Me Pretty Baby(Trash Wax)2019
Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | Hang On(Rhino Records)1993
Liquor Beats Winter | Lost in the Sauce | Shake That Jello(Self Release)2018
The Pine Box Preachers | The Pine Box Preachers | Dead Cylinders, Dead Hearts(Self Release)2012
Turbo A.C.'s | Radiation | High By The Beach(Stomp Records)2018
The Toxenes | Electric Shock | Bad Girls(Self Release)2017
The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | What's Inside A Girl?(Big Beat Records)1986
The Hillmans | Kings of the Weald Frontier | Dreading Dixie(Western Star Recordings)2015
The Tremors | Uranium Rock | Drive-In(Brain Drain Records)2005
Henry & The Bleeders | Looking Backwards | Weed Farmer(Western Star Recording)2018
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Buy, Beg Or Steal | The Night Of The Living Ted(Jungle Records)2011
Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio | Savage American Rock | Don't Hold My Baby(Rollin' Rock Records)1999
The Delta Bombers | 15 To Life | 15 To Life(Self Release)2019
The Quakes | Planet Obscure | Die Too Young(Orrexx Records)2012
The Zipheads | Z2:Rampage! | Patron Saint(Bomber Music)2016
The Ricochets | Chaindog | Devils Highway(Diablo Records)2015
The Deltas | Boogie Disease | Boogie Disease(Nervous Records)1981
Boppin' Kids | The Ultimate Worst Of 1985-1990 | Feel So Lonely(Crazy Love Records)2009
MAGA Youth | MAGA Youth | MAGA Youth | | 2019
Abrasive Wheels | When The Punks Go Marching In! | Burn 'em Down(Riot City Records)1982
The Avengers | Died For Your Sins | Teenage Rebel(Lookout Records)1999
Vktms | Vktms | Midget(Broken Rekids)1997
Chron Gen | Chronic Generation | Chronic Generation(Secret Records)1982
Memphis Morticians | Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs | Bury You Now, Dig You Later(Kaiser Records)2006
The Dickies | The Incredible Shrinking Dickies | Banana Splits(A&M Records)1979
The Briefs | Steal Yer Heart | Forty And Above(Better Youth Organization)2005
The Undertones | Hypnotised | More Songs About Chocolate And Girls(Sire)1980
Thee Headcoatees | Punk Girls | Cara-Lin(Sympathy For The Record Industry)1997
Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra | Prairie Home Invasion | Will The Fetus Be Aborted(Alternative Tentacles)1994

Live Ledge #389: New Releases

I’m back! Yes, I had to cancel a couple of Live Ledge shows due to a little bb-sized stone that decided to mess with my kidney. Two ER visits and lots of pain meds later, I’m here with another new release episode!

And it’s a great collection of brand new tunes. Tons of garage rock and power pop. Some fantastic releases on Rum Bar, Spaghetty Town, and Stardumb. Big names and brand new acts. It’s a great summer listen!

Moronic Tuesdays 7.30.19

Hey Everybody we’ve got an hour of talk followed by an hour and a half of love songs in their purest form. Check out this weeks Moronic Tuesday and don’t forget to catch us live(ish) @ Real Punk Radio every Tuesday at 10 AM EST and 7PM EST. Here is this weekes episode …. Moronic Tuesdays 7.30.19

Redox #186 – Sometimes

Originally Published 6/30/13

All about the Chicken tonight - so grab Granny's Little Chicken, head on over to the Chicken Shack and let's do the Chicken Walk.

Here's the Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #411


July 31st, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #411…Back this week with new tunes from Baby Shakes, The Coolies, Italo and the Passions, The Sweet Things, Poison Boys, Daddy Long Legs, MAGA Youth, and The Wompydompies! Happy Birthday Marc!! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Baby Shakes – Nowhere Fast
The Coolies – Ignoramus
Guitar Gangsters – What Did I Do (This Time)
Exploding Hearts – (Making) Teenage Faces
Italo and the Passions – See You Later
The Sweet Things – Almost Faded
Poison Boys – Slow Down
Dad Brains – Father’s Day
DADDY LONG LEGS – Winners Circle
Dirt Box Disco – My dad is bigger than your dad
MAGA Youth – MAGA Youth
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bullshit
The Bamboo Kids – Me and Your Girl
Anti-Flag – Set Yourself On Fire
The Lillingtons – Lillington High
The Peawees – ‘Cause You Don’t Know Me
The Wompydompies – Jenny Jenny (Dreams are Ten A Penny)
The Replacements – Kick Your Door Down
The Hellacopters – Television Addict

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On The Nod Ep. 46 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week Behind The Noise with Ironside, Brand new World Noise, Smash the Discos has all new tracks, plus music by Murderers Row, The Ratz, Night Birds, RKL and much more!


The Big Takeover Show – Number 236 – July 29, 2019

This week, after a 1991 Billy Bragg refrain: brand new Vivian Girls, Versus, Steve Gunn, Slowness, Tony Molina, and David Kilgour, plus Electric Light Orchestra, Allen Toussaint, Chris Montez, Jan & Dean, Larry Williams, and Tex Williams

Redox #185 – Hayday (Live At Maxwell’s)

Originally Published 6/9/13

Cows, Steaks, Bovines, Hay, Cattle - it's all on the latest Grilling show.

Here's the Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #410


July 24th, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #410…Back after a week off and promotin’ tons of upcoming NYC shows with tunes from Hank von Hell, The Advertisers, Twin Guns, THE OTHERMEN, King Sexy, Live Ones, Mighty High, The Sweet Things, Italo and the Passions, Poison Boys, The Cynics, and The Electric Mess! Broke theme with tunes from The Coolies, Natalie Sweet, and Nikki & The Corvettes! tossed in some Dirty Fences and closed with some rock AND roll from The Hip Priests and The Dragons! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Hank von Hell – Too High
The Advertisers – Black Dog/Black Hat
Twin Guns – Blueberry Sugar
THE OTHERMEN – (do the) Stand Still
King Sexy – Horny Geekboy
Live Ones – Good Fer Nothing
Mighty High – Come On! I’m Holdin’
The Coolies – Uh Oh!
Natalie Sweet – A Little Room
Nikki & The Corvettes – I Gotta Move
The Sweet Things – Liquor Lightning
Italo and the Passions – Rockin’ Your Bones
Poison Boys – Out of My Head
The Cynics – Shot Down
The Electric Mess – Disconnected
Dirty Fences – Dance
The Hip Priests – Social Hand Grenade
The Dragons – Three Steps from the Bar

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 456

Lots of new stuff and the world premiere of MAGA Youth!

KPunk 187

  1. Remnants - In Good Company
  2. Neighborhood Brats - Dumpster Values
  3. Mongrel - Silver
  4. Brokedowns - Born On The Bayou Too
  5. La Tuya - Freedom is Slavery
  6. Hope is Noise - Bitter End
  7. Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock
  8. Superchunk - Driveway to Driveway (2019 Acoustic)
  9. Pretty Flowers - Doom Town
  10. Ramones - I´m Not Afraid Of Life
  11. Steve Adamyk Band - When I Was Gone           
  12. Notches - Oh, Okay, Like Bananas

On The Nod Ep. 45 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week Bruja has a brand new World Noise, Smash The Discos “WALL OF DEATH” plus music by Final Conflict, The Droogettes, the Jagoffs, Repeat Offenders and much more!!


Redox #184 – All He Wants To Do Is Fish

Originally Published 6/2/13

Sharks, Barracudas, Whales and Goldfish - got them all tonight on the Fish show!

Here's the Playlist:
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Swamp Jacuzzi Live #119

Oblivians- Call The Police
Todd Snyder- Rocket Fuel
Great Dismal Swamis- I Wanna Get Ripped
The Makers- Temper Tantrum
Future Hate- Goat Eyes
Dexateens- Anna Lee
Johnnie Allan- Promised Land
The Cavestompers- Waitin’ For My Time
The Barbarians- Hey Little Bird
The Heard- Exit 9
Stiff Little Fingers- Barbed Wire Love
The Hellacopters- Down Right Blue
James Leg- Casa Del Fuego
Greg Stackhouse Prevost- Gin Soaked Time Warp
Drive-By Truckers- Gravity’s Gone
Lydia Loveless- Wine Lips
Born Loose- You’ve Been Told
The Yeah You Rights- Lucy Anna
The Replacements- Careless
John Paul Keith- The Last Last Call

The Big Takeover Show – Number 235 – July 22, 2019

This week, after a bitta 1967 Byrds: brand new Ride, Redd Kross, Wilco, Frankie Cosmos, CamelPhat & Jake Bugg, and Sleater-Kinney, plus The Beatles, Ray Price, Lord Tanamo, David Bowie, Isley Brothers, and Tim Buckley

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #429 – Finally Here Once

Ever hear a song that eerily sounds like another? - well, this is the show for you!

Here's the playlist:
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Gone Mental Episode 333

Two more hours of the greatest rocknroll on the planet. More of the good stuff from The Saints, Liquor Beats Winter, The LEgendary Shack Shakers, The Matadors, The Peacocks, The Wreck, Southern Culture On The Skids, Powersolo, Scott H. Biram, and more

Git it.

The Saints(I'm) Stranded(I'm) Stranded(Captain Oi!)1977
Bad Co. Project | Mission Mohawk | Made In Germany(Knock Out Records)2011
Sniper 66 | Caput Lupinum | 7 Years(Self Release)2014
Rocket 350 | American Grease | That's Life(Beatville Records)2001
Tommy Blake | That'll Flat Git It Vol. 01 RCA | All Night Long(Bear Family)1992
Carlos & The Bandidos | For A Few Dollars Less | Unchain My Heart(Noose Records)1999
The Dirt Daubers | Wild Moon | Let It Fly(Plowboy Records)2013
Liquor Beats Winter | Liquor Beats Winter | Bottleneck Betty(Self Release)2014
Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys | Moonshine, Murder & Poultricide | Wrong Kind Of Guy(Self Release)2011
The Legendary Shack Shakers | Pandelirium | Bible, Candle And Skull(Yep Roc Records)2005
The Goddamn Gallows | The Maker | I Am Still The King(Farmageddon Records)2014
The Monster Klub | Inside | Sometimes(NOCO)2003
Nine | Japanese Psychobilly Now | Kill Or Die(Jappin' Psycho Bomb)2003
The Untamed | Eerie Stories | Papa Bumwallah(Heptown Records)2003
The Matadors | The Devil's Music | Pink Lincoln(Stumble Records)2004
Manic Pistoleros | Silver Bullet | Something Strange(Self Release)2011
The Cramps | Fiends Of Dope Island | Wrong Way Ticket(Vengeance Records)2003
Johnson Family | No Forwarding Address | Demolition Rock And Roll(Cherry Pie Recordings)2008
Henry & The Bleeders | Looking Backwards | Weed Farmer(Western Star Recording)2018
Rochee And The Sarnos | Understanding Sarno | Sarno Beat(Nervous Records)1985
The Peacocks | Don't Ask | How Long?(People Like You)2012
The Devil Dogs | 30 Sizzling Slabs | Gonna See You Tonight(Crypt Records)1992
The Vincent Razorbacks | The Vincent Razorbacks | Surfin' DOA(Raucous Records)2008
The Wreck | Sailors Grave | What Are You Doin'?(Crazy Love Records)2018
Batmobile | Amazons From Outer Space | Ravin' Women(Count Orlok Music)1989
Pickled Punks | Wake Up Dead | Books Of Blood(Self Release)2008
Demented Are Go | Hellbilly Storm | Skating In The Rain(People Like You)2005
Southern Culture On The Skids | Dirt Track Date | Nitty Gritty(Telstar Records)1995
Ray Condo & The Ricochets | Door-To-Door Maniac | She Likes To Boogie Real Low(Joaquin Records)1997
Powersolo | Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba / Got No Fear | Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba(Crunchy Frog Recordings)2015
Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Alcohol Blues(Bloodshot Records)2014
Scott H. Biram | The Bad Testament | Pressin' On(Bloodshot Records)2017
Scott H. Biram | Something's Wrong Lost Forever | Judgement Day(Bloodshot Records)2009
Scott H. Biram | Graveyard Shift | Reefer Load(Bloodshot Records)2006
Scott H. Biram | The Dirty Old One Man Band | Whiskey(Bloodshot Records)2005
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Frenzy / Get Out of My Way! | Gonna Put My Face On A Nuclear Bomb(Restless Records)1987

Jake’s Inferno Episode 407

No theme this time, plenty of great music though. Bay Area thrash is in the spotlight on three tracks, but I'm also spinning some punk, garage, hard rock, country and oi. My vacation started yesterday, yeah! 

Rock N Roll Manifesto 455

A metric shit-ton of classics!

Moronic Tuesdays Vinyl Special

It was a very long weekend of partying here is our fruits…Moronic Tuesdays Vinyl Special 7.16.19

On The Nod Ep. 44 on Real Punk Radio!

This week on Smash The Discos, Jason is playing bands from FRONTLINE FEST, Bruja has a brand new World Noise plus music by La Tuya, Hewhocannotbenamed, Guida, Agnostic Front and much more!!!


The Big Takeover Show – Number 234 – July 15, 2019

This week, after a small slice of 1967 Buckinghams: brand new Ride, Sebadoh, Quivers, Doug Tuttle, Black Watch, and Silver Bars, plus Fats Domino, Wilson Pickett, Cannonball Adderley, Dionne Warwick, The Zombies, and Montie Montana Jr. & His Wranglers

TJR Episode 55: Weltturbojugendtage XV. (Aug. 1st-3rd)

itunes pic
It´s that time of the year again! Screw Christmas, forget your mom´s birthday and simply ignore the trivial New Year´s eve. Finally, it´s Weltturbojugendtage-time! For the 15th time, the jolly Denim Recruits gather in St- Pauli to celebrate their never ending youth and gooey unity, grab tight asses and ice cold beers and the occasional Mexikaner. TJ Radio´s audio slave Max Farten and Tschebesta discuss this year´s excellent lineup, the problematic pace yourself aspect and brand new and good old hotspots in the HQ of Denim, the city of Hamburg.

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #428 – Waitress In The Sky (Live)

Yes Ann, it's the 2019 Vintage Wine Show

Here's the Playlist:
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Gone Mental Episode 332

Doing it again as we do with 2 hours of the good stuff. The greatest rocknroll on earth from Memphis Morticians, Lost Souls, The Spastiks, The Peacocks, The Husbands, Abrasive Wheels, Sasquatch & The Sick-A-Billys, and more.

Git it.

Memphis Morticians | Dial 'M' For Mortician | Whistle And I'll Come To You My Lad(Trash Wax)2017
Frantic Flintstones | Freaked Out & Psyched Out | Banned From The Koti(Drunkabilly Records)2012
The Kings Of Outer Space | How To Fly A Rocket | Watch Me Burn(Western Star Recording)2013
Lost Souls | Chasin' A Dream | Surf Bitch(Nervous Records)1990
The Termites | Overload | I Can't Wait(Link Records)1990
Radiacs | Hellraiser | Lost(Link Records)1989
The Magnetix | Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rocket | Martian Fever(Crazy Love Records)2016
The Spastiks | Sewer Surfing | Radiation Baby(Crazy Love Records)2016
The Rusty Robots | Tighten Your Screws And Dance To | Go Psycho!(Razmataz Records)2016
The Frogs | Witch! | Last Of The Teenagers(Razmataz Records)2012
Batmobile | Bambooland | Mission Impossible(Count Orlok Music)1987
Deadbolt | Voodoo Moonshiner(Found Him In) El Paso(Voodoobilly Man Records)2011
Dillberriezz | Dillberriezz | When I Am Drunk(Crazy Love Records)2011
Smell Of Kat | A Dream of One Thousand Katz | The Man Who Cannot Die(Just for Fun Productions)2015
The Raygun Cowboys | The Cowboy Code | She Came From Kainai(Stomp Records)2017
The Peacocks | Don't Ask | The Long Way Home(People Like You)2012
The Gospel Swingers | The Gospel Swingers | Mississippi(Lonestar Records)2005
The Deadly Snakes | Ode To Joy | I Can't Sleep At Night(In The Red)2002
The Husbands | Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands | Better Watch Out(Swami Records)2003
Cooterfinger | Three Chords And A Grudge | Go On And Leave Me(Illbilly Records)2003
The Jackets | Queen Of The Pill | Deeper Way(Voodoo Rhythm)2019
Peter & The Test Tube Babies | Loud Blaring Punk Rock | Vicars Wank Too(Hairy Pie Records)1985
Chron Gen | Chronic Generation | Jet Boy Jet Girl(Secret Records)1982
Abrasive Wheels | When The Punks Go Marching In! | Just Another Punk Band(Riot City Records)1982
Lexicon Devils | Lexicon Devils | High Blood Pressure Damage(Self Release)2013
Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Shake Ya(Rough Trade)2019
Elvis Hitler | Disgraceland | Berlin To Memphis(Wanghead Records)1987
The Tombstones | Twang From The Grave | Preachin', Playin', Guitar Playin'(Saustex Media)2005
The Tremors | Invasion Of The Saucermen(I Ain't No) Two Timin' Man(Brain Drain Records)2006
Reverend Horton Heat | Revival | If It Ain't Got Rhythm(Yep Roc Records)2004
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys | Burning Miles Of Sin | Beyond The Sun(Self Release)2005
Screamers & Sinners | Hypnosia | Ratman(Diablo Records)2019
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Cookin' Up A Party | Just My Kind(Dirty Water Records)2013
The Sonics | Boom | Jenny Jenny(Etiquiette Records)1966
Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat (Vinyl)Let's Dance(Trash Wax)2019
Hoodoo Tones | Confessions Of A Loner | Watch Your Mouth(Rhythm Bomb Records)2016
Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Lovesick Stroll(STAG-O-LEE)2015

Live Ledge #388: From The Archives

Despite what you may believe, archive releases come out throughout the year. It’s not just for the Christmas holidays or Record Store Days. During the year there are tons of compilations, live records, remasters, and other odds and ends.

Tonight’s show collects a number of these. Acoustic versions of classic Graham Parker and Superchunk albums. A collection of acoustic covers recorded by Buffalo Tom’s Bill Janovitz. Live albums by Johnny Thunders, Die Toten Hosen, Paul Kelly, and so much more. A riveting triple-disc compilation of Billy Childish’s 40 year careeer. All these and more!

Listen and then please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! It’s that simple.


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Swamp Jacuzzi Live 118

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- Electrophonic Tonic
The Real Kids- Do The Boob
Dirty Deep- Wild Animal
The Growlers- Problems lll
Dave Delmonte & The Cross County Boys- I Got A Lot On My Mind
Genya Raven- Don’t Go In The Bathroom
Freeloader- Nobody Gives A Fuck
The Embrooks- Francis
Long Tall Shorty- This Town
The Night Times- Watch Your Step
Devil Dogs- Big Fucking Party 1 and 2
The Woggles- Paisley In Paradise
Jarvis Humby- Formaldehyde
The Gentlemens- Sheltered
The Caballeros- Another Day
Courtney Barnett- City Looks Pretty
Jason Isbell- Super 8
The Cynics- You Must Be A Witch
The Customs- Long Gone
Lost Bayou Ramblers- Marie Noir
Greg “Stackhouse” Prevost- I Ain’t Signifying
Greg “Stackhouse” Prevost- Death Rides With The Morning Sun
Two Cow Garage- Burn In Hell
Scott Morgan- Heaven
The Hellacopters- My Mephistophelean Creed
Hounds Of Baskerville- I Think You Want To Fuck Me Up In My Mind
Mark Porkchop Holder- My Black Name

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #409


July 10th, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #409…Tonight we dug into the RPR Band Submissions and spanned the globe for some killer punk rock’n’roll!! Bands…send your properly tagged mp3 tunes to for airplay! We also promoted some upcoming Brooklyn shows with tracks by Amyl and The Sniffers, The Chats, and Hank Von Hell!! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Win/Win – July 4th
Matti Kulju – Putki Poikki
The ProblemAddictsfl – Cliffnotes on a Broken Heart
The Deadly Dares – Cant Keep Me Down
Ex-Monroe – Serrano
Return of the Leech – The Whisky
Headless Frank – All Heart, Zero Book
Abusements – Uncle Dude
Antibastard – Burn Berlin
Autogramm – Bad Day
Amyl and The Sniffers – Control
The Chats – How Many Do You Do
Hank Von Hell – Fake It
BRUCE – Warsaw
Crash Dive – A Million Goodbyes
Demasiado Humano – Ser quien sos (con Natta de Ansiedad)
Jack Oblivian and the Dream Killers – Sweet Thang
Freeloader – Will It Go Round In Circles
Dictators – Avenue A

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 454

New Defekt Defekt, some classic hardcore, power pop, punk rock and more.  

Shit Is Together!

Including both halves of Moronic Tuesdays @ Check it out! Moronic Tuesdays 7.9.19

On The Nod Ep. 43 on Real Punk Radio!!

Dan interviews Grade 2 on this weeks Behind The Noise, Smash The Discos is brand new “Nazi Trolls Fuck Off, Bruja has a new World Noise, Sienna is back to spin you some of her faves plus music by Streetlight Saints, Roadside Bombs, Slapshot, Phone Jerks, UK Subs and much more!

The Big Takeover Show – Number 233 – July 8, 2019

This week, after Jim warbles a little 1980 The Jam: brand new Versus, Belle & Sebastian, Duncan Lloyd, The Minus 5, Bad Religion, and Toots & the Maytals, plus James Brown, Roy Wood, Tex Ritter & His Texans, The Action, Johnny Cash, and Flash and the Pan; and R.I.P. João Gilberto, 1931-2019

The Last Backlog Dump Before We Get Our Shit Together!

Morning Show 4.2.19

Radio Show 4.2.19

Morning Show 4.23.19

Radio Show 4.23.19

Morning Show 4.30.19

Radio Show 4.30.19

Morning Show 5.7.19

Radio Show 5.7.19

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Red Red Wine On A Sunday #427 – Busted Up

Stranger Than Fiction - a great movie!  Here's sort of an alternative soundtrack to it - enjoy.

Here's the Playlist:

Voices In Side My Head
Bob Mould
Patch The Sky

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Live Ledge #387: New Releases

Look, it gets hard to describe the monthly new release shows. It’s like the others. Two hours of great new tunes from all over the world. Listen and then go purchase those you enjoy! It’s that simple/

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #408 – 4th of July SUCK-tacular!


July 3rd, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #408…Tonight was the 4th of July SUCK-tacular, baby! No parade, no patriotism, no Trump! Just givin’ ol’ Uncle Sam a swift kick to the balls! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Avengers – The American in me
J.O.N – RIP Freedom of Speech
Total Massacre – American Carnage
The Planet Smashers – UPS Of America
Team America: World Police – America, Fuck Yeah
Anti-Flag – The Modern Rome Burning
Tonight We Strike – America Calling
Madball Liberty Or Death
Refuse Resist – Middle America
Gag Order – Welfare for the Wealthy
DOA – America The Beautiful
DEVO – Freedom of Choice
Naked Raygun – Only in America
Spanner – Freedom Fighters
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Total Chaos (USA) – Wake Up America
Zex – Break Free
Burning Heads – Destroy Capitalism Anarchy
Mischief Brew – Liberty Unmasked
Neighborhood Bratsb – Late Stage Capitalism
SCR/InBadTaste – Teabagging America

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Rock N Roll Manifesto 453

New stuff from Nob Hill Mariners and Poison Boys, plus KBD classics and more.  

On The Nod Ep. 42 on Real Punk Radio!

This week Behind the Noise with Brix N Mortar, Smash the Discos “Hostile Work Environment”, Brand new World Noise plus music by The Warriors, The Faith, Modern Enemy, Fist Fight on Ecstacy, and more!!


Swamp Jacuzzi Live #117

The Swinging Neckbreakers- Ya Better Dig It
Jim Stafford- Swamp Witch
LaVern Baker- Voodoo Voodoo
Bob Seger System- Lucifer
Left Lane Cruiser- Shake & Bake
Shanda & The Howlers- Mind Made Up
Steve Earl- Fixin’ To Die
The Laissez Fairs- Like Mrs Peel In Leather
The Makers- I Can’t Stand It / The Mantis / Nobody Gonna Break My Soul
The Mummies- Stronger Than Dirt
The Bloody Hollies- I Dream Of Bees
The Floors- Medicated
The Grizzly Adams- Better Teenaged
The Hot LZ’s- You Ain’t Shit
The Nervebreakers- Stand Up
The Real Kids- Reggae Reggae
The Reigning Sound- Stormy Weather
The Right Here- ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off
The Sadies- Another Year Again
The Nox Boys- One Thirteen
Nic Curran & The Lowlifes- Lowlife
The Monsters- Kiss You Dead
The Peawees- Don’t Give a Fuck
Rod Hamdallah- Carry You Home
John Paul Keith- Anyone Can Do It
Johnnie Allan- The Promised Land
James Leg- Can’t Stop Thinking About It
Wayne Hancock- Johnny Law
The Bohannons- Twister Sister
Cromm Fallon- Electric Change
Dirty Deep- Leavin’ Crunk

The Big Takeover Show – Number 232 – July 1, 2019

This week, after a little 1957 Everly Brothers: brand new Sleater-Kinney, Lisa Mychols, Black Watch, Aldous Harding. Peter Perrett, and Willie Nelson, plus Smiley Lewis, The Paragons and U-Roy, Big Bill Broonzy, The Equals, Elton John, Bobby Goldsboro, and Grover from Sesame Street; and R.I.P. Dave Bartholomew 1918-2019

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #426 – Anywhere’s Better Than Here

1989 - The music of thirty years ago and it still resonates.....

Here's the playlist:
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Gone Mental Episode 331

Once again here we go. Another 2 hours of the greatest rocknroll on the planet. Al & The Blackcats, Link Wray, Angry Samoans, The Pharaohs, Teenage Exorcist, Screamers & Sinners, The Minestompers, Lonesome Kings, Voodoo Zombie, The Saints, G.G. Allin & The Jabbers, Flash Kicks, The Blasters, and more.

Git it.

Al & The Black Cats | Givin' Um Something To Rock 'n' Roll About | Oh My God(Sunny Bastards)2008 Coach N' Commando | FBP!K!K! | No Sleep At Motel Hell(King Pizza Records)2016 The Jackets | Queen Of The Pill | Queen Of The Pill(Voodoo Rhythm)2019 Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | Ain't That Lovin' You Babe(Rhino Records)1993 Angry Samoans | The Unboxed Set | My Old Man's A Fatso(Triple X Records)1995 The Ricochets | On Target | Thity Days(Count Orlok Music)1992 Raik & The Chainballs | Under The Silvery Moon | A Boozer's Blues(Rhythm Bomb Records)2008 The Pharaohs | Blue Egypt | Blue Egypt(Nervous Records)1986 The Arkhams | Road To Arkham | She's Got The Power(Self Release)2009 The Zipheads | Prehistoric Beat | Don't Pretend(Self Release)2013 Teenage Exorcist | Year of the Witch | Hollywood Ramble On(Self Release)2019 The Spastiks | Sewer Surfing | My Baby Was Abducted By Aliens(Crazy Love Records)2016 The Lab Ratz | Terror Is Loose! | Where The Demons Go(Crazy Love Records)2016 Screamers & Sinners | Hypnosia | Fraidy Cat(Diablo Records)2019 The Minestompers | The Minestompers | Leprechaun Boogie(Crazy Love Records)2015 The Bone Machine | Sottoterra | La Strada Dei Morti(Billy's Bones Records)2010 Dead Kings | King By Death ... Fool For A Lifetime | Alive By The Machine(Crazy Love Records)2001 Clockwork Psycho | The Hated | Corpse Collector(Diablo Records)2018 Lonesome Kings | Sweet Little Succubus | Watchin' You(Rockin' Raven Records)2005 Gutter Demons | Enter The Demonz | Playground Horror Peepshow(Pirate Records)2003 Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Blue Viper(Crazy Love Records)2005 Boozehounds | Evil Deluxe | ...To Die(Crazy Love Records)2003 Voodoo Zombie | Voodoo Zombie | Manicomio(Crazy Love Records)2008 The Kings Of Outer Space | Cosmic Debris | Dog Day Heat(Western Star Recording)2010 The Cramps | Look Mom No Head! | Bend Over, I'll Drive(Big Beat Records)1991 Johnson Family | No Forwarding Address | Satan(Cherry Pie Recordings)2008 F.U.2. | Punk Rock | Tax Exile(Beat)1978 The Saints(I'm) Stranded | Demolition Girl(Captain Oi!)1977 G.G. Allin & The Jabbers | 1980's Rock'n'Roll | Gimme Some Head(Orange Records) Flash Kicks | EP | Too Late(Self Release)2018 Supersuckers | Must've Been High | Roadworn And Weary(Sub Pop)1997 Wayne Hancock | A-Town Blues | Miller Jack And Mad Dog(Bloodshot Records)2001 The Blasters | American Music | Barn Burning(Rollin' Rock)1980 Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra | Prairie Home Invasion | Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus(Alternative Tentacles)1994

Live Ledge #386: 2nd Quarter Report

As I’ve stated almost every week this week, this has been a fabulous year for new music. Tonight’s show is proof of that fact. It’s the last show of June, which means we’ve hit the halfway mark of the year. Tonight’s show is the “2nd Quarter Report”; a presentation of some of the great releases from April, May, and June.