On The Nod on Real Punk Radio! 4th Annual Halloween Horror Show!!

Our 4th Annual Halloween Horror show! Full of musical terror that will chill you to your rotting bones!!!

Redox #248 – Outer Limits

 Originally published 10/26/14

Halloween Time - celebrating with some Ghosts and some Busters!

Here's the Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #469 – Halloween Spooktacular!

October 28th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #469……Tommy Unit LIVE’s Halloween Spooktacular!!® The Count rose from the grave to bring it live (dead?) from the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn! Tunes about Bloodsuckers, Graves, Zombies, Death, Lucifer, and even Spells! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Short Fuses – Night Of The Bloodsuckers
Dead Moon – Graveyard
Sniper 66 – In His Grave
Grade 2 – Graveyard Island
Giant Eagles – Bloodlust Tonight
Deathtraps – Tastes Like Blood
Lucifer Star Machine – Evil Blood
Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions – Here Come The Zombies
Hangmen – Corpse Grinder
DeeCRACKS – Killed By Death
Teenage Bottlerocket – Death Kart
Freddie Dilevi – Die Tonight
Left Hand Black – Devil in Miss Jones
Dwarves – Devil’s Level
Killer Hearts – Midnight Lucifer
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You

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Redox #247 – Takin’ A Ride (Live In New Orleans)

 Originally Published 10/19/14

Takin' A Ride down To New Orleans this week.

Here's the Playlist:
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TJR Episode 72: Happy Tom talks about the American Dream in his U.X.A.

itunes pic
In the looming light of the upcoming presidential election, TJ Radio asked Happy Tom to give his insights on the current state of The American Dream. Based upon his new TV Mini-Series, “UXA - Thomas Seltzers Amerika”, Turbonegro´s bass wrecking machine digs deep into his personal, life-long experience and quite eloquently elaborates not only on U.S. politics as such but also references the upcoming U.S. election. This podcast WILL smarten you up and “…that´s the bottom line, cause TJR said so!” ©.

RNRM521: The 11th Annual Halloween Show

Halloween and Vicious Dreams!

Redox #246 – Favorite Thing (Live At Midway Stadium)

 Originally published 10/12/14

Punk, Garage, New Wave and Ska - Just a few of my Favorite Things

Here's the Playlist:

Favorite Thing  (Live)
The Replacements
Midway Stadium 9-13-14

Something I Learned Today
Hüsker Dü
Zen Arcade
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter And The Tucos

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Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #157 (The Halloween Hellride)

Mello Joy Boys Devil- On The Bayou
The Peewees Walking- Through My Hell
Pineleaf Boys Werewolf- Two-step
The Rolling Stones- Child Of The Moon
The Swinging Neckbreakers- No Costume, No Candy
Jack and Jim- Midnight Monster’s Ball
Tony’s Monstrosities- Igor’s Party
The Verdicts- The Mummie’s Ball
The Schitzophonics- Like a Mummy
Southern Culture On The Skids- Demon Death
Roky Erickson- Im A Devil
The Dovers- The Devil You May Be
Joe Buck Yourself- Devil Is On His Way
The Shades- Voodoo Woman
The Brimstones- Voodoohexenshakit!
Eric Geles & Gino- She Cast a Spell On Me
Kenny Neil- Swamp Creature
Junior Wells- Voodoo Man
The Fuzztones- She’s Wicked
Leroy Bowman- Graveyard
Thee Graveman- Rockin’ In The Graveyard
Billy Taylor- Wombie Zombie
The Sweet- Hellraiser

The Big Takeover Show – Number 301 – October 26, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXXII

This week, after some of 1964 Petula Clark: brand new Toots & the Maytals, Flower, Art Bergmann (and Wayne Kramer), Bob Mould, Drew Citron, and The Spits, plus Big Star, The Who, The Grass Roots, The Beatles, Astrud Gilberto, Dolly Parton, and Hoagy Carmichael; and R.I.P. Spencer Davis, 1939-2020, age 81

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #472 – Cruella De Ville (Complete Inconcerated Live)


It's the Halloween 2020 Show - yep what a scary year......

Gone Mental Episode 375

Doing what we do again with another 2+ hours of the best rocknroll ever made. Red hot greatness from The Nips, Powersolo, The PArtisans, Dayglo Abortions, Henry & The Bleeders, Lost Souls, Batmobile, Howlin' Wolf, Bloodshot Bill, The Dickies, D.O.A., and more!
Git it.

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Root Hog Or Die | She's Vibrator Dependent | (Enigma Records)1989 The Saints | Eternally Yours | Know Your Product | (Harvest)1978 The Modern Lovers | The Modern Lovers | Roadrunner | (Sanctuary Records)2007 The Nips | Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver | Venus In Bother Boots | (Big Beat Reacords)1987 Powersolo | Got A Sack O' Dope Hidden In My Ass | Donkey Dawg | (Mastermind Records)2001 Thee Headcoatees | Ballad Of The Insolent Pup | This Heart | (Damaged Goods)1994 Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | Strangled | (Trash Wax)2019 Major Accident | A Clockwork Legion | Sorry (We Can't Help You)(Flicknife Records)1984 The Partisans | The Partisans | I Dont Give A Fuck | (Captain Oi!)2005 Subhumans | Crisis Point | 99% | (Pirates Press Records)2019 The Restarts | A Sickness Of The Mind | Turned It All To Shit | (No Label Records)2013 G.B.H. | Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys... | Lycanthropy | (Clay Records)1982 MAGA Youth | MAGA Youth | Trump's America | (Self Release)2020 Dayglo Abortions | Feed Us A Fetus | Dogfarts | (Beer City Records)1986 7 Shot Screamers | 7 Shot Screamers In Wonderland | Love Always, Charlie | (Big Muddy Records)2008 Mosquito | Wants Your Blood | Uncle Joe | (Mikadox Records)2000 Henry & The Bleeders | Toeing The Line | Back Down The Jobby | (Western Star Recording)2013 Tasteless | The Bad Taste EP | Bad Taste | (Self Release)2019 The Frogs | Revenge Of The Frogs | Black Magic | (Razmataz Records)2010 The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Zombie Women | (Self Release)2017 Sons Of The Yompin' Cockroaches | Sons Of The YC | Is This Love | (KIX 4 U Records)1990 Lost Souls | Erazer Head | Lysergic Acid | (Tombstone Records)1991 Numbskulls | Back Fae The Deid | Boneless | (Diablo Records)2017 The Epileptic Hillbillys | Tales From The Underworld | Moonshine Juke Joint | (Crazy Love Records)2011 Krewmen | Into The Tomb | Public Enemy Number One | (Lost Moment Records)1987 The Meteors | The Mutant Monkey & The Surfers From Zorch | Spine Bender | (Anagram)1999 Reverend Horton Heat | Full Custom Gospel Sounds | Livin' On The Edge (Of Houston)(Sub Pop Records)1993 Guitar Slingers | One Man Freakshow | Like A Rocket | (Crazy Love Records)2010 The Psyclocks | Dont Think, Feeeel!!!! | Everybody Stomping | Killjoy Records | 2015 The Peabrains | In The Hangman's Shadow | Live Fast Die Young | (Crazy Love Records)2019 Batmobile | Bail Set At 6.000.000 | Gates Of Heaven | (Nervous Records)1988 The Delta Bombers | Wolf | Stumbling Block | (Wild Records)2012 Howlin' Wolf | Moanin' In The Moonlight | Baby How Long | (Chess Records)1958 Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads | Born Bad Volume 1 | Goo Goo Muck | (Born Bad)1986 Jerry Arnold | Nasty Rockabilly | When You Said Goodbye | (B-Sharp)2011 John Ashley | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 09 | Little Lou | (Flame)1988 Screamin' Jay Hawkins | Because Is In Your Mind | Take Me Back | (Philips)1970 Bloodshot Bill | Rockabilly Trash | Rat Fink | (Self Release)2004 Al Foul | The Blue Front Trio | Shitty Little World | (Self Release)2105 The Dickies | Dawn Of The Dickies | Fan Mail | (A&M Records)1979 Toy Dolls | Episode XIII | El Cumbanchero | (Randale Records)2019 Peter & The Test Tube Babies | Supermodels | Supermodels | (We Bite Records)1995 Berlin Blackouts | Nastygram Sedition | A.S. Disillusion | (Wanda Records)2019 The Pleasure Fuckers | Supper Star | Solid Steel Automobile | (Crypt Records)1992 Oblivians | Popular Favorites | He's Your Man | (Crypt Records)1996 D.O.A. | Murder | Banana Land | (Restless Records)1990

The Ledge #448: Reissues

The Ledge isn’t all about new music, obviously. And with the record companies constantly repackaging old material with bonus demos, outtakes, and live takes my collection just continues to grow.

Tonight’s show is a look at some of these special releases from the past couple of months. These include special editions of classic albums from the Stones, Replacements, Lou Reed, and many others. There’s also Record Store Day issues of material from David Bowie, The Pogues, and The Fall. Add to that a few other odds and ends, including some classic 60’s tracks from a fantstic 60’s compilation, A Slight Disturbance In My Mind, and you have a full episode.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Redox #245 – 5:05

 Originally Published 9/28/14

Five years ago...... Celebrating with some "5" songs tonight

Here's the Playlist:

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #468

October 21st 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #468……TONIGHT we spun new tunes, sampled a Saustex “sampler”, played some RPR Band Submissions, Classics, and songs about Zombies!! Next week…Tommy Unit LIVE’s Halloween Spooktacular!!®  Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Lemon Drop Gang – Bubble Yum
Texacala Jones Pony Island Express – Blue Saber
Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre – Evil
Pocket FishRmen – Marijuana Logic
The Beaumonts – Details
To The Helpless – Born To Lose (Death Comes Ripping)
Kids Of Skids – Trapped
Mr Teenage – The Loser
The SUCK – #You’redead
Dirty Fences – Dance
Mary’s Kids – Hightime
Human Tornado – Wild Wild Girl
The Spiratones – Night Of The Golden Sun
The Fuzztones – 53rd & 3rd
Ramones – My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)
The Clash – Safe European Home
The Misfits – Astro Zombies
The Eyeliners – Do The Zombie
The Lillingtons – Zombies
Giant Eagles – Zombie Apocalypse
Teenage Bottlerocket – Creature from the Black Metal Lagoon
Reverend Beat-Man and Nicole Izobel Garcia – Black Metal

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More Halloween tunes, plus some Spicy Juice sauce and other goodies.  

On The Nod Ep.103 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week world noise features a lot of old school with a couple of newer bands. This week Bruja plays The Adverts/England, The Outcasts/Ireland, Riisteyt/Finland, Mob 47/Sweden, B.G.K./Netherlands, The Comes/Japan, Antidogmatikss/Spain, Wild Braces/France, The Wuds/Philippines, High Circle/Italy and The Skids/Scotland, Hear The Darkness has Classics from: English Dogs, Dillinger Four, an instant classic from Limp Wrist and a tribute to the late, great Pierre Kedzy of Naked Raygun (hence the long run time) featuring the Kedzy-written “Strange Days” by NR to close the show, while using Billy Batts & the Made Men’s “Tribute to Pierre Kedzy” as this weeks’ background music, Dave Coop plays an old school assault with 45 Grave, Cause For Alarm, Deep Wound, Dr. Know and Much More, plus Smash The Discos (replay)

#dumptrump2020 #fuckthetrumps #the trumpsareconsandwhores

The Big Takeover Show – Number 300 [Woo Hoo!] – October19, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXXI

This week, after some prophetic ol’ 1993 Bad Religion: brand new Bad Religion, Damned, Black Nite Crash, Maxïmo Park, Bats, and Kurt Bloch with Kim & Lulu, plus Temptations, Alice Cooper, Merseys, Larry Williams, Ricky Nelson, Peter Tosh, and Phil Ochs

The Ledge #447: Covers

On one of my laptops I have a folder where I toss in any cover versions that I think could possibly include in a Ledge episode. Once that folder has a sufficient number of songs I know it’s time to do a covers show.

This is that time. The folder is full. Overloaded, in fact. So tonight is nothing but remakes of great tunes. Some of them are well-known songs by the likes of Tom Petty, John Lennon, and The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones. Others may not be so obvious, such as Freddie Dilevi’s version of “Johnny Remember Me”, a 1961 UK number one hit song by John Leyton. It’s a fun show that’s perfect for this time of endless political turmoil.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

On The Nod Ep. 102 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week after some technical difficulties we are back with an all new show! This week World Noise Episode 89 features Raw Power/Italy, Savage Beat/Netherlands, The Penny Cocks/Spain, Himei/Japan, Bromure/France, Radigals/Singapore, CharmCharmChu/Hong Kong, Kobra/Russia, Rude Riot/Ukraine, Schizma/Poland & Toxina/Brazil, Hear The Darkness with Benny Brujo has New stuff from Alien Nosejob, Sabre, Subliminal Excess, Ananas, Fuse, UNIT, and Classics Of Love.
Classics from Lip Cream, Battalion Of Saints, Zero Boys, and the Faith/Void split LP. and More! Dave Coop will be playing an entire set from the delayed comp “ON THE NOD, ITS ALIVE VOL.1” Plus Smash The Discos!
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Redox #244 – Things

 Originally Posted 9/21/14

Words - the subject on this Garagey NSFW show 

Here's the Playlist:
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New Bad Secret and some Halloween tunes.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #467

October 14th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #467……TONIGHT another taste from the upcoming Mud City Manglers album! Add in some RPR Band Submissions, New Releases, a set for the Mummy, and more!! Spaghetty Town Records, Beluga Records, Ghost Highway Recordings, Rum Bar Records, and Monster Zero!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right! Subscribe to podcast HERE PLAYLIST Mud City Manglers – One More Mile Neon Bone – I’m coming home THE SKULLINGTONS – I Don’t Wanna Go On The Murder Train So-Cho Pistons – RISE UP Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers – Subterranean Sickfuck Blues CJ Ramone – This Town RMBLR – Machine Gun Apa State Mental – Monkey Left Alone – Barrio (Ft. Tim Armstrong) Smash Fashion – Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees At CBGBs Gallows Birds – So Unhappy for You The Cramps – Hipsville 29. B.C. NOFX – Teenage Existentialist The Spits – Get Our Kicks The Bronx – The Unholy Hand Boris Karloff – The Mummy Part One Bob McFadden and DOR – The Mummy (1959) The Mummies – Skinny Minnie Schizophonics – Like A Mummy Husker Du – Turn On the News
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KPunk 200

  1. Attic Salt – Last Song
  2. Raging Nathans – Stargazing
  3. Hospital Job – Devices Got Designs
  4. Worries – End of the World
  5. Radon – Go Forth and Hate One Another
  6. Howardian – Rock Candy
  7. Globs – The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs
  8. Bananas – Ordem e Progresso
  9. Faux Replica – Brain Chemistry
  10. Heck Yes – New Boot Goofin’
  11. Bob Mould – Forecast of Rain
  12. Ramones – Sheena is a Punk Rocker
  13. Naked Raygun – Home
  14. Pegboy – Line Up
  15. Dave Merriman – The Devil
  16. Hamell on Trial – Damn Pandemic

Redox #243 – Something To Du

 Originally posted 9/14/20

Do ya like the Replacements?  Got some tributes songs about the Mats, Dolls, Pistols and Ramones tonite.

Here's the Playlist:

Blood On Your Knuckles
Josh Freese
Since 1972

London Boys
Johnny Thunders
So Alone
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

Somethin To Du
The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash!
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds
Cyanide Pills
Still Bored

Johnny Thunders (I Miss You)
Shotgun Rationale
Beyond Rebellion

A Westerberg Song
The Atomic Hep Cats

The Replacements
Art Brut
Art Brut Vs. Satan

Boss Of The Blues
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women

Bo Diddley
The Ramshackle Daddies
Bo Did It Vol. 20

With David Bowie
Veruca Salt
Eight Arms to Hold You

Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie
The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars 

We Can Go
Gang Green
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Primal Scream
Vanishing Point


Joey Ramone
The Slotcars
Don't Hassle Us, We're Local
Suggested by Tommer of Tommy Unit Live

Three Angels
CJ Ramone

Danny Says
The Ramones
Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology 

The Lonely 1
Being There

Let There Be Rock
Drive-By Truckers
Southern Rock Opera / Act II
Suggested by Boyd

King Rocker
Generation X
Perfect Hits 1975-1981

The Seeker
Zen Guerrilla
The Seeker

How To Quit Smoking
Micah Schnabel
I'm Dead, Serious

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Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #156

The Chesterfield Kings- Up and Down
The Left- Columbus Day
Dexateens- Naked Ground
Dirty Deep- Holy Ghost
Grand Champeen- Cottonmouth
Centro-Matic- Blisters May Come
Black D- Fuck Trump
DC Fallout- Nazi Trump Fuck Off
Fuzztones- Ward 81
Drive-By Truckers- Perilous Night
Todd Snider- Conservative Christian Right-Wing Republican
DOA- Fucked Up Donald
The Exploited- Beat The Bastards
Nat Freedberg- Devil Rockin Man
The Dirty Truckers- Human Contact
The Blowies- CDC
Pandamic- Scumbag
Parish Commissioners- Down By The Licky Store

The Big Takeover Show – Number 299 – October 12, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXX

This week, after a small warble of 1996 Billy Bragg: brand new Tough Age, Dennis Davison, Foxycontin, Flying Vipers, The Rifles, and Cliff and Ivy, plus Everly Brothers, Buckinghams, Hollies, Donna Lynn, Chris Farlowe, Charlie Feathers, and Dusty Springfield; plus R.I.P. Strike Under/Naked Raygun/Pegboy bassist Pierre Kezdy (1962-2020), and Johnny Nash (1940-2020)


Made up for my show not recording on Wednesday with a 6+ hour marathon show on a Saturday night. 121 songs. All for you!

Gone Mental Episode 374

Back again with another 2+ hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Absolute greatness from The Spits, Amyl & The Sniffers, Blitz, Mad Sin, The Tremors, Old 97's, Filthy Still, and more
Git it.

The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | How Far Can Too Far Go?(Big Beat Records)1986 The Spits | The Spits (2009)Schools Out(Thriftstore Records)2009 Archie & The Bunkers | Songs From The Lodge | 122 Hours Of Fear(Dirty Water Records)2018 The Darts | I Like You But Not Like That | My Way(Alternative Tentacles)2019 L'Assassins | Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang! | Want You(Big Action Records)2014 The Monsters | Pop Up Yours! | Whatcha Gonna Do(Voodoo Rhythm)2011 The Chats | High Risk Behaviour | Drink And Disorderly(Cooking Vinyl Australia)2020 The Pushers | Turning Blue | Tube Sock Love(Disaster Records)2000 The Cavemen | Born To Hate | I'd Kill (To See You Dead)(Dirty Water Records)2016 Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Got You(Rough Trade)2019 Social Distortion | Mommy's Little Monster | Mommy's Little Monster(13th Floor Records)1983 D.I. | Ancient Artifacts | O.C. Life(Reject Records)1985 Circle Jerks | Golden Shower Of Hits | High Price On Our Heads(LAX Records)1983 Oxymoron | Feed The Breed | Here We Go...(Knock Out Records)2002 Major Accident | A Clockwork Legion | Twisted Mind(Flicknife Records)1984 Blitz | Voice Of A Generation | Voice Of A Generation(Anagram Records)2008 Bishops Green | A Chance To Change | Government Lies(Pirates Press Records)2015 The Subversives | Protest And Dance Anthems For The Lost Generation | Ain't Got Nothin'(Step-1 Music)2002 Ponx Attax | Pogo Split | Street Punks - In The Street(Joe Pogo Records)2010 Mad Sin | Unbreakable | Hallucinate(Century Media Records)2020 The Matadors | Horrorbilly 9000 | Black Widow(Stereo Dynamite Recordings)2006 The Tremors | Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud | Cabin Fever(Brain Drain Records)2014 Memphis Morticians | 1,000,000 Delinquents | Spook Factor(Space Hearse Records)2009 The Meteors | Wreckin' Crew | Wreckin' Crew(I.D. Records)1983 As Diabatz | Riding Through The Devil's Hill | I Don't Worry About It(Drunkabilly Records)2009 The Quakes | Planet Obscure | This Night(Orrexx Records)2012 The Caravans | Less Smoke More Powder | Dinosaurs Will Die(Self Release)2004 The Raygun Cowboys | The Cowboy Code | Robocop(Stomp Records)2017 The Peacocks | Made In Japan | Come With Us(TV-FREAK Records)2001 Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Train To Paradise | Dynamite(Self Release)2013 The Epileptic Hillbillys | Tales From The Underworld | Secrets(Crazy Love Records)2011 Mad Sin | Burn & Rise | The March Of The Deviants(People Like You)2010 Doyley & The Twanglords | Twang Wars Return... | Lost In Space(Diablo Records)2019 Hi-Dramatic | Thrift | Giant Squid(Eargear Records)2001 Spike | Glory Or Death | Glory Or Death(On The Hill Records)2003 Starlite Wranglers | Devil's Wheels | Rumble(Crazy Love Records)2004 Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | You Don't Love Me(Wild Records)2010 Deke Dickerson | My Name Is Deke | Hot Rodder's Lament(Hightone Records)2004 Southern Culture On The Skids | For Lovers Only | Biscuit Eater(Safe House)1992 Old 97's | Graveyard Whistling | Jesus Loves You(ATO Records)2017 Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Gotta Get to Heaven(Bloodshot Records)2014 The Dad Horse Experience | Eating Meatballs On A Blood Stained Mattress In A Huggy Bear Motel | Will I Be Someone(Sacred Flu Productions)2016 Filthy Still | The Last Six Feet | Another Bottle(Farmageddon Records)2012

The Ledge #446: New Releases

Due to Gorman Bechard’s appearance last week, this month’s new release episode was bumped back a week. But this delay turned out to be for the benefit of the show, as it allowed for me to include some brand new tracks by The Replacements. Well, not brand new, of course, as they’re defunct but today marked the release of the Deluxe Edition box set of Pleased To Meet Me. Along with a remaster of the original record, this box set is full of demos and outtakes, and tonight’s show kicks off with a handful of songs that didn’t originally make the cut.

After that it’s the typical collection of great new punk, indie, garage, and Americana releases. Some of the highlights include new albums by the likes of Lydia Loveless, Drive-By Truckers, and Bob Mould. There’s also the usual lengthy section devoted to new music from Rum Bar Records. How does Lou keep finding these great new bands?

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs

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Redox #242 Temptation Eyes

 Originally posted on 9/7/14

How about them Apples?  All about the screaming sweet fruit tonight.

Here's the Playlist:

Adam's Apple
Toys In The Attic
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

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Jake’s Inferno Episode 422

Dismal weather, but nothing a snifter of Tamnavulin can't cure. Speaking of cures, just stay home and listen to music why don't you? On this month's show I've lined up some punk, grindcore, hard rock, stoner rock, alternative, easy listening and even a Christmas tune (sort of).  

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #466

October 7th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #466……TONIGHT we premiered the upcoming Mud City Manglers album! RPR Band Submissions, Tributes, New Releases, and more!! Spaghetty Town Records, Beluga Records, Ghost Highway Recordings, Rum Bar Records, Cleopatra Records, Avenue Recordz, Sound Flats records, Surfin’ Ki Records, and Mom’s Basement Records!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right! Subscribe to podcast HERE PLAYLIST Mud City Manglers – Give Me the Hammer Criminal Kids – Little Bitch Fast Eddy – Lost Motosierra – Todo va a salir mal Pale Lips – Show Me Another Way to Your Heart Killer Hearts – 24-7 Action The Peawees – Wild About You Cromm Fallon – Breathe The Air Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin On Guitar – Let’s Get Loose Natalie Sweet – Lip Service Mud City Manglers – Bring It Down Mud City Manglers – Twist And Burn Adolescents – Just Say Yes (The Dickies) The Sino Hearts – Mandarin A-GOGO Brad Marino – Outsider SPUNK VOLCANO & THE ERUPTIONS – Hard as nails The Vapids – You’re Tearin’ Me Apart The Vapids – Lucy Potato MAGA Youth – Wake Up America MAGA Youth – Trump’s In Mud City Manglers – Better off Dead
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The show didn’t record tonight. My apologies to all my listeners. I HATE letting you down.

On The Nod Ep.101 on Real Punk Radio!!

This Week Dave Coop has brand spankin, new music from Antagonizers ATL, The Templars, Alien Nose Job and more, Bruja’s WORLD NOISE has Ramenami from Chile, Bombardment from France, Gerk from Argentina, Oi Polloi from Scotland, Feud from Philippines, Los Fastidios from Italy, Mister X from Belarus, Golpe Justo from Brazil, Perkele from Sweden and Rust from Australia, Benny Brujo’s HEAR THE DARKNESS features New tracks from the brand new Paranoid LP and the new Tortür 12″ and another new track off the new Sawblade demo tape. Also featuring a comp track from Grade 2, another track from that killer Loss Prevention 7″, along with faves from Slant, GAG, Asylum, Generacíon Suicida and The Domestics! Plus Jason and Russ SMASH THE DISCOS (Replay)


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TJR Episode 71: Explaining the Concept of Beer for the Turbojugend

itunes pic
We´ve all had our fair amount of cold ones in the course of our lifetime(s). However, as we are a special breed of humanoids with passion for Jeans jackets, beer and Turbojugend define a delicate and pronounced relationship that needs to be evaluated in a rather distinguished and professional way: enter TJ Wellington´s one and only Keef Scum.

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #155

Southern Culture On The Skids- Roadside Wreck
Del Reeves- A Dime At A Time
The Carter Administration- Heart Of The City
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Grand Isle
Pine Leaf Boys- Pour La Derniere Fois
Son Volt- Medicine Hat
Drive By Truckers- The New OK
The Short Fuses- The Pink
Hoodoo Gurus- Hung Out To Dry
The Scrimshanders- SXMW
The Magnolias- American Dream
The Small Faces- Baby Don’t You Do It
Black Market Baby- Back Seat Sally
New Bomb Turks- Jukebox Lean
The Dexateens- That Dollar
The Left- Youngster On The Force
The Bloody Hollies- Hard Bitten
Scott Morgan’s Powertrane- RIP Rock n Roll
Slobberbone- Dunk You In The River

The Big Takeover Show – Number 298 – October 5, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXIX

This week, after snatch of 1975 Elvis Costello: brand new Sloan, Hoodoo Gurus, The Spits, Furious Seasons, Black Watch, and Doves, plus Davy Jones (David Bowie), Howlin’ Wolf, James Brown, Lynn Tait & the Jets, Small Faces, Judee Sill, and Little Richard; plus R.I.P. Mac Davis (1942-2020), and Helen Reddy (1941-2020)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #471 – Talent Show (Complete Inconcerated Live)

Favorites tonight!  Punk, Funk, Frat and Blues...
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The Ledge #445: Gorman Bechard

It’s always a lot of fun when Gorman Bechard appears on The Ledge, and this week was no exception. He’s got two brand new documentaries that were released this past Tuesday, and both are pretty fantastic. Pizza: A Love Story is all about the legendary New Haven pizza, and the award-winning trio of family businesses that created the edible delights that I’ve personally heard Gorman ramble on and on about for well over a decade. New Haven historian Colin M. Caplan sits in on this portion of the show to talk about the research that went into the creation of this film.

The other film, Seniors: A Dogumentary is as perfect of a feel-good story as one can possibly make. How can you not love a film that collects a number of tales involving such amazing elderly dogs? Much of the film centers around the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, an organization that houses and fosters elderly dogs, but there’s other fabulous dog tales such as the heartwarming tale of Chaser, who proves why he is generally considered the smartest dog in the world. Dean Falcone, who created the music on both films, also chats about his innovative idea to use nothing but toy instruments on the film soundtrack.

As always, Gorman is also giving the key to the Ledge soundtrack this week, and his choices not only includes some of Falcone’s soundtrack work but recent releases by Lydia Loveless, Todd May, Soccer Mommy, and S.G. Goodman.

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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #465

September 30th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #465……RPR Band Submissions, New Releases, Classics, Fuck-You-to-Donald Trump, and more!! New stuff from Mom’s Basement Records/Striped Records, Damaged Goods Records, Merge Records, Elephant Arch Records, Cleopatra Records, and Bad Luck Records. Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Benny and the No-Goods – Donnie
The Manges – Chinese Dragons
The Lurkers – London Jeepster
Bob Mould – Next Generation
THE BANNANOS – Tan salvaje
City Saints – Peter and the Test Tube Babies on the Radio
Soft Jocks – Lemon
X – The Hungry Wolf
The Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
The Blowies – Tiny Hands
Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
MAGA Youth – MAGA Youth
Oi Polloi – Donald Trump Fuck You
MDC – John Wayne Was A Nazi
MALA VISTA – Relegated Lover
The Fuzztones – New York, New York
Hershguy – DM GIRL
The Hangmen – Man In Black’s Hand

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RNRM516: The Fest That Never Was

It was kind of a virtual gig. Or something. Plus new Stolen Wheelchairs and new stuff from Kevin Patrick Stevenson of the Shods!

Redox #241 – Favorite Thing

Originally Published 8/31/14

Favorite Things - just some of mine and yours.  Punk, Power Pop, Rockabilly and Doo Wop.

Here's The Playlist:
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Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #154

The Dave Brubeck Quartet- Unsquare Dance
Bracey Everett- Lover’s Curse
Legendary Shack Shakers- Curse Of The Cajun Queen
Belfast Gypsies- Hey Gyp
Gene Vincent- Bird Doggin’
Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys- One Dark day
Dave Gardner- Mad Witch
The Gypsy Moths- We Can’t Go Home
The Thigh Scrapers- Shatter
Dexateens- Bleeding Heart Disease
Slobberbone- Stumblin’
*The Orange Julius Ceaser Special*
The Devil Dogs- Big Fuckin’ Party
The Exploited- Fuck The USA
Black Market Baby- Strike First
Ministry- Antifa
Drive-By Truckers- What It Means
Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires- Born In The USA
The Black Angels- Currency
Sex Pistols- Anarchy In The UK
Del Reeves- Must Be The Bottom

The Big Takeover Show – Number 297 – September 28, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXVIII

This week, after a lilbit of (topical) 1971 Moody Blues: brand new Shins, Bob Mould, Tommy & the Commies, Asteroid No.4, and (both) Tobin Sprout and Guided By Voices, plus The Zombies, Weavers, Standells, Safaris, George Jones, Max Frost & the Troopers, and Willie Nelson; plus R.I.P. Kaleidoscope guitarist Eddie Pumer age 73, and Toots & the Maytals’ “Toots” Hibbert (1942-2020)

DftUnderground Episode 400

Justin, host of the New Monuments podcast, gets down this week to talk about his podcast and our relationship to this growing movement for racial justice. Justin talks to us about his recent reckoning to be more active in this monumental moment.

On the first part of the show we talk about whether OUR ideas are in fact changing or our world is changing. We discuss whether we should be confrontational or understanding in dealing with those changes in our ideas and/our our reality.

On the second part of the episode we talk about the challenges of organizing and what actions on our part would be commensurate with the times. We know Black Lives Matter, although we can all know this better, so we ask what can we DO to better understand this and live it. .

We are all coming into this moment from different perspectives, but it is exciting and exhilarating, and occasionally frustrating too, to see how ideas and actions clash as they do in this conversation on how to move forward together.

PLUS we listen to music from the newly released Shut It Down benefit compilation for The Movement for Black Lives with tunes from Minority Threat, The 1865, Thou, and Racetraitor. And we also play a shot from the past with Time Zone.

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This week Dave Coop, Diana (La Bruja) and Benny Brujo go down memory lane from the begining of the show 4 years ago to now!! Awesome music from all past guests and lots of great stories!!


Redox #240 – Heartbeat – It’s A Lovebeat

 Originally posted 8/24/14

Do ya like the Bo Diddley Beat? - listen here - I got some stuff for ya.

Here's the Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #464

September 23rd 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #464……RPR Band Submissions, New Releases, bands from Shimane Jetfest 2020, and more!! New stuff from Going Underground Records, No Front Teeth! Records, Rum Bar Records, Avenue Recordz, Hobo Wolfman Records, and Bad Luck Records. Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Gluecifer – My Card Says Typhoon Killer
2 Headed Dog – Sacrisfaction
Deseos Primitivos – Todo Todo
Deseos Primitivos – Triste Cancio╠ün
Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions – Only Got Eyes for You
New Bomb Turks – End Of The Great Credibility Race
Guitar Wolf – Teenage U.F.O.
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Bad Reputation
The’s – Bomb The Twist
The Short Fuses – The Pink
Natalie Sweet – I Still Want You
The Scrimshanders – SXMW
The Devil Dogs – Radiobeat
Oblivians – Memphis Creep
Rip Offs – She Said Yeah
The Schizophonics – In Mono
Poison Boys – Mean Queen
Hershguy – Time Control
Satanic Overdrive – Satanic Overdrive

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New stuff from Bad Secret, Satanic Overdrive, Total Massacre and more.

The Big Takeover Show – Number 296 – September 21, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXVII

This week, after a glob of 1965 Everly Brothers: brand new Bats, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Maximo Park, Doves, and Typewriter (Mark Bandola), plus Fats Domino, The Creation, Charlie Parker, Flying Burrito Brothers, June Tabor, The Equals, and Marty Robbins

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #470 – Tossin’ And Turnin’

All covers tonight!  got some Clash, DK's, Mescaleros and Mats!

Here's the Playlist:
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The Ledge #444: Compilations

The last few months have seen a ton of great compilation records come out. Some have been all covers. Many have been label or genre samplers. Others have been benefits for great causes. What unites them all is that so many of them have been full of great tunes.

Today sees the release of one of those records. Stardumb Records is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and they have just released a compilaton consisting of 28 artists covering another of the great bands that have been on the label over the last two decades. This is a comp all Ledge fans should own!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #463

September 16th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #463……RPR Band Submissions, New Releases, Classics and more!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Ramones – I Don’t Want To Grow Up
Lucy Luvs Fur – Welcome To My Head
WONK UNIT – You’re Sick
RAMENAMI – Prisionero
Hakan – Tempuras Never Come
Fast Eddy – Game Of Love
Fast Eddy – Dead Eyes
The Girls – My Body Hurts
The Girls – Turbocharged
Social Distortion – She’s A Knockout
Dwarves – Salt Lake City
D Generation – She Stands There
The Crazy Squeeze – ALL LIES
Missile Studs – Spazz Out
Fret Rattles – Thanks For Nothing
Tiger Touch – Problems
JJ & the Real Jerks – Split Decision
Frontier Dan and the Hickoids – One Night of Sin
The Side-Bets – Feeln’ Bad
The Side-Bets – NO Way
Rum Lad – In The Gutter

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New Poison Boys single, lots of classic hardcore and more.

Redox #239 – Midnight Rambler

Originally Published 8/17/14

It's midnight madness on the show - I'm the Pinhead with the beer....

Here's the Playlist:
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Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #153

The Supersuckers- I Say Fuck
Slobberbone- Bright Eyes Darkened
Bottle Rockets- Rural Route
The Bloody Hollies- Mona
CW Stoneking- We Gon Boogaloo
Bare Jr- Faker
Slobberbone- I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning
*The Orange Julius Cesar Special*
Tony Joe White- Willie & Laura Mae Jones
Bob Mould- American Crisis
Stiff Little Fingers- Law & Order
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine- We Created Putin
The Chesterfield Kings- Long Ago, Far Away
The Little Willies- I Gotta Get Drunk
Larry & His Flask- Shake Down
The Redwalls- You’ll Never Know
Junior Kimbro- Done Got Old
Sloan- 13 (Under A Bad Sign)
Scott Morgan- Mystically Yours
The Carter Administration- These Boots Are Made For Knockin’
The Skeptics- Coldest Stone

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #469 – Can’t Hardly Wait (Live at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go)

Hitting the Hard Stuff tonight - yes all songs revolving around Spirits!

Here's the Playlist:
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The Big Takeover Show – Number 295 – September 14, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXVI

This week, after a zittle zlice of 1964 Zombies: brand new Bob Mould, Throwing Muses, Bad Religion, Harry Shearer, Herb Alpert, and Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine, plus Bee Gees, Millennium, Bill Justis, Byrds, Eric Idle/George Harrison/Neil Innes, Carl Smith, and Bert Kaempfert; and R.I.P. Toots Hibbert of Toots & the Maytals (1942-2020) and The Sliver Apples’ Simeon Coxe (1938-2020)

Gone Mental Episode 373

Bringing out another 2+ hours of the good stuff again with greatness from Buck Owens, Lefty Frizzell, Ray Condo, Big Mama Thornton, Oblivians, Telekrimen, Amyl & The Sniffers, War On Women, and more.
Git it.

Buck Owens | Ruby | Ruby (Are You Mad)(Capitol Records)1971 Eddie Noack | Psycho: The K-Ark And Allstar Recordings,1962-1969 | Beer Drinkin' Blues | (Bear Family Records)2013 Lefty Frizzell | Steppin' Out | Cigarettes And Coffee Blues | (Bear Family Records)2008 Onie Wheeler | Onie's Bop [1953-1959] | Going Back To The City | (Bear Family Records)1991 Johnny Cash | Essential 1955-1983 | Tennessee Flat-Top Box | (Columbia)1992 Hank Thompson | Capitol Hillbilly Vol 2 | A Six Pack To Go | (Cactus) Ernest Tubb | The Yellow Rose Of Texas [1954-1960] | Thirty Days | (Bear Family Records)1993 Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners | Hillbilly Holiday | This Is The Night | (Fury Records)1993 Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Buy, Beg Or Steal | She Kicked Me To The Curb | (Jungle Records)2011 Carlos & The Bandidos | The Usual Bandidos | Jockey Full Of Bourbon | (Part Records)2003 Omar Romero | Hog Wild | Watch Gonna Do | (Wild Records)2006 Bloodshot Bill | Get Loose Or Get Lost | Movin' Faster | (Goner Records)2020 Al Foul | The Blue Front Trio | Ballad Of A Long Haired Country Boy | (Self Release)2105 Screamin' Jay Hawkins | Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie | You Ain't Foolin' Me | (Epic)1991 Big Mama Thornton | Hound Dog / The Peacock Recordings | Rock-A-Bye Baby | (MCA Records)1992 Rosco Gordon | Sun Records Recording Artist - Rosco Gordon | Let's Get High | (Sun Records)2012 Little Walter | Confessin' The Blues | It Ain't Right | (Chess)1974 Sister Rosetta Tharpe | The Authorized Sister Rosetta Tharpe Collection | That's All | (Airline Records)2018 Memphis Minnie | Killer Diller Blues | Kissing In The Dark | (Blues Classics)2018 The Juke Joint Pimps | Boogie The Church Down | Eat For Me | (Voodoo Rhythm)2011 The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo | Take Off Your Clothes | Because Of You | (Voodoo Rhythm)2018 Daddy Long Legs | Lowdown Ways | Pink Lemonade | (Yep Roc Records)2019 Trixie & The Trainwrecks | Too Good To Be Blue/Get Busy Living | Too Good To Be Blue | (Voodoo Rhythm)2019 Oblivians | Desperation | Call The Police | (In The Red Recordings)2013 Crankshaft And The Gear Grinders | What You Gonna Do? | Fill It Up | (SlabTown Music Productions)2013 The Bone Machine | Sottoterra | Saro Andato Gia Via | (Billy's Bones Records)2010 Telekrimen | El Rey De Los Incendiarios | Chicano | (Grabaxiones Alicia)2012 Los Peyotes | Cavernicola! | Fuego | (Rockaway Records)2005 Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! | Canten En Espanol | Te Voy A Odiar | (Voodoo Rhythm)2005 The Monsters | I Still Love Her | Blues For Joe | (Soundflat Records)2007 The Dirtbombs | Ultraglide In Black | Underdog | (In The Red Recordings)2001 Teen Cobra | Social Piranha | Christina | (Hidden Volume)2020 Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Starfire 500 | (Rough Trade)2019 Turbo A.C.'s | Automatic | Substance | (Gearhead Records)2003 Fret Rattles | Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences | Can't Find It | (Self Release)2016 The Pleasure Fuckers | Ripped To The Tits | El Carajillo | (Roto Records)1994 Nashville Pussy | Let Them Eat Pussy | 5 Minutes To Live | (Amphetamine Reptile Records)1997 The Restarts | System Error | Frustration | (Active Distribution)2003 Subhumans | Internal Riot | Supermarket Forces | (Pirates Press Records)2019 The Voids | Sounds Of Failure, Sounds Of Hope | Romance And Heartbreak | (Dr. Strange Records)2007 War On Women | War On Women | Second Wave Goodbye | (Bridge Nine Records)2015 Naked Aggression | Naked Aggression: Recordings 1991-1994 | Right Now | (Broken Rekids)1998 The Krays | Inside Warfare | Too Lazy | (Tribal War Records)1998 Buck Owens | Ruby | Corn Liquor | (Capitol Records)1971

The Ledge #443:Scott’s Favorite Records, Vol. 6

As it’s my birthday today it’s only fitting that I put together another in my series of favorite songs of all time. This time around, it’s primarily songs from the 90’s, although a handful of songs actually come from records released in the next decade.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #462

September 2nd, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #462……Shootin’ from the hip tonight! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Devil Dogs – Gonna See You Tonight
Angry Samoans – Not Of This Earth
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – Dirty Thoughts & Busted Hearts
The Smugglers – Especially You
X – I Gotta Fever
The Exploding Hearts – Thorns In Roses
The Bronx – Los Angeles
Green Day – Walking Contradiction
Dickies – Fan Mail
The Interrupters – Outrage
MC5 – Gotta Keep Movin’
Boys – No Money
The Joneses – Graveyard Rock
Dirty Fences – White Lies
The Humpers – Hey Shadow
The Lillingtons – I Need Some Brain Damage
Nine Pound Hammer – County Mattress
The Riverboat Gamblers – Hey! Hey! Hey!
The Clash – Gates Of The West
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bitchface
Pale Lips – The Kids
Turbonegro – City Of Satan

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New single from Bad Secret and tons of other stuff.

On The Nod Ep.99 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week Bruja has a all new World Noise featuring, Kobra (Russia), Oily Boys (Australia), Svetlanas (Russia/Itay), Staid (Philippines), Terveet Kädet (Finland), 80’s all female HC band The Nurse, Dutch HC band, No Pigs, The Natterers (London), Perkele (Sweden) & Lion’s Law (France) Benny Brujo’s Hear The Darkness will be spinning only the best starting with Dedicated to Riley Gale of Power Trip featuring: Riley Gale tribute (moment of silence+Power Trip+Wipers song at the end), another track off the latest ACxDC, new tracks from Hurana (MX) and Kobra (ITA) from their new EPs on Iron Lung Records, more new tracks from Sissyfit & Cadenaxo (MX), and classics from Iron Lung, A.N.S, the Lewd and Impalers & more. Jason and Russ Smash The Discos (REPEAT) plus Dave Coop has tracks by Los Brigands, Krimewatch, Nip Drivers, Last Rites, Billy Batts and the Made Men and lots more!!


#dumptrump #fucktrump

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Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #152

X- The New World
*Orange Julius Ceasar Special*
Steve Earl- The Revolution Starts Now
Two Cow Garage- This Little Light
Circle Jerks- Wild In The Street
MC5- Future Now
Angry Samoans- Right Side Of My Mind
Clutch- Electric Worry
Bare Jr- You Blew Me Off
The Ripe- Be Adventurous
Throwing Muses- Dark Blue
Nervous Eaters- Just Head
The Woggles- You Only Have Yourself To Blame
The Lyres- I’m Telling You Girl
The M-80’s- Hell Hath No Fury
Sonny Vincent- The Voodoo Box
Pow Wows- I Can see But You Don’t Know
The Makers- Tear Apart
The Makers- Razor Blade
13th Floor Elevators- You Don’t Know

The Big Takeover Show – Number 294 – September 7, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXV

This week, after a 1936 standard gets warbled: brand new Flaming Lips, Flower, Joe Pernice, Gretchen’s Wheel, Nat Birchall & Al Breadwinner, and Smokescreens, plus The Impressions, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mary Wells, Booker T & the MGs, Love, The Smoke, and (Little) Jimmy Dickens

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #468 – Swingin’ Party

It'a all about the Water tonight.

Here's The Playlist:
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The Ledge #442: New Releases

It’s another great month of new releases. I know I say that every month but we are living in a time where somehow artists are still creating fabulous, vital music. Just take a listen to this two hours of rock, folk, punk, surf, indie, and a few other genres. You just can’t say rock and roll is dead.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

TJR Episode 70: WTJT 21 Outlook

itunes pic
After skipping Weltturbojugendtage this summer due to The Plague, the ever so positive TJR talked to the WTJT organizers about the status of next year’s worldwide Denim gathering, also explaining what led to the necessary cancellation and announced the planned Line-Up for WTJT 21.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #461

September 2nd, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #461……TONIGHT we we spun stuff from Spaghetty Town Records, Saustex Records, Rum Bar Records, Cleopatra Records, Hidden Volume Records, and Avenue Recordz! Two sets of RPR Band Submissions, some surf, some classics, and more! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Sick Bags – Only The Young Die Good
Harvey McLaughlin – Ghosts On Mars
HAMELL ON TRIAL – Social Distancing
Frontier Dan and the Hickoids – You’re Gonna’ Miss Me
Muck and the Mires – It Takes Time
Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis – In Spite of Ourselves
Gallows Birds – Local Girls
Toilet Boys – Heartstopper
Theo & The Skyscrapers – Lay ‘Em Out
Opulence – Ritual
Jet Jaguars – Tiger 90
The Spiratones – The Walnut Whip
TOXIC RIDERS – Blood, Sweat & Amphetamines
Stiff Little Fingers – Nobody’s Hero
Husker Du – Pink Turns To Blue
The Clash – Armagideon Time
James Williamson & Deniz Tek – Jet Pack Nightmare
Teen Cobra – Stranger Danger
Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions – Barry Milner is Thick

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New EP from the Dinz and much more!

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 24 feat. Special Co-Host Regan Ashton (Problem Daughter)

Greetings, comrades! Episode 24 is poppin’ fresh and ready for consumption! In this installment, Problem Daughter’s phenomenal frontman, Regan Ashley (aka: Punk Rock Scott Baio) joins us as a special co-host to talk about sobriety during Covid, growing up trash and how much more well read he is than us (not really a stunning feat). But that's not all, lil birdies! We’re also gonna be spoon feedin’ you some badass tunes from newer, emerging acts and talking shit about some of the more noteworthy news stories from the last few weeks. All of that and much more in this episode of Dying Scene Radio!


You can also stream from your browser over on our podcast homepage or find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play and I Heart Radio. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more news, updates, show & fest pics and articles!


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On The Nod Ep. 98 on Real Punk Radio!!

This Week All new show with our new segment HEAR THE DARKNESS hosted by Benny Brujo, this week Featuring tracks from the new LP’s from GELD, Gulch, GAG, and the new 7″ from Long Knife plus classics from Capitalist Casualities & Bl’ast!, a Krimewatch track from a killer benefit comp for the VERA all-ages project in Seattle, and the On The Nod debut of Sawblade, a new Minneapolis-based Japanese-style hardcore band featuring members of Hive and Weekend Nachos, Bruja’s WORLD NOISE has tracks by Mister X (Belarus), Super Punk (Canada), a new track from Kobra (Italy), Oi Polloi (Scotland), past guests on our interviews Rubella Ballet and an all female 80’s Japanese punk band Kyah! An all new SMASH THE DISCOS with Jason and Russ plus tracks by Rude Pride, Not Part of It, The Young Ones, Classic FU’s and so much more!!
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KPunk 199

  1. Raging Nathans – Where Ya Been?
  2. Alice Bag – Gate Crasher
  3. Coriky – Inauguration Day
  4. Tim Version – Paradise By The Fluorescent Lights
  5. Skarpretter – Sick World
  6. Unlovables – Samantha
  7. Heck Yes – Ron Silver was the Bad Guy in TImecop
  8. Arrivals – Children’s Crusade
  9. Muffs – Get Me Out of Here
  10. Ramones – Planet Earth 1988
  11. Worriers – End of the World
  12. Pipe – How the West was Won
  13. Era Bleak – Era Bleak
  14. X – Free
  15. Hope Is Noise – When You Come To Your Senses
  16. Drakulas – Terminal Amusements

Jake’s Inferno Episode 421

47 minutes of pure Inferno, that's what you get this month. I've packed my pipe with a healthy blend of punk, rap, garage, hard rock, ska, funk and thrash. Downloads went up a LOT last month so thanks for that dear listener!

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #151

The DT’s- Turn Loose
The Rumors- Phone Calls
Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons
Fret Rattles- Thanks For Nothing
Vacuum- Wrapped In Plastic
Slander Tongue- Lucifer
Hank III- Drink It, Drug It
The Giant Robots- Hold Her Tight
De Maskers- Three’s A Crowd
The Scorpions- Hey Honey
The Outsiders- Do You Feel Alright
The Service Industry- Have To Go To Work
Carsickness- 10 Dull Days
Glossary- Shaking Like A Flame
Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost- Stoned To Death
The Flaming Groovies- Slow Death
*The Orange Julius Special*
The Circle Jerks- Coup D’Etat
Heath Haynes- Get Sick And Die
Minor Threat- In My Eyes
Death- Politicians In My Eyes

DftUnderground Episode 399

Is voting really in our interest?

There is almost zero critical discussion in the mainstream media or in any political realm about whether voting in this society is reasonable or beneficial to the people. So we sort this shit out ourselves.

We get neck deep into whether there is justice in the voting booth. Brilliant and talented musician Pansy joins us to give us a healthy, international perspective on the wild political reality we live in as we talk about elections and democracy under capitalism.

We confront our own biases, shoot holes in the mainstreams unconscious, and endless ignorance surrounding this issue, and explore questions of privilege and empowerment related to our present voting predicament. We try to take nothing and no one for granted. AND we have a ton of fun talking shit while breaking it all down.

PLUS we listen to music from Power Trip (R.I.P. Riley Gale), Body Count, and Pansy.

The Big Takeover Show – Number 293 – August 31, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXIV

This week, after a 1971 Badfinger refrain: brand new Doves, Andy Bell, Sad Lovers and Giants, Guided By Voices, Frankie Stubbs, and Furious Seasons, plus Syd Barrett, The Miracles, Emer Bernstein, The Paragons, Tina Turner, George Jones, and The High Numbers; and R.I.P. Walter Lure of (Johnny Thunders’) The Heartbreakers, 1949-2020

Gone Mental Episode 372

Another 2+ hours of the good stuff with red hot rocknroll from Big Boys, D.O.A., The Weirdos, Bishops Green, The Gonads, Surfin' Wombatz, Batmobile, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Redskins, and more.
Git it.

Dwarves | The Dwarves Must Die | Fefu(Sympathy For The Record Industry)2005 Big Boys | The Fat Elvis | Were Not In It To Lose(Touch And Go)1993 Bad Brains | I Against I | I Against I(SST Records)1986 The Showcase Showdown | Pemanent Stains | Tonight, Tonight(Damaged Goods)1999 Reagan Youth | A Collection of Pop Classics | Reagan Youth(New Red Archives)1994 Dayglo Abortions | Holy Shiite | Let's Get Drunk(Unrest Records)2007 D.O.A. | Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors | Wish I Was In El Salvador(Alternative Tentacles)1995 D.I. | Horse Bites Dog Cries | Johnny's Got A Problem(Reject Records)1987 Agent Orange | Living In Darkness | Bloodstains(Posh Boy)1980 Dead Boys | Young, Loud, And Snotty | Sonic Reducer(Sire)1977 Angry Samoans | The Unboxed Set | My Old Man's A Fatso(Triple X Records)1995 The Weirdos | We Got The Neutron Bomb: Weird World Volume 2 | We Got The Neutron Bomb(Frontier Records)2003 The Undertones | The Undertones | Girls Don't Like It(Sire)1979 Newtown Neurotics | The Punk Collection | The Mess(Captain Oi!)2001 Bishops Green | Bishops Green | The Crow(Pirates Press Records)2013 Lion's Law | A Day Will Come | Lafayette(Contra Records)2013 Major Accident | Clockwork Heroes | Man On The Wall(Captain Oi!)1994 Grade 2 | Mainstream View | Forever(Contra Records)2016 The Krays | Sangre | Vida Profunda(GPS Prod)2010 The Old Firm Casuals | Holger Danske | Casual Rock-N-Roll(Pirates Press Records)2019 The Skinflicks | Lies, Damned Lies And Skinhead Stories | What I Am(Blind Beggar Records)2000 Hard Skin | Hard Nuts & Hard Cunts | ACAC(Helen Of Oi!)1996 The Gonads | Live Free, Die Free | Frankenskin(Empty Records)2009 Toy Dolls | Episode XIII | She's A Worky Ticket(Randale Records)2019 Peter & The Test Tube Babies | That Shallot | Say What You Want(Punk Empire)2017 Anti-Heros | American Pie | Rock And Roll Fantasy(Taang! Records)1997 Stage Frite | Scarier Than Swans | Sunrise(Western Star Recording)2017 Numbskulls | Back Fae The Deid | The Hunger(Diablo Records)2017 Surfin' Wombatz | More Macabre Monstrosities | You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover(Western Star Recording)2018 Henry & The Bleeders | Toeing The Line | Let It Slide(Western Star Recording)2013 The Hillmans | Kings of the Weald Frontier | Swamp Devil(Western Star Recordings)2015 The Mutilators | Hot Rod Whore! | No Cure(Self Release)2003 The Rusty Robots | Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives | Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives(Killjoy Records)2018 As Diabatz | 1st Degree Crazy Psychos | Bat Attack(Drunkabilly Records)2012 The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Girls Girls Girls(Self Release)2017 Batmobile | Batmobile Is Dynamite | Rollin' Dynamite(Count Orlok Music)1990 The Nevrotix | New Worlds | Voodoo Blues(Crazy Love Records)2019 Godless Wicked Creeps | Smile | Bad Brains(Crazy Love Records)2001 Ronnie Self | Bop-A-Lena | This Must Be the Place(Bear Family Records)1990 Screamin' Jay Hawkins | Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie | Frenzy(Epic)1991 Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Bull Frog(STAG-O-LEE)2015 Southern Culture On The Skids | White Trash | I'm Branded(Demolition Derby)1994 Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | Hang On(Rhino Records)1993 The Raymen | Sinister Funtime | Barroom Burnout(Hound Gawd! Records)2013 The Redskins | Neither Washington Nor Moscow... | Kick Over The Statues(Decca)1986

The Ledge #441: Fave Records of Summer 2020

The calendar may have a different definition, but summer to me has always been the months of June, July, and August. With that in mind, since tonight was my last show for August I decided to put together a show of nothing but my favorite new records from the summer of 2020.

And as I tend to always say, it’s been a fabulous period for new tunes. There’s all kinds of stuff guaranteed for any type of rock and roll fan. From elderly artists such as Bob Dylan to the teen rock of Hinds, it’s a summer of punk, garage, indie, power pop, post-punk, and Americana. In other words, Ledge music.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Redox #238 – Alex Chilton (Shit, Shower and Shave Boot)

Originally posted on 8/10/14

Get yer Cowbell here - with extra helpings of BOC, Nazareth and Kiss!

The Playlist:
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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #460 – Fuck Death!

August 26th, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #460……TONIGHT we gave the middle finger to death! On a happier note…we spun some new stuff from Beluga Records, Rum Bar Records, Wanda Records, and Hound Gawd Records! A tribute to the late/great Walter Lure, and more! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Heartbreakers – All by Myself
Fuzzstainz – Thinking ´bout me!
Gallows Birds – My Lambretta
Freddie Dilevi – Teenager’s Heartbreak
Walter Lure & The Waldos – Damn Your Soul
Walter Lure/The Vibrators – View from My Cadillac
The Waldos – Party Lights
Berlin Blackouts – Slay The Demons
Nerve Button – Thirty Days
Vacuum – Fixated
Jenny – Stupid Band
Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons – Lying In My Bed
Guerrilla Teens – Mad Love
Zodiac Panthers – Primal Astrology
Porter Hall Tennessee – People Who Died
Huntingtons – I Don’t Wanna Die Alone
Reverend Beat-Man – Then We All Gonna Die
Social Distortion – Live Before You Die

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Walter Lure & Justin Townes Earle RIP

On The Nod Ep.97 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week all new Bruja’s World Noise, Benny Brujo’s Hear The Darkness, Jason and Russ Smash The Discos plus music by The Reapers, Hate It Too, Perkele, 21 Gun Salute, Circle Jerks and much, much more!!


Red Red Wine On A Sunday #467 – Trouble Boys (Live at G. S. Vigs. Wisconsin, November 8, 1984)

Beverage Month continues - this week it's Ales, Stouts, Pilsners - yes - Beer.

Here's the Playlist:
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The Big Takeover Show – Number 292 – August 24, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXIII

This week, after little Jim plays and sings a 1978 Rutles tune: brand new Smokescreens, Toots & the Maytals (with Ziggy Marley), Beths, Los Straitjackets, Persian Leaps, and Neil Young, plus Shocking Blue, Temptations, Eddie Fontaine, Fats Waller, Merry-Go-Round, Brenda Holloway, and Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton


Lots of great stuff, what’s new?  

On The Nod Ep.96 on Real Punk Radio!!

This week Bruja & Benny Brujo have new segments of World Noise and Hear The Darkness, Jasons got a sweet replay of Smash The Discos and Dave Coops got new music by The Slackers, Strike First, Noi!se and much, much more!!


#nomorebullshit #sickandtired #revolution

Swamp Jacuzzi #150

Geraldine Fibbers- Dragon Lady
Son Volt- Carydit Easy
Supersuckers- Rock and Roll Records
Supersuckers- Rock That Ass
The Peewees- Don’t Give A Fuck
Indonesian Junk- Wild Wild Party
The Yeah You Rights- Lucy Anna
*Interview With Malibu Lou*
The Phantoms- Ditch Digger
Madcaps- High School Troublemaker
Lou Reed- Vicious
*The Orange Julius Caesar Special*
The Honey Drippers- Impeach The President
Sunday Valley- Folded Flag
Symarip- Skinhead Moonstomp
Beausoliel- Courtableu
Steve Riley- Zarico Est Pas Sale
Joe Bonsall- Hip Et Talaut
Boozoo Chavis- Dance All Night
The Swinging Neckbreakers- Papa Done Lost His Mojo
The Maggie’s Marshmallows- Incredible Beauty
The Bloody Hollies- Good Night, Sleep Tight
Left Lane Cruiser- Sweat Love To Shine
Marty Stuart- Miss Marie & The Bedford Blaze

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #466 – Wake Up [Alternate Mix / Bearsville Version]


It's the Fourth Coffee Show - why am I all worked up?  It's the Caffeine baby!!!

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The Big Takeover Show – Number 291 – August 17, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXII

This week, some 1982 Comsat Angels trilling: brand new Damned, Exploding Flowers, Jayhawks, Furious Seasons, Gretchen’s Wheel (with Matthew Caws & Ira Elliot), and Joe Pernice, plus Junior Wells (with Buddy Guy), The Beatles, Howlin’ Wolf, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Keith West, and Loretta Lynn

Gone Mental Episode 371

Tearing it up again with another 2+ hours of the best rocknroll on earth. This week we had a new one from Fret Rattles off the upcoming RNR Manifesto 7" plus more greatness from Legendary Shack Shakers, The Nitros, Raygun Cowboys, Batmobile, Subhumans, Krum Bums, Zounds, and more.
Git it.

The Legendary Shack Shakers | Cockadoodledon't | Shake Your Hips(Bloodshot Records)2003 Beat Devils | Another Dream | We Gonna Get It(Crazy Love Records)2011 Stressor | No More Panic | 200 Bones(Crazy Love Records)2014 The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Without A Lighter(Self Release)2017 The Test Pilots | Parachute Party | Deadly Rhythms(Martin's Garage)2015 Tasteless | The Bad Taste EP | Imposter(Self Release)2019 The Nevrotix | Alive | Nervous Beat(Crazy Love Records)2018 Skitzo | Love 'n' Hate | Love 'n' Hate(Diablo Records)2013 Griswalds | Who Framed The Griswalds? | Psycho Tendencies(Nervous Records)1989 Guana Batz | Held Down.... At Last! | Nightmare Fantasy(Radiation Reissues)1985 The Nitros | Nightshades - Something's Gotta Give | Love 'em 'n' Leave 'em(Cherry Red)2009 Lost Souls | Chasin' A Dream | Prisoner (Of Love)(Nervous Records)1990 The Frogs | Witch! | Last Of The Teenagers(Razmataz Records)2012 Long Tall Texans | Headless | Countdown To A Breakdown(Western Star Recordings)2017 The Raygun Cowboys | The Cowboy Code | It's Coming Down(Stomp Records)2017 The Peacocks | It's Time For The Peacocks | For You(Crazy Love Records)2004 The Caravans | Saturday Nite's Alright | Restless Heart(Crazy Love Records)1999 Batmobile | Bambooland | Bambooland(Count Orlok Music)1987 Rochee And The Sarnos | Understanding Sarno | Aw, C'mon Baby(Nervous Records)1985 Kings Of Nuthin' | Fight Songs | Drive All Night(Disaster Records)2002 Ross Kleiner & The Thrill | Kingdom | Terrified(Self Release)2016 MFC Chicken | Fast Food and Broken Hearts | Fresh Chicken, Straight From The Trash(Dirty Water Records)2020 King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Cookin' Up A Party | The Monkey Beat(Dirty Water Records)2013 The Bad Companions | 12 Bars | Let's Boogie(Sideshow Sound)2015 The Baboons | Back Scratch | Bungalow(Drunkabilly Records)2011 Phantom Rockers | Rise Up | Rockin'(Drunkabilly Records)2002 Gutter Demons | Enter The Demonz | Playground Horror Peepshow(Pirate Records)2003 Damage Done By Worms | Tonight | Psycho Visions(Streetmusic Berlin)1999 The Untamed | Strange Unknown | Meet Me At Midnight(Heptown Records)2005 The Spastiks | Go To Hell | Big Black Bug(Crazy Love Records)2020 As Diabatz | Nightmares In Red | You Go On(Drunkabilly Records)2018 Subhumans | From The Cradle To The Grave | Reality Is Waiting For A Bus(Bluurg Records)1983 Bad Brains | Bad Brains | Sailin' On(ROIR)1982 Mass Arrest | Power | Urban Blight(Iron Lung Records)2019 Dead Kennedys | Plastic Surgery Disasters | Trust Your Mechanic(Alternative Tentacles)1982 Zero Boys | Vicious Circle | Human Body(Toxic Shock)1982 D.I. | Horse Bites Dog Cries | Spiritual Law(Reject Records)1987 Sniper 66 | Sniper 66 | Let's Go Have A Drink(Muerte Negra Discos)2012 Krum Bums | Same Old Story | Sons Of Nothing(TKO Records)2009 Thug Murder | Thirteenth Round | Brand New, I Feel(TKO Records)2001 The Krays | A Battle For The Truth | Gone(Temperance Records)1999 Cock Sparrer | Here We Stand | Spirit Of '76(Pirates Press Records)2007 The Crack | All Cracked Up | The Troops Have Landed(Captain Oi!)2000 Fret Rattles | Rock N' Roll Manifesto 7" Series Vol. 1 | Thanks For Nothing(RNRManifesto)2020 Zounds | The Curse of Zounds Discography | Can't Cheat Karma(Active Distribution)2007

The Ledge #440: New Releases (Pt. 2)

This may be a second part of a new release series, but there’s certainly no drop in quality. How could it be when the beginning of the show features a sneak peak of the upcoming Replacements’ “Pleased to Meet Me Deluxe Edition” set? Tonight I played the already-released teasers from that box set, and also celebrated former guitarist Slim Dunlap’s birthday with a trio of tracks from the brand new “Thank You Dancers” live album.

Adding to the greatness of the show is the advance I recently received from my friend Greg Lonesome of his new “Rock N Roll Manifest 7″ Single Series, Vol. 1”. Of course I played all four tracks from that great single which Greg says will be available September 1. Click here for more info!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #459 – Live from Rockaway Beach!

August 12th, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #459……TONIGHT we brought it LIVE from Rockaway Beach! The Beach Police couldn’t shut me down, but the NYPD could make me wrap it up pronto! Tunes about Summer, the beach, the heat, and more! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Beggar Belief – Roll On The Summer
Tommy And The Rockets – Let’s Have Fun (In The Summer Sun)
The RATBOYS – Summer School Girl
Wanna-Be’s – Summer Vacation
The Delstars – Catalina Beach
DeeCracksm – Beach 90
The Othermen – Beach Blanket Boner
Apa State Mental – Beach Boy
Lovesores – Hot Pants!
CHEAP FUR – Heat Lightning
The Hip Priests – Evil Sweat
Dead Kennedys – Funland At The Beach
Groovie Ghoulies – Blood Beach
Jagger Holly – At The Beach Tonight
The Split Seconds – Get The Hell Off The Beach
Double Cheese – Summer Dress
Real Sickies – Summer Fun
Tomomi Nabana/The Vibrators – Turn Up the Heat
Wonk Unit – Ode To Summer
Guitar Wolf – Summertime Blues
Teenage Bottlerocket – Summertime
The Putz – Summer’s Here
Night Birds – Killer Waves
Sahara Hotnights – Rockaway Beach

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  So much new stuff!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #465 – Red Red Wine (Demo)

 This week its the Annual Wine Show!

Click to Play Now

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KPunk 198

  1. Raging Nathans – One Day Closer
  2. Pretty Flowers – Another Way To lose
  3. Drakulas – Fashion Forward
  4. Pipe – Magnet Face
  5. Worrier – Yes All Cops
  6. Faux Replica – Talk Is Cheap
  7. Ex-Cult – Venice Illusion
  8. Throwing Stuff – ACIYHAB
  9. Hope Is Noise – Tantrum[p]
  10. Mr T Experience – My Stupid Life
  11. Alice Bag – Sister Dynamite
  12. X – Delta 88 Nightmare
  13. Ramones – Listen To My Heart
  14. Coriky – Hard To Explain
  15. Superchunk – Can’t Stop the World
  16. Hospital Job – California Stars
  17. Radon – Better Than I Am

The Big Takeover Show – Number 290 – August 10, 2020 – Homebound Edition XXI

This week, a smidgen of 1972 Bee Gees: a special guest set by KGLT DJ Ron Sanchez, plus brand new Bad Religion, Hoodoo Gurus, Cloud Nothings, Tobin Sprout, No Joy, and Tanya Donelly & the Parkington Sisters, plus Smoky Robinson & the Miracles, Paul McCartney (with Ringo Starr & Jeff Lynne), Duke Ellington, George Jones, Rolling Stones (with Jimmy Page), and Leo Graham

The Ledge #439: New Releases (Pt. 1)

It’s another super-busy month of new music. In fact, once again the new release series has to be split into a two-part extravaganza.

Part one features previews of new records by Ledge favorites such as Son Volt and Lydia Loveless. There’s the surprising returns of The Psychedelic Furs and The Go-Go’s. Great returns by young acts such as Public Eye, Paint, and Dehd. And finally there’s a full 30 minutes of great new rock and roll from Rum Bar Records!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs.

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #458

August 5th, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #458……TONIGHT we scoped out the tracks on the upcoming Rock N Roll Manifesto, 7″ Single Series, Vol. 1 rekkid! Also spun new tunes from Fat Wreck Chords, Zodiac Panthers, ZipGun Bomber, Nana, The Laissez Fairs, The Idolizers! And more! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Turbo A.C.’s – Kill Everyone
Zodiac Panthers – Outside Of The World
Frank Turner – Perfect Government
NOFX – Glory Hallelujah
Fret Rattles – Thanks For Nothing
JJ & the Real Jerks – Split Decision
Missile Studs – Spazz Out
Tiger Touch – Problems
Jeffie Genetic And His Clones – Scooter Queen
Sonic Surf City – My Scooter
Motorgirl – Motorgirl
ZipGun Bomber – Chase That Feeling
Nana – Annoy
The Laissez Fairs – Somewhere Man
The Idolizers – Exile on Pain Street
The Ramones – Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Reagan Youth – Degenerated
Social Distortion – Telling Them
Supersuckers – The Captain
Märvel – Sultans of Swing

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New stuff from Ramallah, Foxycontin, Nikki Hill, Cold Callers, Stinking Polecats, Paul-Ronney Angel, Guerrilla Teens, Wet Specimens, Cartridge and more.